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Testimonials, Everyone's Got Them Right?

What make our testimonials different and why do we make so many available to you?

  • Each of our testimonials feature the real first and last name, and location of the student.
  • They represent the positive, life-changing impact that the Conti products had on that aspiring player.

Without a doubt, we're certain you'll discover someone like yourself, perhaps stuck in a rut, or you're just getting into jazz guitar and you're overwhelmed by all the choices on the internet. As we continue to warn throughout this site, the only evidence of a good teacher is the visible success of the student.

You'll soon discover a common theme among our user experiences below:

"I wish I had discovered your products years ago!"

Oh Ya!

Just got my first Conti lesson and I’m way happy with it. I can already see Conti’s approach and love it. He’s providing a framework for everything I’ve been working on. It’s really great stuff. He dummies down nicely. Cut! I’m a 58 and have been playing 48 years. I want to be a Jazz player before I leave this world! I played bass in high school jazz band, taught guitar 5 years, took lessons for 10 from 8 really good players including the late Don Neary a close friend of Joe Diorio and a Howard Roberts seminar when I was 12. I played 4-7 nights a week for about 5 years, Red Lions, Holidays Inns, Rock Clubs, etc. and can copy almost any rock solo to the T and any medium complexity jazz. I can really burn up the fret board but I still can’t play like Conti or call myself a jazz musician. I know all the diatonic, harmonic minor and melodic minor modes, the augmented, whole half and half whole scales and the diatonic arpeggios in every position and number exercises with chromatic scales and diatonic arpeggios but I’m just not where I want to be yet. I’ve just been working on Autumn leaves but already know this was a really great purchase and most economical.

Vernon Jimmerson
Sacramento Area

Amazing Method

I’m a banjo player who decided last year to learn jazz guitar. I started learning basic Jazz chords and scales from various videos and books but wasn’t making a lot of progress. I ordered Mr. Conti’s Jazz lines source code and ticket to improv. and it opened doors for me. In a short time I was improvising effortlessly in the key of C over II-V-I changes and over some basic jazz standards. I highly recommend Mr. Conti’s material to kick start your jazz improvisation. His method takes practice, but you get there by playing everyday, not by digesting theory. My daily practice now consists of comping the chord changes to songs with a looper, and then practicing chord solos and Mr. Conti’s Jazz lines over the loop. Great tool for learning.

Chuck callaway
Las vegas

Finished the Jazz Lines Source Code Book

Mr. C: I’ve completed your Jazz Lines source book and I am now motivated to move onto your more advanced teaching material. It took me over a year and a half to get through the Jazz Lines source book, however, I took my time so I could really digest the lines and get them under my fingers. The journey has been worth it! Thanks again for your wonderful teaching materials. Sincerely, Larry Herrera

Larry Herrera
Albuquerque, NM

Best jazz improv educational material

I have been absolutely loving your Source Code title, The Jazz Lines! I think it is the best jazz improv educational material there is.

Matthew Dimenna
Arlington heights, IL

Single-handedly improved my playing

From an old guy (76) – thank you for all of your time and effort to make the Just Jazz Guitar charts. You have single-handedly improved my playing and reading skills. For this, I thank you. I have mentioned this before, but have you rethought about taking all of the JJG lessons and putting them into a book?

Jim Gillivan
Walnut Creek, CA

Let me tell you why

Robert, Thanks for your contributions to Guitar Studies. I have purchased an Advanced Improv DVD- Advanced Improv DVDs The Sound of Rio vol. 4, a number of Signature Chord Melody arrangement books and just ordered three more the Formula, Intros and Endings and The Chord Melody Assembly Line. Let me tell you why. . . Like Robert I spent years “droppin’ the needle” to learn guitar lines and popular tunes. My field in those early years was British Blues, Country Rock and even Folk. Later as the market demanded. . . funk and disco for many years too. In the eighties it was hard rock. As my age advanced my musical tasted and ear matured it was hard to keep playing the old songs over and over. My Guitar teacher had planted the right artists from the beginning and I had Tal Farlow, Johnny Smith, Wes and Kenny Burrell LPs right along with my Blues Breakers, Johnny Winters and Allman Brothers at the Fillmore. After I retired musically for about a ten years stint I returned with the desire to learn to play tunes that matched my ear and really play, not just appreciate Jazz. Twenty years later I’m still working on it. There is almost too much material in learning to play Jazz. Interesting and sometimes exciting stuff but what was missing was the Guitar and the licks that fit the music by a Guitar Players’ Guitarist. You can spend years working around the edges finding all the ways to use Pentatonics to all kinds of progressions. You can even improvise pretty freely without clashes but it still never sounds quite right. I plan to spend the next six months trying to learn as many licks and knowledge about reharmonization as I can. Wish I would have found this material about ten years ago. Thanks Robert!

Dennis Kiszka
Orange Park, FL

The way you teach is so easy…

I have the Ticket To Improv, Vol.1 and the Chord Melody Assembly Line and the way you teach is so easy to understand and put in the woodshed. I’m a new player at the age of 53 and I am able to play things I thought would take me years to learn. Thank You and the folks at Pinnacle Group who have been so helpful and I’m looking forward to this journey we all enjoy Playing Jazz Guitar.

Doug Cantrell
Springfield, OH

Having FUN playing lines

Customer service is AWESOME!!! I’ve ordered from you twice and both were upgraded to priority mail. Thanks so much! Can’t wait to see the new Conti guitars. I found Robert and his products through You Tube and then visited his web site. I “Test Drove” a couple of the complimentary lessons and really liked what I saw and heard. The real clincher was the student testimonials and especially the videos. Particularly “The Turning Point” by Dave Ruggiero. That article mimics a great deal of my own frustrations in learning to improvise. I’m recently retired and have been playing guitar on and off since I was a teen. Even studied classical guitar for a while and can read music. Not necessarily sight read though :-). Always wanted to be able to improvise Jazz. I have countless books, backing CD’s and videos and I still could not “get it”. The complimentary lessons convinced me that I could actually learn jazz lines by playing jazz lines. I’ve had enough theory training and know the neck well enough to understand where the lines are coming from. I’m greatly looking forward to working with Robert’s products and having FUN playing lines instead of working at scales, modes etc.

Richard Hamblett
Rochester, NY

A real eye opener

I saw a video clip – thank the Lord I overcame my initial skepticism. Previously I had spent a lot of money for meager results. The method is pure genius. This has been a real eye opener. I feel like a struggling amateur magician seeing a Penn and Teller show for the first time. Just got the Chord Melody Assembly Line and the bonus dvd (ticket to improv – thanks!). I have spent hundreds of dollars on many books and DVDs on chord melody. Some are very good – but I really wasn’t learning anything – just playing someone else’s stuff. And they do not have anything like this – correct melodic voice leading that you can use immediately and then you can play from a lead sheet. I literally just stumbled on your website. What a happy accident. I can’t thank you enough.

John Ross
Cornwall On Hudson, NY

Improvement in all areas of my playing

I have many of your DVD’s. I have all of the sourse code DVD’s. I am doing well with most of them. I am 85 years old, so even a little boost from each of them goes a long way. I can notice improvement in all areas of my playing.

Bill Becker
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Best I’ve ever heard…

At the ripe old age of 66 I’ve only just discovered Robert’s ASTOUNDING playing (both technically brilliant and beautiful on the ear – the best I’ve ever heard!) and have ordered two of the products and am likely to order more.

John Pritchard
Taff, United Kingdom

Enjoying the experience tremendously

Working my way through the Ticket To Improv DVD’s. Loving every second and coupled with daily warmups using The Precision Technique coming on in leaps and bounds. Most importantly as well as developing rapidly I’m enjoying the experience tremendously.Just wanted to say thanks to Robert. Dip my toe into Chord Melody Assembly Line next. Best wishes and looking forward to the mystery new product 🙂 Got my bankers card waiting.

Rod Buckle
Scarborough, United Kingdom

Love the service you are providing…

Mr Conti, I am an old blues player from Cincinnati and I think these arrangements are the greatest thing I have ever tried. I am trying to learn jazz at my age 65 and love the service you are providing. I’m not good enough to submit a video or audio yet.I just wanted to say thank you.

Lance Boyd
Cincinnati, Ohio

Cannot thank you enough…

Hi Robert, I came up with a fair version in AX, but knew something was lacking and shelved it until later. What I lacked, you provided in spades ! I love Jimmy Van Heusen’s songs and you’ve exposed his fondness for chromatic movement and tomorrow , I shall be learning your great arrangement. I’ve learned many of yours from JJG and via your signature series and cannot thank you enough for removing the mystique and often high-brow pompousness associated with the genre. May you long continue to inspire, teach and amaze!

Dave Jones
Saint Petersburg, Florida

Jazz Lines course

One last thing I forgot to add: although the Jazz Lines is a superb course on learning how to improvise, don’t think for a second that it’s some short-cut that’ll teach you to play like Wes Montgomery overnight. Trust me, you will have to work hard to get through this course. What separates this from other course is that Conti has you focus only on techniques that will improve your ACTUAL GUITAR PLAYING – he doesn’t see the point in you spending time practicing scales all the time, if learning to improvise is your goal. He teaches you to solo by having you actually, physically playing jazz lines that he has created for you. His philosophy is that if you copy and internalize his lines, you’ll eventually figure out how to create your own lines and solos. The approach really works well. Conti can definitely get you to the promise land, but you’ll need to pay your dues and work hard learning and playing what he teaches you to get there.

Sean Goguen

Finally finished Disc 1 of Jazz Lines

It took me about a year to do it, but I finally finished Disc 1 of the Jazz Lines course. Disc 1 is the meat of the course, where Robert Conti teaches you how to improvise; Disc 2 really focuses on teaching you a ton of licks and lines, applying what he taught you on Disc 1.The one thing you need to know before you jump into this course is this: just take it slowly, step by step, and JUST DO WHAT CONTI TELLS YOU! You’ll need to resist the temptation to over-analyze his instruction. Over-analyze it, and you’re going to get confused and frustrated. Conti teaches you improvisation using the 2-5-1 chord progression almost exclusively throughout Disc 1, but don’t worry. Once you get to Disc 2, you’re going to see that his techniques work over all different kinds of chord progressions, not just 2-5-1s. His sticking to 2-5-1s on Disc 1, without you even knowing it, will prepare you well for improvising over a ton of other chord progressions. For me, the most crucial parts of the Jazz Lines course were the sections where Conti talks about voice leading, and where he explains diminished chords. He doesn’t use the term voice leading, but there are a few lines where he demonstrates how merely changing ONE NOTE in a line, or just moving up or down one fret, can change the entire key. This is REALLY important stuff, and for me was the key strategy for learning how to navigate chord changes. The other crucial part is the last chapter in Disc 1, where he goes into depth explaining the significance of diminished chords. This was mind-blowing stuff for me because it essentially explained how all the chords in a song are related to one another, another crucial thing to know when you improvise.Most importantly, Conti constantly repeats his mantra throughout the course: just keep playing your guitar, and everything will fall into place. This is so true. Just listen to what Conti says, take as much time as you need, and don’t worry and think, Gee, all he’s teaching me is how to solo over a 2-5-1. What about other chord changes? That will come eventually, trust me. One last thing – get yourself a copy of Band In A Box before you start this course. You’re going to need to play Conti’s lines over actual chords, so you can hear what they sound like relative to the chords. Without jam tracks or a program like Band In a Box to practice with, the lines are essentially meaningless.

Sean Goguen

I think the DVD is great!

I’ve been trying to learn jazz on guitar and have spent a lot of money with the scales and modes garbage. Go to a lesson and my teacher tells me to use D Dorian here – that approach just doesn’t work. I ordered Ticket To Improv Volume 2, but haven’t started it yet as I’m still finishing memorizing the 4th track on Ticket #1 and playing around with the other tunes. I had worked on Autumn Leaves with my teacher, but my soloing just sounded like crap – sounds much better now. I told a guy I work with about your site and he ordered The Jazz Lines. I’m going to buy a copy of that next I think.

John Chakales
Houston, TX

How grateful I am for the help…

I wanted to write to you and tell you how grateful I am for the help you have given me with my playing from your lessons. I went to state for jazz guitar every year I could in high school and most recently received a large scholarship at Berklee. My girlfriend has also taken to your lessons and now we can finally play jazz together. She can burn now! Thanks again. You are a fabulous teacher!

Alexander Whalen
Chatham, Illinois

Thank you for your no BS approach…

Dear Robert Conti, My name is Danny Caron and I’ve been playing and teaching professionally for 40 years. i just wanted to thank you for your no BS approach to playing. For me, as a somewhat knowledgeable guitarist, it’s a pleasure to quickly run through the chord melody alternatives you provide and enjoy the harmonies. Beginners will find it challenging, like I did with Micky Baker’s 2 volumes so many years ago. They may search out music instruction to fill in the questions that arise. If you love music, who wouldn’t. Anyway, thanks so much. Love ya man. Danny

Danny Caron

I must be getting better

I got the package yesterday and dove right into Corcovado with Robert’s brilliant lines … incredible! Much obliged! So far, easy going… I must be getting better … WAVE, SATIN DOLL, BLUESETTE were excellent training for CORCOVADO.

Kenn Paderewski
Munich, Germany