Testimonials, Everyone's Got Them Right?

What make our testimonials different and why do we make so many available to you?

  • Each of our testimonials feature the real first and last name, and location of the student.
  • They represent the positive, life-changing impact that the Conti products had on that aspiring player.

Without a doubt, we're certain you'll discover someone like yourself, perhaps stuck in a rut, or you're just getting into jazz guitar and you're overwhelmed by all the choices on the internet. As we continue to warn throughout this site, the only evidence of a good teacher is the visible success of the student.

You'll soon discover a common theme among our user experiences below:

"I wish I had discovered your products years ago!"

Helping interested jazz guitarists

Great to see someone helping interested Jazz guitarists. Thanks from us all 73 de Tom

Tom Hathaway

a seriously BAD ASS player!

I discovered your site through Vision Music. Im so blown away by your playing and attitude that I had to write and say that I’ll be happy to support your products. You are a seriously BAD ASS player! That Smokin’ Blues thing you did on on youtube just melted my face off. Facelessly, Brad

Brad Kelso
Washington, USA

direct and most meaningful…

Robert, you are at the top. Your teaching style is direct and most meaningful. Your playing is fantastic. I have been a student of the guitar since 1959.

Ken Wolen

Wife and I enjoyed your music

My wife and I enjoyed your music at Brothers West in last night. Hope to see you soon there again.

Tony Sclafani

you are really unique in the e-world!

I would like to express my genuine appreciation for your attention and efforts. You are really unique in the e-world! And thanks a lot for the great CDs and DVDs you’ve added to the order…You can imagine how glad my son, Alexis Lavrov, is! He’ll surely enjoy all the material both as a musician and a teacher.Thank you so much and all the best.Kind regards.Mikhail

Mikhail Lavrov

Chord Melody Assembly Line

Hello again Bob and Co! I have finally decided what I want to do musically, and turned my focus back to jazz chord melodies. My serious aim is to be able to play a good (and large enough) set of them at weddings, etc. Of course, the ‘Chord Melody Assembly Line’ book and DVD were my first port of call. WOW! – What an easy way of going about things. I spend an hour a day working on one of the other Play Pro Chord Melody DVD arrangements now (Since I Fell For You, God Bless The Child, etc.) and an hour on the ‘Chord Melody Assembly Line’ and it will happen for me I know.

Julian Wilson

He loves your playing

Ken Richardson the Afro American guitarist, who met you at the NAMM convention in LA wants to know will you be performing at the Frankfurt Germany International Show the week of the 11th of April. He loves your playing as he commented to me. He will be performing at that international show. Peace

Keith Marshall

Letter From a Former Student

Hi Bob,It is doubtful you would remember much about me, Billy Stanley but I am a former student from back in the mid-seventies when you were in Jacksonville Fla. Because I was in the Navy, I was only able to stay with you for a couple of months before shipping out overseas but I kept virtually everything you ever gave me. I even have an order for two patty melts and a large coke that you wrote in that classic, hand written Conti style on the black of my lesson one night while you were starving to death but refused to stop working. Everyone that knew me back then said they had never seen anyone progress so rapidly on the guitar as I had while studying under you. As one may guess after we lost contact my progress slowed to a lame, geriatric snail pace.After being discharged from the military and returning to Charlotte N.C. I set out on a futile mission to find another mentor, anyone who could teach me anything about Jazz. This resulted in over fifteen years of frustration and wasted time and money. I will say in my own defense, I became a master at playing scales and modes at blinding speed and precision. At some point, out of frustration I walked away vowing to never touch another guitar for the rest of my life.In the late nineties, I found myself remarried to a wonderful woman who somehow sensed the sadness I had internalized due to my perceived failures related to music. After several months of prodding, she talked me into taking up the guitar again. Having no real teacher I quickly fell back into the old habits of playing scales and modes believing that somehow, it would all click and I would become the entertainer I always wanted to be. After a few years of rigorous practice, I had acquired some monster chops so I resorted to the needle drop/route memory method. As slow as it was, I was making progress and was steadily becoming the player I always wanted to be.Just about the time things seemed to be working out, for no apparent reason, on Sept 16, 2004 I suffered a massive stroke that left me near dead and completely paralyzed on my right side. Instantly I had to accept the fact I would never play the guitar again. I was devastated. To this day, it has been the biggest heartbreak of my life. Over the last six years, the recovery process has been challenging, as well as encouraging. I am happy to say, but for the fine motor coordination in my right hand, I have fully recovered.About a year ago I found myself reminiscing about those flashy lines you use to play in your studio in Jax and I remembered hearing you had released some recordings. I went to the web and goggled, “Robert Conti”. What I found was “Guitar Instruction by Robert Conti” which took me to your current web site. I spent the next two plus hours surfing through every bite of your web site. I was delighted with what I had found and only wished it had been there twenty-five years ago. Staring down at my cripple hand, I said to myself, what the hell. At least I can hold a pick, what do I have to lose? I ordered Cherokee and Satin Doll from the Smoking Lineman collection. After working with them a few weeks, once again it became apparent it was not to be. It was just far too frustrating. None-the-less I had acquired the aftertaste of Jazz Guitar and I wanted more.For the next six months, I kept a hand written daily journal in hopes that the physical exercise would help me develop the fine motor coordination and strength I needed to control the pick. As the weeks progressed to months, I began to see the results I was looking for. Although it remained weak and slow I was finally able to rotate my wrist at the axis needed to pick the string.

Billy Stanley

Thought I could never master jazz…

Sounds good! I’m very excited! Robert’s teaching is really helping me. I make my living as a musician right now; but it’s been more rock, pop etc. I love jazz though. I went to University for a while and my brain exploded from all the information about how to play jazz. Robert is just the ticket! I am truly grateful for his teaching. It is a blessing in my life. I thought I could never master jazz, but now I truly feel it is possible. Thanks!Have a great day,Davidson Yeager

Davidson Yaeger
Toronto, Canada

Having lots of fun

Dear Mr Conti,Many thanks for the postal lesson I recieved today, having lots of fun with it already.It was a real treat to hear you talking directly to me and answering the questions that I e-mailed you.. this is the first time that i have taken lessons by post,i am glad i took the plunge…looking forward to the next one already…. stay safe,keep well,untill next time best wishes Derek

Derek Crehan

Let me tell you why

Robert, Thanks for your contributions to Guitar Studies. I have purchased an Advanced Improv DVD- Advanced Improv DVDs The Sound of Rio vol. 4, a number of Signature Chord Melody arrangement books and just ordered three more the Formula, Intros and Endings and The Chord Melody Assembly Line. Let me tell you why. . . Like Robert I spent years “droppin’ the needle” to learn guitar lines and popular tunes. My field in those early years was British Blues, Country Rock and even Folk. Later as the market demanded. . . funk and disco for many years too. In the eighties it was hard rock. As my age advanced my musical tasted and ear matured it was hard to keep playing the old songs over and over. My Guitar teacher had planted the right artists from the beginning and I had Tal Farlow, Johnny Smith, Wes and Kenny Burrell LPs right along with my Blues Breakers, Johnny Winters and Allman Brothers at the Fillmore. After I retired musically for about a ten years stint I returned with the desire to learn to play tunes that matched my ear and really play, not just appreciate Jazz. Twenty years later I’m still working on it. There is almost too much material in learning to play Jazz. Interesting and sometimes exciting stuff but what was missing was the Guitar and the licks that fit the music by a Guitar Players’ Guitarist. You can spend years working around the edges finding all the ways to use Pentatonics to all kinds of progressions. You can even improvise pretty freely without clashes but it still never sounds quite right. I plan to spend the next six months trying to learn as many licks and knowledge about reharmonization as I can. Wish I would have found this material about ten years ago. Thanks Robert!

Dennis Kiszka
Orange Park, FL

It clicked. It clicked for good…

To be honest with you, I’m 56 and I play since I’m 10. I play in small gigs, and teach a little. So, I’m not exactly a beginner. I would say, I’m really serious about playing the guitar for maybe the last 15 years. Prior to that, I was too busy with my job to play on a regular basis. During the past 5-6 years, thanks to the internet, I found a lot of information. I was an average player. I had no problem playing the different scores as is. I had a wish though : I wish to be able to improvise more. To be more versatile and fluent. I start looking at different methods and I got trapped in the vicious circle of scales, modes, fingering, etc. I thought I really need to know all the scales to be able to improvise effectively, to be great so to speak. I was soooooo wrong.

I now know by heart all the scales; major, melodic minor, harmonic minor, half diminished, pentatonic, blues, along with the fingering, etc. With all this knowledge and my guitar in my hands, I sat on my stool and said to myself, what I’m gonna do with all these tools? I had no idea even where to start my solo. I felt so stressed when I had to play a solo during a gig. I felt like I have nodes in my fingers but in fact, I had nodes in my head. Robert is so right when he says you first need to play and to have all these notes and lines under your fingers. I’m humbly following his method for less than a week and I already gain in speed and also in great ideas on what to play. I also gain in confidence because Robert is such a motivator.

Yesterday nite, I started to play around with Robert’s lines and Band-in-a-Box in many different ways and it clicked. It clicked for good. I had so much fun, adding rests, slowing down or speeding up the lines, cutting or adding notes, etc. . For the past two years, except for some gigs, I didn’t had that much fun at all. I was too busy learning scales and modes. But now I have fun and I realized that playing the guitar must first be fun. Please pass this on to Robert, along with my virtual handshake. Let him know that my next wish is to go in LV to salute this great guy in person.

Real Chartrand
Quebec, Canada

Understanding your reharmonization

Looking forward to understanding your reharmonization techniques and building up my own stylistic arrangements,need help to get beyond current thinking. Also need to understand how to back up a singer like Tony Bennett when chord melody playing is not always required. What do you do?

Brock Qualls
Tucson, AZ

Thoroughly enjoying it

After reading your interview in JJG, I decided to tackle your transcription of “The shadow of your smile” What a great introduction to your appraoch. I am throughly enjoying it. Would love to hear you play some time in Philadelphia or Harrisburg, Pa. You ever come home for a visit?

Sam (Private)

Thank you for sharing your art

Your website is great! Lots of information…very professional. I look forward to enjoying your music! Thank you for sharing your art and talent with the world!

Valentina Estrada
Las Vegas, NV

Single-handedly improved my playing

From an old guy (76) – thank you for all of your time and effort to make the Just Jazz Guitar charts. You have single-handedly improved my playing and reading skills. For this, I thank you. I have mentioned this before, but have you rethought about taking all of the JJG lessons and putting them into a book?

Jim Gillivan
Walnut Creek, CA


I saw Robert play at NAMM, and all I can say is: WOW!!!

Mike Gray

I’ve never had so much fun…

Just received the Ticket to Improv Vol 2.  I have been a Mature student now for six months so you please let Bob Conti know that at 78 yrs I’ve never had so much fun learning the instruction from all the DVD’s Ive purchased so far.  It is such a joy to look forward to each day to be able to practice and play material that is so easy on the ear.  He is just such a brilliant guitarist but an even more outstanding educator.  I can’t put this testimonial on his website as no computer but I would!Cheers, Peter S.

Peter Smart
United Kingdom

Competence and teaching skills…

I wish to thank Mr. Conti for his work. He is excellent and his personality, explanations, enthusiasm, competence and teaching skills makes me really work hard in enjoying it. Thanks again. I believe The Formula is a must to have and eventually you could emphasize it on the web. I can fully enjoy the Intro … and Comping thanks to The Formula and Conti of course. Jazz lines, I will start later.

Alessandro Caldarone
Tanga, Tanzania

2 years later

hello, its been 2 years now since i got my first robert conti dvd. i just played the long version of green dolphin pretty well, and it keeps getting better. lots of chord melody and other solos as well. im very happy with my playing. thanks for everything

Dave Davia