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Great resource

I’m really slow at mastering the chord shapes and changes but I really like the method and the challenge… definitely not a beginner’s course.
Even though I’m moving slow, the effort is definitely worth the cost.

Great Stuff

I am still working on volume one, project one Satin Doll. It takes a lot of practice and memory work. I have always been a reader and have difficulty memorizing. I have been playing the first 16 measures over and over again. I have a computer program that I set up to play Bass, drums, and chords. I play the tune to the background music and then switch to the improvisation. It takes a lot of work and concentration, but it is coming along. I have studied with some very good jazz players, but they all taught scales and arpeggios, but no real way to make music with them. I am not gifted with the natural ability to improvise that's why I take lessons.

Robert has the best chops I have ever seen, and he has a great method of getting the lines under your hands in the shortest amount of time. I grew up listening to Johnny Smith, he was my all time favorite the way he played chord melody first, then the improvisation. I was able to master the chord melody but got stopped cold at the improvisation. At that point I took up classical guitar because the notes were all there. I promised myself that before I die I will give the improvisation my best effort. That is where I am now. BTW I love the Conti Heirloom.


The Formula
Peter jackson
Very satisfying to play

I have just ‘embedded’ reference 1, now moving onto reference 2. Very enjoyable and just beginning to glimpse ‘what will be possible’!

Gold Finger Tailpiece
Dennis Ross - Dearborn Heights, MI
Very well crafted...

Gorgeous Tailpiece! Very well crafted and adds a definite upgrade from the stock tailpiece. It makes my Eastman AR810CE stand out from the others!

Amazing book and DVD

I bought the assembly line for my Dad, after researching the best resource to learn chord melody.
My Dad liked it so much he bought the precision technique book too. I highly recommend Robert Conti’s books.

Gold Finger Tailpiece
Carl Conti - Pittsburgh, PA
Exceeded Expectations

Beautiful tail piece, Exceeded expectations

Gold Finger Tailpiece
Ken S. - Durham, NC
These Finger Tailpieces are absolutely fantastic!

I reached out to the Conti team about purchasing a black Finger Tailpiece from them for my Gibson ES-330 that I was custom overhauling, and got a swift response (yes it's true, they're customer service IS 5 stars awesome!). The tailpiece arrived very quick, and installing it was a breeze. I used slightly larger screws for the bottom two holes, for a more solid mounting, and I use Dunlop locking strap lock buttons - so I drilled out the 3 holes slightly to accommodate the larger screws. It's a beautiful piece, the finish being nicely plated-coated, and the finger adjustments work VERY well! It's looks fabulous on the ES-330! 100% highly recommended for those looking for one of these for a thinline hollow body! Cheers!

To The Brink! (2004)
Wayne Harper - San Antonio, TX
Incredible master of jazz guitar

Started my day listening to Robert Conti's "To the brink" album. "Mister. Twisters Fanfare" is absolutely a perfect example of chord melody improv and flawless jazz lines. The great thing is every technique he employs is spelled out in his Source Code series books. Robert totally destroys the old saying "those that can, play.....those that that can't, teach. Robert is not only an incredible master of jazz guitar he is also dedicated to sharing his secrets with the rest of us 6 string junkies... If you've ever been baffled by "how do they do that"?, RobertConti.com is a great place to start.

Vol. 1 Signature Chord Melody Arrangements
Dr Kenneth Louis - Tampa, FL
He gets you playing

I have all of his stuff and have met him and Mike, part of his sales organization. I have almost every jazz method - my wife can attest to that. He lived in Jacksonville FL for awhile. I particularly like his chord melody material. Controversial using an extremely thin pick (Dunlop .38 mm). Almost a Suzuki approach - he gets you playing complete songs first, then adds back in the theory

Entrada Archtop Guitar
James P Burke III
Plays so smoothly…Outstanding Customer Service

My Conti Entrada plays so smoothly and is so BEAUTIFUL too. Thank you for providing outstanding customer service. Including the personalized video of Robert Conti playing my actual guitar was so SPECIAL. No other guitar company has ever provided this HIGHLY INDIVIDUALIZED customer service. This was one of the best online guitar purchases that I’ve ever made. Thanks Mike for answering all of my questions and assisting with my patience during the building and processing period. I am now a PROUD owner of a CONTI GUITAR!!
James P. Burke III
Accokeek, Maryland, USA

Entrada Archtop Guitar
Protean Polymath
A much-needed dream come true...

2024 - 2 Entrada Archtop Guitars

Wonderful guitars. I call them my “fraternal twins”. Both of my Robert Conti designed guitars play magnificently, and carry the sound of a full size electrified arch top with the amazing dual Kent Armstrong pickups, Fantastic workmanship. They are both stunning beauties. One cannot go wrong with purchasing such a guitar that is in the superlative. The best design of a guitar that has ever existed, a much-needed dream come true for the working, professional guitarist, or hobbyist. A special thank-you goes out to Robert Conti, for the videos showing these guitars in action, as well as Mike, and Steve for all their help and correspondence regarding my purchases of these very fine guitars. Plus, all the course materials that I have purchased over the years are available on the site to all who want to improve their improvisational skills.

2009 - Equity Model

Case closed, this is the guitar of the future. The appointments far exceed all my expectations and make all of my studies pertaining to jazz guitar a monumental pleasure. Many bell-like tones, bone nut, perfect neck, solid woods. All my other guitars are now on probation. Once you get your hands on a "Conti/Equity" guitar, there is no turning back.

-Protean Polymath, Kingston, NY USA

Entrada Archtop Guitar
Scott Tarulli
Berklee Professor Reviews Lefty Entrada

See Attached Video Review by Scott Tarulli of Boston, MA

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Vol. 4 - Ticket To Improv
gerald mckinnon
volume four

Super excellent

The Jazz Lines
Jack Marchewka
Just getting started

Worked though the first two lessons of the Jazz Lines book (more to go), but it opened a door for me. I’ve come to understand there is a difference between theory and harmony. This is about learning harmony. If you want to play jazz learn harmony.

Vol. 4 Wave
Mike Sanders - Las Vegas, NV
One of Conti's Best Solo Lessons

All of the Robert Conti DVDs are top-notch, but this one takes the cake. He takes what some consider to be a harmonically complex tune and breaks it done into the simplest of terms. From here, the viewer is taken through the lesson a few measures at a time, with each concept explained in detail and with care. Once you have the lesson under your hands, you not only have an impressive solo but an increased vocabulary of lines to use on other songs and a better understanding of how to approve improvisation over any song. Great fun and well worth the effort. If you are new to improvisation, I recommend learning from a few of Conti’s “Ticket to Improv” DVDs first as you will internalize the lesson much faster and have a greater understanding of the concepts presented.

Preferred Gauge Strings

Preferred Gauge Strings
Jack Marchewka
My choice of strings

For my Entradas. These strings came with my Entradas so I’m sticking with them. Live the wound 3rd string. Great tone and playability!

Chord Melody at Its Best!

This is a great DVD to start building your chord melody repertoire. Mr. Conti walks you thru the classic “Since I Fell for You” and provides you with several ways to approach the tune using a series of different chordal harmonic arrangements. Besides learning to play the song several different ways, Mr. Conti is at the ready with his famous “Off the Sheet” tips. These are items that not part of the regular lesson plan, but are sure to help take your chord melody playing to an even higher level. Of the Chord Melody arrangements, this is my personal favorite, but after finishing the DVD, I purchased ALL the other Chord Melody DVDs as I was so inspired to learn more.

Vol. 2 Georgia On My Mind

Amazing as always! I have several Conti courses, and they are a wealth of practical/applicable jazz lines.
Mel Booker Music

Chord Melody Assembly Line
Mike Sanders - Las Vegas, NV
High Performance and Fast Results

Playing Chord Melody arrangements on the guitar is recognized as one of the highest measures of a guitarist’s proficiency. Over the years, this style has been covered by a vail of secrecy; however, this DVD removes the vail and shows you how to develop skills that will have you playing in the Chord Melody style, using arrangements YOU have created. The DVD takes you through everything you need to know to create chord melody arrangements on the fly. Hard to believe? Well, if you’re familiar with Mr. Conti’s products, you know that each lesson is broken down into manageable pieces and thoroughly explained by Mr. Conti in a simple, straight-forward manner. No needless theory or wasted time on useless exercises. Whatever you practice, you WILL use. I highly recommend this DVD as well as the companion DVD “The Formula”. Both work together and neither will disappoint.

The Jazz Lines
Mike Sanders - Las Vegas, NV
Jazz Lines That Take Your Playing to the Next Level

A well-thought-out series of lessons to help the aspiring jazz soloist take their playing to the next level. An important hallmark of any jazzer is having a diverse vocabulary of melodic lines to draw from when improvising. This DVD not only provides some of the hippest, bebop lines that would make Charlie Parker proud, it also teaches you how to use these lines and apply them to completely different harmonic structures than were originally intended. This is all explained in great detail by Mr. Conti in his usual laid-back, friendly style. He has dedicated his life to the art of jazz and shares with the viewer every tip and trick with nothing held back. Definitely a great source for reference material and its advanced application.

Vol. 1 - Ticket To Improv
Mike Sanders - Las Vegas, NV
A First Class Ticket to Start Your Journey

The Ticket to Improv Volume One is without a doubt, the best product on the market to get the beginning improviser up and playing in record time. Mr. Conti has a relaxed style of presenting the material and if the viewer follows the detailed lessons and associated explanations, they will soon be out playing hip music with confidence and style. Unlike other methods, this video provides the “meat and potatoes” of improv, allowing the student to develop skills and vocabulary, without wasting time on needless scales and the like. Highly recommend!

Learning even when I struggle with some of the lines

A great ear opener

Vol. 2 Signature Chord Melody Arrangements
Harold Payne - Birmingham Al
.Signature Arrangements

Large selection of chords in his arrangements makes developing of chord melody solos adaptable to my skill level, for example, can't always play a chord on every beat. I think Robert Conti is one of the best instructors in the music business. His humor, anticipation of questions you have, is akin to having him live sitting next to you. Harokd UGP (Uncertified Guitar Player) age 91+ Never too late to have fun with the guitar!

Preferred Gauge Strings
Steve Scheller
Great Choice for Jazz

These strings helped improve my dexterity and have great tone and are less prone to feedback

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