Testimonials, Everyone's Got Them Right?

What make our testimonials different and why do we make so many available to you?

  • Each of our testimonials feature the real first and last name, and location of the student.
  • They represent the positive, life-changing impact that the Conti products had on that aspiring player.

Without a doubt, we're certain you'll discover someone like yourself, perhaps stuck in a rut, or you're just getting into jazz guitar and you're overwhelmed by all the choices on the internet. As we continue to warn throughout this site, the only evidence of a good teacher is the visible success of the student.

You'll soon discover a common theme among our user experiences below:

"I wish I had discovered your products years ago!"

It would be an honor

Hello Mr. Conti SIR!!! We spoke a couple days ago about my movie “Godz of the Guitar.” Currently, I have about 20 signed letters of intent, by the Hellecasters, Steve Morse, Albert Lee, Frank Gambale, Jay Graydon, Elliott Randall, Redd olkaert, Seymour Duncan, Dean Markley strings, Davie ALlan and the Arrows, Adrian Legg’s manager, and I’m sure I’m forgetting someone. Oh, and Herb ellis I guess is retiring. So, since I’m trying to show virtuosity in the movie, plus different styles of playing, and different guitars…and you play inimitably, and with an eight string, it would be an honor if you were in the film. All you have to do for me is write a note and mail it to: Jon Michaels, 3501 Clarington Avenue, LA CA 90034(310)-204-2410 is my number if you have a question.

Jon Michaels

I am in awe of his talent

I have known Bob since about 1969. I had never had a real appreciation of jazz music but then again, I had never heard a Jazz Musician that sounded and could play like Robert Conti. I am in awe of his talent but, I am also happy to say he is a friend of both my husband and me for more than 25 yrs. I hope we can enjoy him live in Jacksonville again really soon. Thanks, Jane — Bunky Fagan Jacksonville, FL

Jane Fagen
Jacksonville, FL

Is testament to your passion for the guitar…

I discovered your advertisment in Just Jazz Guitar magazine which I subscribe to. Have placed an order for the Source Books and DVDs, and I can’t wait to receive them. The information which I have read about your material which includes players who have already used your guides is testament to your passion for the guitar, the music and your willingness to help other players to better themselves.

John Rasile
Preston, Australia

A genius alive behind that guitar

I studied and took private lessons in jazz guitar with Robert Conti in Jacksonville, Florida. I went from a medicore player with a slight jazz background and a few “cowboy chords” in my hand…to a player who could play whole, impressive songs. Jazz standards, the real music. Frontwards, backwards, he could teach you the songs both ways. Joe Pass said one time that Robert Conti was the “fastest guitarist alive”. I believe Joe. There is a genius alive behind that guitar, in that man. In those fingers. If you are a dedicated jazz player, you need to check out Conti’s lessons. You will go somewhere with your abilities. Conti taught me that once you have the foundation…the chords…THEN, the chops can come…so, be patient with the chops…sharpen the axe of your fingers with some of Conti’s “String Fever”, when you’re ready…if you’re gonna cook, you gotta stay in the oven for a while, so, you gotta practice, or you aren’t gonna get a thing.

Jim Hendee

Blueprint for a cultural revolution in jazz guitar

Hi Robert I’ve signed your guestbook before but I can’t help but to sign it again! Your teaching material is unbeleivable! I could pay thousands of dollars at a music school for 4 years and not get nearly as much useful information as from one book or dvd of yours. Your no nonsense approach to teaching is what all guitar players are longing for. When I first heard and watched you play I felt like I was going to have a heart attack and then tears of joy streamed down my face. I just can’t say enough about how your music and teaching material has changed my life. This isn’t just great teaching material. It’s the blueprint for a cultural revolution in jazz guitar.

Tom Mowrey
Sykesville, PA

Feel like I’m finally getting it

Bob, just got to tell you I’ve been playing for 40 years and after starting your lessons and listening to you explain it, I feel like I’m finally getting it. The lid has come off and the skies the limit. I never had anyone explain it so simply. There is not enough time in the day to play as much as I want to now.

Tim Patchin
Marina, CA

A-Train Solo

Hello there,  I am in my sixties and have played guitar for some years mainly ragtime finger picking. I have taken to jazz guitar in the last twelve months and learned scales and arpeggios as well as some simplified Django tunes. I became so proficient that you could call out Am and I  could play you the scale and the arpeggio instantly. This, of course, was totally useless and so boring that I kept reverting back to learning rags. After subscribing to JJG I began to follow Robert’s philosophy and with the free video of the A-Train solo spent the last week studying this and nothing else. I loved it, felt I was achieving something at last. I then found that my fluidity and relaxed playing I HAD DEVELOPED IN ONLY A WEEK had transferred to my playing of other tunes.  I found myself adding some runs I had learned into Nuages (almost without thinking). I will be ordering the Entry level DVD shortly and the Source Code DVDs. Many thanks for the free lesson which really has transformed my playing and put back the joy of playing the guitar, which was rapidly diminishing with every arpeggio and modal scale I learned.  Brilliant!! Yours sincerely, Rodney Buckle Scarborough, England

Rodney Buckle

I can actually play it!

I am officially an old coot. I have enjoyed the guitar for many years and dabble a bit at actually playing. Many barriers to playing have inhibited my progress, most notably I’m a really poor student who hates playing Silent Night while learning to read. Your arrangement of Moon River in JJG caught my interest. Well, what do you know! After a few weeks of torturing my aching joints I can actually play it! Not well, but recognizable.Thank you very, very much.Lou

Lou Battaglia
Rochester, NY

Inspires me to practice

Well, my Big City Blues instructional video arrived in the mail today. Absolutely incredible!! I can’t believe how well Robert explains some guitar lines that he does. In this video he also speaks about his foundation in learning how to play jazz blues lines from some of the old jazz masters who played keys and organ. What a fantastic tape. He shows how to play a complicated line by breaking it down so it is easy. Inspires me to practice a whole lot! Job well done.

John (Private)
Location Private

Made a difference in my life and playing…

Robert Conti,Thank you SO much for the extremely nice comment. You will never realize how much it meant to me. Really got my heart pumping, man. I idolize you as a player, and as an instructor. Your instructional videos and chord melody collections have changed the way I look at and play guitar. You are truly gifted, and the material in your instructional is always creative and mind blowing. I’m slowly trying to work my way through your videos and the results have been pleasing to say they least. Thanks so much for all of your great work. It has made a difference in my life and playing. And thank you more for being a remarkable person by taking the time to leave me such a nice comment. You aspire me greatly. Greg Conlin

Gregory Conlin
Oreland, PA

Looking forward to learning

Hi: Love your music! Looking forward to learning a lot.

Jim Walsh
Location Unknown

Got me inspired once again

Hey Bob,It was good to hear you at the show a couple weeks ago. I recieved my Source Code 2 book a couple days ago,and it’s got me inspired once again to practice.I had broken my left hand and three of the knuckles last year and it had slowed me down considerably.The Etudes are definately good therapy.I’ve been keeping about four of the Etudes in pretty good shape.I’m getting the others back to speed and I think it is amazing what it’s doing for my hand(s).Thanks for the inspiration and all you have done for me as a teacher.I hope to hear your music and get to rap with you in person soon! John

John Murphy

My daughter Pam took lessons

You have to be the Bob Conti that resided for a time in Jacksonville Fl… My daughter Pam took lessons from you.. she hated her Gretch that you loved and some times borrowed.. she loved your electric and if we had switched her over, she would still be playing. Apparently you have become a jazz institution. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. We remember your Bluesette fondly

Eric Wilson
Jacksonville, FL

Playing great as ever

Bob, Good to see you again long time no see, Toby is sitting here with me as I write the email to you he said hello also. Hope to see you someday Glad to see your still playing great as ever. Old Time friend, Nihme Toby

Nihme Abdullah

…excellent video on the JJG website

As a jazz guitar lover with no musical education who has nowwhere near enough time for practice, I tried working out a Moon River chord-melody, got frustrated and gave up. Consequently, my eyes lit up when I saw your transcription in the lastest Just Jazz Guitar magazine. At my ability level, it’s a challenge, a reward and a pleasure to get it under my fingers but with the help of your excellent video on the JJG website, I’m getting there. So, I just wanted to say thank you for what feels like an early Christmas present and to send you my best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Terry Gillen
United Kingdom

Looking for this “get to the point” material for years.

Mr. Conti,I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for some great learning material. I’ve played guitar for well over 40 years and made some decent money for a local yokal. Over the past 3-4 years the guitar/music thing has pretty much taken over my life. I’ve been looking for this “get to the point”material for years. I’ve found it!! I admire your talent and appreciate the way you present this material.Michael Kehoe

Michael J. Kehoe
Salinas, CA

Lessons from Robert in 1966

Took lessons from Robert Conti back in 1966 I still have the Gibson if he is still interested in buying it. I bet he wishes he still had that 427 ‘vette.

Cutis Deal

Mr. Conti is the best…

I spend this day for watching the videos. M. Conti is the best. I have never seen an instructor like him.  He shows and explain everything he is doing. I discover that I have lost 30 years of my life trying to learn how to plat Jazz. And until to day I cannot.

Dr. Cherif Salif Sy

Plan on getting every single thing

Hey Robert, Your teaching material is first rate! I got 3 of your source code books and they helped me out tremendously. I plan on getting every single thing that you sell as instruction material. You’re one of my favorite guitarists. Take care!


A virtual life-time of study material…

As you know, I am a great fan of you, your artistry, and your outstanding jazz guitar materials. I ordered this package as soon as it became available and was anxiously watching for it to come in the mail. I was very happy when it arrived today.  In scanning the book, I can already see that there is a virtual life-time of study material represented in this package.   I am slowly going through the DVD right now. Just finished the segment on Rookie Bookie (of course I will be revisiting these segments many more times in future). Great stuff. The commentary by Mr. Conti is as valuable as the music. The only problem is that if I’m not practicing, I feel like I’m letting Mr. Conti down!Over the past 40+ years, I have purchased practically every jazz instructional book/tape/video/DVD available. I can honestly say that your materials have contributed most to my understanding of all aspects of jazz and jazz guitar. Thank you once again for your thoughtfulness and all that you do for aspiring guitarists at all levels.Dr. Ronald S. LemosProfessor, Information SystemsCalifornia State University, Los Angeles

Dr. Ronald Lemos
Walnut, CA