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He should get the Nobel Prize

Please tell Robert he should get the Nobel Prize for these two works (The Formula & The Chord Melody Assembly Line). I used to teach at a Jazz Workshop and I thought I knew all about substitutions, but the way Robert thinks completely surpassed what I do. I will also do this on piano soon.  Just Unbelievable. I really hope you would get the message to Robert.

Liebrecht Venter
Haymarket, VA

What are you waiting for???

You want to play jazz guitar? This is the guy that you need to call. A no nonsense real player who can actually teach. I have been playing for a lot of years but always hated my improvisational skills or lack thereof.. I called Robert to start taking lessons and with his guidance He has helped me crack the code. He takes a complex subject and makes it digestible. He is more than willing to share his years of experience. For the first time I am feeling more confident as I approach a piece and it is my turn to improvise.

However, let me caution you. You must do the work. He can only show you so much but as he will tell you, you have to play the instrument. That is the advice that he was given by Wes Montgomery and it works. The more I spend time on my guitar building a jazz vocabulary the more it gets burned into my brain and hands. The more I practice the more he can show me. His method works…no doubt in my mind.. robert’s enthusiasm for the art is infectious. I feel guilty if I don’t put in enough practice .

Another piece of advice, invest in one of his guitars. They play like butter. I have 2…

Tony Pereira
Las Vegas, NV

Best approach to teaching how to. . .

I am enjoying your Comping Expo book/DVD and it’s the 4th course of yours that I have purchased. Every one has been terrific. The first was the Chord Melody Assembly Line, and it was the best approach to teaching how to voice the melody with chords that I have tried.  Unfortunately I have a tremor in my right, (pick) hand so I cant play well and wont improve much but I enjoy figuring songs out and trying various substitutions. Just wanted to say how much I have appreciated your work. ALL THE BEST

Jerry Borenstein
Scarsdale, NY

Teaching method is great

I’ve been working with your Ticket To Improv DVD today and really like it. Your teaching method is great!

Robert A. Shafer
Sissonville, WV

My whole musical life changed

I often review the old DVDs just to realize how far I’ve come which just knocks me out. My whole musical life changed with Robert’s first shout-out to whack scales and modes for lines – just be-bop through the song. Best advice I ever had. When I play This Masquerade by Leon Russell or Crazy by Willie Nelson I find all sorts of unique opportunities to employ the body of lines Robert’s turned us on to – fabulous!

Kenneth Paderewski
Munich - Germany

Exceptionally good books

I received The Formula and Chord Melody Melody Assembly Line. It is a pity that I did not start off with these two books as they are basically the most important. They are exceptionally good books and I want to thank Robert for these works.

Liebrecht Venter
Haymarket, VA

Happy I chose a Conti Guitar. . .

What a treat! Please thank Robert for me. Never expected he would take 28 minutes of his time to personally play my guitar and explain why he is so proud of them. Says a lot about the instrument but more about the man.  I’m happy I chose a Conti Guitar and am confident it will be every bit what Robert says it will be.
PS- his song selection was spot on for me and his playing inspiring. The video will remain a valued keepsake- thanks again

Mark Murret
Kenner, LA

A master teacher

Please tell Robert that I had a fantastic time during our lesson today. Robert is truly a wealth of knowledge, a master teacher and an extremely nice person. I will be back for some more lessons. Thanks again for all of your help.

Lou Carfa
Arlington, TX

Exceptionally good books…

I received The Formula and Chord Melody Assembly Line. It is a pity that I did not start off with these two books as they are basically the most important. They are exceptionally good books and I want to thank Robert for these works.

Librecht Venter
Haymarket, VA

Streaming Video

I’m thrilled to see that Robert Conti’s DVDs are now available for streaming. Just got Ticket to Improv Vol 2. and it’s everything I was hoping for. The 4 projects will keep me busy for quite a while.

Jim Finn

Most beneficial I have ever known…

With the purchase of “Intros Endings and Turnarounds” I now have acquired the full “Source Code” DVD series. As well as all four of the “Ticket to Impov” series. The quality of your products and service has been some of the best I have ever experienced.  I am a long time guitar player. Your products have been the most beneficial I have ever known. A world class player showing you how to play, I mean play, not spend countless hours on figuring out what scale or what mode to play over what chord is priceless. And, I mean priceless. I click on iRealPro and I’m off. You can’t put a price on that.

Richard Hamblett
Rochester, NY

There’s no fluff here!

I’m mostly into more and more sophisticated blues, so I just purchased Bob’s super Big City Blues DVD. I have to tell you, my blues soloing shall never again be the same or even approach boring! Bob’s direct yet thorough lessons have been soaked up by me like a dry sponge! Just super licks and continuity I can forever use in whatever I play. Bob is like having your favorite uncle teach you guitar but only on the condition that I take it all seriously and concentrate….there’s no fluff here! Just super concepts and encouragement and I love it!! Thanks!!

Jim Cinnater
Wichita Falls, TX

*Exactly* what I’ve been looking for

I’ve been playing guitar since I was 12, and though I loved jazz even then, I always told myself it was too difficult. Now, at the age of 67, I’ve been studying earnestly for the past couple of years, both on my own and with a teacher. I’ve gotta tell you, Bob’s approach is *exactly* what I’ve been looking for.

Joe Gerhard
New Haven, CT

The Precision Technique

I recently purchased The Precision Technique, even though I mostly play just ‘arrangements’ and I play strictly fingerstyle (splitting my time between a classical guitar and a ES-175D jazzbox). I was having problems ‘making the transition’ to the classical guitar because of the differences in string tension, size, and spacing. But (since I mostly play the jazzbox) I was not doing the exercises on my classical guitar. After only a week of work splitting my “PT Time” between both guitars, I now find after playing my jazzbox, if pick up the classical and simply play one of the exercises I know one time (have worked through 3 of them so far), it is like I have been playing the classical all day! I thought that Mr. Conti might be interested in this different use for PT. It is useful even though I don’t use a pick and it is most useful in helping me move between guitars quickly. Great Stuff!

Dave Lee
Pinehurst, NC

Results have been amazing

Dear Mr. Conti I just wanted to say thank you once again. I played rock and folk for years, but I always wanted to play Jazz. Countless hours with many books and DVDs learning scales modes and who knows what else resulted in only frustration. I couldn’t play anything that even sounded like music let alone Jazz. I found your books by accident and the results have been amazing. You’ve brought a lot of happiness and satisfaction into my life – it really has meant that much. You really are a fantastic teacher. I hope all is well and thanks again.

John Ross
Cornwall On Hudson, NY

Teaching vision is inspiring

Thanks. I love your business model and your playing and teaching vision is inspiring. Thanks for all you do. God bless you.

Bob Horton
Palm Harbor, FL

You will not be disappointed!

Robert Conti is a true guitar virtuoso. His playing is flawless. So many course promo clips feature the artist or teacher talking and talking and talking…and explaining what the course is about. If you are already familiar with that particular teacher, that is perfectly fine. But I prefer those promo clips that are more show than tell and that is exactly what Robert Conti does here! He shows his chops for the whole clip. He doesn’t need to tell us, “I am awesome and my technique is flawless.” His playing communicates that clearly enough!! There are few teachers that really so effectively incorporate the technique and mastery of Wes Montgomery like Robert does. If you are wanting a true guitar legend to teach you a solo note-for-note and pick up some Wes style licks, this course is for you. You will not be disappointed! He covers Days of Wine and Roses, which is my all-time favorite song. I’m still most partial to Wes Montgomery’s version since that is the song that opened up jazz guitar to me initially. But Mr. Conti’s rendition is second!

User: "sirjeffhoskins"
From TrueFire.com Jazz Master 1

Sheer Elegance

Years ago, I had the need to call the telephone number at the robertconti.com website to learn which DVDs would be best suited for me. When the party answered my call, I almost dropped the phone as Robert Conti was on the other end of the line. We must have chatted for close to 20 minutes. So gracious with his time and so honest. I felt like we were buddies from the old Philly days. I purchased a few DVDs and learned a ton!

Fast forward to 6 weeks ago. About 5 years had passed since my conversation with Robert; I had not bought any other learning DVDs from him since, but I was kept on the mailing list (thank you!). I received the email message about the Entrada for sale at a reduced price due to a slight flaw in the headpiece (which had been repaired).

I clicked on it and was overwhelmed. It was gorgeous. Port wine finish, gold control knobs and tune o matic bridge, ebony fretboard and tail piece, one Kent Armstrong vintage pickup, abalone and mother of pearl inlay, gold tuners, and much more. I was torn because arthritis in my left wrist was making it difficult to continue playing my current jazz box. But this guitar was different…it was thin line, and there was no solid wood piece inside. Just light enough.

Did I want to spend the money on a guitar I wasn’t test driving? Well, over the next 2 days, I must have chatted with Steve online for 2 hours. I checked out YouTube videos, I watched the videos of Entrada owners on the Conti website. Finally, I was ready and pressed the Buy It button on the website. And I could not be happier!

First, it is gorgeous. It sends shivers down my spine it is so pretty. Sometimes I just look at it and can’t believe it is mine. It is elegant in its simplicity. It is uncluttered to look at and the color combination is awe inspiring.

Second, it plays like a dream. When Robert says that each instrument is professionally set up before shipment and played by him personally, this is the truth. I can play longer than before as the neck is wonderful and the action is responsive.

And here is an accidental benefit I just discovered. I don’t know why – but using the thin Conti picks in conjunction with this guitar produces less stress on the wrist as I glide across the fretboard.

The versatility of the guitar is also not to be understated, I play a lot of jazz blues, but it can scream with the best of them with rock blues as well.

So, in closing, the email with the Entrada offer came just at the right time for me. I was ready to abandon jazz and go back to finger picking acoustic music. That would have been a decision I know I would have regretted.

Thanks Robert! You made me an offer I’m glad I didn’t refuse!

Russ Caraotta
Buffalo, NY

So many light bulbs went on…

I’m 53 years old so not prone to the use of abbreviated exclamations such as ‘OMG!’. However, in the case of Robert’s product, The Jazz Lines, that staple of the younger generation’s communication these days is exactly what I felt on reading the first few pages of the book and watching the first few minutes of the DVD. So many light bulbs went on that it felt for a moment as if I was a celebrity being jumped by the paparazzi. I’m so happy to have found this amazing material. My only regret is that I didn’t find it years ago.

Julian Gurr
Dorset, United Kingdom

Began to pull it all together

I thought I knew it all, Bob, but when I became familiar with your material it was only then that I finally began to pull it all together. I was a studio player. Played jazz with Chico Hamilton. Been playing “Jazz Vespers in the Philly New Jersey area.

Fr. Ron Parker
Bryn Mawr, PA

A True Jazz Master!

Robert Conti is a true jazz master at both playing and teaching. TrueFire has done an amazing job at giving us an opportunity to sit down with a living legend and learn directly from him. He performs solos for Satin Doll, All Blues, and Wave. He then teaches you how to play each solo a couple of measures at a time. Learning to play these solos in his style in bite-size lessons is awesome. He flavors the lessons by sharing his experiences, some theory, and insights into his approach to make sure you get everything you need out of the lesson material. This course is a treasure chest of jazz gems and well worth the price of admission.

User: "sirjeffhoskins"
From TrueFire.com Jazz Master 2

Best instructional material I have seen, period.

Mr. Conti’s videos were referred to me by an international touring guitarist who teaches metal and fusion guitar styles. This guitarist also spent 3 years learning jazz at a music conservatory. Then he told me that he used Mr. Conti’s material to get Jazz lines to use at the conservatory.

I purchased all the Blues based videos DVD – I was blown away at the rhythmic control, explanation, speed and effortless technique. So I woodshed the Vol 1 12 Bar Blues.

Then one day I was in a vintage guitar shop. There was a funky black dude playing a few blue lines in the opposite side of the shop. I took a guitar plugged it in then let Mr. Conti’s lines rip through the store! The other guy stopped playing after the 4th run I did. I left and thought nothing about it. Two weeks later I was inquiring about lessons from a blues player in the store. The shop owner and veteran player for 50 years said “I heard you play last time and you do not need any lessons!”

After that I went back on line and purchased the rest of Mr. Conti’s instructional DVD’s.

Every product is a gem. The best instructional material I have seen, period. The whole series looks at every aspect to play Jazz and Blues guitar at a professional level coupled with professional real world advice of playing authentic Jazz.

Then I emailed questions to Mr. Conti who kindly held a Skype session and we had a ball since I wood shedded the lines. Have respect and do a lot of work before contacting Mr Conti.

Mr Conti is a real gentleman who answered my questions and demonstrated other applications.

I was blown away that still at his age he could play at 300 beats per minute lines off his CD’s that are still available. While players like Eric Clapton (slow hand) state they are slowing down due to age!!!

Also I really recommend that any player of any instrument get Jazz lines DVD series the reason being that every educated conservatory players learn other Jazz lines that work and are part of Jazz culture and history of this art form.

Just do your self a favor just get a few of his DVD’s that appeal to you and they will talk for themselves by what Mr Conti teaches and performs. If other pro players use his educational DVD’s then that says it all.

Paul Bogiatto
Northern California, USA

Voicemail from Paul Pitt

Paul Pitt
El Cajon, CA

Played Danny Boy at a St Patrick’s Day Gig…

I’ve learned a lot from your archives. I have recorded a half dozen solos and now have many signature moves under my fingers, useful in many bandstand situations.

I played Danny Boy last year at a St. Patrick’s day gig. Then they made me sing it…twice! Trust me, your arrangement was better than my singing.

I especially like the Christmas arrangements and hope to record them and make a Christmas CD next year, along with recordings from the big bands I have been playing with.

Again, thanks and best wishes for the coming years.

John C. Pfeiffer
Appleton, WI

Robert Conti lessons are laid out well…

WOW!!!!!!! Robert Conti’s “Jazz Master” was the first TrueFire course that I bought and I’m still learning from it. The Robert Conti lessons are laid out well with deep dives into “Bossa Nova”, “Bebop Solo”, and “Blues Solo”, into manageable bites that are not overwhelming. “Moon River”, “Rainy Day”, “Your Life”, “Wine Roses”, and “Yesterday” are taught by Brad Carlton in great detail. With almost 6 hours of lessons, there is a lot here; I’ve been though it more than once and am still learning.

User: "OutofTune"
From TrueFire.com Jazz Master 1

Keep coming back to your material…

Just sending a note that I really find your material valuable. I’m 65 and have been playing for 52 years as a hobby. I keep coming back to your material. It’s great. I look forward to anything new, as I own all of your material. We met years ago in Vegas when I looked at one of your guitars.

Ken Louis
Tampa, FL

A real master!

I have quite a few Conti courses and I think he is a great nuts-and-bolts teacher, especially be-bop soloing. I haven’t found anyone who offers so many chord substitutions. He shows how to play a tune that has maybe 6 – 8 chords and use maybe 40 – 50 choices. Mind boggling at first but when you figure him out, he’s WOW!

User: "ldrayrainey"
From TrueFire.com Jazz Master 2

Really looking forward to playing…

I received the Chord Melody Assembly Line, The Formula, and Ticket To Improv only four days after I ordered them! Thank you for your prompt attention to my order. I am really looking forward to playing my guitar with some guidance from you.

David Richardson
Maud, TX

Ticket to Improv – the genius of it…

(Excerpted from a jazz guitar discussion forum)

The genius of it, in my view, is that your fingers will say “Hey we’ve played this before” but your mind will be saying “But this is a different chord progression…” and you start seeing how licks and lines can be moved around. For a strong intermediate player or advanced player, these solos would not be very challenging; but for folks trying to learn improvisation using tunes, and for folks who also would like, as a secondary benefit, to actually end up with something they can play with friends or at pick-up jam sessions, it’s quite helpful.

Lawson Stone
Wilmore, KY

Changed my playing drastically…

Dear Mr. Conti, I recently purchased your SOURCE CODE package set, and I must say, it is one of the best investments I have made in my playing career. I am a lifelong career professional (an exponent of Jack Petersen and a graduate of the University of North Texas jazz program, as well as an alum of Berklee College of Music. Your program is a blessing to me, and I thank you sincerely, as well as encourage others to invest in it…IF they are willing to put in the hours and dedication of study and practice required. Your program is intense, and it requires dedication. But it has changed my playing drastically. Discipline, with great teaching such as yours=RESULTS!

Tim Quinn
San Diego, CA

Play first, theory second…

Just wanted to thank you for a great job on Ticket to Improv Vol 1- it is just what I wanted and of course as you know, it works. I teach drawing and other arts and if students would follow the Conti method of play first, theory second, the work would be so much better and they would know what questions to ask. But theory first is REALLY difficult and all the time you are not drawing or playing but thinking and I believe incorrectly thinking. Its a tough world. But thanks for all this!

Timothy Ely
Colfax, WA

You play with so much passion

To My Dear Friend and Fantastic Jazz Cat, Robert Conti- I was more than honored to send you one of my CDs as I admire your playing very much. My only wish is to meet you one day. You stay on the melody and can play as fast as I can or could! You should be very proud as I have heard about you through so many Jacksonville musicians and musicians from all over the world. Your style is the kind that has meaning and you play with so much passion. Please come by when you are in Jacksonville. Lou Mecca is coming to see me,Jackie King — Willie Nelson too. I really do look forward to their visit. Thank you for everything, Robert. You are one of the finest out there in my opinion.

Hank "Sugarfoot" Garland
Orange Park, FL

best customer service in the world…

You are asking how I liked the Entrada pre-shipment video. Well, I can’t believe that something like this exists in this day and age.  Conti Guitars, without any doubt, has the best customer service in the world.  Not only that, you guys do it in STYLE!  Mr. Conti is a business man and a gentleman (besides being a great  musician).  My wife was watching the video – she was absolutely floored.  All she was saying: “How can they do that?  That is unbelievable.  I have never seen anything like it…”  GREAT WORK!

P. B.
Big Lake, AK

The best guitar teacher and mentor

Hello Bob, this is Brad Malinowski. I know I’ve not been in contact for awhile, but I just want to say that you are the best guitar teacher and mentor I ever had. I am now preparing to retire from my full time career. I have moved to a 55+ community in Beaumont, CA. It took me all of 4 days to hook up with a jazz combo out here and I’m performing with them. Each time I am soloing over changes, I hear your voice saying, “Use your licks.” And, it really helps. Thanks for helping me to get it organized. Once I retire at the end of June, I’ll finally have the time to get on the guitar 8 hours a day! Thanks Bob.

Brad Malinowski
Beaumont, CA

The Jazz Lines DVD/booklet is

The Jazz Lines DVD/booklet is an eye opener. I’m taking it slow on that but I see enormous change for the better in getting something that “really sounds like something” if you know what I mean.

I’ve known for at least ten years that modes and scales are pretty much useless except for warm-up / finger exercises, But didn’t understand how to go about constructing solo’s with arpeggios or any other method.

Tying in to what Mr. Conti says about jazz guitar greats I read a quote somewhere, that the great ones that people call geniuses usually ‘just find or create their own method of handling musical materials’ something that makes sense to them. They’re not thinking scales or modes. Well, 99.9 % of the time. I’ve heard Wes zip up a scale to start a solo but it was sort of a special effect.

Charles Geronimo
Newberg, OR

A must for the aspiring player

I have been playing guitar for many years and had many instructors along the way. I started with Ticket to Improve and got hooked. He has you playing lines right from the start and takes great pains to show you the simplicity in what he is doing. I would also suggest taking lessons with him. He goes into great detail and shows you his thought process. It’s a bargain, 2 hours with a master that is videoed and sent to you in a timely manner.

His staff is courteous and responsive…couldn’t be better.

Tony Pereira
Las Vegas, NV

How can I play beautiful chords like that?

How many old men do you know who are still called “sweet Paul” and wanted to play at parties, nursing homes, hospitals, park districts, VFW halls, coffee shops, NOTICE THE CONTI GUITAR! They ask “how can I play beautiful chords like that?” (a) get a Conti guitar (b) get Conti’s Assembly Line and Formula books (c) LEARN the chords .. it takes some work (but it is worth it!) (d) ask the women not to mess with you while you are playing and performing (e) get a good night’s sleep .. it might be the last you get for a while..(f) ask one of the women to drive you home because it’s late and you don’t like to drive (g) have a Holy Jolly Christmas!

Paul Pitt
San Diego, CA

highly recommend these three books…

“The Chord Melody Assembly Line” in an excellent primer on formulating one’s own chord melody arrangements.  “The Formula and “Intros, Endings & Turnarounds” really expanded my horizons. I highly recommend these three books to anyone who would not only like to learn how to formulate chord melody arrangements but also learn numerous possibilities!

Brad Beer
Indianapolis, IN


How can I say Bob?

Working on this material just……change my life!
I’m a professional jazz guitar player and singer, and I’ve worked since many years, I think i’m not too bad, but I always looked for the best way to learn jazz improvisation. I sometimes picked up solos here and there, worked so much scales arpeggios, modes, lost myself in theory and complex lines……but it always seemed to miss the essential: the direct transmission by a true jazz player a “street player” as Bob says! Here i finally got what i was looking for ! after a few months of seriously working on all the material i feel my playing is taking off! So much to do again but I’m on the way I can feel it and my musician buddies tell me: oh what’s happening with you! So much to do again yes, but I live in the move of Mr Conti now and it gives me so much. I remember some musical situations where i had trouble to express all the changes at fast tempos, haha I see the things different now….only great and beautiful lines dancing round the changes oh thank you Bob! you work on playing solo guitar is really helpfull too! The Formula is just fantastic for that! opening new spaces, with simplicity, no more misteries with Bob’s lessons. Just have to work hard, and have the real desire to develop art! I also had a private lesson with Bob: such a generous teacher, not watching time, giving and giving again, he just speaks to you as if you were his son !

I have no words for all that, “thank you mr CONTI” is very poor but I can’t find better.
I hope my testimonial will help some hesitating musicians to do what i do: working Conti’s material and transmit the beauty of this art. Gabriel Anfosso.

Gabriel Anfosso
Nice, France.

A desperately needed “jump-start”

Robert, I just wanted to thank you for putting all the patterns together, and providing a desperately needed “jump-start” to my single line soloing. After years of books and lessons, I finally am developing a platform for pulling it all together. Much gratitude for your guidance and looking forward to accomplishing more with continued work on your DVDs. Best wishes to you in 2018.

Rick Leichman
Mt. Mourne, NC

These products are top notch

I’ve already ordered a whole array of products from Robert. This recent order will complete the Source Code series and the Ticket To Improv series. These products are top notch. I have tried products from other players and I find them to be too time consuming for people with families and jobs. Robert’s products get you straight to the point. Yes, you need to put in the work, but the work you put in is directly related to real world playing. There are products available from players that Robert knows but their material isn’t presented in a manner that gets you up and running.

James Macneil
Fayetteville, NC

Oh Ya!

Just got my first Conti lesson and I’m way happy with it. I can already see Conti’s approach and love it. He’s providing a framework for everything I’ve been working on. It’s really great stuff. He dummies down nicely. Cut! I’m a 58 and have been playing 48 years. I want to be a Jazz player before I leave this world! I played bass in high school jazz band, taught guitar 5 years, took lessons for 10 from 8 really good players including the late Don Neary a close friend of Joe Diorio and a Howard Roberts seminar when I was 12. I played 4-7 nights a week for about 5 years, Red Lions, Holidays Inns, Rock Clubs, etc. and can copy almost any rock solo to the T and any medium complexity jazz. I can really burn up the fret board but I still can’t play like Conti or call myself a jazz musician. I know all the diatonic, harmonic minor and melodic minor modes, the augmented, whole half and half whole scales and the diatonic arpeggios in every position and number exercises with chromatic scales and diatonic arpeggios but I’m just not where I want to be yet. I’ve just been working on Autumn leaves but already know this was a really great purchase and most economical.

Vernon Jimmerson
Sacramento Area

Letter From a Former Student

Hi Bob, It is doubtful you would remember much about me, Billy Stanley but I am a former student from back in the mid-seventies when you were in Jacksonville Fla. Because I was in the Navy, I was only able to stay with you for a couple of months before shipping out overseas but I kept virtually everything you ever gave me. I even have an order for two patty melts and a large coke that you wrote in that classic, hand written Conti style on the black of my lesson one night while you were starving to death but refused to stop working.

Everyone that knew me back then said they had never seen anyone progress so rapidly on the guitar as I had while studying under you. As one may guess after we lost contact my progress slowed to a lame, geriatric snail pace. After being discharged from the military and returning to Charlotte N.C. I set out on a futile mission to find another mentor, anyone who could teach me anything about Jazz. This resulted in over fifteen years of frustration and wasted time and money. I will say in my own defense, I became a master at playing scales and modes at blinding speed and precision.

At some point, out of frustration I walked away vowing to never touch another guitar for the rest of my life. In the late nineties, I found myself remarried to a wonderful woman who somehow sensed the sadness I had internalized due to my perceived failures related to music. After several months of prodding, she talked me into taking up the guitar again. Having no real teacher I quickly fell back into the old habits of playing scales and modes believing that somehow, it would all click and I would become the entertainer I always wanted to be. After a few years of rigorous practice, I had acquired some monster chops so I resorted to the needle drop/route memory method. As slow as it was, I was making progress and was steadily becoming the player I always wanted to be.

Just about the time things seemed to be working out, for no apparent reason, on Sept 16, 2004 I suffered a massive stroke that left me near dead and completely paralyzed on my right side. Instantly I had to accept the fact I would never play the guitar again. I was devastated. To this day, it has been the biggest heartbreak of my life. Over the last six years, the recovery process has been challenging, as well as encouraging. I am happy to say, but for the fine motor coordination in my right hand, I have fully recovered.About a year ago I found myself reminiscing about those flashy lines you use to play in your studio in Jax and I remembered hearing you had released some recordings. I went to the web and goggled, “Robert Conti”. What I found was “Guitar Instruction by Robert Conti” which took me to your current web site. I spent the next two plus hours surfing through every byte of your web site. I was delighted with what I had found and only wished it had been there twenty-five years ago. Staring down at my cripple hand, I said to myself, what the hell. At least I can hold a pick, what do I have to lose?

I ordered Cherokee and Satin Doll from the Smoking Lineman collection. After working with them a few weeks, once again it became apparent it was not to be. It was just far too frustrating. None-the-less I had acquired the aftertaste of Jazz Guitar and I wanted more. For the next six months, I kept a hand written daily journal in hopes that the physical exercise would help me develop the fine motor coordination and strength I needed to control the pick. As the weeks progressed to months, I began to see the results I was looking for. Although it remained weak and slow I was finally able to rotate my wrist at the axis needed to pick the strings with reasonable control.  This past June I went shopping on your web site and found “Ticket to the Improv.” I purchased both volumes I and II. That turned out to be just what I needed. Thanks to The Great Gods Almighty a last!

At this point, I am finishing “All the Things You Are”. On a good day, I am able to play all six songs up to tempo and near perfection! Over the weekend, I ordered The Comping Expo and The Precision Technique from The Source Code Collection. I am really excited about getting starting on them as well. I am quite certain I will eventually own everything you sell including a Blonde Equity for which I am currently laying cash aside!  After knowing Robert Conti personally from thirty-five years ago, it is simply amazing to see how little you have changed. Your energy, enthusiasm and commitment to helping your students comes across with professionalism and a sincerity that is uncompromised. Owning these DVD’s is like having the man himself sitting in my living room carefully guiding me, with a convenient playback button. I hold no reservations in stating there is no greater value for the student of guitar at any level, at any price! I apologize for the length of this little essay but it remains a pitiful example of just how grateful I am to you for your motivation, your inspiration and for rekindling a bright shining light in a once broken spirit. There is no doubt in my mind the line of people who could make that statement would stretch for miles. Someday in the not too distant future I hope to make the trip to Vegas for a private lesson. The wife wants to meet you. She says you remind her of one of the Sopranos. I keep telling her you are not a gangster, you are The Socrates of Swing!!!

Take care Bob, we love what you do!

Billy Stanley
Landis, NC

One of my Heroes!

Just before I Retired a few years ago, I got the Idea for teaching Music Theory and the Guitar after Retiring. I wanted to become proficient in all styles including Jazz and Improvising. One day while shopping in a Used Book Store. I found a Couple of Bob Conti’s Publications that was what I was Looking for!! I paid $2.00 for each!! It was the Best Bargain Prices, A Teacher could ever Hope For!! Afterwards I have Purchased more, (At Full Retail) from Bob’s website! It would be Really Nice to Shake Hands with Bob, Rob, and Steve,….if only I had the Chance! In 1982 I Shook Hands with Chet Atkins Twice in One Year,…….Now I have One More Hero,….(and Friend) added to my Heroes List,….His Name is Robert Conti,…..Thanks, Bob!
Your Friend and Admirer, Billy Ray Thomas in Wildwood, Georgia

Billy Ray Thomas
Wildwood, Georgia

Amazing Method

I’m a banjo player who decided last year to learn jazz guitar. I started learning basic Jazz chords and scales from various videos and books but wasn’t making a lot of progress. I ordered Mr. Conti’s Jazz lines source code and ticket to improv. and it opened doors for me. In a short time I was improvising effortlessly in the key of C over II-V-I changes and over some basic jazz standards. I highly recommend Mr. Conti’s material to kick start your jazz improvisation. His method takes practice, but you get there by playing everyday, not by digesting theory. My daily practice now consists of comping the chord changes to songs with a looper, and then practicing chord solos and Mr. Conti’s Jazz lines over the loop. Great tool for learning.

Chuck callaway
Las vegas

Finished the Jazz Lines Source Code Book

Mr. C: I’ve completed your Jazz Lines source book and I am now motivated to move onto your more advanced teaching material. It took me over a year and a half to get through the Jazz Lines source book, however, I took my time so I could really digest the lines and get them under my fingers. The journey has been worth it! Thanks again for your wonderful teaching materials. Sincerely, Larry Herrera

Larry Herrera
Albuquerque, NM

Best jazz improv educational material

I have been absolutely loving your Source Code title, The Jazz Lines! I think it is the best jazz improv educational material there is.

Matthew Dimenna
Arlington heights, IL

Single-handedly improved my playing

From an old guy (76) – thank you for all of your time and effort to make the Just Jazz Guitar charts. You have single-handedly improved my playing and reading skills. For this, I thank you. I have mentioned this before, but have you rethought about taking all of the JJG lessons and putting them into a book?

Jim Gillivan
Walnut Creek, CA

Let me tell you why

Robert, Thanks for your contributions to Guitar Studies. I have purchased an Advanced Improv DVD- Advanced Improv DVDs The Sound of Rio vol. 4, a number of Signature Chord Melody arrangement books and just ordered three more the Formula, Intros and Endings and The Chord Melody Assembly Line. Let me tell you why. . . Like Robert I spent years “droppin’ the needle” to learn guitar lines and popular tunes. My field in those early years was British Blues, Country Rock and even Folk. Later as the market demanded. . . funk and disco for many years too. In the eighties it was hard rock. As my age advanced my musical tasted and ear matured it was hard to keep playing the old songs over and over. My Guitar teacher had planted the right artists from the beginning and I had Tal Farlow, Johnny Smith, Wes and Kenny Burrell LPs right along with my Blues Breakers, Johnny Winters and Allman Brothers at the Fillmore. After I retired musically for about a ten years stint I returned with the desire to learn to play tunes that matched my ear and really play, not just appreciate Jazz. Twenty years later I’m still working on it. There is almost too much material in learning to play Jazz. Interesting and sometimes exciting stuff but what was missing was the Guitar and the licks that fit the music by a Guitar Players’ Guitarist. You can spend years working around the edges finding all the ways to use Pentatonics to all kinds of progressions. You can even improvise pretty freely without clashes but it still never sounds quite right. I plan to spend the next six months trying to learn as many licks and knowledge about reharmonization as I can. Wish I would have found this material about ten years ago. Thanks Robert!

Dennis Kiszka
Orange Park, FL

The way you teach is so easy…

I have the Ticket To Improv, Vol.1 and the Chord Melody Assembly Line and the way you teach is so easy to understand and put in the woodshed. I’m a new player at the age of 53 and I am able to play things I thought would take me years to learn. Thank You and the folks at Pinnacle Group who have been so helpful and I’m looking forward to this journey we all enjoy Playing Jazz Guitar.

Doug Cantrell
Springfield, OH

Having FUN playing lines

Customer service is AWESOME!!! I’ve ordered from you twice and both were upgraded to priority mail. Thanks so much! Can’t wait to see the new Conti guitars. I found Robert and his products through You Tube and then visited his web site. I “Test Drove” a couple of the complimentary lessons and really liked what I saw and heard. The real clincher was the student testimonials and especially the videos. Particularly “The Turning Point” by Dave Ruggiero. That article mimics a great deal of my own frustrations in learning to improvise. I’m recently retired and have been playing guitar on and off since I was a teen. Even studied classical guitar for a while and can read music. Not necessarily sight read though :-). Always wanted to be able to improvise Jazz. I have countless books, backing CD’s and videos and I still could not “get it”. The complimentary lessons convinced me that I could actually learn jazz lines by playing jazz lines. I’ve had enough theory training and know the neck well enough to understand where the lines are coming from. I’m greatly looking forward to working with Robert’s products and having FUN playing lines instead of working at scales, modes etc.

Richard Hamblett
Rochester, NY

A real eye opener

I saw a video clip – thank the Lord I overcame my initial skepticism. Previously I had spent a lot of money for meager results. The method is pure genius. This has been a real eye opener. I feel like a struggling amateur magician seeing a Penn and Teller show for the first time. Just got the Chord Melody Assembly Line and the bonus dvd (ticket to improv – thanks!). I have spent hundreds of dollars on many books and DVDs on chord melody. Some are very good – but I really wasn’t learning anything – just playing someone else’s stuff. And they do not have anything like this – correct melodic voice leading that you can use immediately and then you can play from a lead sheet. I literally just stumbled on your website. What a happy accident. I can’t thank you enough.

John Ross
Cornwall On Hudson, NY

Improvement in all areas of my playing

I have many of your DVD’s. I have all of the sourse code DVD’s. I am doing well with most of them. I am 85 years old, so even a little boost from each of them goes a long way. I can notice improvement in all areas of my playing.

Bill Becker
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

The Formula

I just wanted to mention that over Christmas I figured out half a dozen different Christmas carols and songs based purely on what I learned from The Formula. Last year I could never have done it. White Christmas for instance instead of stock C major, D minor 7, C diminished or whatever I play something like C major 7, D minor 7 flat 5, A flat 7 #5, C diminished, D flat 7 # 9, D minor 7, B flat 7 #5, A 7, F 9 #11 etc. And it sounds professional level and I got lots of compliments! I even figured out my own chord melody to The Flintstones! So to anybody out there who wants to be able to play any tune and invent a myriad of different ways to play it in different keys I think it is the most important product you could ever buy!! It will not only open up doors but it will open new planets of ideas and possibilities. I’ve since purchased two further Conti products and am getting similar results. Amazing!

James Anderson
Barry, United Kingdom

Grateful you do what you do

For lack of a better word, Robert, you’re awesome, thank you, I’ve been looking for material like this for a long time. I knew there had to be a different way, and this is it! As I am not getting any younger, in short, I am grateful you do what you do. Would like to meet you sometime. Best Wishes, Art

Arthur Wolford
Westerville, OH

Learning how to add beautiful single note solos…

I have been playing for over 50 years and this is the first teacher I have ever had that made single note soloing make sense. For the first time in my life I am now learning how to add beautiful single note solos to my chord melody arrangements. Everyone else I ever studied with or purchased their dvd’s etc, always sounded like a bunch of notes, they never made any sense to me. I know all the scales, but I could never make them sound like anything other than scales. Thanks Robert Conti for your amazing products.

George Wrigley
Tucson, Arizona

Thank you for your no BS approach…

Dear Robert Conti, My name is Danny Caron and I’ve been playing and teaching professionally for 40 years. i just wanted to thank you for your no BS approach to playing. For me, as a somewhat knowledgeable guitarist, it’s a pleasure to quickly run through the chord melody alternatives you provide and enjoy the harmonies. Beginners will find it challenging, like I did with Micky Baker’s 2 volumes so many years ago. They may search out music instruction to fill in the questions that arise. If you love music, who wouldn’t. Anyway, thanks so much. Love ya man. Danny

Danny Caron

Competence and teaching skills…

I wish to thank Mr. Conti for his work. He is excellent and his personality, explanations, enthusiasm, competence and teaching skills makes me really work hard in enjoying it. Thanks again. I believe The Formula is a must to have and eventually you could emphasize it on the web. I can fully enjoy the Intro … and Comping thanks to The Formula and Conti of course. Jazz lines, I will start later.

Alessandro Caldarone
Tanga, Tanzania

Like a kid in a candy store!!

Hello I have just received my package from RC and Pinnacle Group. Thank you for the speedy deliver and also the complimentary Ticket to Improv # and Chord Melody V2. A real blessing. I have just purchased all new equipment and recording gear so the timing is fantastic. My playing has been at plateau stage for a few years. But now I’m like a kid in a candy store!! Thanks again and keep up the good work. If ever in NZ or want free accommodation overlooking an incredible bay, just let me know. Mark Wilson New Zealand

Mark Wilson
New Zealand

Played a great solo jazz guitar gig last night…

I played a great solo jazz guitar gig last night after which I sat in with my friend’s jazz group. They liked my playing so much that they are talking about hiring me for future gigs. I could not have done it without the instruction of Robert Conti. Thank you, Mr. Conti!!

Kerry Klungtvedt
Rushford, Minnesota

I must be getting better

I got the package yesterday and dove right into Corcovado with Robert’s brilliant lines … incredible! Much obliged! So far, easy going… I must be getting better … WAVE, SATIN DOLL, BLUESETTE were excellent training for CORCOVADO.

Kenn Paderewski
Munich, Germany

How grateful I am for the help…

I wanted to write to you and tell you how grateful I am for the help you have given me with my playing from your lessons. I went to state for jazz guitar every year I could in high school and most recently received a large scholarship at Berklee. My girlfriend has also taken to your lessons and now we can finally play jazz together. She can burn now! Thanks again. You are a fabulous teacher!

Alexander Whalen
Chatham, Illinois

I think the DVD is great!

I’ve been trying to learn jazz on guitar and have spent a lot of money with the scales and modes garbage. Go to a lesson and my teacher tells me to use D Dorian here – that approach just doesn’t work. I ordered Ticket To Improv Volume 2, but haven’t started it yet as I’m still finishing memorizing the 4th track on Ticket #1 and playing around with the other tunes. I had worked on Autumn Leaves with my teacher, but my soloing just sounded like crap – it sounds much better now! I told a guy I work with about your site and he ordered The Jazz Lines. I’m going to buy a copy of that next I think.

John Chakales
Houston, TX

Finally finished Disc 1 of Jazz Lines

It took me about a year to do it, but I finally finished Disc 1 of the Jazz Lines course. Disc 1 is the meat of the course, where Robert Conti teaches you how to improvise; Disc 2 really focuses on teaching you a ton of licks and lines, applying what he taught you on Disc 1.The one thing you need to know before you jump into this course is this: just take it slowly, step by step, and JUST DO WHAT CONTI TELLS YOU! You’ll need to resist the temptation to over-analyze his instruction. Over-analyze it, and you’re going to get confused and frustrated. Conti teaches you improvisation using the 2-5-1 chord progression almost exclusively throughout Disc 1, but don’t worry. Once you get to Disc 2, you’re going to see that his techniques work over all different kinds of chord progressions, not just 2-5-1s. His sticking to 2-5-1s on Disc 1, without you even knowing it, will prepare you well for improvising over a ton of other chord progressions. For me, the most crucial parts of the Jazz Lines course were the sections where Conti talks about voice leading, and where he explains diminished chords. He doesn’t use the term voice leading, but there are a few lines where he demonstrates how merely changing ONE NOTE in a line, or just moving up or down one fret, can change the entire key. This is REALLY important stuff, and for me was the key strategy for learning how to navigate chord changes. The other crucial part is the last chapter in Disc 1, where he goes into depth explaining the significance of diminished chords. This was mind-blowing stuff for me because it essentially explained how all the chords in a song are related to one another, another crucial thing to know when you improvise.Most importantly, Conti constantly repeats his mantra throughout the course: just keep playing your guitar, and everything will fall into place. This is so true. Just listen to what Conti says, take as much time as you need, and don’t worry and think, Gee, all he’s teaching me is how to solo over a 2-5-1. What about other chord changes? That will come eventually, trust me. One last thing – get yourself a copy of Band In A Box before you start this course. You’re going to need to play Conti’s lines over actual chords, so you can hear what they sound like relative to the chords. Without jam tracks or a program like Band In a Box to practice with, the lines are essentially meaningless.

Sean Goguen
Newburyport, MA

Jazz Lines course

One last thing I forgot to add: although The Jazz Lines is a superb course on learning how to improvise, don’t think for a second that it’s some short-cut that’ll teach you to play like Wes Montgomery overnight. Trust me, you will have to work hard to get through this course. What separates this from other course is that Conti has you focus only on techniques that will improve your ACTUAL GUITAR PLAYING – he doesn’t see the point in you spending time practicing scales all the time, if learning to improvise is your goal. He teaches you to solo by having you actually, physically playing jazz lines that he has created for you. His philosophy is that if you copy and internalize his lines, you’ll eventually figure out how to create your own lines and solos. The approach really works well. Conti can definitely get you to the promise land, but you’ll need to pay your dues and work hard learning and playing what he teaches you to get there.

Sean Goguen
Newburyport, MA

Cannot thank you enough…

Hi Robert, I came up with a fair version in AX, but knew something was lacking and shelved it until later. What I lacked, you provided in spades ! I love Jimmy Van Heusen’s songs and you’ve exposed his fondness for chromatic movement and tomorrow , I shall be learning your great arrangement. I’ve learned many of yours from JJG and via your signature series and cannot thank you enough for removing the mystique and often high-brow pompousness associated with the genre. May you long continue to inspire, teach and amaze!

Dave Jones
Saint Petersburg, Florida

Love the service you are providing…

Mr Conti, I am an old blues player from Cincinnati and I think these arrangements are the greatest thing I have ever tried. I am trying to learn jazz at my age 65 and love the service you are providing. I’m not good enough to submit a video or audio yet.I just wanted to say thank you.

Lance Boyd
Cincinnati, Ohio

Enjoying the experience tremendously

Working my way through the Ticket To Improv DVD’s. Loving every second and coupled with daily warmups using The Precision Technique coming on in leaps and bounds. Most importantly as well as developing rapidly I’m enjoying the experience tremendously.Just wanted to say thanks to Robert. Dip my toe into Chord Melody Assembly Line next. Best wishes and looking forward to the mystery new product 🙂 Got my bankers card waiting.

Rod Buckle
Scarborough, United Kingdom

Best I’ve ever heard…

At the ripe old age of 66 I’ve only just discovered Robert’s ASTOUNDING playing (both technically brilliant and beautiful on the ear – the best I’ve ever heard!) and have ordered two of the products and am likely to order more.

John Pritchard
Taff, United Kingdom

Conti is my guiding light

I would like to once again tell you that Bob Conti is my guiding light, through the murky waters of guitar instruction out here, what a wonderful person to be so open and offer to us mere mortals out here in guitar land his talents! I listen to Jazz every day and of all the players and all the courses out there Bob is the best PERIOD! I am still not advanced enough for much of the material and still in the improv #3 but as soon as #4 comes out I will be on it. I hope to someday get to Vegas so I can see Bob in person..

Jerry Martin
Florence, OR

Amazing and awesome musician…

Robert Conti is just an amazing and awesome musician. He is articulate, precise and sounds absolutely wonderful. Definitely one of the worlds premier artists. I look forward to learning from the very BEST. God Bless.

Keith Patel
South Africa

chord melodies…best out there

I have the TTI Volumes 1, 2, and 3.. The chord melodies that Mr Conti offers (free might I add), IMHO are the best out there. They’re easy to understand, and they are always hip.. If there is a better way to get this quality of teaching, I’ve yet to find it.. Thanx for all you do!

Alan Wells
Tennessee, USA

have several of your DVDs

I have several of your DVD’s. They have improved my knowledge 500%!

Roy McLemore
Virginia, USA

Lessons are five star!

Thanks so much for your speedy shipping on orders. I have ordered before and am amazed at how prompt you all take care of your customers. Your lessons are five star!

Larry Musall
Tampa, FL

I just get better and better

Dear Bob, I just had to write and tell you how much I am progressing AND understanding what’s actually going on in Jazz Guitar Chord Melody. You are (as always as far as I can see) absolutely right in the way you go about teaching things. I am also REALLY getting deeper and deeper into ‘SINCE I FELL FOR YOU’- I just get better and better at it everyday!. I have just started on ‘GOD BLESS THE CHILD’. The wonderful application of the ‘falling’ diminished chords was SO beautiful that I actually had to stop I was so touched by the way they felt to me. As a lyricist, such songs make me stop in my tracks on all fronts – I’m stunned at how good the music and lyrics really are.I now listen to Billie Holiday’s version of it in my car as I drive to work and I am now a fully converted jazz guitarist thanks to your opening of doors. I have also got the ASSEMBLY LINE DVD – and YES I did watch it all the way through without the book!(I felt you slap me from here!!) lol It’s really allowed me to piece everything together, and I perceive WHY and HOW to ‘get there’. Not quite a ‘walk in the park’ yet – but well on the way… Bless you my friend (and now favourite musical Uncle!) Keep them coming, another 3 – 5 years and I will be worth listening to and on a musical level I never dreamed I could attain to. Love and respect Bob, Jules

Julian Wilson
Northwich, United Kingdom

Extraordinarily competent customer service..

I just got off the phone with you, not more than about 30 or so minutes ago. Or, so it seems. Thank you for the lightening fast and highly knowledgeable and extraordinarily competent customer service. You have this new order on its way and I hardly had time to hang up the phone. I appreciate your help, as the old song goes, More Than You Know. You made my day, and even the rest of this month!!

Charles Meshel
Phoenix, AZ

Your approach has unlocked my playing

Dear Bob, I’ve been studying jazz for years, working on modes and scales diligently, but finding the process tedious and frustrating. Within a week or two of working through The Jazz Lines, my playing was transformed, and I took to the stage with my first jazz gig, negotiating all the changes with total confidence.. and more importantly, I enjoyed every second of it! Your lines provide an incredible framework for learning this language, and your methodology makes playing this wonderful style of music an absolute joy, rather than an intimidating intellectual exercise. Now I can switch my brain off, and switch my ears ON!! Cheers Bob, your approach has ‘unlocked’ my playing! I’m indebted to you!

James Mohan

Really created something very special…

Wow! You have really created something very special here! These students (in the student video performances) are actually having fun and performing. What a wonderful thing! Not just performing but doing it in a medium that has been traditionally enigmatic. How special! I’m going to have to put something together and participate in this! Love it Bob! Thanks for sharing!

Cliff Toca
Corona, CA

What a truly beautiful chord melody…

Bob, I have just started into God Bless The Child – What a truly beautiful chord melody. I had to just stop when I started the second eight bars I was so astounded at the beauty of the chord sequence. You are right – with your tuition anyone can become a great guitarist if they work at it and put the hours into it. TOP stuff my friend and mentor!

Julian Wilson
Northwich UK

Amazing musician and generous guy…

Just listened through the sample lesson for about the fifth time, and Mr. Conti- you have not bored ANYONE! You’re an amazing musician and a generous guy and I thank you as I’m sure do many others. One day when I visit my brother in Las Vegas again, we’ll come down to a show- ’cause I need to shake your hand! ALl the best Ron S.

Ron Simon
Valley Forge, PA

a seriously BAD ASS player!

I discovered your site through Vision Music. Im so blown away by your playing and attitude that I had to write and say that I’ll be happy to support your products. You are a seriously BAD ASS player! That Smokin’ Blues thing you did on on youtube just melted my face off. Facelessly, Brad

Brad Kelso
Washington, USA

I love your jazz guitar materials…

Hi Bob, I love your Jazz Guitar materials and they are helping me make a mid-life come-back to Jazz playing! You’re Precision Technique is amazing. After about 2 years of work with your stuff, I joined a Big Band doing mostly old-school swing. It’s mostly four-to-the-bar comping but some opportunities for soloing and more modern chordal comping. Thanks again for what you do!

Brian Bowman
Apex, NC

reduced a mountain of theory into…

Thank you so much for your instructional materials! Started taking jazz lessons in Philadelphia in 1957, but detoured into rock, folk, blues. You’ve got me back to a love of the notes a chord makes, and reduced a mountain of theory into a Whitman’s Sampler of tasty steps. May God bless you!

John Patrick
Northport, AL

…video was fabulous

The video was fabulous. I have a lot of videos but the idea of learning a tune and dissecting one of Mr. Conti’s solos is a fabulous methodology. The primary structure method in the advanced improv lessons is another great idea. As soon as I get through this material I’ll be trying out the other series but would love to see another one in the series covering standards such as Cherokee or Satin Doll.

Ray Herrick
Jackson, NJ

Most direct way to get playing

This is truly: “One Stop Shopping” for students of Jazz guitar. I own a good deal of Bob’s material and found it the most direct way to get playing as that’s what his emphasis is on; PLAYING! Yeah, Bob is a great Great player and teacher. Happy 4th Good luck at the tables!

Giacchino Di Quarto
Red Bank, NJ

You make it so easy to understand…

Just wanted to say thanks for your amazing chord melody teaching method. I’ve tried so many other methods but none can come close to yours. You make it so easy to understand how to make an arrangement and not play exercises. Thanks for giving a 25% discount, I’m using it to purchase a number of your other products.

Joe Megna
Little River, SC


Hi Robert loved the 2 pickup guitar and also loved the hot licks u put down . Would love to have one in the sun burst with 2 pickups , go scratch one up so u can send me one . Find me a spare copy of the jazz book with the 16 guitars that the students got . Loved the demo music and the lead with the overdrive was fabulous .Maybe someday I will be able to get a guitar from u but times are tuff .Well send me an email soon .God Bless old Friend, Claude (THE COP)

Claude Foreau
Jacksonville, FL

Sit and learn from the master…

Hello good people. I received the “Ticket To Improv” DVD a few days ago. I have invested a lot of money thru the years on guitar lessons and nothing worked, until I got your DVD, and it is wonderful. I cant wait until I have the time to sit and learn from the master. Since I’m 72 years young, I’m sure you can teach an old dog new tricks. Thanks again.

Gerry Bullock
Kissimmee, FL

Just finished my first jazz guitar lesson…

Robert, thank you so much for teaching this. I just finished my first jazz guitar lesson, the free A-Train lesson on this site. I’ve been playing the guitar for 30 years but never found anyone to teach me jazz. I just played my first jazz licks! WOOHOO! Thank you so much. I can’t wait to go through the Ticket-To-Improv stuff (should be here soon…)

Drew Mills
Indiana, USA

Your program was so impressive

Mr. Conti, As an instructor in both avaition and electronics for many years, I surely appreciate your no nonsense direct approach to jazz guitar…Ive been playing for over 40 years and have decided to go back to jazz… dig into it heavy and enjoy it now that Im retired. Your program was so impressive that I’ve ordered my first $200.00 worth of DVD’s and can’t wait to get started….again, thanks so much for all your professional expertise and no non-sense approach.

Jerry Padgett
Black Canyon City, AZ

learning how to be a player…

I will never forget those years I spent studying with Bob Conti. Itwas truly a religious experience, one which I will never forget.. Itwas more than learning a few licks, it was about learning how to be aplayer (and all that comes with it!)

Jess Rosen Esq
Atlanta, GA

…brought it all together for me

My name is John Heussenstamm. I manage The Guitar Shoppe in LagunaBeach and I’ve been playing professionally for 30 years. I’ve hadlessons with Tito Guidotti, Joe Pass and Ted Greene. When I told Ted Iwas studying with Bob Conti, he said, You wanna’ study Jazz and Bebop,Robert’s the man. He’s a great jazz teacher and exceptional player! Ithought I knew enough to be a top player. Something told me there’smore to learn. I carried a lot of information and have several books ontheory and everything else. Robert taught me how to apply it in themost comprehensive way. He brought it all together for me. I’m forevergrateful. Thanks Bob!

John Heussenstamm
Laguna Beach, CA

Chord Melody developments.

Bob, I am just getting more and more everyday out of the two Chord Solo arrangements I have been practicing for months – and the ‘lights’ are really starting to turn on jazz wise. I’ve started zipping around and playing with the bass, and generating my own phrasing as I sing the tunes slightly differently in my head (after listening to different versions on you tube) and still using the chord alternatives you supply in the DVD’s. You said it would happen and I would ‘take off’ – and I am!. I can’t thank you enough. Jules

Julian Wilson
United Kingdom

world greatest jazz guitarist…

Robert Conti is indeed he World greatest Jazz guitarist I have ever seen. Incredible talent. If I could play 1/10th of his ability, I’d be happy.

Blu DeBkk
Florida, USA

absolutely love Conti’s approach to jazz…

From what I have seen and heard so far I absolutely love Robert Conti`s aproach to Jazz Music.I am especially intersested in his solo chord melody material.

Robert Kaspar
Wallis, Switzerland

First impressions

I’ve just run through the 12-bar blues free lesson. I’m an ancient (66) rock guitarist, still gigging, but I’ve tried for years to do the modes/scales approach. I’ve no hesitation in saying that this was a breath of fresh air, and I’ll certainly be getting into the DVDs. One small thing – most rockers play in E,A,G,D or C! I know jazz has to be in B or E flat, for the horn players, but maybe a couple of introductory sessions in keys we neanderthals are used to would be nice. That part – brilliant. Dave

Dave Wiltshire
United Kingdom

Almost feels like robbery…

I have been working through The Jazz Lines as a supplement to the studying I am doing with the Ticket to Improv DVDs as well as some intermediate level DVDs (Satin Doll and Big City Blues), and as much as everything else is worth far more than I paid for them, with this, it almost feels like robbery given how much I’ve been able to take from it in such a short period of time (a master class for $5 per DVD hour is a steal in my book). While those benefits can never be overstated, what is more important to me as a student is your credibility as teacher. You have never made the sort of promises too many other people advertise. Your approach is very down to earth and the results that you have said would happen given the effort put into it have happened and that’s more encouraging than anything else. Thank you for the great materials and I’ll be purchasing more in the future.

Dave Ruggiero
Summit, NJ

guitar playing has improved considerably…

I think Roberti Conti is a genius…I love this guy. I have used his approach to guitar in a number of different disciplines. My guitar playing has improved considerably…huge….I still continue to work a ridiculous amount of time in the hope of getting to the level I desire….at least the path is clear….it’s now just improving the physical limitations. So… anyway I teach tai chi and have developed a method for golf to which I have added the Conti approach. My best to you guys…and let Robert know I really appreciate who he is.

Mike Turner
Mt. Vernon, WA

a breath of fresh air…

It’s a breath of fresh air seeing someone teach who actually knows how to play. There’s too many useless books out there telling people to learn every possible mode/scale in every position is the way to learn the language of jazz–thank you for an approach that means something. Your teaching material is outstanding as is your artistry!

David Matte
Idaho, USA

have always been impressed…

Bob, Well, I’ve tried a lot of your materials over the years and have always been impressed. You are wonderful player and a great teacher with lots of unique concepts. However the soft pick that you use is one of the most unique technique ideas I have seen in years. When I got the technique book in the mail I opened the package and as soon as I saw the two picks taped to the cover I immediately threw the picks away before I even opened the book. I thought they were just some sort of gimmicky advertisement for a manufacturer that you endorsed. I couldn’t imagine anyone actually using the things. When I put in the DVD and saw that you were serious about them I had to dig them out of the garbage. I made a serious effort to learn to use them and was surprised that they work so well. In the long-run I don’t think they are for me but the have caused me to re-look at my own technique. Many years ago I switched to holding the pick very, very loosely and this accomplishes much of what you get with the light pick and I think it gives a better tone but, never the less I am impressed. Keep up the great work.

Brian Kelly
Dickson, TN

Products are working very well for me

Mr. Conti, I’ve been playing guitar for many years, interested in many different styles. I started studying Jazz in the 70’s and briefly in the years to come. . In 2009 I realized Jazz was my passion again and started improvising with backing tracks and with the knowledge of many scales modes and some theory but I couldn’t play Jazz the way I wanted to. Bluesette has been one of my favorite jazz tunes, so i searched the internet for help and came across your Bluesette DVD demo. I ordered it immediately and since then other learning products. I wanted to let you know that for what I already knew and your learning products I’m very close to playing jazz the way I want to. So Mr. Conti you’re a great player and I love the way you burn! Your products are working very well for me! Thank You very much!

Louis DePetris
Upper Darby, PA

…most significant innovators of our time

Bob Conti is one of the most significant guitar innovators of our time.He manipulates an Ellingtonian command of harmony with technicalvirtuosity that must be seen and heard to be believed. Simultaneousbass, rhythm and melody on his custom 8 string makes Bob a trio. Hemakes music on the guitar that even the most competent piano playerswould have difficulty trying to reproduce.

Rich Dunn
New Jersey

…separates the men from the boys

I first saw Robert Conti play at a high school pep ralley in the late sixties. There were several bands, a variety of styles. When I heard Conti play, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. I had never been exposed to that kind of jazz playing before (I was only 15 years old), but it made a lasting impression on me for years to come. I took some lessons with him shortly thereafter and began to learn jazz chords and some jazz standards. At the time I didn’t appreciate it as much as I do now, I wanted to learn rock guitar. Conti was light years ahead of that. He was one of the few who was able to grasp jazz and complex theory at an early age and expand upon it for all these years. I am now 45 years old and love to play many different styles of music. I will never be the jazz virtuoso that Conti is. I love listening to him play via CD and cassettes (my favorite albums are The Hollywood Jazz Quintet – awesome playing from everyone – and his direct to disc solo guitar album separates the men from the boys!

Jim Brown
Atlanta, GA

All Sorts Of Doors Will Open

Wow! – This stuff is getting better all the time! I can’t believe how the barriers are falling – It’s like Bob said: “All sorts of doors will open, and all sorts of lights will start to go on” – They are! My right hand fingers are pretty much automatic now, and my performance passable on almost 3 songs. Even the open 6th string Em9 chord at the 7th fret is finally getting tamed as well. It was hard to play that clean at a reasonably fast speed when you’re passing through a sequence and combining a finger roll at the same time! lol Still, as with all this stuff, you know EXACTLY what you SHOULD be playing, so the obstacles are only physical and not mental. One particular ‘light that’s turned on’ is that there is absolutely no need to be stressed with any of this – (Yeah Bob I finally GOT that one! lol) When I follow what Bob says on the DVD’s “everything else DOES take care of itself” – I know, I’ve proved it myself. Sorry for hogging the testimonials board, but this stuff is so good I can’t keep it to myself. Jules. Awe inspiring tuition from a man at the top of his game.Jules.

Julian Wilson
United Kingdom

I cant get enough !

Finally a teaching method that works. I have tried for years to get into playing jazz. It was always the same old thing, I just didnt feel smart enough to play, and figured I would be a hundred years old before I learned my first solo. I bought Mr Conti entry level Ticket To Improv DVD, and must say I will be buying everything on this site. I could not get over the fact that from right off the bat I was playing, not getting theory thrown at me but really playing. Thanks Mr Conti for teaching the way you do, I will be a student for life.

Scott Blazer
Logan, OH

The Flattening Curve

Bob Conti spoke about ‘the flattening learning curve’ on one of his Chord Melody DVD’s, and spoke about how significantly easier it gets when the curve starts to flatten out. He was right in spades! The initial CM (‘Since I Fell for You’)took me a long time to get the grip of, but it’s NOT heard to know what you need to practice to ‘get it’ – as it’s demonstrated clearly and simply on the DVD. The second CM I worked on (God Bless The Child) started to recycle a part of the first one song, as Bob stated would start to happen… I only knew a few jazz chords grips before I started, but by this time I had mastered the majority of the common chords Bob uses. Of course I am learning new tricks along the way that will also be recycled in many more songs, but the curve is really starting to flatten now, and my speed of learning songs is rapidly accelerating. Another brilliant tip Bob gave was not to bother learning the names of every chord as ‘You will pick them up through using them’ – surprisingly, this is absolutely correct!!! lol I am now part way through learning ‘Indian Summer’ – a really show stopping CM if ever there was one. Bob has got even better in his DVD teaching delivery, by laying out the chords right through the arrangement from start to finish on the chords grip sheets – so people who don’t know music don’t have to keep moving around the codas etc, it’s straight off the layout. The big question is: “How can his teaching GET any better?” lol I would like to say that I am more than satisfied with this world class tuition from a world class player. If any guitarist masters Bob’s DVD arrangements then (even if it is one song at a time) he must become a world class guitarist himself in the end. I only spend an hour a day on the DVD’s but my progress has been remarkable even if I do say so myself. Another great thing Bob pointed out was that when you have learned 30 to 50 songs, a guitarist develops the ability to’know’ where the song is going and play it off the cuff EVEN IF they have never played it before. This must work in the same way that a lead player can play a tune straight off because his ear has developed over playing so many solos. The jazz guitarist can manage to do it because he has developed the lightning fast and accurate jump to hit a harmonising chord to an individual note.So if he’s heard the melody he can instantly harmonise it and play embellishments taught in the DVD’s. I could write about my discoveries over the last year or two using Bob’s DVD’s all day – but the bottom line, like Bob says is: “It’s all in the playing!”. You learn jazz by playing arrangements NOT my knowing every scale and mode known to man. It’s like you can memorise all the words in the English language but it won’t make you a great writer. Neither will knowing all the rules of grammar make you a great public speaker. My advice (after decades of floundering around with these stupid things) is if you want to play AND really understand jazz get Bob’s DVD’s and watch the scales (from your eyes) fall away one by one. The byproduct of knowing this stuff spills over into any songwriters bag of tricks as well. Better go, the guitar is calling…… Julian Wilson.

Julian Wilson
United Kingdom

Hooked on the Conti approach

I’ve been playing guitar since the age of 8, I’m now 50. I studied at Berklee in the early 80’s. Never have I learned so much from one person. I have three of the Source Code DVD’s and they’re great! Maybe next you’ll come out with a DVD on business and finance for guitarists. Thank’s for the knowledge and inspiration.

Michael Kafcos
Queens, NY

Conti is the greatest

I am one of his best customers. I have ordered several of his lesson DVDs. I find them not only instructive but fantastic chords along with the melodies. Conti, in my book is the greatest.

Frank Santelia
Morrisville, NC


I have been playing jazz guitar for the last fifteen years. Always trying to sit down in front of my real book and trying to play chord melody over my favourite tunes. I have found so many challenges and I’ve never been able to sound like Wes or Pass. After fifteen years I bought the Chord Melody Assembly Line, and I learned more in those four hours than in the last fifteen years!!! I bought The Formula and I read the preliminaries ten times (not kidding) In the beginning The Formula was confusing and extremely challenging. After two weeks working hard with The Formula I started playing some of my favourite standards applying all the new concepts and the results are spectacular. And this is just the beginning. THANK YOU MR. CONTI. THANK YOU. Can’t wait to buy the Intros, Endings Turnarounds. You are my hero I learned more with you than fifteen years of teachers, dozens of books, etc.

Xavier Altimiras
Sacramento, CA

Proof I am a Guitarist

These arrangements have played a huge role in plotting my musical landmarks. I got into Berklee College of Music by re-arranging his chart for “Since I Fell For You.” I’ve used his songs on proficiency exams and general showing off ever since. Anyone can strum the chords to a “Let it be” or “Free Fallin,” but pulling one of these out of your hat proves you’re a full-fledged guitarist.

David Guilaume
Boston, MA

More, More, More

Hi I’m Hugh from London. Just wanted to say that I want more, more and more. I’ve got to say i’m almost ashamed to say I never heard of Robert Conti before about July last year (2011). The lines Robert is putting in my hand and the chord combination is allowing me to play what I like to hear. This way of teaching is amazing. I must say I’m loving playing just like when I first started many years ago, keep up the great work and Many thanks….

Hugh McKenzie
United Kingdom

Great soloing ability when I sit in…

The Chord Melody Assembly Line showed me how to connect the chords in any song. Mr. “C” makes it easy to understand and use. The lead lines from several solo books I purchased taught me how to improvise over any jazz tune. Now I fly on my own, I’ve held down a steady solo jazz gig for two years and I have great soloing ability when i sit in with other jazz groups in my area. So a big thanks to Mr. “C” for all his help and instruction!

Stephanie Matlock
Rio Dell, CA

Buzzing With Jazz Guitar Now!

Wow! I am really buzzing with jazz guitar now!’ Chord Melodies’ edge me forward to playing solo gigs in the next couple of years, The Chord Melody Assembly Line pushes me quickly towards making my own arrangements, and Ticket To Improv is honing my soloing skills.I got into the shower the other morning and a whole lot of other things fell in place for me away from the instrument. I could say it doesn’t get much better than this – but with Bob’s DVD’s it does – all the time. If you want to really excel as a guitar musician then this is definitely the way to go! It’s a great help to songwriting as well – this stuff just becomes quickly instinctive instead of doing your head in playing around with scales and modes. What a blind alley they really are. Jazz is easy with robertconti.com so get some under your fingers and enjoy it like I am!

Julian Wilson
Northwich, United Kingdom

Jazz Lines

Cool lines and ideas with great explanations. The Jazz Lines was very comprehensive, it made me think less while playing. I am more comfortable playing up and down the neck more than ever!

Tom Z.
Location Private

Bob Conti

I became aware of Bob when I clicked on a video of him playing an arrangement of “The More I See You” on the eight string guitar. As soon as I saw that I was saying “oh yeah – That’s what I want to do”. I ended up going to take private lessons from him on the eight string in Las Vegas. I never ever thought I would end up being able not only to play the eight string but also learned a method of arrangement and composition that just seemed to automatically happen. Everything he taught me led to learning more. I am now up to 40 tunes on the eight string and can look at a leadsheet and already have most of it worked out in my head. When you realize that Bob not only conceived the idea of using an 8 string in jazz, got it built, and worked out the technique of playing it you’ll begin to realize what sort of musician Bob is. Playing the eight string has truly been the most satisfying musical experience I could ever imagine. Bob is a genius – there’s just no two ways about it.

Jim Canini
Stanton, CA

Love the way Robert gets this stuff across…

Hi Clive here from Seaford UK Just to let you know my DVD’s arrived last Wednesday in good order. Watched ALL by the Friday ha ha just love the way Robert gets this stuff across. Will be posting a video soon.

Cliver Rogers
United Kingdom

Chord Melody Assembly Line

Hello again Bob and Co! I have finally decided what I want to do musically, and turned my focus back to jazz chord melodies. My serious aim is to be able to play a good (and large enough) set of them at weddings, etc. Of course, the ‘Chord Melody Assembly Line’ book and DVD were my first port of call. WOW! – What an easy way of going about things. I spend an hour a day working on one of the other Play Pro Chord Melody DVD arrangements now (Since I Fell For You, God Bless The Child, etc.) and an hour on the ‘Chord Melody Assembly Line’ and it will happen for me I know.

Julian Wilson
Northwich, United Kingdom

Precision Technique

A month with this material has done more for my technique than the countless hours spent with the cardboard box full of technique books now exiled to my closet. The Precision Technique synchronizes the right and left hands. The Wohlfahrt pieces run from 20-40 measures, so it isn’t simply repeating one short figure up and down the neck: while each exercise might have a particular focus (-shifting positions with the first finger, or crossing several strings, giving the pinky a real workout) they all involve the integration of several aspects of technique. Beyond the Wohlfahrt exercises, Conti adds six of his own that focus on moving up and down the neck, double stops, and a few other goodies. Make no mistake, work is required. But unlike other material on technique I have tried (and tried) this material rewards work with real results because the material delivers the goods: vastly improved technique! Thank you, Robert Conti!

Mark Rhodes
Green Acres, FL

Learning with Mr Robert Conti

I just wanted to post about the things I have achieved so far… I have started by learning Robert’s Conti’s chord melody arrangements which I have now performed a couple of times in front of an audience at a jazz open mic night. They really liked how the arrangements sound and congratulated me on how well I played them. Before I learnt from Robert Conti I knew some chord melodies but I hadn’t the guts to go perform them. I think as well as teaching you – Robert gives you inspiration and belief – and I have never even met him. He gives you the feeling that you can shoot for the stars. My next goal will be to get up at the open mic jazz night and comp and play lead – I have ordered the comping expo, jazz lines and TTI1 + TTI2. I am having a blast learning and everyday feels fresh, new and fun – can’t wait to achieve my next goal. Thanks Bob 🙂

Adam Hinchliffe
Huddersfield, UK

Coming up with my own ideas…

Mr. C: I want to thank you in a BIG way how grateful I am to you and your teaching ideas. I just completed chapter 7 of the Jazz Lines source book and it has been a great journey. I finally got it. The shapes is the way to go. After 8 years of studying scales and modes I couldn’t improvise, but now I can. In fact, I am coming up with my own ideas; but ideas that make sense, are pretty to hear and don’t sound so mechanical. I look forward to finishing the book by late spring; that’s my goal. I wanted you to know that if I had to pay $1,000 for this book I gladly would. When you’re told that you need to learn this scale and that scale you’ll be able to improvise. What a bunch of crap. 8 months ago I started the Jazz Lines book and I know more in 8 months than I did in 8 years. Thanks again for your wonderful teaching materials.

Larry Herrera
Albuquerque, NM

…1,000 lightbulbs began to go on

I had to write a second time because I had no idea what was going to happen when I got into learning your Comping Expo DVD and how it related to the other 3 DVDs that I had previously gone through (Chord Melody Assembly Line, The Formula, and especially, The Jazz Lines). The 1st two DVDs I went through were the Chord Melody Assembly Line and The Formula, and they both gave me a very good understanding of how chords are used and re-harmonized to make Jazz standards come to life off of the page when playing Solo Jazz Guitar. It also taught me a lot about the chord shapes that you use up and down the neck. Well, when I got into the Jazz Lines DVD, I learned how you build your lines and laid them across the different chord shapes to bring melodic solos that work without having to know any mode or scale (which is really great for me because I dislike theory dictating solos). What I didn’t realize, was what was going to happen next. I wanted to expand my knowledge of comping beyond the basics that I already knew so, I purchased and began learning your Comping Expo DVD. As I started going through the first couple of tunes and as I was learning the interconnecting chord shapes, bam! About 1,000 light bulbs began to go on all at the same time. I kept finding myself stopping and realizing that, as I was learning each comping rhythm, that there were all of these lines that I had just learned from you coming right out from under each chord (just like you said they would) and I kept finding solo idea after solo idea interconnecting up and down the entire neck at the same time. Wow,I understand now how this all goes together and it makes sense more than ever (I’ll never be the same, again because I’ll probably play until my fingers fall off!!!!). More importantly, I really have to embrace your philosophy even more now of how the original Jazz Guitar giants learned to play their stuff and I really believe that this was the way they did it out of shapes that worked and sounded good each time, and they used them all over the neck. It had nothing to do with any theoretical Mode, Scale, or Music School. Thanks to you, this is going to totally redefine my entire playing approach for every style I play and I hope that this is something that will make sense to people who haven’t yet experienced your method of teaching. This is the only way to go if you really want to learn and fully understand Jazz Guitar. Thanks so much again, Robert. I’ll post some videos of me playing, soon!!!!

Andrew Garrett
Pikeville, TN

changed my musical life forever

Mr Conti, I’ve been playing guitar now for 39 years and it’s been a long road for me trying to learn Jazz, that is, until I found you and your learning products. Growing up in a small town, I had to settle for learning Rock and Country in my younger days. That was all anyone really played around where I lived. And, back when I started on guitar, you had to put a needle to a record to learn songs by ear and you got good by playing what sounded good to you and by playing in bands in front of people. A few years later, I really wanted to learn Jazz….but I could never find anyone to teach me or even give me pointers on where to start. It was always some malarkey about “you either have it in you, or you don’t”.Even when the internet came along, learning Jazz always seemed to involve having to go to college and/or a bunch of mathematical physics via fancy modes, certain scales over certain chords, etc. I got fed up with it all. I did learn about theory and modes but all it did was box me in to a certain sound that was boring to me. Then, I happened to come across a video on Youtube one day, and you were talking about how much nonsense people were getting caught up into with technical aspects of Jazz. What really struck me the most is when you said how guys like Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, Herb Ellis, Barney Kessel, and Kenny Burrell weren’t sitting around talking about modes and scales and a bunch of nonsense. I knew this was true because of how I learned to play Rock and Country when I was younger we learned by playing and listening. Since then, I have gone through three of your Source Code DVDs (Jazz Lines, Chord Melody Assembly Line, and The Formula) and it has changed my musical life forever. I am now playing Jazz and people that hear me play even say “oh, you’re a Jazz Guitarist”. You can’t realize how awesome that makes me feel. I thank you so much, Robert and please keep up the great work of bringing us down to earth ways of learning the Jazz language on guitar. There is way too much confusion out there where people are trying to be too scientific about Jazz, and it is keeping way too many people from learning this great art form and having fun with it. Thank you very much again, from a very satisfied student you have changed my life, forever!!!

Andrew Garrett
Pikeville, TN

Wish I’d discovered him years ago…

Hi, just a huge Robert Conti teaching method fan. After almost 50 years playing, found this loving it. Please forward my best regards to Mr. Conti, I wish I’d discovered him years ago. But, thanks to the net, I’m enjoying learning his great lessons every day now. He really is a genius the best.

Steve Witter
Kent, United Kingdom

Conti Guitar and DVDs

My new Conti Guitar arrived today (Saturday) as planned and it looks and plays GREAT! I love it and it’s everything you said it would be. Here is a photo taken in my home music studio with the new Conti Guitar and the Henriksen JazzAmp 112. I love both and I appreciate your help and support with all the products I have purchased thus far. Thank Mr. Conti for providing such great educational materials. I reflect back to my early days when I first started playing guitar at 8 years old. My teacher taught me what he called melody chord arrangements which I still remember and can play today. However, he never explained why these chords were chosen for the melody, and now, after studying The Chord Melody Assembly Line and The Formula, much of this is coming into full view for me. Thanks also for the complimentary DVDs. As I progress, I will send a few YouTube videos to Will Kriski’s Facebook group.

Tim Cornelius
Chandler, AZ

Thank You

Dear MR.CONTI, After playing fusion rock jazz for so many years, I found I was bored and not progressing with a jazz language that would take me into any type of bebop, so I purchased your Jazz Lines and I want to thank you! Your knowledge has opened up my playing and I am playing real jazz for the first time in my life! From the bottom of my heart thank you again!

Erik Schmidt
Jacksonville, OR

The lights finally went on for me

I’ve been doing your Jazz Lines DVD course off and on for a few months now, and although I really enjoy your teaching style, I was getting frustrated. I felt like I was learning a whole bunch of licks, but I wasn’t seeing how they all connect, so I wasn’t finding them all that useful to me. Therefore, I found myself watching the DVD for a few days, getting frustrated, then picking it up again weeks or months later. However, you said over and over in the DVD that “Don’t worry – the lights WILL go on eventually, if you just keep playing your guitar and push on.” Well, you were right.

It all finally came together on Chapter 4, specifically on Example 4d. I played the lick a few times over a Band In The Box backing track, and it finally all made sense! I was able to understand how all those licks and pieces of licks you taught before fit together, and how they re-appear in different parts of the fretboard. What an exciting feeling that is. That happened just last week. After months of slogging through Chapters 1 to 4, I’ve been able to glide through Chapters 5 thru 7, all because I was able to finally get it in Chapter 4.

The best evidence of the effectiveness of your Jazz Lines course for me, however, happened last night as I was trying, for the first time, to learn your solo in Days of Wine and Roses in Ticket to Improv Vol 4. I was able to easily play the first page of the solo, but frankly, I got so caught up in the song and solo, I just ignored the rest of the solo and went off doing my own lines! I was amazed at how easy it was. I should probably take the time and learn your entire solo, because it’s a good one, but I’m having so much fun just going off doing my own thing now, I don’t know if I’ll ever get to it. I suppose that’s the purpose of your course, right? Not only has your Jazz Lines course helped me learn some very versatile one size fits all licks, but it has helped me immensely in being able to get a better sense of intervals and mastering the fretboard, so that I can create my own licks. Bravo to you! Your down-to-earth, matter of fact, no-B.S. approach really does work. It took some persistence, but the work was totally worth it.

Sean Goguen
Newburyport, MA

Beyond great customer service

Regarding a defective DVD replacment – Wow, Im speechless. This goes beyond just great customer service – this is truly a kind and generous offer from your company. I am very appreciative and moved by this – its just not something one sees very often anymore. I will continue to purchase your products and will tell others to do the same. Its very clear that your is a company that truly cares about the customers.

Michael Ermanni
Royal Oak, MI

A blessing to my husband…

I wish you could have been here when my husband opened the package. He is now in his practice room and I doubt I will see him for a few hours. Thanks, I have been replaced by a Conti DVD! Again, you have been a blessing to my husband and your military protector.

Janice Chlebus
Fayetteville, NC

Put the fire back in my playing

Hi Guys, Just want to thank Mr.Conti and all the staff .I have played Double Bass and Guitar for 40 years,professionally on the road for 25 of those.Not counting the steak house gigs all though High School. Mr.Conti’s DVDs have put the fire back in my playing and have made me a better teacher.He has taken me off autopilot!

Jeff Griffith
Louisville, Kentucky

I love it!

Hello! It is Michal from Poland. Few days ago I got your package! Thank you for the gift!!! 🙂 I just keep it until later. Now I started from the very beginning. I learn chord’s shapes (fortunately I know most of them) to play melody-chords. I love it! That is nice..and lot easier then free lesson to Blue Bossa.. I almost got it-but it is a bit too fast for me in normal tempo. Thank you for your job.. it takes a player into another level even if he doesn’t know it:) Thank you again. All the best from Poland.. and when I master this stuff i hope to ask for another! Michał.

Michal Stasiak
Warszawa, Poland

The Formula – A Real Eye Opener

I found The Formula! tremendously valuable and a real eye opener in making my own chord melodies! He’s made a guy in south Wales overjoyed and excited about my development on the instrument!! I’ve been trying to learn to play jazz for a couple of years now and I have all this theory knowledge but lacked that something in precision and understanding of why so many abstract and altered chords can really work. The examples that Mr. Conti shows you in The Formula are enormously rewarding as a player and finally make you understanding why the top notes in chord melodies are so important and how to model a wide range of chords around them to create different spices and flavours to your playing. This is the most important product for learning jazz I’ve ever encountered and it will give an aspiring player the facility to look beyond stock chords and to have fun inventing a myriads of chords around basic melody lines. Conti is the man!!

James Anderson
South Wales, United Kingdom

the jazz lines

Its the practical application that does it. Having something to use. Wonderful. Nothing else like it. And great admin back up. Best wishes.

Richard Madelin
Somerset, United Kingdom

Ticket to Improv

Dear Robert, I purchased Ticket to Improv Vol. 1 and the Chord Melody Assembly Line a few weeks ago. What you did for my playing in a couple of weeks makes me realise all the time I wasted on those theory books you so much despise. I’m getting rid of all that stuff and planning to get more of your books and videos. Enough said!

Fulvio Turra
Gorizia, Italy

…keep em’ coming

Hello Robert! I think I have just about EVERYTHING you have for sale, so keep em’ coming! I just wanted to say thanks for your generosity and easy going manner — it gave me the confidence to realize that I could achieve my goals of playing jazz guitar if I put in the time on my instrument. Your method makes learning fun and enjoyable, because I am playing fantastic sounding lines rather than being stuck in a rut with yet another theory book. Thanks again!

Peter Franklin
Seminole, FL

taking the mystery out of music

I stumbled onto your site from Muriel Andersons All Star Guitar Night page. Thanks for taking the mystery out of music. You should have fun playing it, not struggling with modes and tech talk. Thank you for breaking it down.

Jim Whiting
Maryland, USA



Joseph Wilson
Ansonia, CT

learned 20 times more than…

It all depends on what you want to do .You can study, or you can learn.I’m not putting down studying…it can be fun. I’ve done both. I’ve studied 39 years and learned some. I’ve LEARNED from Robert Conti, for a little over a year and a half, 20 times more than I learned in the prevoius 39. So it’s your choice…I’ll take learning, everytime!Jon Puhl/Student

Jon Puhl
Tampa, FL

Taught me more than you can ever imagine

Dear Mr. Conti, Thanks so much for sharing your talents with the guitar community. I an 77 years young and have enjoyed playing the guitar for some 59 years. Your material purchased over the last three years has taught me more than you can ever imagine. Watching your videos equates to having a personal teacher in the same room…Again many thanks and may God bless.

Harold Payne
Birmingham, AL

…gets one playing very quickly

Hi Robert. I have been playing for over 50 years and have always loved chord melody. I have studied other systems and books etc and built up a good repertoire of chords. I recently ordered and received your Chord Melody Assembly Line and must say that it really simplifies things and gets one playing very quickly. Am looking forward to working through it and then on to the more advanced programmes. Keep up the good work – and what about a visit to New Zealand one day for some concerts and workshops?

Phil Evans
Auckland, New Zealand

Changed my life…

Conti’s Chord Melody DVD changed my life. I’d been playing taking chord melody lessons for 15 yrs.  However 1 hour with this sorted it. It’s 3 yrs on everyday I use the concepts he talks about better than any other DVD or book by anyone else so easy to follow! Thanks Robert

Tony Williams
United Kingdom

Why Not ?

I looked accross the Street at the cross walk. I figured if I turned around walked 2 blocks in the other direction…turned left,walked back the 2 blocks, caught a cab …circled the block a few more times, got left off a mile up the street and caught a subway back…then crossed at the same crosswalk, I could get there. Little did I know I could have just crossed the street. Oh Yeah, that’s where the Conti lessons were …Stop Wasting Time, Play Jazz Now !

Jon Puhl
Tampa, FL

It clicked. It clicked for good…

To be honest with you, I’m 56 and I play since I’m 10. I play in small gigs, and teach a little. So, I’m not exactly a beginner. I would say, I’m really serious about playing the guitar for maybe the last 15 years. Prior to that, I was too busy with my job to play on a regular basis. During the past 5-6 years, thanks to the internet, I found a lot of information. I was an average player. I had no problem playing the different scores as is. I had a wish though : I wish to be able to improvise more. To be more versatile and fluent. I start looking at different methods and I got trapped in the vicious circle of scales, modes, fingering, etc. I thought I really need to know all the scales to be able to improvise effectively, to be great so to speak. I was soooooo wrong.

I now know by heart all the scales; major, melodic minor, harmonic minor, half diminished, pentatonic, blues, along with the fingering, etc. With all this knowledge and my guitar in my hands, I sat on my stool and said to myself, what I’m gonna do with all these tools? I had no idea even where to start my solo. I felt so stressed when I had to play a solo during a gig. I felt like I have nodes in my fingers but in fact, I had nodes in my head. Robert is so right when he says you first need to play and to have all these notes and lines under your fingers. I’m humbly following his method for less than a week and I already gain in speed and also in great ideas on what to play. I also gain in confidence because Robert is such a motivator.

Yesterday nite, I started to play around with Robert’s lines and Band-in-a-Box in many different ways and it clicked. It clicked for good. I had so much fun, adding rests, slowing down or speeding up the lines, cutting or adding notes, etc. . For the past two years, except for some gigs, I didn’t had that much fun at all. I was too busy learning scales and modes. But now I have fun and I realized that playing the guitar must first be fun. Please pass this on to Robert, along with my virtual handshake. Let him know that my next wish is to go in LV to salute this great guy in person.

Real Chartrand
Quebec, Canada

have only scratched the surface…

I have learned a lot of technique and chords, chord melody,  beautiful chord progressions from Robert Conti. He has made things very plain and easy to understand for me.  I appreciate his just get it under your hands and play it and make it your own philosophy.  I have purchased most of his teachings and have only scratched the surface of what it’s worth.  My method of learning is to watch, listen, practice over and over and let what he is saying soak in.  Sometimes it takes a few days, sometimes a few weeks.  But when I finally get it, I Got it!

Dan Flintjer
Lackawanna, NY

Second learning DVD from Conti…

This is my second learning DVD from Robert Conti and I couldn’t ask for a better or more talented instructor. I have laid off my guitar for a few months due to health reasons, so this is going to take some time–and I’m sure I will enjoy every minute of it.

Gary Tokarcik
Beverly, WV

Been searching for for years…

Dear Robert Conti: I have been playing guitar for almost fifty years and I am really enjoying the Formula and indeed the Chord Melody Assembly Line. Just the material I have been searching for for years. It is an excellent balance of didactic structure and ‘go try it for yourself’ tuition. Thank you so such for the key to such good guitar harmonisations. All best wishes!

Brian Davies
Berkshire, UK

I can actually play it!

I am officially an old coot. I have enjoyed the guitar for many years and dabble a bit at actually playing. Many barriers to playing have inhibited my progress, most notably I’m a really poor student who hates playing Silent Night while learning to read. Your arrangement of Moon River in JJG caught my interest. Well, what do you know! After a few weeks of torturing my aching joints I can actually play it! Not well, but recognizable.Thank you very, very much.Lou

Lou Battaglia
Rochester, NY

Best Jazz Guitar

Hi RobertI just received my Conti Guitar today August 19th 2010 and i can honestly say it’s the best guitar I have ever played and i can understand why you call it your dream guitar and thank you very much for the complimentary DVDs and tuner.I have been watching the dvds and your teaching methods are second to none and I know I’m going to benefit a lot from your tuition.It has been a pleasure buying this instument as i have found all the people i have been in contact with most helpfulto make this possible–Kind Regards to all

John Craddock
Lanarkshire, UK

If I had this 5 years ago…

Thanks everyone, I have received everything..I would have been a way far better musician if I had this 5 yrs ago. The clarity, balance and production quality of the products is way beyond my expectation or anything else on the market. And he is so motivational. I (and my family) am seeing progress daily – I mean REAL progress!! Any musician who does not have his material are truly missing out. Big Time!! Anyways… Thanks again. I will be buying every other item in the next few weeks (well, the guitar/amp will wait til xmas). Antoine

Antoine Joseph
Ontario, Canada

You are second to none…

Please keep me informed as I am your loyal patron having purchased all your products thus far. Thank you for the impact that you have made in my music and career since I was connected to your learning products. You are second to none and certainly way ahead in your level. There is no comparison for your virtuosity as Apples must be compared with Apples. I feel your presence every time I connect with your inimitable products. I look forward to hearing from you. Much appreciated and keep up the sterling commitment.

Gordon Franks
South Africa

Chord-Melody skills put into action!

I’m a professional guitarist and music teacher.  I have played classical guitar since I was 8 years old.  Flamenco since I was 21 and Jazz for the last 4 years or so. I’m 31 now. Robert Conti is my Jazz teacher.  He is the only teacher I have had that I haven’t actually met (that’s how good his teaching products are!).  The link below is to my You Tube channel.  The chord-melody-solos are my own arrangements, and I learned how to do this from Rob’s instructional DVDs, The Chord-Melody Assembly Line, and The Formula. https://www.youtube.com/user/BettieandI

Joel Pipkin
Plano, TX

Mr. Conti is the best…

I spend this day for watching the videos. M. Conti is the best. I have never seen an instructor like him.  He shows and explain everything he is doing. I discover that I have lost 30 years of my life trying to learn how to plat Jazz. And until to day I cannot.

Dr. Cherif Salif Sy

Best guitar instructor I’ve encountered…

I would be deeply grateful if you could post my comments to Robert himself to thank him personally. Honestly he’s easily the best guitar instuctor I’ve encountered on the web and anywhere else and it is a joy to watch his videos and also too see his obvious passion for playing which rubs off on me. Usually you only find scraps of short but useful clips on youtube and the odd helpful tab but nothing solid. I’ve tried some of the “trendy” sites mentioned on your site and exactly that they are short and too basic for me and basically a waste of money. I have been playing about 20 years since I was 7 but only the last two years have I began studying it seriously, particularly jazz and classical guitar as I am hoping to make it as a professional musician someday. I’ve been told I have a real talent by anybody who has heard me but most people are unaware of how much I don’t know and how pathetic a player I’d look compared to Robert LOL!! So I’m constantly striving to improve myself. In every video I’ve seen of Robert’s it has struck a chord (pardon the pun), discovering new things and seeing progressions from a different perspective and how the lines fit with altered chords etc. What Robert would be pleased to know is that I’ve taken his lines and often altered them into my own and use them to improvise with other lines in different keys and greatly helping me to build up my jazz vocabulary. I find his “blocks of four” approach extremely effective and useful from a technical viewpoint too and love the way he shows you how to play the lines in measures which is definately the most effective way to learn to see somebody play an impressive passage slowly and to practice it until you get it. I will be purchasing the 4 hours chord DVD and maybe some of the “Smoking Linesman” DVDs in a few weeks. But above all I find Robert’s passion for playing infectious and he really motivates me to practice hard and to open up my eyes to new things. I can’t thank the man enough for helping me begin my development as a jazz player. Please let him know that.

James Anderson
United Kingdom

Keep up the great work…

I have the two intro to jazz books and am learning a ton – thanks – I want to take the 12 bar blues lesson and get the free pdf transcript. I am planning on buying some more DVDs. I live Robert Conti – you have a great delivery, ability to teach, talent and magnetism. Keep up the great work!

David Polster
Evanston, IL

…he really teaches you to play music

These 30 last years, I had all kinds of guitar private lessons professors. Never I met somebody so generous and efficient like Robert Conti. He is honest and sincere. He really teaches you to play music. He also teach you what he knows and how he does everything. I realise that it is only now that I am learning to play the guitar. I thank you all and hope that many others Africans will come to you. Very soon I will give feedback on what I am doing with your courses!

Dr. Cherif Salif Sy

truly about teaching how to actually play jazz…

I can’t see anyone knowing about your teaching products, checking out these other sites, making a comparison and not coming to the conclusion that you are truly about teaching how to actually play Jazz songs and the others are about taking money with no real return. I am praying that the reality of what these different sites are is made totally transparent and your site will shine through like a bright shining guiding light. I sure thank you for your honesty, integrity, teaching gifts and your friendship. God bless.

Michael Marks
Silver Spring, MD

the REAL way to learn jazz…

I can’t tell you how much the DVDs have changed my approach to learning music it is SO enjoyable and the stress and worry and pressure of learning scales and theory has gone! Thank you for your willingness to share the REAL way to learn jazz it’s changed my life and thats no exageration man!!”

Phil Wood
Lancashire, UK

jazz guitarists owe you a debt of gratitude

I first became aware of you from the JJG magazine on your lick of the month lines. Then came your chord melody solos so I started ordering your material. I have purchased Souce Code The Jazz Lines, Precision Technique, and The Formula, Intros, Endings Turnarounds. So I now have 25 of your chord melody songs that I play by memory. I feel I have gained more in the past five years than I have in the previous thirty. I think all of the jazz guitarist owe you a debt of gratitude for sharing your knowledge with us. To this I say thanks Robert Conti. In closing I wish you the greatest gift in life, good health. Its priceless.

Ronald Palmer
Nashville, TN

taking my playing where I want it to go…

Until I came across Robert Conti’s courses, I spent a lot of time in theory/scales/mode books and a few stints with teachers who really weren’t providing good value. For the most part I’m going it alone, lifting licks off records for the most part to get my sound. This, for me, has been a slow process that seems difficult to work into our shows. I’ve discovered Robert’s approach and style to be a perfect fit (I’m originally from Allentown, PA so Robert’s south Philly ways are like a slice of home to me). I’m on the seventh solo from the Ticket to Improv series and am going to start Danny Boy today. Last night I created a chord melody to “There Will Never Be Another You”. It is very apparent that I need “The Formula” next. My plan is to run through the rest of the DVD and then create several chord melody arrangements of some of my favorite songs before moving on to the Formula. My goal is to be able to play solo gigs around town within the next year. Along with that, I will master the eight solos form Ticket to Improv. I also purchased “Wave” which looks challenging, but I love the song and think I’m up to it as I already took some Ticket to Improve lines to 16th note runs. I do best when I understand what I’m creating on the guitar so I think the Source Code will be the key to advancing my playing to the next level. Ironically, that’s why I thought theory was so important all these years.Robert’s approach has opened my eyes, (and ears!), to bringing out the bop sound on my axe. My knowledge of scales/modes/theory has helped me integrate Robert’s teaching fairly quickly; however, I completely agree with Robert that I’ve been approaching my guitar backwards for the past four years. I ran through the Ticket To Improv Volume 1 just days before a gig and I’m telling you I swung hard at the gig. My bandmates and the audience were totally digging my playing. It’s not that I played all the lines with perfection, but my playing had that bop sound and feel. I laid down a hard groove and laid down several Conti licks (along with some harmonic generalization stuff) and BAM! I was tearing up the joint.What is most clear to me is that The Source Code series, along with several prepared solos/arrangements, is taking my playing where I want it to go quickly. And that’s good because I’m 46 years old and need to hurry up and play! My plan is to purchase The entire Source Code series. I’m finishing the Chord Melody Assembly Line and own the Intros Endings and Turnarounds.P.S. Having Robert teach from the DVDs is what brings the books to life. He forces me to step through the material with patience which is critical to internalizing this stuff…it’s like “a walk in the park”!!

Mark Bauer
Cincinnati, OH

LOVING Ticket To Improv!

I am LOVING Ticket To Improv! I can’t thank Mr Conti ENOUGH! I am going through the entire system, I have already purchased Ticket 2 and CAN’T WAIT for Ticket 3! Mr Conti would you PLEASE do a jazz fusion series beginner to advanced I don’t care if you charge 50 bucks per DVD and there are 10 of em! I WILL get all 10!!! I’m using what you teach to play WORSHIP in CHURCH and people are FREAKIN’ OUT! Some of them are lookin’ at me kinda sideways lol! and I’m lovin it – Thanks again!

Selwyn Archie
Rochester, NY

best lessons anywhere…

Hi. You have the best lessons anywhere and I have several DVDs so far and I’m playing bebop finally. I just finished Ticket To Improv,  Volume 1 and now starting Vol 2.

Julio Mercado
New York, USA

really improved my ability to play…

I am really enjoying working through the DVDs and have really improved my ability to play through just about any tune and sound half-way decent. Thanks!

Mike Makara
Billings, MT

Unbelievable in every way…

I’m a philly guy and jazz lover and always growing guitarist. Bob is just unbelievable in every way – no one compares.. its ridiculous!!

Ben Reisman
Cherry Hill, NJ

a wonderful gifted teacher…

Robert wanted to say you are a wonderful gifted teacher (1) A true professional at the top of your craft (2) you are so very positive in all your teaching (3) How lucky the jazz community is to have such a treasure as your self and products (4) Besides all that you have a funny wit and so enjoyable to just listen to regardless Good Job !

Chuck Mabry
Lilbum, GA

you give students courage and confidence…

Dear Maestro, I’m already an happy customer of yours DVDs. I own the complete Source Code series as well as the two Ticket to Improv DVDs. Your teachings are peerless, fun and useful, and – even more important – you give students courage and confidence. My deepest thanks!

Eddie Gai

helped me immensely in my playing

The products I have purchased from you are excellent and I will purchase more later, they have helped me immensely in my playing.

Charles Poxon
United Kingdom

can’t thank Mr. Conti enough

I just want to say thank you to Mr. Robert Conti…. His no non-sense approach to teaching has really elevated my playing to a whole new level. I first became aware of him on TrueFire TV. I am a student there as well. This is the 4th or 5th product that I have purchassed from Pinnacle Productions. I really can’t thank Mr. Conti enough; he has changed my whole approach to music, especially jazz and solo guitar…. Thank you Bob…..

Tony Means
Hayward, CA

Wealth of material to learn…

The learning products are excellent, at the moment I am mainly working on the Jazz Lines book, and playing the solos from the different tunes, Big City Blues etc. There is a wealth of material to learn it makes it all very exciting. If you need a bit of a lift putting on one of Robert’s Dvds and listening and watching him gets you fired up again.

Murray Biggs
New Zealand

Precisely what I needed…

Hello Steve, Just to refresh your memory, I was having trouble handling “The Jazz Lines” I had put it aside. After contacting you, at your suggestion I purchased “Ticket to Improv” Vol.1, boy am I glad!!! am enjoying it so much, I had to tell you! It is precisely what I needed, it has fired me up so much I now believe,with effort,I will get the hang of improv. Robert’s work is wonderful. His products have helped enormously.

Barry Hardy

BEST DVD I have ever seen…

I just received Ticket To Improv, Vol 1 Entry Level DVD and I have to say it’s the BEST DVD I have ever seen. Thank you so very much. I just ordered 3 more!

Charles Edwards
Ozone Park, NY

I am VERY pleased!…

I have ordered many of Robert’s lesson materials and and I am VERY pleased! Great instruction and you get your moneys worth and then some! I am finally learning to play Jazz RIGHT NOW without scales, modes and endless lessons from so called music teachers!

Gary Keniston
Fleming Island, FL

I thank God for your abilities…

Robert, wanted to tell you a couple things. I studied for just a few months in 1997-98 with Gary Bruno in Southern California, and he really got me heading in the right direction. Since then I knew I still had issues with my picking, speed, etc. I previously had ordered all your Source Code books except for the Precision Technique. I was actually going to forego ordering it. What a HUGE, HUGE mistake that would have been. I am in a gypsy jazz group, and play some other gigs, but have been so frustrated for years not being able to execute lines accurately at high speeds when it was my time to solo on a chorus. I knew I needed some resource that would take me through all sorts of fingerboard acrobatics for my picking had as well as fretting hand. The Precision Technique is EXACTLY what I needed. I have completed the first 8 exercises and what a difference already. I had started the Jazz Lnes book before this book and am so glad I stopped and ordered this book. Not only are you a monster player, but a monster teacher also. I thank God for your abilities and feel like I have been set free in a way to finally progress. As a test I started to learn your solo on Mister Twister’s fanfare just to see what I could do and got the first few measures of it down without too much difficulty. It will be great when I go thru the jazz lines book and can begin creating better lines for myself. For the price of your books, the value is incredible. Thanks so much, and I will definitely come to meet you when I get out that way. God bless and thank you, thank you!!!!

James Schaller
Blowing Rock, NC

Best without exception I have ever experienced…

Dear Mr.Conti, I don’t know if this is the proper place to contact you but in your videos you always say email and let you know about the DVDs…I am just on project 4 in the TTI#2 and just received the TTI#3. I am an older student, 68 to be exact, and have in the past played in a CW band for nine years. Always wanted to play Jazz and since growing up in Chicago have seen the greats, talked to Wes in a little club called the Wooden Nickel many years ago at a 2 dollar matinee no less and also saw Benson and many others in small clubs before fame came. As to your DVDs, I never knew of you till the last year or so and now I am your Number One fan for sure. I Love to hear you play and your teaching method is The Best without exception I have ever experienced hands down!!!! You are the first to lay it out where I can truly understand, I now use your picks and use the exercise book religiously, and you’re the first teacher I have ever had that I believe in 100%. I have struggled to get through these first two CD’s and am now working on your chord method and I just got the 12 bar blues book. Wow,,,,your blues feel is great, the lines are fantastic, I am only through the first 12 measures and it’s tough but the results are worth it. Don’t know if I will ever get to play out again or meet anyone else to play with but just the satisfaction of being able to play these solos is enough. I only wish as a sidebar you would include a simple melody instruction for the heads of the songs, I am still struggling with the backing tracks a bit as to where to come in. In closing I just wanted to thank you, I know this is your living but I truly believe you care about people and it comes across in your videos, I may never get to meet you but your my buddy for at least four hours a day and I feel like I already know you. So once again Thank You Mr. Conti I will continue on and continue with your products, they are the Best! Jerry Martin, Florence Oregon

Jerry Martin
Florence, OR

best f**king customer service…

Until I came across Robert Conti’s courses, I spent a lot of time in theory/scales/mode books and a few stints with teachers who really weren’t providing good value. For the most part I’m going it alone, lifting licks off records for the most part to get my sound. This, for me, has been a slow process that seems difficult to work into our shows. I’ve discovered Robert’s approach and style to be a perfect fit (I’m originally from Allentown, PA so Robert’s south Philly ways are like a slice of home to me). I’m on the seventh solo from the Ticket to Improv series and am going to start Danny Boy today. Last night I created a chord melody to “There Will Never Be Another You”. It is very apparent that I need “The Formula” next. My plan is to run through the rest of the DVD and then create several chord melody arrangements of some of my favorite songs before moving on to the Formula. My goal is to be able to play solo gigs around town within the next year. Along with that, I will master the eight solos form Ticket to Improv. I also purchased “Wave” which looks challenging, but I love the song and think I’m up to it as I already took some Ticket to Improve lines to 16th note runs. I do best when I understand what I’m creating on the guitar so I think the Source Code will be the key to advancing my playing to the next level. Ironically, that’s why I thought theory was so important all these years.Robert’s approach has opened my eyes, (and ears!), to bringing out the bop sound on my axe. My knowledge of scales/modes/theory has helped me integrate Robert’s teaching fairly quickly; however, I completely agree with Robert that I’ve been approaching my guitar backwards for the past four years. I ran through the Ticket To Improv Volume 1 just days before a gig and I’m telling you I swung hard at the gig. My bandmates and the audience were totally digging my playing. It’s not that I played all the lines with perfection, but my playing had that bop sound and feel. I laid down a hard groove and laid down several Conti licks (along with some harmonic generalization stuff) and BAM! I was tearing up the joint.What is most clear to me is that The Source Code series, along with several prepared solos/arrangements, is taking my playing where I want it to go quickly. And that’s good because I’m 46 years old and need to hurry up and play! My plan is to purchase The entire Source Code series. I’m finishing the Chord Melody Assembly Line and own the Intros Endings and Turnarounds. P.S. Having Robert teach from the DVDs is what brings the books to life. He forces me to step through the material with patience which is critical to internalizing this stuff…it’s like “a walk in the park”!!

VK Badrinath
Hong Kong

…making jazz guitar stars, the simple way

I’m so grateful to you and Mike for your professional advice and assistance. Having started on the first volume of TTI, I’m sure I will order more of your products in future. You will hear from me in due course since I’m looking forward in sending you videos of my progress. Wishing you the best in your business of making Jazz Guitar Stars, the simple way!

Jay Malgas
Namibia, Africa

…learned more in 3 weeks than 30 years

I’m doing very well with all the DVDs. I have to tell you I have never bought any DVD on any kind of instruction that works like these do, its unbelievable. I’ve learned more in 3 weeks than in 30 years and have finally played something that sounds the way it should. I’m going to post a message on the web site but I want to take my time so i dont forget to leave anything I want to say out lol. Please thank everyone there and especially Mr. Conti if you can. Thanks have a great day…

Charles Edwards
Ozone Park, NY

Jazz licks comparable to dental school

I learned all the modes, scales, chord theory and arpeggios. I learned the scales and arpeggios with all four fingerings on the sixth and fifth strings. I learned many sets of chords, Root position, first inversion, second inversion, third inversion. I dazzled many guitarists with my knowledge of the fingerboard. I still couldn’t play. I went for lesson after lesson and was told to keep practicing the major scales. Learn passing tones and all that kind of nonsense. I learned this in 1990 and was not able to solo or use my extensive chord knowledge. I ended up studying classical for one year and thought all I need is to learn to read better. I ended up quitting in 1997 because that did not help. I started playing again in December 2008 and took instruction from a Jazz guitarist who showed me how to use my extensive chord knowledge , 2 5 1 etc. I will be forever grateful to him as he taught me the necessary chords and to leave the unnecessary ones out.

Then I stumbled on to Robert Conti on the internet and purchased the Chord Melody Assembly Line. I realized my chord knowledge was more extensive but for others it would help. I then ordered Ticket to Improv Volume 1 and it has changed my life ever since. I started to compare my music studies to my dental studies and realized why I failed in music. I was told I was not a natural. I realized that was not the case for I would over come my disadvantages with hard work.  Before Robert Conti I was given what was comparable to anatomy in dental school – that is what I would call the modes and scales. I would compare chord theory to a course in physiology. With these courses you would never figure out how to be a dentist. If we were told to figure out the techniques on our own we all would have failed and would still be there trying to figure it out.

When we were taught dental procedures we were not told to figure it out on our own. Neither are surgeons because these techniques have been tested and passed down through the generations. This would have been impossible to figure out on your own. That is where the jazz licks come in. It is impossible for a beginner or intermediate to figure out the licks to a standard on your own. Most jazz standards have over 300 notes to a solo. The jazz licks have been used over the generations. What Robert Conti does is pass them on to you and than you get to put your own flavor on them. Robert, I will be forever grateful to you. You made it all make sense and showed us that unnaturals like myself can learn what was shared in the clubs years ago. These clubs do not exist any more except in happening places with a music scene. I live in the suburbs in central New Jersey and do not want to go out in the late evening in New York City trying to learn some licks. Thank you!

George Likakis, D.D.S.
Millstone Township, NJ

My deepest thanks…

Dear Maestro, I’m already an happy customer of yours DVDs. I own the complete Source Code series as well as the two Ticket to Improv disks. Your teachings are peerless, fun and useful, and – even more important – you give students courage and confidence. My deepest thanks!

Eddie Gai
Torino, Italy

You are a first class teacher

Hi Robert Conti, I am very happy that I receive your 5 DVD with PDF. Amazing Playing, I like your dark chords. The moods – and all other ideas from you with your big Musicality. You are a first class teacher — before I was by Jimmy Bruno, excellent guitarist, bad as a teacher?? I think, that you can have more students in Europe. I know you only since 1 year.   I work 33 years in a Music Academie in Switzerland as a classical guitar teacher. Now I play since many years only The great american songbook, because I have a little Arthrose in my left thumb o GOD! it`s call Rhizarthrose. So i play only 12er Jazz Swing Thomastik.  It would bee very nice from you, if you can present in the future a arrangement from What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life from the great composer Michel Legrand? Thank you very much Robert God bless you.

Dolf Schaller
Unterägeri, Switzerland

you guys are a class act…

Thanks for proving yet once again, that you guys are a class act, and go above and beyond the call of duty! I have been more than pleased with every lesson I have ordered and can’t say enough good things about Robert Conti and his staff. You guys are absolutely the best in product and service!  Musically Yours, Gary Keniston

Gary Keniston
Fleming Island, FL

…by far the best!

Of all the various books, DVDs and even live lessons that I have taken, Robert’s DVDs and accompanying PDFs are by far the best!

Robert Kitely
Thornhill, Canada

having so much fun with these DVDs!

I’d like to express my gratitude. I’m having so much fun with these DVDs! Great lines and Mr. Conti makes it look so easy. Thank you! Best regards from Munich. Pete Zinndorf

Peter Zinndorf
München, Germany

loving it…

I received Ticket to Improv volume 1 and have made it through the first project and am loving it. It’s nice to learn some nice, hip sounding lines. I’m intermediate level technically but I seem to have a great deal of trouble hearing hip jazz lines, so this DVD is ideal for me. Technically, it’s a piece of cake, but in terms of teaching me something that makes me sound like I can play a jazz solo, as opposed to stumbling through a scale, it’s invaluable. I am sure I will one day own all of the DVDs. Thanks!

JP Bouffard

big improvement in my playing..

Bob, I have been meaning to write you for a long time to tell you about the impact The Jazz Lines is having on my playing. After playing for over 20 years by thinking my way through blocks of scales/modes, your system has helped me to easily play lines that transcend chord structures. Your system has helped me add so much color and texture to my solos. I do not have a core band that I hire for every concert. Instead, I have a list of several players for each instrument who I call as needed. It depends on who is in town. As a result, I may go months or even years between gigs with some of my guys. They really comment about the big improvement in my playing, thanks to you. And it is getting better all the time. Thank you for all that you do for guitar players. I look forward to seeing you at NAMM.

Scott Detweiler

best learning material ever!

I have played guitar for 20 years and learned jazz guitar, but this is the best learning material that I have ever came up to. I know that it is going to help me improve my paying ability drastically. Please tell Mr. Conti, thank you for this best learning material ever!

Keigo Kobayashi
Nagano, Japan

The best? Yours…

I’ve had a lot of instruction books and courses over my many years. The best? Yours (no doubt about it) and the old time-tested Mickey Baker vol. 1 book.

Eric Philippsen

Over the moon with Since I Fell For You

Some time ago I bought the Ticket to Improv 1 and 2. I was progressing well with the second volume but realised that I would never have the time to play in a band – and so I employed your analytical outlooks to learning some solo fingerstyle Dylan tunes and I just got better and better.However, the thought came to me about what you said about anyone can Learn to play in lucrative classy joints or somesuch with your solo guitar arangements.Thanks to the good sense of your approach, I now have a fine level of confidence about my playing, so I am returning to jazz solo guitar and have targeted the next 5 years on absorbing how to get those gigs.I have just received ‘Since I Fell For You’ and I am over the moon with it!I (personally) should have opted for these arrangements rather than the ‘improv’ from the start – but Hey!, – nothing is lost if you learn something new about music right? I have learned persistence and focus from your approach and material – as well as never to give up on a song part way through because it can seem ‘too much’. That in itself is a major key to musical success in it’s own right.I have learned more through doing an hour a day with clearly explained material than I did ‘messing around’ for years before – and I am now determined to become a fine solo jazz player.Some months ago my Dad passed away. He had a long illness but he was very strong minded. In those months he was listening to some old jazz recordings – He was a pretty useful jazz pianist himself, and I told him what I was doing with country fingerstyle. Well he always was a biased jazz purist – s he told me on his deathbed: Yes, but you listen to rubbish!I don’t agree with that and I know you don’t from your comments about your respect for top country players – but it certainly made me think about REALLY getting to grips with solo jazz arrangements. So here I am back on the horse, and I will certainly be learning one song after the other for the coming years till I CAN play weddings, restaurants etc! lolBless you for your fine work Bob as well as your good sense. I never get tired of hearing you talk as well as play – Honest!!Respect!Jules

Julian Wilson

sincere respect for his humility…

Thank you for the recent dispatch of my order, I am delighted that you have enclosed ‘Danny Boy’ for me free of charge.  I know that Mr Conti is a busy man, if possible could you pass on my sincere gratitude and thanks for the gift.  I have a sincere respect for his humility as a tutor and his honesty in what he does.  Thank you all for the attention to detail and excellent customer care you have displayed over the last months.

Charles Poxon

so glad I found out about…

I have enjoyed the DVD (The Precision Technique) immensly, and begun putting into practice some of Robert Conti’s suggestions.  So glad I found out about this series through Just Jazz Guitar.

Dan Diamond

direct and most meaningful…

Robert, you are at the top. Your teaching style is direct and most meaningful. Your playing is fantastic. I have been a student of the guitar since 1959.

Ken Wolen

2 years later

hello, its been 2 years now since i got my first robert conti dvd. i just played the long version of green dolphin pretty well, and it keeps getting better. lots of chord melody and other solos as well. im very happy with my playing. thanks for everything

Dave Davia

thankful to Mr Conti for his excellent…

I like the DVD’s and the books very much. Especially through the books I have immidiately gained a lot of interesting inspiration. The DVD’s help me to verify my understanding of the text. I stopped playing as a professionel musician about 15 years ago. Now my playing have got a rennesance, and I’m thankful to mr. Conti for his excellent pedagogical talents to guide me in the right direction.

Stig Hjort
Vallensbæk, Denmark

you really care about the person…

My wife mentioned while I was watching one of your videos that it seemed as if you really care about the person your talking to as if one on one in a studio. That you really come across as a teacher and want the student to succeed. After talking to you her impression of you is certainly shared by me, not many people in your position would give their time. I hope someday to be able to meet you in person, hey maybe share a pizza pie and a beer. Until then I will continue on with my lessons and hope to be able to send a video when I get up the courage..Thank You so much!

Jerry Martin
Florence, OR

you are certainly a master…

Whoever is getting this, I hope it gets to Bob, ’cause I wanna say: you are an amazing player. I’m in the New York area, and have watched, studied, enjoyed the best from Joe Pass on…there are so many, and you are certainly a master! So hard to believe I haven’t seen more of you!

Brian Vincent
New York, USA

…every bit as good as they are said to be.

Just wanted to thank you for your part in what was a very Conti-ful Christmas for me this year. I received The Precision Technique, Ticket To Improv, Volume Two, and Comin’ On Strong! I am very pleased with each item, and find them are every bit as good as they are said to be. I couldn’t be more impressed! I wish you all continued success, and many blessings in the new year. Cordially, Jeff York Bellevue, NE

Jeff York
Bellevue, NE

…the BEST I have ever heard.

Greetings Robert, Amazing Grace: I am a Christian and the song Amazing Grace is very dear to me. I have heard the tune in many ways. The way you jazzed up the tune is probably the BEST I have ever heard. Thanks everso. I am 75 now and have played 60 years. Hopefully I can learn Amazing Grace the way you did it before I join the great pickers in the sky. I ordered the first Ticket to the Improv it is in the mail coming to me. I love the way you teach. Blessings, Gene in Arizona

Gene Hyde
Prescott Valley, AZ

the chord world is really opening up to me now…

Thank you so much! I am already making great strides with the last one (Since I Fell For You) – The off the cuff comments are really opening doors for me – Keep them coming! Incidentally, I think that you teach at exactly the right speed – it gives me a little time now and then to keep working through the brief passages and catch up. The chord world is really opening up to me now. I’ve realised that jazz is like any other kind of music – once you get the different (and beautiful) chordsworking for you.Many thanks again Bob,Julian Wilson

Julian Wilson

…Everything you claimed and much more.

Happy New Year Bob, Mike and all at Pinnacle! I’m starting my year off ordering a couple new products to keep me playing and growing. Thanks for all the great education and for the nice New Year’s discount! Since doing the Chord Melody Assembly Line, a lot more things have fallen into place. I’m now working on The Formula. All of your products have been everything you claimed and much more! Thanks Bob for providing a guitar education THAT WORKS.

Jesse Booth
Naples, FL

…the finest teacher on the internet today

Dear Robert, I have searched High and low on the Internet, for a good teacher and without a doubt you are the best by a long chalk.I am 75 years old with a small pension so it helps me when you offer free tuition, but I must assure you if had the money I would pay for what is the most likely the work of the finest teacher on the internet today. By the way, putting the guitar to one-side, I must add, that you come across as a really nice guy, and at my age I have learnt to judge well.

Tony Arnold
United Kingdom

Thank You

I have known Robert Conti for almost 10 years. My friend Mark Stefani told Mr. Conti about me when I was injured at the WTC on 9/11/2001. Mr. Conti sent me an email wishing me a speedy recovery and well wishes. I will never forget that he took time out from his busy schedule to write me. I have been using Mr. Conti’s teaching methods for a long time and they have helped me improve my guitar technique tremendously. I highly recommend his teaching products. Thank you.

Eddie Rivera

Praise for the Precision Technique and the 0.38 Pick

Guys, if you haven’t already, you must order the Precision Technique DVD. Being a stroke survivor struggling with residual paralysis in my right hand the exercises in this DVD are just what the Dr. ordered. After only four months of study I am amazed at the progress I have made with the strength and coordination in my right hand as well as my sense of timing. I anticipate within a year I will completely regain my loss ability thanks to these exercises. No matter what level of skill and ability you currently command you will greatly benefit from this study. Conti talks at great length about the benefits of using the 0.38 Jim Dunlop picks. I can certainly attest to the fact that it is a difficult transition. However if you are willing to spend the ten to twenty days to make the adjustment you will be glad you did and you will never look back, trust me. Conti also talks at length about concentrating on “the snap of the pick.” I recently read an article where another instructor discusses “the bounce of the pick.” He compares it to the bounce of the stick when a drummer strikes the drum. Thinking of it in these terms help drive the point home and give me greater focus on my picking problems. I hope this share will benefit others having problems in this area. Thanks again Bob, you are The Socrates of Swing!!!

William Stanley

what a small amount of knowledge can do…

Dear Bob, ‘Chord Assembly Line!’ – After your basic instructions and first chord sequence exercise, I just discovered how ridiculously easy it is to go about harmonising a melody line in the key of C with those jazz chords! When you instructed me to harmonise the note sequence in LESSON 1 (and said it was an ‘old corny song’) I got it wrong the first time, and realised that I was actually starting to harmonising the melody to ‘Accustomed To Her Face’ lol What a lovely accident! – and YEAH! – It did show me what a small amount of knowledge can do for me. Anyway, I then corrected it and realised it’s ‘Oh Suzannah’. Thanks for opening a door that can never be shut again in my musical progress. I will shortly be able to harmonise my self penned tunes ‘Conti Style’! What a breakthrough – and I have only just started the book/DVD! Bravo King Conti!

Julian Wilson
United Kingdom

…this video lesson indispensable

I really enjoy the video, and DVD lesson. I studied music at Musicians’ Institute in Los Angeles California. I then formally studied Jazz Guitar as a Music Major at the University of Southern California. As a child, I studied classical guitar at the Conservatory of the Arts in St. Louis, Missouri. I studied formal musical notation for a long time, and I have renewed my interest in playing music. I performed as a professional musician throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s. I enjoyed the opportunity to work as a studio musician during this time, and I found this video lesson indispensable.

Craig Cunningham Esq

wish I had learned this stuff years ago…

Mr Conti…I received your Improv 1 2 and I believe they are, for learning to improvise jazz guitar, the best I’ve ever seen. I sure wish I had learned this stuff years ago, as I would have been a far better guitarist. Well, it’s fine. I will dive into study now, and wish to thank you for putting me light years ahead. I expect to order more in the future, and to try to master jazz guitar improvisation. Thanks again!

Richard Plummer
Santa Ana CA

timeless jazz lines…

Dear Sir/Madam,I am doing very well with the DVDs, they are one of the best products I have ever purchased, not just because of the DVD style teaching but also because the guitar licks/lines are really great – they are timeless jazz lines that Conti has learned over many years of experience and street playing – that you really can’t get anywhere else. I will probably wait for another sale and purchase the rest of the improv series.Regards,Steve Byron

Steve Byron
Western Australia

He is a master educator…

I have played guitar for almost forty five years and have taught the instrument in a London adult college for over ten years. I have gained enough insight in that time to recognise and acknowledge the abilities of Robert Conti as a teacher.  He is a master educator and the teacher’s teacher as far as I am concerned. He clearly loves his role as educator every bit as much as his staggering capability as a performer and I would like to convey my thanks to him for making his expertise so accessible and so readily available.

Andrew Walpole

Mr. Conti opens a door

Hi! My name is Moises, I’m a great Mr. Robert Conti’s fan and I think he’s a great musician and a great teacher too. The DVDs are very interesting and Mr. Conti open a door and if you work hard, you can get into jazz world. I’m working now in the second DVD and it’s wonderful (Georgia) Thank you again for the files, you’re a good professional team.Moisés Frias Infante

Moises Frias Infante

Best jazz guitar instruction

These DVDs are truly exceptional. The best jazz guitar instructions I have ever come across! Thanks a lot!Cheers,Gunnar Saelen Bergen, Norway

Gunnar Saelen

..finally hit pay dirt! Thanks again!

I’d just like to thank you for doing it right! I’ve been chasing the Chord Melody style since my dad took me to hear Cal Collins here in Cincinnati over 30years ago.  I took lessons from Cal and his approach was just like yours!  He wrote the arrangements on staff paper and I still play them for solo gigs. I got your Intros Endings (Cal called them, The Smazz and I knew I had finally hit pay dirt! Thanks again! Respectfully, Frank

Frank Potter

my source for guitar knowledge

Love the Source Code DVDs.  Great explanations and easy to follow.  Why pay an instructor when you can get the real deal?  Robert Conti is my source for guitar knowledge and improvement.James MacNeil

James MacNeil

Loving every minute…

I am at measure 16 in DVD Ticket to Improv Volume 1 and seem to be moving forward pretty good so far. (taken about 5 days so far) But it’s one thing playing the notes and quite another getting the groove and feel.  I know this will come in time. When Robert looks down the lens of that camera, even though I am on the West Coast of Australia I do feel that he is talking to me. Also I am very much enjoying Robert’s humorous bits here and there. I am finding Robert’s lessons clear and understandable and loving every minute (hanging on every new riff or run)Regards, Steve Summers

Steve Summers
Perth, W. Australia

I’ve never had so much fun…

Just received the Ticket to Improv Vol 2.  I have been a Mature student now for six months so you please let Bob Conti know that at 78 yrs I’ve never had so much fun learning the instruction from all the DVD’s Ive purchased so far.  It is such a joy to look forward to each day to be able to practice and play material that is so easy on the ear.  He is just such a brilliant guitarist but an even more outstanding educator.  I can’t put this testimonial on his website as no computer but I would!Cheers, Peter S.

Peter Smart
United Kingdom

total confidence in your teaching

I am near to finishing the first Ticket to Improv and I have already bought the second Ticket which I should be starting on within a month. I REALLY have worked on the first one and I HAVE ‘got my wings off the ground’ – I was already fairly dexterous (for a non pro, so it is getting easier all the time like you said it would.  Thanks for making it so easy – If I had bumped into you thirty years ago I would be playing Vegas! – Well, maybe making a living at it carrying you bags! lol I have total confidence in your teaching. I told my Dad once There HAS to be someone somewhere who knows how to make sense out of all this stuff – I was right – YOU! Thanks!

Julian Wilson
Northwich, UK

Conti knows how to TEACH

Excellent player and Great teacher!! Mr. Conti knows how to TEACH which a lot of great players don’t know how to do.  I’m sold.  If I had these lessons as a kid, I’d never have become a lawyer!! Mike Woolen, Esq.

Mike Woolen
Bridgeport, CT

becoming a great player…

Bob, Thanks SO MUCH for the fantastic materials and DVDs you produce.  At 45, I have been trying to “get it under my fingers” for a LONG time.  Your DVDs put me on the right track the first time I popped them in.  You’re a great teacher and I feel like I have a new buddy as well (although it’s one-way)!  I have all Robert Conti DVDs and I look forward to becoming a great player because of them. Best to you!Dave Parker Park City, UT

Dave Parker
Park City, UT

finding myself stealing time to practice

This is a lot of fun and a great learning method. I am 59 and have played for years, but I am now finding myself stealing time to practice. I have been working on Jazz Lines and various solos….local pro players wonder what crossroads I went to! A good time.Best, David Sarge

David Sarge
College, PA

listening to you play at Peerless

I had the pleasure of meeting you at the ’09 NAMM show and listening to you play at the Peerless booth. I just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying your books (Ticket to Improv, Precision Technique and Chord Melody Assembly Line). Your music and your teaching method have gotten me so motivated that I’ve been practicing till all hours. While I consider myself an intermediate player, I am totally new to jazz so I’m still getting used to the nuances (I played Classical for many years). I recorded my playing the improv to Satin Doll. I enjoyed learning and recording it so much, I hope you don’t mind my sending it. FYI, I used my Peerless Contessa archtop (bought at the NAMM show) with Band-in-the-Box for the backing track. Thanks again for the great instruction and keep em coming. I’m getting the newest Ticket to Improv (I’m especially interested in Latin songs like One Note Samba).

Bill Meacham
Aliso Viejo, CA

Your material delivers!

I took the complimentary lesson home last night and coupled with the video had a ball, lots of fun. Robert suggested feedback so I have to tell you I need more of the same. As a 52 year old who has dabbled in and out of jazz guitar for so long this is the way to go. This method of learning gets you going so much faster than being confronted with an array of publications which (as you know) dwells on learning countless chord charts and scales. That method doesn’t get you playing, and as Robert suggests, quickly pushes you to frustration and closure on the subject.  Holding long term interest is the goal and your material delivers!

David Bannister

concepts and material are outstanding

Hi Robert,My name is Brian. I am a semi-professional jazz guitarist – meaning that a good portion of my income comes from playing, performing and teaching, while the rest comes from being a publicist for a local jazz club called Kuumbwa Jazz (my boss, the guy that runs Kuumbwa also runs a little festival 40 miles south of here called Monterey Jazz Fest.). Along with having gone to school for music, I have spent a good deal of time on the road performing in various bands and projects. I bring this up in the way of introduction simply to establish that I am pretty well immersed and am fortunate to see a lot of really good people. That said, I purchased several of your books/DVD’s abouta yearago and have been absolutley blown away. The presentation is excellent and the concepts and material are outstanding. I can honsetly say that your methods have taken my playing to new levels, and I am having a ton of fun in the process! I must apologize for not writing to thank you sooner. Thank you and keep it up! I am going to try to get to Vegas at some pointas Iunderstand from your site that lessons are available. I would love the opportunity to get into the ‘mooch’ mode and take some lessons, as well as meet you and tell you about some of my (funny) experiences with the chordal approach vs scales and modes while in college. Thanks again. I gotta get back to practicing. Cheers,=Brian=

Brian Fitzgerald
San Francisco, CA

learned more than in all classes

I’m actually a semi professional classical guitarist but I grew up playing Jazz. I played Jimmy Raney, Joe Pass, Django Rienhart solos but I always felt like I was missing something.  IMPROV!  Right away when I saw Robert play I knew his approach was right.  Frankly, I like his no BS approach at teaching.When I did my masters degree I took some Jazz guitar lessons for 3 college credits. What I spent on that one class was close to twelve times what I spent on all the Source Code books.  Let me tell you that in the first half hour of the Jazz Lines video, I learned more then all those classes.  This summer I plan to really work all the books, but I still practice classical for three to four hours a day also (I teach in a public school so the summer is my time.) Anyway, I really respect  Robert’s teaching pedagogy and I encourage all my serious guitar students to purchase them. Thanks again for the picks!!Andrew

Andrew Wilkey
St. James, NY

very impressed with the DVD

I am very impressed with the DVD and with Robert Conti’s playing and ability to explain and demonstrate the material clearly.  I first learned of the DVDs from samples on you-tube.  I just need to take time work with the DVD and will send more comments later.

Gary Tokarcik
Beverly, WV

there is life beyond the 8th fret!

It is now six months since I became a Bob Conti disciple.  Have I learned much? Many things. Have I improved? Definitely Learning how to re arrange chord melodies via the Formula and chord /melody books has been a godsend.  Not having a computer I get all the DVD’s put onto my iPod and find this a great way to watch the lines and play along via earphones and play acoustically or just watch listen and learn. Since having the DVD’s Big City Blues Vol.1 Ticket to Imrovvol 1 and 2 many of the lines manifest themselves on their own without me  thinking. .My playing friends are wondering where all these great lines are coming from especially the younger players. My sight reading has improved so much that where I have been using the tabmy eyes are now drifting to the written music.I use the old trick of playing the chord first followed by the line/lines(depending if the chord change is over one or two measures)then the chord again.It can be laborious but the line/chord and chord shape per line really sticks.Have the lights come on? Like many lighthouses! Finally its nice to learn that there is life beyond the 8th fret!Cheers,Peter(a recycled teenager

Peter Smart
United Kingdom

feel the progress all the time

Hi Bob,You say in the DVD’s to let you know how we are coming along?… Man you must have the worlds biggest email box! Anyway, I am getting near half way through the first Ticket now (I’m on bar 16 of Autumn Leaves) and I can feel the progress all the time. I generally only have an hour a day free, so I play what I know for 15 minutes, then spend 45 minutes learning what I don’t on the next section of the DVD. I am really getting into the ‘flattening of the learning curve’ thing now. The double stops are really sweet, and the ‘extended chromatic runs’ sound great on their own. I picked up a friends guitar at work last week and played the first two projects straight off and I can tell you that they were really impressed.  I DID tell them where I learned it from and recommended your site.I’ve come to realise that really, jazz is like all other styles of improvising – in that you learn tasteful riffs (of course a jazzer calls them RUNS because a lot of them run away to the next chord or whatever?) and you get very familiar with the song. The more you get familiar with both song and runs, the thing then takes on a life of it’s own when the finger memory is well ingrained enough. I am now into the chord ‘shape’ that is under your hand at the time, being a basis of things you can play automatically after a while..(e.g. the ‘cowboy major 7ths’ on Bobspeak! lol). I expect there are many more ways to think about things regarding jazz, and I shall no doubt discover what they are in the coming days. I hope you are going to produce ticket 3 in the next couple of months because I should be ready for it by then! Thanks for all your hard work in helping the musically downtrodden and deprived! Jules

Julian Wilson
Northwich, UK

I’m in the right place with your books

Hello Robert, I think you will not receive many messages from the ancient world, this time from Holland! Today I, (again!), ordered some of your books. The ones I already have are of great inspiration. I’m not a pro, not even a gifted amateur, but…..one with a good ear for chords and embellishing melodies, mostly the famous standards of The Great American Songbook, which I perform with a female singer with a clear sensitive voice and a bass-player. As you take many of these songs as vehicles for showing beautiful chord melody playing, I’m in the right place with your books. so …to say it in one word: THANKS! But…I have some qustions: On your website you’re announcing a Robert Conti guitar which will be available in the near future. My questions are: -where can I find the specs of this guitar? When will it be available? Can you give an rough indication of the price? Let me know! I’m a serious fan of good music and…good guitars! Best regards, LOUIS FREDERIX

Louis Frederix

feel like I’m getting a personal lesson

I am learning the Endings and Turnarounds in the Sourc Code books and just wanted to tell Mr. Conti how much I am enjoying it. I feel like I am getting a personal lesson.  After a while I forget that it is a DVD!

Skip Vinez

Thought I could never master jazz…

Sounds good! I’m very excited! Robert’s teaching is really helping me. I make my living as a musician right now; but it’s been more rock, pop etc. I love jazz though. I went to University for a while and my brain exploded from all the information about how to play jazz. Robert is just the ticket! I am truly grateful for his teaching. It is a blessing in my life. I thought I could never master jazz, but now I truly feel it is possible. Thanks!Have a great day,Davidson Yeager

Davidson Yaeger
Toronto, Canada

Quality of your products are perfect

Mr. Conti,  I just wanted to express my gratitude for your excellent DVDs. They are helping me very much to get started in improvisation The quality of your products are perfect.Sincerely, Steve Gordon

Steve Gordon
West Hills, CA

Great musician and teacher…

Thanks for the MIDI files. The DVD it’s great and I’m studying the phrases and practicing in all tones. Mr. Conti has a lot of swing and he is a great musician and teacher; please say to Mr. Conti that, here in Madrid, has a fan!Thanks and best regards,Nicolas

Nicolas Fernandez Sanz
Madrid, Spain

Like sitting around with some buddies..

Robert, I have listened to a lot of jazz players and grew up with Jazz playing parents and a cousin Don Lanphere(Sax with Woody Herman among others) and I LOVE THE WAY YOU PLAY. You have that bebop,swing,jazz,makes sense style, that I can follow and understand. You crack me up in your lessons when you chat. I feel ya! LOL! It is exactly like sitting around with some buddies trading licks. And it is fun. YOU ARE THE BEST! Thanks for offering the rest of us an insight to learning how you do it.Best always,Ms.ADDITUDE (ADDIE)

Adrienne Clement
Palo Alto, CA

Made a difference in my life and playing…

Robert Conti,Thank you SO much for the extremely nice comment. You will never realize how much it meant to me. Really got my heart pumping, man. I idolize you as a player, and as an instructor. Your instructional videos and chord melody collections have changed the way I look at and play guitar. You are truly gifted, and the material in your instructional is always creative and mind blowing. I’m slowly trying to work my way through your videos and the results have been pleasing to say they least. Thanks so much for all of your great work. It has made a difference in my life and playing. And thank you more for being a remarkable person by taking the time to leave me such a nice comment. You aspire me greatly. Greg Conlin

Gregory Conlin
Oreland, PA

Truly a gifted teacher…

Hey Robert,Seasons Greetings! I recently started working through Ticket to Improv Vol. 1. Yikes! I can’t remember when I have had so much fun! You really are a truly gifted teacher. Hope ’09 treats you right. peace. b.

Bonar Harris
Gibsons, Canada

Abundance of “musical meat”…

Hi Robert and Team,A while back, I ordered and received your; “Ticket to Improv”, Big City Blues”, and “The Formula”…All three are fantastic! After starting to use all three products, I am especially pleased with the abundance of “musical meat”, versus the traditional scale/chord rehash that is present on many other competing products. In addition, your teaching approach on the video really clarifies any difficult note transitions.I also recently contacted you about obtaining the corresponding backing tracks on CD, since I do not have MIDI capability, and you promptly sent them to me free of charge. I have really enjoyed doing business with you, I can’t say enough good things your product selection, and I look forward to placing another order soon.All the best,G. PrimianoAtlanta, Georgia

Guy Primiano
Atlanta, GA

Mr. Conti’s stuff is incredible!!!

I am doing well with the lessons, it’s like having a friend that is a top notch player and being able to ask him (Hey, How did you do that?)and he tells you how. Mr. Conti’s stuff is incredible!!!Thanks again, Joey……

Joey Espinoza
Roundrock, TX

DVDs are a revelation to me…

I have had the Ticket To Improv DVDs for a while now and am just blown away by them. Just wanted to say that these DVDs are a revelation to me ..been playing for 20 years and have never heard some one make so much sense…If possible please pass on my gratitude to Mr. Conti

Jonathan Murrell
Hailsham UK

fantastic teaching resource

I wanted to let you know that I have posted my review of Mr. Conti’s DVD’s on my web site and also featured it on my blog. It will also be my featured review in the fingerstyleguitar.ca newsletter due out July 2009.In short, I found these DVD’s to be a fantastic teaching resource. I think that every aspiring jazz player should have these in their collection. You will see that in my review I suggest that players buy both because I am sure that after the first they will want to go on to Volume 2 immediately.Once again these DVD’s have shown me what a great, unaffected teacher Mr. Conti is. It feels like having an old friend over whenever I put one of his DVD’s on. His constant focus on the progress of the student is teaching at its finest. Please pass on my best wishes to him for his continued success.I see that he has a comping DVD upcoming. I would be glad to review it, and I am expecting it to be of the same high calibre as all of Mr. Conti’s educational resources.

Dr. Dave Walker
Grimsby, Canada

Something every guitarist should have…

Hi Ann! The above book/dvd is something every guitarist should have in his musical library no matter at what stage of jazz guitarlevel they are at as of this time!  Now that is some opening statement, but it is meant sincerely.  I have been playing on and off for more years than I care to remember.  This treatise has rejuvenated my entire way and playing.  What switched me on was when I got to ref37. the lights went on.  The After the Gig section is priceless and should be a complete tome on its own.  It certainly wakes your ears up.  In fact sometimes I’m playing then I start listening to what I am playing-get carried away and thats when the mistakes occur by thinking.  Soget it under your hand and your ears will show you the lines.

Peter Smart
South Yorkshire, UK

Brought me back to life

Robert, I just purchased the rest of your DVDs and you even gave me some free! Thank You.  I quit playing 15 years ago after playing for years.  Your DVDs have brought me back to life. I love your DVDs, epecially the fire side chats 🙂  I always wanted to learn Jazz but could not put up with the BS from other instructors. I will be in Vegas in September, I am going to look you up. God Bless and take care of yourself.

Patrick Dorsey
Centerville, OH

Makes you feel like playing the guitar

Great material and instruction. It makes you feel like playing the guitar! You always know where you are and where you go with this method.Thank You,Martin ChamizoRincón de la Victoria, Málaga

Martin Chamizo
Malaga, Spain

finding my own improvisational voice

Elegance (according to Wikipedia) is; “the attribute of being unusually effective and simple”. I can’t think of a better way to describe Robert’s methods than elegant. Unlike most other jazz guitar instructional material I’ve encountered there is a coherent method presented here (not just a bunch of stuff to learn).   I particularly like the way he presents his method with devices that are: understandable and can be executed/remembered with guitar in hand on the bandstand. With 4-8 hrs. of instructional video (in the Source Code books) there is a whole lot of value for your 40 bucks !  Robert shows his excellent teaching skills by putting the essential theory within your grasp and demonstrating tons of great  (lick) examples and chord harmonizations.  I must say that that this method that has enabled me (as an intermediate level player) to start finding my own improvisational voice.  And for those who think jazz is for a chosen gifted few–Robert will make a believer (and jazz player) out of you as well.

Fredd Matt
Madison, WI

thanks for demystifying jazz guitar

Hi Robert, I just watched your complimentary video and I would like to say I found it to be fantastic, educational, to the point, and very stimulating. I’ve played guitar for many years playing many different styles except I haven’t got heavily into jazz technique feeling it was a little out of my league (I’ve learned by ear not academically although I’ve been studying theory to catch up) and the truth is I love jazz and have always admired jazz guitarists and have listened with amazement to my old vinyl recordings of guitarists like Django Reinhart etc for years and up until now I have felt it was beyond me, so after finding your website and hearing your down to earth view on teaching and watching your video I now feel ready to embrace jazz guitar wholeheartedly, and armed with my archtop I’m looking forward to exploring this amazing style of expression a lot further. I don’t have a lot of money at the moment as I am currently out of work due to illness but I will definitely be interested in purchasing some of your DVDs in the future. Thanks a bunch for demystifying jazz guitar a little, which up until now I’ve found other info on the net along with the jazz guitar books I’ve purchased to be shrouded in technicality that have made me feel like I needed a university degree to even stand a chance. You’ve given me new hope!

Tony Harrison

a TON of value in these materials…

I’ve already gone through the Assembly Line (just finished a moment ago) – I can play and understand the examples (remembering them is something else) – been doing it a long time.  Have you any idea how many times I’ve played Satin Doll but I still have to look at the lead sheet (LOL)!  Of course, the exercises are ‘show and tell’ of how to apply it to a tune.I always learn something from doing this and I have no problem spending the money (as you may have guessed) if there is value in the material – And, there is a TON of value in these materials.  For example, even though I can play chord melody (and know all the grips, all the theory….etc) what I learned from this book/DVD are ‘Bob’s groupings of chords with the melody notes on top’.What I learned from going just a little-bit into The Formula is a far better approach to using the Tritone and minor 3rd sub – that absolutely made my day!  I’ve always understood and used it but always with a lot of thinking – it simply never dawned on me how to use it in chord melody.Thanks again!

Bruce Troyan
Lake Oswego, WA

I love you Robert Conti!!!

July 14, 2009I just finished Project 2 in Ticket To Improv, Vol. 1.This is wonderful, I’ve been playing for 42 years and finally!!I love you Robert Conti!!

Dave Davia
Key West, FL

more improvement than in the past 25 years.

Hi Robert,I’m one of your students. I have all of the Source Code Book/DVDs and all of the CD’s you offer on your site. I’m a big fan!I’ve been playing for 30 years (I’m 45). I was never serious until 11  years ago when a friend asked me to help him put a wedding band together. Since then I’ve been doing 60-100 gigs in the NJ/NYC/Long Island area. We go through a booking agent (Hank Lane) and most of the gigs are high-profile, big money. You know the deal..I can play rock/dance/ballads in my sleep. My big weakness surfaces when I’m booked on a  hour and/or a ceremony. In the last year or two after we changed agencies I started getting booked on more of these kinds of things,    as we call it. It’s great because I get more work but I’m very limited in terms of skill and material in this particular area.I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found your site and your courses. What you are teaching is exactly what I needed. You do such a great job with these videos. You’re a real guy, and a wealth of experience and information. Your teaching products are the best I’ve ever had. I feel and hear them working all the time.I’ve been studying your stuff for 4 months now and I’ve made more improvement than in the past 25 years. I wish you all the best and I want to say thanks for going to the trouble to make these videos.Dave

Dave Fox
Wayne, NJ

Everything just falls into place…

Please relay to Mr. Conti how happy I am with his products.  I am almost finished with the Chord Melody Assembly Line and very excited to proceed to the The Formula!.  Now I can make simple chord melody arrangement of standard songs. I am currently working on Ebb Tide. This is where the rubber meets the road. Everything just falls into its place! Thanks to his methodology. More power to Mr. Robert Conti!

Steve Del Mar
Mandaue City, Philippines

A true source of inspiration

Dear Mr. Conti,Just a few days after ordering some Volumes of your “Signature Chord Melody Arrangements” I found the complete Order in my letterbox. Which is amazing, since it is a quite long way to Germany…The arrangements are really great. Your way of presenting harmonic variations and chord substitutes are easy to read – and a true source of inspiration. Some parts are challenging, but not out of reach. That’s the best way to  learn new things without being frustrated. My Chord Melody playing is improving constantly every day.Your Chord-Melody Books are to me the most helpful instructions since I started playing guitar 25 years ago. Thank you very much for your great work.Yours, Gereo

Gereon Hoffmann
Cchifferstadt, Germany

You’re inspirational to me…

I enjoy your playing. I found your site in an interesting way. I Ebayed for 7 string guitar and a jazz 7 string guitar popped up amidst all the Ibanez metal guitars. It got my attention so I Googled it and your YouTube video on the 7 string came up as one of the top results. You just never know how you’ll be found online, huh?!? Anyway, Thanks for the videos. You’re inspirational to me, a beginning jazz guitarist (after 23 years of having a guitar in my hands on and off again, mostly off until this year. I’m making a concerted effort to learn consistently and ultimately to perform regularly.)

Neal Pender
Charlotte, NC

Incredibly satisfied with the results!

I printed out the Amazing Grace music sheet from JJG’s website, followed Mr. Conti’s tutorial and, after much practice, I was incredibly satisfied with the results! I’m simultaneously studying Mickey Baker’s classic Jazz book I (which is a good start for me). However, Robert Conti’s approach elevated me to a stratospheric level compared to the progressions that I was studying in Baker’s book. I’m looking foward to receiving Play Pro Chord Melody Today Instructional DVD Series Vol I and Signature Chord Melody Arrangement, Vol I!!All the Best,Alex Robatto

Alex Robatto
New Jersey, USA

Truly an amazing jazz guitarist…

Hallo Mr. Conti,One of the amazing things of You Tube is that you get to know artists that one has never heard of before. Being 51, I started to listen to jazz-guitarists when I was 15, with Barney Kessel and Joe Pass being my first heros. I saw Barney twice in Holland, still being one of my favourite jazz guitar players. Later on I started to buy records from Wes Montgomery, Martin Taylor and Kenny Burrel, and later on also Mike Stern and Bireli Lagrene. Few weeks ago I saw Bireli Lagrene playing in Paris and coming weekend I will see him again playing at a fstival in France. Just wanted to say that since I heard you for the first time (on You Tube) a few weeks ago, I am listening to you several times a day; you are truly an amazing jazz guitarist; the way you combine musicality with an incredible virtuoso speed of playing (which I sofar only saw with Bireli Lagrene and Joe Pass) is just superb.Best regards,Jos Vesters

Jos Vesters
The Netherlands

Really improved my playing…

Just received the two DVDs I ordered last week.  Thanks for the quick shipment of those DVDs.  I didn’t expect them to get to my place until later this week.  I’ve been working on the Precision Technique DVD.  Its really improved my playing.  I also have your Jazz Lines Source Code DVD.  Your approach to constructing jazz lines in an improv setting is so logical.  Its really opened my eyes.  The two new DVDs I just received are excellent.  I’m really having fun with the Pro Chord Melody Today.  Its just so logical and its just really easy to follow.  I’m using the Jazz Lines DVD alongside with the Ticket to Improv DVD.

James MacNeil
Fayetteville, NC

What a revelation

I have TTI Volumes 1 and 2-what a revelation. This stuff is the real deal. Robert cracks me up when he talks about modes and scales ‘insanity.’ I can just see Muddy Waters, BB King and Buddy Guy sitting around talking about pentatonic scales and which mode they blew the audience away with that night. It really is nonsense and you wonder who came up with that crap. Anyway, don’t hesitate to buy Robert’s stuff. Even if you are still a rocker at heart (like me) you will love playing this material.The material is great and I’ll tell you why-Robert’s friendly but no bullshit approach to playing-he is obviously very honest and upfront. Also, this is almost like a lost art form that has been brought back from the dead. Its long been established that guitar players don’t know how to play anymore and haven’t since the early 70’s. I feel quite fortunate to have access to this stuff.

John Leslie
Katy, TX

Extremely productive way to master jazz-blues

I just got the first 6 lessons to the Outrageous Blues Lessons By Mail, yesterday.  I had accidentally ordered the Advanced Jazz Lines, and so you sent me the Blues Lines for a nice price.  Thanks.  After looking through them and learning the first two I can tell that this is an extremely productive (and simple) way to master the Jazz-Blues vocabulary.  Again I must say, What a great teacher, Robert!  I can’t wait to add the entire series of lines to my toolbox of guitar tricks.  Please Let me know the next time you guys have one of those BIG 30% off sales.  Also looking forward to the next Source Code DVD, The Comping Expo.Joel Pipkin, PresidentChild Play Music Co.

Joel Pipkin
Dallas, TX

first teacher to teach…actual jazz guitar lines

Hello Mr. Conti. It is a thrill for me to be learning jazz from you. I have been playing for about 30 years and don’t play or read too badly but with all of the studying I have done in music school and privately, you are the first teacher to teach by having your students play actual jazz guitar lines. It may seem simple but even with the great teachers I have had, none have shown me lines that I could use.

Robert Austin
Westerly, RI

Clearly superb, brilliant ideas

Just to let you know that the DVD arrived intact and that I’ve had a chance to spend some time with it. It is quite different from other things I have seen, and being one of those characters who was brought up on scales and modes – rock player in the 60s but with a love of Wes, classical guitarist from there on as rock was incredibly dull and boring, and jazz player for less than two years – I was slightly dubious. But, I’ve always had an open mind and the way that Robert teaches is clearly superb, not to mention his brilliant ideas. I’m still in the early days of the DVD but there is no question that I will be ordering further Source Codes and will probably go on to some of the individual tune DVDs as well.

Ged Peck
Bedfordshire, England

best teacher in the world…

I’ve purchased more than 10 of your DVDs Guitar Lesson, I was learning so hard during the last 3 months. Now I know you are the best teacher in the world. Your approach is clear and wonderful sound.  Really now I am more confident when play and Jam session with Jazz musician in town. Your lessons make me a much better player. Thank you so much.

Hans Gilvirgo
Jakarta, Indonesia

most fun practicing that I have ever had

I am having the most fun practicing that I have ever had. Mr. Conti’s comprehension of what we, as much lesser players, need for tools to learn, is a tremendous testament to his genius as not only a player of unparalleled brilliance but also as a teacher on the same level of his incredible playing. For years (I haven’t practiced in almost 10 years) I played scales and arpeggios until I could play them at very fast tempos. But when I tried to jam with real jazz players I had no library of lines, to rely on so my solos were just sterile scales which frustrated me to no end.I was not playing music. Just playing rote gymnastics.

I can’t thank Mr. Conti enough. He has finally shown me that there is a way to learn jazz. BY PLAYING IT! I apologize for being so long winded about this. It’s just that I am so excited that I know in a while from now I believe I will finally be able to play music. Play jazz.  Anyway, I could write for hours about how glad I am that I found out about Mr. Conti,  his playing and teaching skills, but I won’t bore you any more right now. Thanks (again!)

Robert Austin
Westerly, RI

really made learning Jazz fun…

I don’t want to look any place else for Jazz instruction.   Keep the lessons and DVDs coming.  Your approach has really made learning Jazz fun.  Previously, I kept getting frustrasted with the mountain of theory that was given to me.  I really didn’t know how to approach Jazz guitar with all that information.  I can tell that my technique and playing have improved since I ordered my first DVD from you.  What I like about your DVDs is that you let the viewer see some of the mistakes that even a top world class player such as yourself can make when executing very difficult passages.  The reason why I find this very important is because for me it lessens the frustration factor when learning difficult passages.  I know that if even one of the best can make a mistake executing a difficult passage, then I can’t expect myself to get these new passages down right away.  It really gives me a realistic approach to setting goals for progress.   Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the guitar community.

James MacNeil
Fayetteville, NC

products and service are unequalled

I just received my first order, Big City Blues. The DVD and accompanying music notation and tab are great. My order was upgraded to faster mailing free of charge and some great bonus lines ( also free ) were included. Mr. Conti’s mastery of the jazz and blues guitar is exceptional. And, his approach to teaching is inspired …concentrating on playing as opposed to dense and tedious music theory. The extended solo he plays has a wealth of super lines and moves the student beyond the sameness of relying on the 5 note blues scale. On the DVD he breaks the solo down into segments of a few measures each and demonstrates how to play that section of the solo. The value far exceeds the price of admission and I expect this will be the first of many purchases. Customer service? Superb.  After 50 years of playing and buying various guitar methods, book, DVDs I can say Mr. Conti’s products and service are unequalled, virtuosity as a guitarist too.

Peter Gutierrez
Elk Grove, CA

how to play jazz guitar

A few months later… We’re all different and I see many players on the internet that can nail popular licks and styles but, I’ve never been good about learning someone’s licks – including Robert’s.   For me, that’s no different than learning more scales.  As I watched the DVD’s, I kept saying Ahh, I get it!  And, what I learned is ‘how to play jazz guitar’ along with a simple theory of how to play music without thinking too much.  If you want to learn to play without a lot of fuss and bother – buy the DVD’s.  Aside from what you learn, you’ll enjoy Robert’s warm presentation style.

Bruce Troyan
Lake Oswego, WA

everything necessary to mastering the…

I’ve been pursuing Jazz Guitar off and on for 34 years now. This has included many lessons with accomplished players as well as 5 years of formal Classical Guitar training along with college-level music theory and ear training. I have purchased many books and other learnings aides from a number of different Jazz Education sources. After all of this, I was at best a mediocre improviser who could never seem to express the level of what I knew on my instrument. I’m grateful that my previous studies taught me to read, the fundamentals of harmony, and a decent understanding of the guitar. However, none of it got me playing Jazz Guitar so directly as Robert’s excellent materials. If one looks at the breadth of Conti’s materials, everything necessary to mastering the fundamentals of Jazz Guitar is present. The aspiring guitarists essentially needs three major areas of study. 1) Technique – covered exquisitely by The Precision Technique 2) Fingerboard Harmony – covered by the remaining Source Code DVDs 3) TUNES! – covered by Robert’s extensive selection of Improvisational materials and Chord Melody. Throughout the resources, Robert presents the music and necessary elements as the true gentleman that he is! God bless Robert Conti for making Jazz Guitar so accessible to the masses.

Brian Bowman
Apex, NC

…excellent video on the JJG website

As a jazz guitar lover with no musical education who has nowwhere near enough time for practice, I tried working out a Moon River chord-melody, got frustrated and gave up. Consequently, my eyes lit up when I saw your transcription in the lastest Just Jazz Guitar magazine. At my ability level, it’s a challenge, a reward and a pleasure to get it under my fingers but with the help of your excellent video on the JJG website, I’m getting there. So, I just wanted to say thank you for what feels like an early Christmas present and to send you my best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Terry Gillen
United Kingdom

The Formula!

I just completed The Formula.  The book and DVD unlocked the mystery of arranging/harmonizing to me.  It has so much useful information that I can use.  I’m blown away.As an experiment, I arranged (what I think is) a really nice version of Happy Birthday.  It just plain works!Thanks a billion for making it understandable.Andyp.s. I’ve completed The Jazz Lines and Precision Technique.  I’m now starting the Chord Melody Assembly Line (which I probably should have done before The Formula).

Andrew Schwartz
North Potomac, MD

Conti was recommended as being far superior

I have completed all of Robert’s free online lessons and I have just learned his improv for ‘Take The A Train.’ I have to say that I think I love him! I have been learning classical guitar for 6 years and will take my final grade exam in October. To pass each grade exam you have to learn many scales. I will say, in defense of learning scales, that I now have the dexterity in my right and left hands to play the improv quite easily. BUT, the scales on their own really do mean nothing. When comparing products to Jimmy Bruno and Joe Pass – Robert Conti was recommended as being far superior. Robert’s solo improv gives immediate meaning and relevance to them. I really can’t wait to go through his Ticket To Improv and Jazz Lines DVD’s. I already feel like I have more knowledge under my fingers and am looking forward to trying out my own solos over other standards.

Andy Hawkings
United Kingdom

By far the best for me…

Hello everyone. i was chatting with steve online and I was telling him how happy I am with my playing, I got the first Ticket To Improv DVD about 8 months ago, and I never looked back. I have 10 DVDs now, and just trying to figure out which one to get next. And I’m not a rich man. I practice many hours everyday, I remember when I got my first Robert Conti DVD, I practiced 14 hours that day. I don’t practice that much now, but most of my free time is playing my guitar. I have been trying to play guitar all my life, and I’m 57. I have had many lessons before, I learned all the scales and forgot 98% of them twice. All I can say is the Robert Conti way of learning guitar is by far the best for me, because it is soo enjoyable, you’re playing great jazz lines right away, and playing beautiful chord melodies right away. I highly recommend Robert Conti learning for anyone, and I’m just a regular guy.Thank you!Dave Davia 

Dave Davia
Key West, FL

You’re also my official guitar guru

Like your pilot friend in Texas, I put down the guitar for 12 years and picked it up back up this past November 10.  I had played for 15 years previously, but had never really played very well; I definitely had not gotten soloing.  But I could fake my way through chord solos, played in a big band for two years, gigged a lot, solo and with others, but I always felt like a fraud.  I could trick others into thinking I could actually play, but it was illusion. I’m 62, play an L-5.  I’m one of the young guys coming up that you often refer to. My teacher of many years – a man whom I adore – came from the jazz theory/modes/scales school; he would never teach me a line, saying my music had to come from within me.  So I chased scales and arpeggios and MODES and play this scale over this chord, all totally meaningless to me.  So I could play a scale fast over a chord…and it sounded just like that, a scale over a chord. And then, after I started playing again, I found you and your teaching approach and it was like some kind of epiphany.  No scales?  No modes?  Just play lines?  Oh my god, wow. I initially found you because I was looking for an arrangement of America the Beautiful to play in front of my local Rotary Club.  Your arrangement was tooo coool, so I took you up on your free offer, printed it, and a week later I had it down, could play it through without stumbling (much), smoooth.  It was the most challenging arrangement I’d ever tackled, and because of it, I’m continuing to challenge myself with material that’s over my head and damn, it comes.  I amaze myself. I’m now one of your new DVD students.  Just started Jazz Lines, Source Code; one of my daughters got it for me for Christmas.  It was my big present.  I’m all the way through Lesson 2 and have watched through Lesson 4. You’re a cool guy (the coolest) and a magnificent player.  You are also my official guitar guru.  I’m going to drop you a line from time to time because you continually say you like hearing from your students, so you’ll hear from me (but I will be merciful and not write TOO often). I hope our paths cross one day; I’d love to meet you.  Please let me know if you ever play in California and I’ll make a big effort to come see you.

William Yates
Morro Bay, CA

Undoubtedly the best approach…

I am a professional guitar, bass player and teacher with extensive knowledge of music theory and it is a great pleasure to discover your instructional DVDs. Your method of teaching is undoubtedly the best approach to filling in the grey areas that prevent so many guitar players from truly mastering their improvisational capabilities. In a world where everyone is telling you to memorize words and definitions it is a breath of fresh air to find someone who shows you how to speak the language. GREAT WORK!!!I look forward to exploring more of your DVDs. You are a blessing to our profession.

Chaz Robert
New Orleans, LA

How I feel about Robert Conti’s approach

Regarding the DVDs, I’m not sure I can put into words exactly how I feel, but let me try: I love Robert Conti’s approach of actually getting students to play music, the step by step approach and the Source Code  explanations, not to mention his warm, caring, and disarming style. And your quick responses and customer support are top notch!There is a huge emotional component to how I feel about Robert Conti’s approach and demeanor. His emphasis on not being afraid and to actually play jazz was amazing. His criticism of academic approaches was so great for me as I’ve experienced it first hand. He’s a big lovable teddy bear with some serious chops! He keeps reiterating about how jazz was born and this is so important and satisfying to hear over and over.I’ve been very intimidated and frustrated with learning jazz over the past few years, even having gone to college for 1.5 years to study it at the age of 36. I’ve been playing rock, blues, metal, neoclassical 80’s shredding, Joe Satriani, etc and I teach online as well mostly advanced technique type stuff. I learned how to do this by learning solos so it makes perfect sense.My youtube vids have over 700,000 views and thousands of subscribers. I got into jazz a few years ago and even quit my job to go to college. But this experience was incredibly intimidating (I’m no slouch to hard work having a master’s in civil engineering). And they implied at times like it’s my problem. They teach so many things as well outside of jazz (classical history, piano, etc) and all the theory/analysis and exercises, advanced tunes right out of the gate. Everyone sits there fumbling around a scale with no idea what to play, because they’re not teaching us lines. They are generally opposed to it because they don’t want us to sound like clones.My college guitar teacher is an incredibly amazing player and had tons of knowledge but I had to do a ton of Berklee books, exercises, even classical stuff. It wasn’t turning into jazz music for me. I ended up dropping a few extraneous courses and eventually quit in frustration even with top marks. I’m still bitter about the whole experience!I then found Jimmy Bruno’s site online. However, I noticed once again that everyone who sent in videos was rambling around the shapes without really making music out of them for the most part. So another disappointment not to mention quite a variety of books that I have purchased.When I see myself and others blasting around the fretboard you realize that there’s no way you can do this unless you’ve practiced the lines ahead of time. Learning a scale, exercise or sequences, etc doesn’t turn it into music so this idea should be fairly obvious to us, but for some reason it isn’t.  I can see how Mr. Conti’s lines work over each chord and how to move them to other keys/chords.

Will Kriski
Alberta, Canada

Thanks to Robert for The Formula

Just to say thanks to Robert for ‘The Formula’ book. I’ve had a number of his books over the past few months and they are all very good; this one however, did more for me than just about anything. It taught me why I did this or that and simply made things make sense!And I like the way he always says fun stuff. Damn right. It certainly is fun, especially when you now understand why it all works.Thanks again!

Ged Peck
United Kingdom

so appreciative of this man…

Bob Conti is an excellent teacher. He holds nothing back. I have completed Ticket To Improv Vol. 1 and have ordered Ticket To Improv Vol. 2 with additional products. I am so appreciative of this man for taking the time to create such great products because it has opened my mind and increased my skill to achieve a higher level of playing for my enjoyment. Thank you Bob Conti, and keep it coming.

Harry Doyle
El Cajon, CA

Mr. Conti’s lessons are excellent!

Thank you so much for retro-fitting my recent guitar instruction order to be included within the 30% discount sale. This was a wonderful act of kindness toward me.  You have a life long customer!  Plus, Mr. Conti’s lessons are excellent!Respectfully,Frank

Frank Potter
Hamilton, OH

Doing business with you is a real pleasure!

To Ann at RobertConti.com:I received this order on Wednesday. I wanted to thank you for the Ticket To Improv DVD you threw in at no charge. Your service and customer care is just incredible! And of course, the material itself is just fabulous, but everyone knows that. 🙂 Between the great service and high quality content, doing business with you is a real pleasure!Warmest Regards,Dave Gallucci

Dave Gallucci
Hamden, CT

The Comping Expo – I love it!

Man, o man – this is the greatest – I love it! Can’t say it enough, but I’ll try…I’m the Autumn Leaves-inest, Ipanema-nest, chordally hip guy in this neighborhood – and man, that Equity guitar is SUCH a joy to play – yeah, I’ve got investment property foreclosures, and being broke at mid life is not what I was planning, but, in the words of Bobby Darin, ala Kevin Spacey, As long as I’m (sic) swingin’…. and this stuff swings for me…Thanks!!!!

Jeffrey Borthick
Bluffton, SC

A virtual life-time of study material…

As you know, I am a great fan of you, your artistry, and your outstanding jazz guitar materials. I ordered this package as soon as it became available and was anxiously watching for it to come in the mail. I was very happy when it arrived today.  In scanning the book, I can already see that there is a virtual life-time of study material represented in this package.   I am slowly going through the DVD right now. Just finished the segment on Rookie Bookie (of course I will be revisiting these segments many more times in future). Great stuff. The commentary by Mr. Conti is as valuable as the music. The only problem is that if I’m not practicing, I feel like I’m letting Mr. Conti down!Over the past 40+ years, I have purchased practically every jazz instructional book/tape/video/DVD available. I can honestly say that your materials have contributed most to my understanding of all aspects of jazz and jazz guitar. Thank you once again for your thoughtfulness and all that you do for aspiring guitarists at all levels.Dr. Ronald S. LemosProfessor, Information SystemsCalifornia State University, Los Angeles

Dr. Ronald Lemos
Walnut, CA

Ordering The Jazz Lines today…

I just thought I’d let you know that the Formula DVDs are terrific. Seeing and listening are just so much better than reading for me. I’m ordering the Jazz Lines today.

Bob Dorris
Pembroke Pines, FL

…given me the ability to improvise in jazz

I have just finished your two Ticket To Improv DVDs. (It took about 3 months of daily work on the tunes). Awesome. They have given me the ability to improvize in jazz, something that I have never been able to do very well. I’m now working on your more advanced solos. I am a small town guitar teacher who mainly plays/teaches Pop, Rock and Blues. Your DVDs are helping me to help a few of my students explore jazz.Your stuff is straight to the point/no nonsense and it works!Would you please do a third ticket to improv DVD based on just blues tunes?

Robert Waldron
Sierra Vista, AZ

…been searching for a method like Robert Conti

I watch the DVD on the TV and use the MIDI files on the computer at the same time. Thank you Robert Conti for these books to learn from. Believe it or not, for years I have been looking for a method like Robert Conti to learn from. I recently found out about it from Steve at Chord Melody. Thank you so, so much.

Joseph Collica
Warren, MI

…enjoying your DVD on comping

I am enjoying your DVD on comping. I am REALLY glad you did one on comping because that’s the one I was hoping for all these years. At this point the only guitar comping material out there is Galbraith’s book, which is fantastic as Barry was a nonpareil comp-er; but I am glad there’s more now. One thing I like about it, for a player at my level, is that I know all the chords and voicings you play, but I wasn’t always sure the best things to use for those little comping figures you hear guitarist and pianists play. That is, I know all the inversions, but it’s nice to see you play, over a place where one chord is played say for four beats, two different inversions of the same chord say, or a Johnny Smith style chord movement with the descending notes on the D string. I knew those things before in a vacuum, but seeing it in context is very helpful.Thanks again also for your amazing generosity to me over the years. It means a lot to me. I really appreciate it.

Joseph Ragusa
Melville, NY

a stronger command of jazz harmony

What to say that hasn’t already been said about this DVD…? I loved every second of the six hour seminar. As soon as I got it in the mail I canceled all my plans and got ready for some heavy material. Although, it wasn’t heavy in the sense of complicated work, it was rather valuable. After you buy this DVD (as I recommend that everyone reading this testimonial buy the DVD) you will gain a stronger command of Jazz harmony. The mystery behind many of those complex jazz harmonies will disappear. You will have so many  Oh, so that’s how they do it! moments you will get sick of yourself. All in all, get the DVD!!!

David Guillaume
New Jersey, USA

I would recommend them to anyone…

Lucky owner of your newest DVD Source Code, The Comping Expo, and may I say, that I am thrilled once again, and in awe not only with your talent, but the ability for it to come through on my end, to help further develop my skill!All your DVD’s and Books are fantastic, and I would recommend them to anyone that is interested in playing jazz guitar.Bob and Mike… thanks for everything!

Mike Simoni
Lodi, CA

Flawless service from the good people…

Yet again, I received flawless serivce from the good people at Pinnacle Production Group! I ordered a Pro Chord Melody DVD on-line Saturday and received it on Monday – this for $3.25!! Did I also mention that Mr. Conti’s products are outstanding too? Keep up with the excellent service guys!

Alex Robatto
New Jersey, USA

Not just for Jazz

What I wanted to mention is the information Robert passes on is applicable to many other styles of music. Right now I play in a rock band and I can fully see how his lines and technique are applicable to even a hard rock style. I find his methods more helpful than even a lot of the rock players who teach people rock licks. All you have to do is change the feel of the lines Robert shows you and maybe take out of a couple of notes here and there. I also find the comping expo helpful for chord ideas in songs. I use distortion in my band in order to get a hard rock sound. You may not be able to use the full chords from the comping expo but what you can do is use partials or double stops out of the chords forms in order to create interesting movements within the progressions of the songs. The Precision Technique DVD is helpful for all styles. I’vebelieve that the etudes, sweep techniques, and whole step exercises can benefit rock players especially those who play a “shredding” style of rock or heavy metal. The information Robert passes on is priceless. I believe those of us in the guitar world are very luck to have Robert pass on his wealth of knowledge. Robert takes out the frustration from having to learn difficult jazz lines. All you have to do is put in the time and you will notice a whole lot of progress.Thanks a million Robert, James 

James MacNeil
Fayetteville, NC

fresh moves under my fingers

My Dad turned me on to your stuff.  I was laboring with one book/DVD that is now lining the cat box when I popped in the Big City Blues DVD. Wasn’t going to practice, just preview while waiting for the old lady to come home, but couldn’t resist the urge to pick up the plank and in no time had some fresh moves under my fingers.

Jerry Vicars
Houston, TX

easier when the teacher is a master player

Never had time to learn guitar until now. So I bought the improv series (and the Conti guitar) about 6 months ago. It was a little tough at the begining. But like the man says “it’s not rocket science..” Thank you Mr. Conti.. All it takes is a will to learn, and a lot of practice. It is a little easier when the teacher is a master player.

Frank Whitehouse
Alton, NH

reflect on the last 2 1/2 years…

…Jesse asked me how much had my playing changed since I started your lessons. He knows that I’ve always played, and has seen me play a lot of stuff outside off jazz. He was curious as to the impact all my work studying your stuff has had on me. I explained it this way. Before I met you I was at about 40% of where I felt I should be on jazz, which means some of the stuff sounded ok, but most doesn’t. Since then I’ve gotten to about 80 to 90% of good playing on jazz,, where I would be fine playing in front of other jazz players. Our house gig for the last season required a huge variety of styles, literally playing from Satin Doll, to 60’s rock, classic rock, disco,  80’s rock, and all the current stuff (Black Eyed Peas, Lady Antebella, Kesha, etc.). I’ve forgotten some of what I had learned, yet I can easily flow thru any jazz tune well enough to impress other players, and the entire neck is open to me (which it wasn’t when I started with you). It was a good conversation to reflect on the last 2 1/2 years of taking your lessons. We are starting to slow down and I have at least two nights a week off now, so I’ll get back on my studies and hopefully retain even more by next season.Hope all is good for you, Thank you!

Guy Guerra
Naples, FL

you are really unique in the e-world!

I would like to express my genuine appreciation for your attention and efforts. You are really unique in the e-world! And thanks a lot for the great CDs and DVDs you’ve added to the order…You can imagine how glad my son, Alexis Lavrov, is! He’ll surely enjoy all the material both as a musician and a teacher.Thank you so much and all the best.Kind regards.Mikhail

Mikhail Lavrov

Man, he can really kick ass

Bob, Where is the 2000 photos with EMG pickups. At the NAMM show when you played we had another endorsee Zakk Wylde still signing photos when you set-up to play. His fans were would not leave. Enter Bob and as he started to play Zakk said who is that old man. I mention he was Bob Conti and would be playing music while you signed autographs. Zakk said ” Man he can really kick ass on that guitar, he should have a record deal soon” At the end of the Zakk’s signing I told him Bob has made records for years and was really one of our main artist at the NAMM show. What is he better than me , No Zakk just very different than you. Zakk purchased a Bob Conti CD and aid matbe a could learn a lick or two. Hey he pretty cool for an old guy or you mean like. Musically Yours, Jack R. Nau EMG,Inc. National Marketing Director

Jack Nau

Never forgotten your hard work

Greetings from out of the past. Sure was surprised to find you online, Bob, and very pleased. I’ve never forgotten your hard work trying to improve my technique. I wish I could say the same for a lot of the stuff you taught me. Hope we can chat sometime. Arland Woodham

Arland Woodham

So modern and clean

Hello,Robert Conti I am very surprised to hear a jazz guitar virtuoso like you. Your playing,improvising and speed sounds so modern and so clean. Your playing makes me happy. Greetings from Wolfgang, Vienna, Austria.

Wolfgang Chelbea

You’re really inspiring to me

It seems like you’ve been everywhere but in New England. It’s all good though. I been listening to you for a while. You’re really inspiring to me as an artist. I’m gonna go get your books later on this week. I figure if they’re anything like the lick-of-the-months then I’ll be well off.

Justin townie Town

My pleasure to listen to you

You are a great player my friend. Keep soul searching — doin what you do best. My pleasure to listen to you All the best Irish Alan

Alan Irish

Learned so much from you

Hey Bob, Its great to hear that an incredible talent such as yourself is finally getting the recognition so well deserved. I learned so much from you in the few lessons I had with you in Jacksonville Florida. Oh the countless hours trying to comp thru Green Dolphin Street and Cherokee. If I ever get to LA I will definately find a way to come experience the madness live. Take it light Bob Bryan

Bryan Tuten

Astonished by your virtuosity

Robert, I really enjoyed the show on Monday night at Rocco’s. Sorry I had to leave early, but as you know, I have a little son I like to tuck in every night. I was astonished by your virtuosity and obvious joy in playing. It was a real treat. Hope to see you soon.

Peter Gardiner

Glad you’re still rippin’

Been a long time, dude….glad you’re still rippin’! I’m still gigging every weekend, too. Lost track of Grissom..talk to you later. You still diggin’ the chocolate frosted donut?

Ken Mango

An incredible experience

Internet will allow for sure to know everything on earth, including incredible musicians, guitarrist, educators and inventors as Mr. Robert Conti. To visit this Web Site has been an incredible experience. Also, a matter of joy because I have seen Mr. Jim Frejek on the colaborators list, my only formal jazz guitar teacher at Berklee College, who plays an incredible seven string stuff. We hope to have Mr. Conti Jazz Guitar Clinic one day here in Caracas, Venezuela. People like Tuck Andres and Vinny Valentino have been around lately. Meanwhile you guys have for sure that I will recomend this Web Site to my friends, jazz fans and students. God bless you all!

Jorge Barnet

Virtuoso playing 8 string guitar

I had the pleasure of first hearing Bob Conti’s music due to good luck. I was staying at the Irvine Marriot for a week and as I entered the lobby, I was impressed by what I thought had to be piped-in radio music. Seeing Mr. Conti performing in the beautiful lobby, surounded by dozens of people was quite a sight. I watched him in awe and it didn’t hit me for a full hour that this virtuoso was playing an eight string guitar. After listening to Mr. Conti during that week I was not only impressed with his ability but also happier than whan I had come in. What impressed me the most, however, is that this jazz legend could see my interest and initiated a conversation on playing and was willing to discuss all styles of music. He treated other players the same way and seemed genuinely interested in our levels of playing. Bob, I love the copy of Comin’ On Strong! that you gave me and I listen to it frequently. You are a talent and a gentleman.

Pete Carpenter

Blew my mind wide open

I can only recommend Bob to serious students, as his technique and approach will best serve those who wish to improve. one lesson blew my mind wide open and i hope to pursue further studies in the near future.

David Moeggenberg

Wife and I enjoyed your music

My wife and I enjoyed your music at Brothers West in last night. Hope to see you soon there again.

Tony Sclafani

Pleasure becoming aware of you

Hi Mr. Conti, Just became aware of you thru Just Jazz Guitar Mag. Looks like a fantastic site and I will explore it shortly. Pleasure becoming aware of you. Good health.


Always wondered about the name

Hi Mr. Conti, I recieved a blonde, Robert Conti, Aria Pro II for college graduation in 1981 (Emory U). I’ve toted my guitar around and played it probably 5 days a week since then. Mostly, I play for children’s groups now. I’ve played about a half dozen times at the Boston Children’s Museum. I’ve run programs for preschools. As an advisor to Tricity Headstart, I incorporate about a half hour of music into my annual Dental visits. I always wondered about the name on my beautiful guitar. Now I know. Best wishes to you, Bob. Sincerely, David Leader, DMD Lynnfield, Ma.

Daviv Leader, DMD

Very good website

Dear Bob, Johnny Janzen gave me you address. I haven’t talked to you since your session at his place a couple of years ago, but I still remember it completly. Very good web site. Hope to see you at Johnny’s again some time.In His Love, Marshall Kyle

Marshall Kyle

Nicely done Robert!

Nicely done Robert! Keep in touch. Look for your site in the upcoming AJG Internet Website Directory! -Don

Don Price

Missed you at the NAMM show

Thanks for your (fairly!) recent fax and I’m sorry I missed you at the NAMM show…couldn’t find you. Never mind, I’m off to the German show tomorrow and will be ordering a CD or two when I’m back. If you ever need a bass player!

Clive Norris

He loves your playing

Ken Richardson the Afro American guitarist, who met you at the NAMM convention in LA wants to know will you be performing at the Frankfurt Germany International Show the week of the 11th of April. He loves your playing as he commented to me. He will be performing at that international show. Peace

Keith Marshall

In awe of your musical ability

Bob, To quote a famous commercial “I love Ya Man”. Seeing those pics from the 70’s really brought back some memories. Those were wild times. You in your reclining chair looking like a cast member of “The Sopranos'” ripping off notes etc with your paper thin pick (I remember thinking “This is all wrong” but its happening). The nightly craziness, endless stream of players of all abilities, the dinner/pizza runs and numerous embarassing/stomach churning opportunites to display my lack of ablility. “Hey (fill in a name) come in here and hear this kid play” Where upon I proceed to frantically chop my way through Satin Doll or some other standard. It was an experience I’ve never forgotten. I was then and still am in awe of your musical ability/talent and while I will never play with the same musical or technical ability, you did leave me with a greater love and appreciation for Jazz. But most important, when I left your studio in 79′ I left with the sound and tone in my heart, ears and…

Robert Taft

Teaching has a huge influence

Hey bob, I,ve just spent a few hours cheking your site out. It looks like you,ve pulled out all the stops as usual!I got a kick out of seeing the photos of you breaking my guitar in at NAMM.Your playing and teaching has a huge influence and is inspiring me to become a better a MUSICIAN.The instructoinal material is going to be a big help,and i’m impationatly waiting for up and coming releases! Thanks much for everything you’ve done. JM

John Murphy

Your playing is wonderful

Dear Bob, your site is great!!! Your playing is wonderful, I hope we’ll meet soon. Best regards, Giuseppe Continenza

Giuseppe Continenza

I am in awe of his talent

I have known Bob since about 1969. I had never had a real appreciation of jazz music but then again, I had never heard a Jazz Musician that sounded and could play like Robert Conti. I am in awe of his talent but, I am also happy to say he is a friend of both my husband and me for more than 25 yrs. I hope we can enjoy him live in Jacksonville again really soon. Thanks, Jane — Bunky Fagan Jacksonville, FL

Jane Fagen
Jacksonville, FL

Will now be studying with him

I’ve only had the pleasure of hearing Bob play once but was truly amazed. I am happy to say that I will now be studying with him and I am very much loking forward to my first lesson in one week, at which point I’m sure I will have much more to say!

Blake Aaron Smith

Best wishes

Dear Robert, Best wishes to you! Hank Garland

Hank Garland

Truly enjoyed playing with you

Robert, Just a quick one to tell you that I truly enjoyed playing with you last Sat. at the King’s Fish Market. You should have steped in earlier. Anyway you made it a gas, hope to see you sooner than later. Be Happy Terry Profitt Drummer Union Blues Band

Terry Proffit

We know you’re doing good work


Amadeo Leonetti

Absolutely brilliant improvisation

I first met Robert Conti in 1986 when he performed at a regional Jazz Festival being held in a large hotel. While perusing the wide variety of great musicians performing in various meeting rooms scattered throughout the hotel, I was suddenly stunned by the absolutely brilliant improvisation coming from his guitar! I stayed for his entire set and made it a point to meet him. The next time we met in 1989, he had relocated to California. Over the years I have followed his continued growth as a musician – and his acquisition and swift mastery of computer skills, as I was instrumental in introducing him to computers in the early days of the PC. I also watched with great interest as Bob created and developed the eight string guitar that became his signature model built and distributed by a major company. Robert Conti is a truly amazing musician and human being whose standards far exceed excellence. His ability places him at the top level of the world


Never forgotten the jazz basics

Dear Bob:My brother (Rick) and I took lessons from you at your studio in Jacksonville back in the mid-1970’s. Thanks for making yourself available to us — neither of us are professional musicians now, but we still enjoy a lot of family jam sessions with our dad, and Rick and I have never forgotten the jazz basics you taught us. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to learn from someone of your caliber.  Very best regards, Brian M. Rowland, Esq.

Brian M. Rowland

Loved your site

Hi Robert, It was really nice talking to you this afternoon. Loved your site. We’ll have to get together when you have a chance. Good luck with the up coming session.Linwood


How innovative you really are

Robert, Long time no see. Some of your fans might be interested to know just how inovative you really are on solo six string, I still have two hours of Robert Conti live via remote digital to analog in just that format. I listen to it when I need to hear the blues. There really is no better music than listening to you interpret the great american song book as only you can. Thanks for the memories

Tony Romero

Thanks for sharing your gift

Robert, great site. I have learned so much. Thanks for sharing your gift and passion for jazz with all of us. I love the complimentary arrangement of On Green Dolphin Street. Love the chord forms and voicings. Many Thanks. Best wishes from Australia.

Chris Dash

Plan on getting every single thing

Hey Robert, Your teaching material is first rate! I got 3 of your source code books and they helped me out tremendously. I plan on getting every single thing that you sell as instruction material. You’re one of my favorite guitarists. Take care!


Your website is awesome

Your web site is awesome. I’d love to see you on stage, either live or on DVD. Any suggestions for a good Jazz club in Vegas? Thanks and keep on the flame, Pierre

Pierre Frediere

You made my jaw drop

I remember You from Coast music in costa mesa about 1989 in doc’s shop. You made my jaw drop so I went to see you at that club by The Newport Pier. i still remember watching you do the most amazing version of Moondance. it had to be You, I’m pretty damn sure. I remember You as very unassuming. I had no idea You were from Philadelphia. I live in a south Philly row house. California is a police state, so I moved where I had family. Ed Cotney was my buddy, He knew You real well. Sadly, I heard that He has since passed.Congratulations on Your success. I’ll have to get some of Your material when I can. Vision music has been a big help , I see You are a supporter. Keep Smokin Dude.


Privilege of taking guitar lessons from Bob

You guys won’t believe this but I had the privilege of taking guitar lessons from (Bob) while I attended high school in Jax 1967-70. My buddies Rob Hucks, Bruce Graybeal and I combined our 30 minute back to back lessons while playing in one of the first local bands around Jax. (The New Breed) Bob blew our minds….there was no one in his league! When we’d show up for our lesson in the loft of Paulis Music store downtown, Bob would have the hottest looking woman in town hanging all over him. At 16 years of age, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I started out playing a Fender precision bass and I learned it inside out. Then later took guitar lessons from Mr. Conti until I left Florida to go to college in Texas. I showed people guitar chords and riffs that they never knew existed. And then I let them listen to Latin Love Affair (Bob autographed that one for me). I remember one Saturday afternoon….I’m downtown Jax at Marvin Kay’s Music store window shopping and in walks Robert Conti. Every salesman and store employee stopped what they were doing….Bob picked up a big hollowbody Gretch off the shelf, an amp and chord magically appeared and Bob saw me and said Steve, grab that bass and sit down here…..He/we tore the place down for about 10 minutes. I was in heaven! Bob, I’ll be out in Jax in March. I’d give my left _ _ t to see you again. You are THE BEST! Steve Shrout

Steve Shrout

Someone finally got it right

Greeting Robert I recently brought your jazz master CD set and this is incredible I was pleased with this extraordinary teaching and pleased to know someone finally got it right. James Fresh Water Records.


Thanks for opening my eyes

Hello Mr.Conti,I met you through learning engineering @ WJCT and working the Jazz festivals here(Jax,Fl.)and through Mr. Mrs.Tony Barcaro(DeJohn Sisters).You also gave lessons to a few of my friends as we were the youngsters in the early ’80’s.Thanx for opening my eyes to a whole new world of music,during my youth.Jeff Williams Fernandina,Fl. 8)

Jeff Williams

New DVD series are the bomb!!

Hey! Hats off to the whole Conti crew!!! the site looks great – LOVE the media player. And by the way, the new DVD series are the bomb! Send me a bunch!!!

Brad Wendkos
St Petersburg, FL

Used to take lessons from you

Well I don’t know if you will see this email or not, but do you remember henry castro with the scull band and me Tony use to take lessons from you in jacksonville FL bad man!!!! you always were the best, I hope that I from you some time ..lol awesome !!! can’t believe it . Tony G hobbs new mexico.

Tony Gonzalez

Musical genius of the higest order

I have known Robert Conti for over 15 years. It has truly been a privilege to get to know this man on so many levels. Genius is a word that is often used but more often undeserved. Bob is a Musical Genius of the highest order as evidenced by his latest CD To the Brink a new benchmark in the annals of Jazz Guitar. From the softest of burning embers to a full blown 5 alarm inferno this CD will leave an indelible mark on those who appreciate true jazz. One who possesses real genius generally are blessed with this ability in only one endeavor. Robert’s Genius expands into his ability to translate what he plays into an easily assimilated format as witnessed by the succes of his teaching materials.

Glenn Scharaga

Probably don’t remember me but

Probably don’t remember me but you used my guitar while you were playing a gig at the Holliday Inn in Jacksonville Fl in 1968 or 1969.

Herb Adkison

Lessons from Robert in 1966

Took lessons from Robert Conti back in 1966 I still have the Gibson if he is still interested in buying it. I bet he wishes he still had that 427 ‘vette.

Cutis Deal

I could learn a lot from you

I like how you play guitar. im also a guitar player and I would like to be in contact with you in the future and I believe I could learn a lot from you . Last time we met at the palms casino where you gave me your card and since i checked out your website I became a big fan of you. I would love to if you would take the time and check out my guitar playing and tell me what you think. Please write me where I can meet you.

Jeno Kurucz

Playing great as ever

Bob, Good to see you again long time no see, Toby is sitting here with me as I write the email to you he said hello also. Hope to see you someday Glad to see your still playing great as ever. Old Time friend, Nihme Toby

Nihme Abdullah

Wow.. so much smokin’ stuff

Bob, Every so often, I have to visit your web page to see what you’re up to and what’s new. Wow… so much smokin’ stuff. Upstairs in the studio in JAX in ’85-’86, you gave me the weapons on my instrument to revolutionize my art for a lifetime. I came in, ready to learn, ready to soak it all up like a sponge, and that stuff is still floatin’ around up in my bean. I still use the blue picks, and I string my axe up with the biggest strings I can stand..ha…NO UNWOUND 3rd STRINGS..haha… Jim

Jim Hendee

Have you ever played at the Imperial Palace

Hey Robert, have you ever played at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas? I may have seen you there.

Joe Hornbuckle

Sound is very fantastic

Hello Robert.Your sound is very fantastic.Do you think to do a tour in Italy?

Mirko Paolo di Fabio

Amazed at your methodology

Am amazed at your methodology about jazz and I love it!bless you

Kisto (Private)

Sound is GREAT

Why is your music not sold in South Africa, your sound is GREAT. I heard it on the net.

Darryl Whiteman

Source Code – Jazz Lines

I recently bought the Source Code Jazz Lines book. Love it and I can really attest to the excellence and effectiveness of Roberti’s method. I have never progressed this fast in my 20 plus years of playing.  I was so excited with finally getting measures 20 through 28 of the Smoking Lineman Rhythm Changes under my fingers that I got up at 4 o’clock this morning to work on morphing these lines into my own style.   Lines. WOW. What a fluid and musical approach. Since I received my first DVD, I bring my guitar to work everyday so I can play during lunch. I simply can’t make it from my morning practice through the entire day. It is that exciting.  Thank you, Robert for the great materials and blessings to you and your fine Pinnacle team for all the hours of enjoyment, inspiration, and enlightenment. Martin

Martin Sippy

Learning & Playing Guitar

I was fortunate to be introduced to the method of playing guitar by Robert Conti through CHORDMELODY.com  I have short fingers and worse fat ones, which are often described as sausages, however,the style and method of Robert Conti’s teaching has allowed me to play and form chords that at one time I thought impossible to achieve. I purchased Intros, Endings Turnarounds and that was truly a blessing, I only wished, now that I’m 70, I had the opportunity of such a great teaching method 50 years ago. 

Dennis Gott

Source Code Books

Well, Mr. C has done it again. His no modes no theory approach is the way to go. I’ve spent at least a good ten years studying scales and modes and much to my disappointment was no more closer to my goal of improvising jazz standards. And keep in mind, not only jazz standards but other music as well. For example some country western, latin and others. I wish I would’ve found Mr. Conti’s books ten or fifteen years ago. Needless to say I am glad I found them I now I am playing some real cool lines; and yes I am understanding them too. Thanks again Bob!!!

Larry Herrera
Albuquerque, NM

Get the new DVD!!

Well it’s official. The best jazz study guide on the market is out – source code dvd – jazz lines. If you can only buy one of Mr. Conti’s products (anyone’s products!!), this is it. I don’t see how the book was effective until this dvd came out. Listening to Mr. C explain stuff in a one-on-one relaxed way, made it all come together. And he’s very entertaining (which really makes you not want to stop the dvd) because he still gets excited about the stuff and his sig lines such as, *laughs* works every time; get the liiiiiines under your haand, what was I thinking? I wasn’t thinking of any of that! LOL. Classic lines! All of course in the mafia philly italian accent haha. The way he shows you things and explains things really gets you excited to learn because not only is it the best and easiest way, but it’s the street way – the way that says, you don’t have to know this and that…I don’t and look at me!. Best motivation to play ever. This dvd changed my playing and ive only had it for a couple of weks now. OH yeah…EIGHT HOURS! PS Take it easy on Steve and Rob next time lol!

Brannon McConkey
Nashville, TN

How to effectively solo

Thanks so much Robert for such a fine product. I first became aware of you while watching Truefire TV. I was so impressed with your version of One Note Samba, especially your playing style and touch that I made up my mind immediately that I want to play like you with my own voice of course. Your improvised solos over such classics as All Blues, Summertime, One Note Samba and all the others are a fantastic and wonderful way for me to finally learn how to effectively solo over these pieces. I have been playing for many years and your teaching method is really quite amazing. Thanks again for all the music. Your Fan, and Customer for life…………. Tony Means

Tony Means
Hayward, CA

Keys to true music creativity

Wonderful material, the BEST! Robert Conti’s Books/DVDs have given me the information to fill in the caps that are necessary to improve one’s own performance. The DVD/Book system provide the keys to true music creativity.  This  invaluable information can release the Guitar/Artist  that is well within us all and accomplish it at the speed of thought! Each Source Code Book is  the equivalent of a four year music degree from a major music university!   Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith
Winfield, IL

The Formula

Just wanted to thank you for the great job you did with writing The Formula. I can’t tell you how much that information helps me to arrange and thereby get a better understanding of how music is created. It has got to be the most instructional piece of work I have ever read.Years ago I knew because of my schedule I would not be able to join a group.  Chord melody compositions and composing was the only option left to me. I listened to guys like Joe Pass and some of Bob Conti’s music and realize that it is possible to play by yourself and create very pleasing and professional sounding music.  I am an amateur and enjoy learning more than actually playing with a group. Your courses have radically increased my music knowledge and appreciation. Many Thanks, Gregg Gawel

Gregg Gawel
West Seneca, Ny

A-Train Solo

Hello there,  I am in my sixties and have played guitar for some years mainly ragtime finger picking. I have taken to jazz guitar in the last twelve months and learned scales and arpeggios as well as some simplified Django tunes. I became so proficient that you could call out Am and I  could play you the scale and the arpeggio instantly. This, of course, was totally useless and so boring that I kept reverting back to learning rags. After subscribing to JJG I began to follow Robert’s philosophy and with the free video of the A-Train solo spent the last week studying this and nothing else. I loved it, felt I was achieving something at last. I then found that my fluidity and relaxed playing I HAD DEVELOPED IN ONLY A WEEK had transferred to my playing of other tunes.  I found myself adding some runs I had learned into Nuages (almost without thinking). I will be ordering the Entry level DVD shortly and the Source Code DVDs. Many thanks for the free lesson which really has transformed my playing and put back the joy of playing the guitar, which was rapidly diminishing with every arpeggio and modal scale I learned.  Brilliant!! Yours sincerely, Rodney Buckle Scarborough, England

Rodney Buckle

Jazz Improv

Musical education has become lame.  We need Robert and others like him to rescue our youth and enlighten them (as Robert does), rather than intimidate them with meaningless rhetoric. Robert’s teachings should be in every university guitar curriculum. I mean it! Jazz improv on the guitar has been a big secret until you came along. You are the Dr. Suzuki of the jazz guitar. Your comment about scales, modes -(nonsense) is great.  You really care about people. David Schnerr  

David Schnerr
Indiana, USA

Instructional DVDs

Robert,Your instructional DVD’s are so good, it’s almost like you’re a personal friend in my house ! 🙂  Looking forward to seeing you at NAMM 2009! Geoffrey E. Stich

Geoffrey Stich
Hillsborough, CA

Good, very good!

I have bought alllllllol the source code books and 2 big city blues DvDs. I think I am making a good progress. I have play the guitar for 10 years. Thank you so much Mr. Conti.

George Cheng

Unleashed the mystery of chord melody

Mr. Conti, I recently ordered the Formula-DVD and the Chord Melody Assembly Line-DVD. I want to thank you for your prompt response and for the complimentary upgrade to Priority Class Mail. I received the books in only two days. I also want to thank you for the complimentary two video lessons and chord melody arrangements. I’ve been playing guitar for a number of years and am now just starting with Chord Melody. I must say that your Chord Melody Assembly Line book with DVD has broken the code for me. Your straight forward approach to presenting the material has answered my numerous questions and unleashed the mystery of Chord Melody. The videos are outstanding and makes the information easier to understand by watching and hearing you go through the material. The added side notes not covered in the book are also invaluable. Your books have given me the confidence that I can learn Chord Melody by getting it under my fingers. Thank you again and I look forward to going through both books. Mike Setunsky

Mike Setunsky
Woodbridge, VA

The Jazz Lines

Robert Conti’s material really works, I’ve only been practicing his jazz stuff for 6 months and have seen a big improvement in my jazz chops.iam a pro guitar instructor on LI new york,and currently teach 50 students a week.the problem with most jazz instruction is you dont learn a good quality of vocabulary or lines.roberts lines actually sound like bebop and not cheesy.when you work with them after a while they become part of your musical personality and you start to employ them in various situations.after you learn them you can see things like line #1 uses an f major 7th arpeggio from shape 6(a aeolian).thats really not the point,the point is you now have an idea from this arp and scale.the other way really doesnt work because you will not no what too do with shape 6 and f major 7th unless you have a good example to work with.this is ground breaking stuff,also his chord teaching approach is hands down the best.

Adam Press
Queens, NY

Very logical approach

Thank you for releasing such great material. You are a forgotten jazz master/teacher. I agree 100% with your approach to jazz guitar. It is a very logical approach that only requires common sense.

Nicholas Bettcher
Alberta, Canada

Knew that I hit gold

Hi Robert,I have been compelled to send you this email for sometime to let you know how you and your products have drastically changed my thought process in looking for that secret in playing great jazz guitar. This email is going to be a long on, so you may want to get a cup of coffee while you digest this! I’m not trying to bore you with this info, but I think it is necessary that you know a bit about my guitar background prior to discovering you and your products and how much impact they have made on my playing as opposed to my past history and experience.I started playing guitar in the mid 60’s, took lessons from the local music store and became a product of rock ‘n roll. Later, I hooked up with some college guys who turned me on to learning to play standards and let me join their group. Well, I was hooked and off I went wanting to be the best player I could. During my search for that elusive sound I bought every book I could and picked every guitar player’s mind that I could find, but living in a small town didn’t offer much hope. These guys that I started to play with took me to a Wes Montgomery concert in Columbus, Ohio in about ’67. I was blown away. I snuck behind the stage and got to meet Wes. He took the time to talk to me and give me encouragement, and also gave me the same advice that he gave you – Just play your instrument. I then went on a harder search to play better. My local teacher did do a great job on teaching me, but I don’t think he really knew the answer, but here is what he accomplished with me.I won the North American Invitational Championship for guitar sponsored by the American Guild of Music. In 1970 I won the Down Beat Instrumental Award and got a Scholarship to Berklee, was accepted at Wittenburg University to major in classic guitar, so I must have been doing something right (but could I really play?)Still striving to get better and sound better, my journey took me to Howard Roberts Classes, Herb Ellis, a Joe Pass master class, studied with George Barnes for quite a bit and then spent some time with Barney Kessel. I probably got the most info from Barney, but it just still wasn’t happening. These guys could do it, show you a lick or two, give you some ideas, but there was never any instruction on how to really apply it or what they exactly did to get that sound or how they got the idea or concept. In retrospect, they could surely play, knew where to go on the guitar, get that sound, but I’m not sure that they really knew the inner workings of why or how it worked. They just knew it sounded right and worked. I then discovered a Schillinger Expert. I took some lessons from this fella for a short time, and this system appears to be similar to your DVD The Formula!. I would be curious if you are familiar with this system. This Schillinger System did turn me on to some better sounds, but still didn’t do the trick and still didn’t know why it worked and not always sure how it could be applied. The search continued for many, many years until I accidently found your web site. Was I skeptical at first? You bet, I was a guy that has bought every guitar book known to man, and was usually very disappointed. Robert, you have been a great inspiration and you have pulled me back into playing my guitar again. I put it down several years ago and gave up playing due to hitting a dead wall. I was disappointed in being stuck at a dead end and felt that I would never find what I was looking for in the instrument that gave me my living for over 30 years. After I purchased my first product from you, I knew that I had hit gold. I am very grateful to you for what you have now enabled me to do with my guitar and wish I could repay you in some way. I think it’s important for you to know some of my past history to give you a better idea of where I was at with my instrument prior to discovering your concepts (this is not a brag list, but for a better understanding of my ability prior to giving it all up. With this list and a couple of bucks, we could both have a Starbucks coffee)Toured performed with: The Platters, The Drifters, The Coasters, The Marvelettes, Bobby Lewis, Tommy Roe, Shelia Ray Charles ( Ray’s daughter), Candy Johnson (Ellington Band), Madeline Vegari (Fox’s Are you smarter then a 5th grader-does all the vocals), Dom Famularo (Mapex clinician) Roy Smeck (wizard of the strings) Art Van Damme, and many others.Taught guitar for 30 + years, music retail for 25 years, did clinics for J.B. player guitars, Aria Pro II guitars, and D’Aquisto stringsA Sincere Thank You Again for what you have done.Regards,Mike McWilliamsPS The Jazz Lines book is tremendous!!

Mike McWilliams
Strasburg, OH

Can’t recommend your products enough..

Hi Robert,I have been looking for material such as yours for a long time…I regret not purchasing your products earlier when I first saw them 2 years ago!!!.  I think that your approach of learning to play stuff first and then the theory will come along really works for me and I am really happy with the progress I am making. Can’t recommend your products enough to anyone who who  wants to learn Jazz Guitar. Thanks again!! Arthur

Arthur Manganas
Seattle, WA

Enthusiasm due to the Conti videos

I’m very pleased with Conti’s approach to jazz guitar and I have seen improvement within a short period of time. I have been playing for a few years and got caught in the academic approach, got discouraged with my progress, and recently came back with enthusiasm due to the Conti videos. I will be purchasing other material over the course of my learning and playing.Thanks,Dennis

Dennis Sanchez
Westlake, OH

the hair stood up on my neck

Mr. Conti,I have much of your lesson material and it is suberb. I am slowly catching on.I heard/saw your youtube performance of Jobim’s  Someone to Light up my Life and it was unbelievable, the hair stood up on my neck. If God wanted to play guitar through someone’s hands they would be yours. Maybe he already made that choice. I can’t believe I didn’t hear about you before 2 years ago. I wish you could put the Living Legends DVD on your site for sale. Thanks for the great material,Tom Steinke

Thomas Steinke
River Grove, IL

Express my sincere gratitude

I have no words to express my sincere gratitude to mister Conti  to have finally found,after many  years ,a good way to learn to play jazz. His explanations and his teachings are the most of tens of boring books that possess and  not use.Your face is always present on my computer .. and  for that  Mr. Conti  we hope all the good possible and so serenita’Thanks

Antonio Cattivelli

Like to start taking lessons

Mr. Conti: My friend Ray Herrick referred me to you. I would like to start taking some lessons for a beginner Jazz Guitarist, Thanks.

Tony Verderese

Read your article in JJG

Dear Bob;I read with interest the article on you in Just Jazz Guitar. I am a jazz guitarist of the hobby type but would like to do more with it. I can read music, construct chords as well as play them and know chord substitution for comping. I am working on learning to improvise at the moment. But it is slow going. All of this has been a struggle because for years I was using an incorrect position in terms of my left hand. Most notably my thumb. I had a teacher to and he never pointed the problem out! But he did teach me to read music. I would like to become a better player as I now live in Las Vegas where there are many opportunities to play on an amature or even professional basis. Your song, On Green Dolphin Street, is one of my favorites and after what seems to me a lot of practice I will be able to play it and do it justice. I would like to feel more comfortabel with chord melody style as well as learn to improvise.

John Ballweg

Thanks for a GREAT book

Hi, Saturday afternoon I received my source code book four “The Formula” in the mail. Wow! After reviewing just the first two lessons (about an hour), I picked a tune (Autumn In New York) out of my fake book and began reharmonizing using what I had learned from just the first two lessons. I can’t believe the results. I will never look at chord progressions and harmony the same way again. I have so many options from which to choose. I plan to attack the next lesson tonight. I would do so sooner but alas I have a day job. Thanks for a GREAT book! Al Owens

Hinton Al Owens

Thanks for the inspiration

Hi Bob, I met you in ’98 when you were working the hotel lobby (I think Marriott) in LA. You were fantastic and very kindly took the time to speak with me about guitar. I have since taken it up. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m glad you’re still doing it!! Thanks, Gale

Gale Tynefield


Mr Conti: After visiting your site let me say, your jazz playing is HOT, DYNAMIC AND INSPIRING.Congratulations!.I,m a professional jazz and tango player in my country so my opinion is based on 25 years of playing. I hope keep in touch with you Sir in the future, to purchase your books and CD’s.Thank you very much.Francisco RiveroARGENTINA

Francisco Rivero A

Great music…great name

Great music…great name. Thought we might be related. I was born in 44 and my real name is Buoniconti .My family was from Bracigliano,Italy and I live in Chicago.

Robert Conti

You’re the jazz master!

Hi …I play guitar all day everyday, but you’re the jazz master, I’m going to buy lots of your music and learn. I’ve never heard of you over here in England but I should of done. That’ll be because of that evil Britney Spears I guess lol……………goodbye (I must get back to my guitar !!!!!!!!!)

Karl Anders

I can’t stop grinning

So I stumbled across this site yesterday and now I can’t stop grinning. Fantastic! Thanks for including the videos – seeing is believing. Jim LaDiana’s JJG review – great! I agree with Carl: “please videotape a ‘live’ performance”. Thank you, Bob, you are the greatest. John

John Bruning

Looking out for your performances

I live in Philadelphia, but commute and spend much time in NYC. I was wondering if you have any performances up comming in either of these two cities. I had studied years ago under a local player and instructor Thornell Schwartz who had instructed many players in Phila., but never became well known him self. I am and have been an admirer of Pat Martino who I have known for many years. I am sorry to say that until I saw this site I had never heard of you. I will be looking out for your performances in the future.

Juan Polk

Thoroughly enjoying it

After reading your interview in JJG, I decided to tackle your transcription of “The shadow of your smile” What a great introduction to your appraoch. I am throughly enjoying it. Would love to hear you play some time in Philadelphia or Harrisburg, Pa. You ever come home for a visit?

Sam (Private)

What a great surprise

Robert, this is great! I’ll pull it up tomorrow or Friday when I have the time to explore it. Never would have guessed you were on here! what a great surprise! Maybe I could learn something! Great hearing from you again. Will check this out later this week. BC

Bob Carrol

Arrangements are exquisite

Thanks for the 4 1/2 years of great lessons in Florida (and for introducing me to the playing of Pat Martino and Johnny Smith). I never would have learned so much without your help. I still wonder to this day how you play the way you do with such ease. Your playing style is unique…NO ONE sounds like you…and that is remarkable considering the number of guitarists playing today. Your chord melody arrangements are exquisite. The guitar teacher I had at Berklee College of Music in Boston a while back was visibly shaken when I played one of your arrangements for him…he was *that* blown away. (I should have told him it was one of my arrangements…ha, ha) I soon discovered I was not going to learn much guitar there after learning from you and to focus on other areas. I hope to return full time to the guitar playing world (when I have more time) after I complete my degree…when ever that is! Thanks again! (Please videotape a “live” performance!) Carl 8)

Carl Hardwick

The article was very interesting

Hi Bob!Got your book and CD’s that you sent me. The article was very interesting. I see you put a picture of Amadei in your article. All I do these days is play with a bunch of 12 and 13 year old kids here at Pitman Middle School. Freddy just retired, but I still have 5 more years. I hope to sit down sometime soon and write you a letter. Write back to me here at school. Save me from this insanity!! Send it to [email protected] Thanks. Good hearing from you.Jim

Jim Scarpa

What technique, what melodic inventiveness

Ok, this is a crazy man.. geez! Just listened to some of the video clips.. what technique, what melodic inventiveness. Great

Stu (Private)

Enjoyed hearing you at NAMM

I enjoyed hearing you a year ago at NAMM (Anaheim)..The days of wine — roses was great! Sorry I didn’t catch you this year. Just checking out your site. Looks like a lot of good stuff.

Ray Grunten

It would be an honor

Hello Mr. Conti SIR!!! We spoke a couple days ago about my movie “Godz of the Guitar.” Currently, I have about 20 signed letters of intent, by the Hellecasters, Steve Morse, Albert Lee, Frank Gambale, Jay Graydon, Elliott Randall, Redd olkaert, Seymour Duncan, Dean Markley strings, Davie ALlan and the Arrows, Adrian Legg’s manager, and I’m sure I’m forgetting someone. Oh, and Herb ellis I guess is retiring. So, since I’m trying to show virtuosity in the movie, plus different styles of playing, and different guitars…and you play inimitably, and with an eight string, it would be an honor if you were in the film. All you have to do for me is write a note and mail it to: Jon Michaels, 3501 Clarington Avenue, LA CA 90034(310)-204-2410 is my number if you have a question.

Jon Michaels

Heard wonderful things about you

Dear Mr. Conti- I am interested in talking with you about a few things…mainly about life as a professional jazz guitarist, and how you continue to grow and improve as an artist. I dn’t see any links to your personal contact information, so…I am hoping that you will find me via this message. I have heard wonderful things about you, and would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you directly. Keep up the great work, and let’s chat soon. Ryan Taylor WWW.RYANTAYLORJAZZ.COM

Ryan Taylor

Best kept “secret” in the industry

Bob – I just caught you at the NAMM show….WOW ! I’ve been in this buisness for nearly 30 yrs on and off (as a piano player) and can’t believe I haven’t ran into you. So far, you’re the best kept “secret” in the industry! I sincerely hope that changes for you very soon. Not to mention yourself, you owe it to the entire jazz world! Much success and God bless. I’m gonna try to get down to South County and catch you before you “get away”. No matter, I’ll be sending students your way from now on. Let me know how the “Guest Artist” thing works. I’d love to have you out to my school.

Gregg Tomlinson

Thanks for sharing your talent



You’re the man, Robert!

You’re the man, Robert! I’ve never heard anyone quite like you. Where have you been? Best Wishes, Brian

Brian Kelly

Pat Martino sends his love

Bob, hope all is well!. I spoke with Pat Martino today. He asked about you and sends all his love. Take care, Reggie…

Reggie Powers

Just ordered a couple of your books

Hey man I am good friends with Mark Stefani and he can’t say enough good things about you as a player as well as a person (not even counting the Italian factor which is always a plus.) I just ordered a couple of your chord melody books along with the cd offer.I aspire to go from a lousy player to a mediocre one! Sorry I missed the seminar when you were in S.F.but Mark gave me a call at midnight the previous eve and I wasn’t able to make it. I hope to hear you if you are back in San Francisco.Any gig potentials up here for you? I look forward to hearing you play on cd and hopefully in person. Lou Curri

Lou Curri

Chops for days

Oh my God!!! You are a sick man Bob, I have just finished watching your video clips. You play so many amazing lines that would have made Tal Farlow slip out the back door and hide!!ha! You must listen to Charlie Parker all day, do you? Recently I have been listening to Parker non-stop. I guess it’s Conti time for the next 6 months for me. Seriously my friend, I have just ordered your postal lessons x3. I can’t wait to get them. If you ever start the Bob Conti Guitar Church, I’m your man. Anyway, you are an inspiration with chops for days. All the best friend, P.S. I have some crazy improvisations on acidplanet.com. if your interested in listening some time, just type my name in the search tab…. Alan Traynor (From Ireland, now living in Boston)

Alan Irish Traynor

Really like the Jobim one

hi bob just letting you know that my thoughts and prayers are with the USA at this sad time. sorry it has been so long since i last contacted you,i am still busy with those chord arrangements you sent,i really like the Jobim one,superb.i hope you are well and taking it easy,just thought i would touch base with you and let you know that i am still working with those pieces and making steady progress,i have also orderd the SOURCE BOOK 1 looking forward to that, stay well keep up the excellent work.Derek

Derek Crehan

One of your students from the 60s

Bob, you might remember me from Jacksonville,Fl. I was one of your student’s in the late sixties. One of my biggest regrets in Life was not continuing guitar study under your direction. But I still play at it though, and am considering accomplishing it in the future. Congratulations on your apparent great success over the years. I think the last time I saw you was at the Jacksonville Jazz Festival. Here’s to continued success and a good life. Henry Bechem Jacksonville Beach, Fl.

Henry Bechem

Puzzle is starting to come together

Practice practice practice. The puzzle is starting to come together. Very nice not to be on a schedule. I am now able to play and learn from a pro at any time I want. Weekly lessons can be very constraining. Thanks for creating a professional service at a great price.J.Pineda

Jorge Pineta

Signed up for two lessons

I signed up for two lessons in rythym guitar. I am interested in blues- jazz crossover rythym guitar and hope that your lessons will teach me.

Rick Mathes

Really like your lessons

Hi, Really like your Lessons in Just Jazz Guitar. Would like to see more information and Licks on Django Reinhardt and where can a player find a Guitar like DR played that don’t cost a arm and a leg? LATER!

Reggie Crutcher

Love to have you stop by

Bob. Debi and I have been very busy the last couple of weeks. Sorry we haven’t been down to see you at Brothers West. Please write me and let me know when you will be in the neighborhood. Love to have you stop by. Tony

Tony Sclafani

Like your music too

I’m Don Casper’s brother. The one who first started Don playing the guitar. I like your web site. Your music too.

Doug Casper

Burning at the NAMM show

Thanks to technology, those who are geographically far from California, are abble to see Mr. Conti, burning at the NAMM Convention. This is a truly inspiring experience. I invite you all to visit Bob’s Video Showcase Thanks

Jorge Barnet

Always been curious

In 1979 I bought an Aria Pro II “Robert Conti” model guitar, a beautiful and exact copy of a Gibson L5, in Caldwell, New Jersey. I’ve been playing it ever since, and have used it in blues bands, rock and roll bands, and now in a country band. I’ve always been curious about the person for whom the guitar was named, and now I know.

Lee Martin

Interested in chord melody

I am interested in chord melody. I am specifically looking for an arrangment of “Nature Boy,” I would appreciate any help you can give me. Tony

Tony Robleto

Koll Guitar Company

Come check out Koll Guitar Company home of the manufacturer of a special custom Robert Conti Guitar. Koll Guitar Company

Rusty Jennings

Totally blown away

Saw Robert Conti perform at NAAM and was totally blown away. Am a classical player interested in learning jazz. Especially interested in the 8-string guitar and its possibilities in playing not only jazz, but classical pieces written for piano, etc. Would appreciate any info you have on accoustic nylon 8-string guitars available that have built-in mics or pick-ups and or how to get my hands on an electric 8-string that is conducive to fingerstyle playing (have never used a pick). Thanks! Ephran

Ephran Younger

Having lots of fun

Dear Mr Conti,Many thanks for the postal lesson I recieved today, having lots of fun with it already.It was a real treat to hear you talking directly to me and answering the questions that I e-mailed you.. this is the first time that i have taken lessons by post,i am glad i took the plunge…looking forward to the next one already…. stay safe,keep well,untill next time best wishes Derek

Derek Crehan

Creativity in a class of its own

Dear Bob, I’ve always loved listening to your playing and your interpertation of the music. From one artist to another your creativity is in a class of its own. I wish you great success on Conti’s Corner. Warm Regards, Your Friend, Tony Annecharico

Tony Annecharico

Personality bigger than life

I first met Bob Conti when I worked at a music store in Jacksonville, FL. Bob has a personality that is bigger than life and a very critical ear. But mostly Bob is a great musician and a good person (don’t tell him I said that!). I guess my favorite story about Bob was his business card. It said, “For God so loved the Guitar, He created Bob Conti”. A lot of people thought that was over the top – until they heard Bob play. Keep playing Bob!

Richard Johnson

Eagerly awaiting lessons

I am eagerly awaiting the chord melody studies that i ordered….after seeing your section in JUST JAZZ GUITAR MAGAZINE…exellent just one thing though,could there be more information about where to use the licks,i know you gave an indication ie;-this could be used over a 5-1 progression. could there be more nformation about possible substitutions e.t.c many thanks for your time and patience.derek

Derek Crehan

A genius alive behind that guitar

I studied and took private lessons in jazz guitar with Robert Conti in Jacksonville, Florida. I went from a medicore player with a slight jazz background and a few “cowboy chords” in my hand…to a player who could play whole, impressive songs. Jazz standards, the real music. Frontwards, backwards, he could teach you the songs both ways. Joe Pass said one time that Robert Conti was the “fastest guitarist alive”. I believe Joe. There is a genius alive behind that guitar, in that man. In those fingers. If you are a dedicated jazz player, you need to check out Conti’s lessons. You will go somewhere with your abilities. Conti taught me that once you have the foundation…the chords…THEN, the chops can come…so, be patient with the chops…sharpen the axe of your fingers with some of Conti’s “String Fever”, when you’re ready…if you’re gonna cook, you gotta stay in the oven for a while, so, you gotta practice, or you aren’t gonna get a thing.

Jim Hendee
Plano, TX

One of the finest players

Dear Robert, I visited your page a few times and it is a beautiful site. I play a Gibson ES-175 in two bands and I would like to see the lick of the month but I can,t find it. You are one of the finest players I ever heard and I would like to learn a lot from you. I am an average player (amateur)and I would like to have some advise. I like to play chords in the improvisations but I have a problem with this. I hope to hear from you soon. Greetings, Tony, Zoetermeer/Holland

Tony Droog

Helping interested jazz guitarists

Great to see someone helping interested Jazz guitarists. Thanks from us all 73 de Tom

Tom Hathaway

Keep up the good playing

Hi , I just listening to your mp3 music and I just wanted to say it was very good and to tell you to keep up the good guitar playing . Bill Elliott

Bill Elliott

Enjoyed listening to your music

I have enjoyed listening to your music very much. Thanks for sharing your great talent with us. I hope to collect most of your cd stuff……. Joe

Joe Carlton

Some of the finest jazz

This is some of the finest jazz music I have heard! We have artists in RI that are extremely talented…. They should /or maybe are listening to you. This music is my passion, having been a musician at one time. All I can say is keep producing and Thanks

Edward Ragosta

Ultimate guitar genius

I saw and heard Mr. Conti for the first time one evening during the the summer of 1990, thereabouts, when he used to perform back at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel Lounge…In my perception, any guitar playing executed at a higher level than that exhibited by Robert Conti’s virtuosism is just unfathomable. In my book he is, without argument or doubt, the ultimate guitar genius, a musical Legend that already stands above and beyond all Leyends of his instrument. As a lifetime fervent jazz lover, I have been privileged to see, hear and also exchange a handshake or two with both Joe Pass and Robert Conti. Imagine that!. If I go to heaven when I die, I wish you take me seriously if I solemnly promise in here that there will be one whole lot of telling I am going to be doing to all the music enthusiasts up there, particularly those who play stringed intruments!!!.

Julien Ciceri

Got me inspired once again

Hey Bob,It was good to hear you at the show a couple weeks ago. I recieved my Source Code 2 book a couple days ago,and it’s got me inspired once again to practice.I had broken my left hand and three of the knuckles last year and it had slowed me down considerably.The Etudes are definately good therapy.I’ve been keeping about four of the Etudes in pretty good shape.I’m getting the others back to speed and I think it is amazing what it’s doing for my hand(s).Thanks for the inspiration and all you have done for me as a teacher.I hope to hear your music and get to rap with you in person soon! John

John Murphy

Really well written and inspiring

Robert, Saw you again at the NAMM show. I get to go most every year and really enjoy seeing some of the players in various styles. This year you were even better than last year which was also very inspiring. Your articles in Just Jazz Guitar are really well written and inspiring. Keep it up! Thanks, Frank

Frank Markovich

Sit back and be amazed

Hello to all jazz guitar fanatics in the Toronto Canada area. W e have got to somehow get the magic fingers of Mr. Conti up here to blow a few minds. If there are any guitar stores willing to hold a clinic or perhaps the TOP of the Senator club could get him up for a weekend session that would be absolutely fantastic. Robert was kind enough to email me back with some guitar info which I thought was very nice of him. If you haven’t picked up his cds, do so, sit back and be amazed VIVA LAA CONTI!!!!!!!!!

Steve Lambert


I saw Robert play at NAMM, and all I can say is: WOW!!!

Mike Gray

…the ultimate guitarist of our time

I met Robert Conti by chance in the mid sixties in front of a place called the Beachcomber Lounge in Jacksonville, Florida. A conversation began when he made a comment about a flashy Cadillac that I owned at that time. That night, he sat in with the band and had the place in an uproar. When I heard him play guitar, I could not believe my ears! We have remained lifelong friends since that night sometime in 1965. We have had some great times through the years! In fact, I was involved in the production of a one hour Robert Conti video in 1969. Who knows, it may have been the first music video ever produced? To this day, I think Bob is the ultimate guitarist of our time.

Thomas Register
Jacksonville, FL

The most I have received for my money

I recently purchased three of your chord melody books. Along with that I received your CD Comin’ on Strong, DAMN!!!! Excellent!! I’m a huge fan of Jonny Smith. Jimmy Bruno also. Their playing is so clean. Johnny is spotless. So are you. That’s quite an elite group you are in. I’m in China for the next three weeks. When I get home to Georgia I will spred the word to my friends about you. (I think you may also have picked up some fans over here in China.) Now to your books. I’m having a blast playing with your arrangements of Skylark and Willow Weep for Me. I have been transcribing and playing Johnny’s solos for quite some time. Your style is altogether different yet just as good. I particularly enjoy the way you move tones between changes. I am learning much from working with your arrangements. It’s a whole new perspective for me. That is the most I have received for my money in a L O N G time. It really helps pass the time in hotel rooms as I travel allot. Thank you.

Al Owens
Bogart, GA

Blew me away

Wow……..I’ve been a rock guitarist for 22 years, starting to learn some jazz guitar, and the video clips from the NAMM show blew me away. We’re talking SERIOUS inspiration here. I’ll be back for more when my head stops spinning….. Jim M

Jim M

Advanced my playing by light years

Bob is one of the best kept secrets in the music business.I’ve had the opportunity to woodshed with him re: guitar chord melody arranging and it advanced my playing and understanding by light years…and I’ve been playing in this style for 40 years. Bob is truly touched by the muse and those of you who know only of his technical prowess know only half the story. He can re-harmonize an old standard just as quickly and it’s always musically correct. We are fortunate that he is secure enough and generous enough to share his gift for the asking. If you’re a serious guitar player, don’t miss his upcoming book called “The Formula” I certainly won’t.

Joel Lackey

Turned my head so hard that day

I was told by someone (don’t remember who) to go and see you at a hotel in Irvine (Marriott? Hyatt?) I got there late and your equipment was sitting there unattended (an eight stringed telecaster?!?!?). I awaited your return. When you got back. You started to pack up your gear. I went up to see what days you where playing there and mentioned that I had come to see you play. You immediately said, Oh, you came here to see me, in that case Then you unpacked and played a whole additional set. Wow!! It was great! I felt like you were playing for me, I guess you were kind of. It was truly an honor, seeing such greatness so up close and personal. Having been a guitarist for nearly 40 years myself, I am not always easily impressed but, you turned my head so hard that day I almost broke my neck. I couldn’t help but wonder why you were not a household name, especially amongst the likes of my circle of friends who like to know who the greats are.

Eric L. Swenson

Only one who is truly a legend…YOU

Bob..I have lots of friends, but only one who is truly a legend…YOU! Reviewing your website made me long for the old days in Newport Beach and Irvine…how I miss the pleasure of your music and company, it’s true, you never know how good you’ve got it ’till you go away! Much continued and over due success. Give me a call, I’d love to hear your voice, and God knows I can always use your advice. Tom p.s. Ashley and Caitlin ask about you all the time.

Tom Limberg

It is great music


Bryan Garland

Truly a great guitarist

Robert Conti is truly a great guitarist. I enjoy listening to his music.

Doug Casper

Love hearing you play

Hi Bob: Congratulations on your success. We love hearing you play.

Chris and David

A needed breeze in my sails

Just about the time I become frustrated trying to market myself in a guitar based trio or as a solo guitarist, someone comes along and blows a needed breeze in my sails, re-instills my desire to perform real jazz. Your playing along with Lenny’s and Jimmy Bruno’s keep me going. Look forward to seeing you live. best regards,Mike McKinley Jazz Guitarist

Mike McKinley

Owe a great deal to your insight

Bob, my father and I took lessons from you in Jacksonville in the late 60’s early 70’s. I still have the Guild archtop my Dad bought from you. I wish I still had the Gibson stereo amp you sold us! I’ve been playing professionally for 20 years now, and I owe a great deal to your insight and inspiration.

Chris Carlson
Portland, OR

Like to attend the clinic

I would like to attend the clinic. All the best

Rich Yellin

Class act…fabulous

BOB CONTI !!!!!!!!!!!! As always …..Class act … fabulous …. The one and only !!! You deserve all the success and more… Miss C,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Miss Char

Found your lick of the month article

Just started getting Just Jazz Guitar where I found your lick of month article. I really enjoyed it and hope to benifit from it.

Michael Ashcroft

Saturate my mind with your ideas

I feel I’ve been cheated of not being introduced to you until after 20 years of playing. Just goes to show how screwed up the music industry is for keeping such a talent unexposed to the public. Shame on Guitar Player Magazine and all the other so-called guitar publications, that don’t put you on their covers at least once every other year. Can’t wait to saturate my mind with all your musical ideas. P.S. Please take care of yourself and stay alive so we can continue to experience your genius for years to come.

James Moser

Arrangements are fantastic!

I just wanted to drop a quick line to say the Chord Melody arrangements are FANTASTIC! The tunes are so lush and full, I actually had a listener come up to me on a break at gig to tell me he thought there were two guitars playing! I can’t wait to receive the sourcebooks I’ve recently ordered. If I can play 1100th the speed of Bob, I’ll die a happy man! Keep up the great work.

John M. Yount
Columbus, OH

…privilege to have studied with Conti

Robert Conti is one of the greatest guitarists I’ve known. His smoothapproach to chord melody produces such fullness, and depth Yet, at anygiven moment, he can turn his guitar solo into a blazing inferno,carrying you in and out of the groove before you know it, whether it bea complex chord solo or straight ahead jazz. His system of teachingcreated a life long foundation for me. It was an honor and a privilegeto have studied with Robert Conti!

Willie Thompson
Tampa, FL

I will improve by light years

Hi Mr Conti, Where the heck have you been hiding? I have to say that prior to having renewed my subscription to Just Jazz Guitar magazine, I never heard of you. Whenever I logged on to your website and watched and heard you play, I was stunned. Just when you think, who could ever test the originallity of the great Pat Martino, you come along. I cannot wait to order your CD’S and instructional material. If a tiny bit of your musical abilities can be incorporated into my playing, I will improve by light years. Here’s hoping. Your newest fan, Bob Potvin

Bob Potvin

Balls to the wall jazz

Hey Bob, Just thought I’d sign your guestbook. Jim LaDiana let me hear one of your CD’s. Man! Your playing just kicks me in the ASS!! It’s like authentic East Coast, “Balls to the Wall” Jazz with a great feel on STERIODS! Excellent chord melody and blazing single note lines! YOU DA MAN!!! You’re the Michael Jordan of Jazz Guitar! Thanks for letting me do some of your art work on your ads! Willie Makiling

Willie Makiling

Still love listening to Conti play

It’s now 2000 and I have moved from Jax FL to Atlanta GA. I still love listening to Conti play after all these years and turning other players onto his music. Especially the nose in the air wanna be stars. His playing puts them in their place every time. Miss you and hope to see you again sometime. If you are ever in Atlanta,look me up please-and email me when there is time.All the best JIM

Jim Brown

One of the best

Great site! You are one of the best. Keep going. The world needs more beautiful music. +ENERGY Music Atlanta GA


Enjoyed your music

Great site. I’m a friend of Sal’s (he and I went to school together) and I met you in Jacksonville. Glad to see that everything is going well for you. Enjoyed your music. Jim Cox

Jim Cox

Thought God came down to play jazz guitar

Mr. Conti, Saw your brief playing at the Namm, thought God came down to play jazz guitar! Try searching for your material, found none until now!

Thomas Leong Kam Hon

A blessing to many people

Hey Robert! Thanks for the “Titanic” music tonight @ Capriccio’s! I always appreciate your “Gift from God” You are a blessing to many people, myself — Dina included. Hope you’re around for a long time to come!

Peter Melody

Could not believe what I witnessed

Dear Robert: About eight years ago, I discovered you during one of your evening performances at the Irvine Marriott Hotel in Newport Beach. As a jazz guitarist myself, I simply could not believe what I witnessed at the occasion. At the intermission, you had the deference to make yourself available to me and over a scotch or two, we conversed for a while. I know this happened years ago, but for me, these circumstances will remain as an extraordinary, unforgettable experience for the rest of my life. At a much earlier time, one night, during the summer of 1974, I shook hands for the first time with my beloved idol, absolute mentor and full source of musical inspiration, the late Joe Pass. That occurred at Donte’s, a jazz spot in North Hollywood which today is no longer in existence. That one was,too, a fascinating, memorable as well as unique event whereby I also had the privilege to talk in length with the Maestro.

Julio Ceceri

The most well thought out and …

I’ve had occasion to purchase a lot of music instructional material over the years, but Robert Conti’s DVD’s certainly seem to be the most well thought out and best presented learning aids I’ve found yet. I’m sure I’ll be purchasing more of his material as time passes. Best regards, William M. RedaAddison, IL

William M. Reda
Addison, IL

To play and sound like a real jazz player,…

Mr. Conti, Last year I heard a guy trying out an archtop at the Guitar Center in Hollywood and he sounded great. I told him how I had been trying to learn that style for ten years with videos by several jazz legends, with no improvement. He said, get a few Robert Conti DVDs and lock yourself in a room. That day I ordered the first Smoking Lineman DVD. I was so happy with the results I got from that first video, I got two more and want to get the rest just as fast as I can learn. You’re the only teacher who has been able to help me start to play and sound like a real jazz player, thank you!Nathan LongSanta Ana, CA

Nathan Long
Santa Ana, CA

Spreading Mr.Conti’s guitar licks all over Asia.

Just wanted to let you know I received my package yesterday. Thank you so much for upgrading the postage. It couldn’t have been more timely, as I’m going to Beijing, China to perform with my Swing Band and will squeeze in some jazz guitar trio dates also. I’ll be spreading Mr.Conti’s guitar licks all over Asia. You guys are a class act! If you don’t hear from me for about 3 years, I’ll be in my room practicing. Just knock! Take care and keep up the good work.Jerry VicarsTokyo, Japan

Jerry Vicars
Tokyo, Japan

I’m getting the fire back again.

Dear Mr. Conti, I’m an old blues and jazz player who hasn’t really touched a guitar in over 20 years because of arthritis (and lack of motivation to be honest). About 12 months ago I started (on a dare) playing again, just at home, just trying not to sound horrible. I found your web site and ordered some Signature Chord Melody books to help me practice. After playing through 2 books, I’m getting the fire back again. Thank you for thinking of us lowly hackers, your arrangements are a joy! Robert Bove

Robert Bove
Morristown, NJ

his approach is so clear that…

The Chord Melody Assembly Line has opened up the world of chord melody playing for me. I’m a not-so-gifted amateur and playing guitar is my primary form of relaxation. As a physician, I’m too busy for formal lessons. Until now, I’ve struggled with chord melody playing. The Chord Melody Assembly Line has given me the tools to create my own chord melodies from fake books. I must thank Mr. Conti for his direct approach to teaching. My technical limits keep me from playing his full arrangements but his approach is so clear that I can make up my own. I’m playing music, songs people recognize, and not exercises.Thanks again

Ben Ellenbogen
Fremont, CA

Your materials have changed my playing for the best…

Mr. Conti, I’d like to thank you for all the great lessons and DVDs. Your materials have changed my playing for the best and taken out lots of confusion. I almost have the whole collection of your books and DVDs because they are the best. Thank you for everything and may God bless you.Ed Regisme

Ed Regisme
Boca Raton, FL

An encouraging, motivating way…

Mr. ContiI recieved my order about a week and a half ago, and though I’ve been playing professionally for 20 years, your approach has already, in a matter of about 10 days, forever changed the way I am playing. I literally stumbled onto you by a chord melody chart that I found of yesterday. I started using the progression, and really liked it. I did a search on the web and found your site. I also thank you for the Cd that you included in my order. You also have an encouraging, motivating way in your videos. Thanks for everything,Guy Guerra

Guy Guerra
Naples, FL

The production and approach is fantastic.

Just got through previewing the Smoking Lineman and Chord Melody DVDs. The production and approach is fantastic. Just the way I have felt a teaching product should be made and marketed for many years. For those of us with limited time and passion for jazz guitar this is perfect! I will start practicing this week end! Dan Laubler

Dan Laubler
Canton, GA

playing fast, smooth, flawless and with style…

There are not enough words to express the honor and great satisfaction that one can get from a DVD to be able to play so fluently and effortlessly the blues and jazz on the guitar. In one lesson only his technique of the first finger as guide on the fret board of the guitar has bettered my way of playing fast, smooth, flawless and with style that you can learn only from a master like Mr. Conti. You have others that play good guitar but they do not know how to teach or pass on their knowledge that is why you cannot call them a master. A true great master is a teacher who knows how to make the student understand and also play as good as the teacher himself. Once again Thank God that I found you on the internet and I thank Mr. Conti that I will soon be able to play like him. Can you imagine the look on my face and on the face of others when they see me play like my great Maestro Robert Conti.Regards,Ashok Hirdaramani

Ashok Hirdaramani

My picking technique has improved more…

Thanks so much for answering my question; your explanation was very clear. I must tell you that my picking technique has improved more in the last week than it had in the last few years put together! I stopped moving my wrist so much and abandoned my thick picks for the recommended lighter gauge type. As a result, my new minimal pick stroke (and the resulting increase in speed) is somewhat short of amazing to me. Thanks again for your help and send on my thanks to Mr. Conti.David Dacolias

David Dacolias
Parma, Idaho

Something magical happened….

Hi Robert, I discovered your chord melody work by way of Just Jazz guitar magazine. At first I found the approach strange looking and unorthodox. I didn’t quite get it after the initial glance. I began working on it anyways simply to build up strength in my left hand. And then after 2 days or so something magical happened. It started sounding good (really, really good!) and your approach suddenly clicked. I’ve just started working through your Source Code Vol 5. book and some of the Christmas arrangements and I think I can confidently say that you’ve found the most compressed and concise way to teach chord melody playing…and on top of that, it’s just immensely fun to work on using these techniques.

Peter Kossits
Montreal, Canada

…And it gives me a lot of ideas.

I like the DVD:s. I like the way Robert improvises in double time. It’s interesting to see how he is recycling lines in different tunes. And it gives me a lot of ideas. I am actually a saxophone player that started to play guitar again which I did in my early days.Best Regards,Roger

Roger Burstrom
Uppsala, Sweden

Are the very best I have ever found …

Robert Conti’s learning methods are the very best I have ever found and I am playing stuff I would never have thought possible. At my age, I haven’t got time to spend forever hoping that that the magical solos will somehow appear in my head without the help of Roberts mooche mode….with the technology now available, we can be in ‘mooche mode’ whenever suits..

John D'Arcy
Dublin, Ireland

Man, I wish I knew about you and…

Mr. Conti,I first read about you in JJG magazine but it wasn’t until I saw one of your videos on You-Tube that I actually heard you play. I’ve taken lessons since I was 16 and was just stuck in a rut never really getting much better. A few weeks ago I pruchased a few of your DVD’s. Man, I wish I knew about you and your method years ago. This is Great material! I saw your Thanksgiving day special and just purchased all the source books and more DVD lessons. Thanks for the excellent help.

Tom Steinke
Illinois, USA

Your materials are working wonders.

Dear Professor Conti, Your materials are working wonders. While I think I will never be more than an average player, my wife now comments, That was nice. Why did you stop? Progress. I wish I had access to these materials forty years ago when I was a self-taught rhythm player in a big band. Now I am fighting poor eyesight, arthritis and forgetfulness, but am enjoying every minute learning technique and playing your arrangements – often slightly rearranged by me.John Loose, Esquire

John Loose, Esq
Lansing, MI

They are by far the greatest learning tools…

I have purchased almost everything you have put out and they are by far the greatest learning tools I have every come across. For so long it was like I was a dog chasing its tail, going round and round getting dizzy and incredibly frustrated trying to figure out how to get the jazz sound. I learned all the theory, scales, modes etc, but you have given me the key to unlock the door to a whole new musical world, and I will be eternally grateful. I finally know what to do with all my knowledge and I’m having a great time! I hope to see you in Las Vegas sometime. Sincerely,Philip Lenowsky

Philip Lenowsky
Ramona, CA

Most dead-on, practical, and helpful …

I just ordered your new source code products and can’t wait to add them to my music library. If these even come close to the quality of the other Bob Conti products, my journey to musicianship just got more traction! I’ve waited until retirement to begin my musical journey, so learning efficiency is a huge factor for me. The list of instructional video resources seems to be growing daily; and so far these Conti products have been the most dead-on, practical, and helpful of them all. Keep’em coming. And kudos to Ann for the fantastic follow-up and follow-through service.Jay Wright

Jay Wright
Anderson, SC

All materials are invaluable

May I say all materials I have purchased so far are invaluable and Robert Conti has become my favourite teacher and player of all time!

Paul Morgan
Great Britain

I love all the information

I love all the information I have ever bought from R.C. Just purchased all the Source Codes and can not wait to get them. I love ya and hope there might be a chance to get into the private lessons.

Michael Wilson
Seattle, WA

Listening to your comments …

Bob, I have to says Thanks again. I was going over your Corcovado solo in the Rio series to use in tonight’s gig, but started getting burnt out. I was having trouble remembering the phrasing of bar 23 and 24, so I went back to the video. You were very motivating in your talk during these two bars, and it really helped me get back on to my studies. I’ve noticed that listening to your comments has motivated me in the past, but I really needed it today.Thanks,Guy

Guy Guerra
Naples, FL

Looked all my life for this

I am 70 years old and have looked all my life for something like this. Robert Conti is the best guitar instructor I have ever seen. I absolutely love the DVD’s.

Alfred Posey
Carthage, TX

Hands down the best

Thank you for sharing your 40 plus years of playing and explaining your concept of melody and harmony. I have a new insight to my playing and teaching and you have made the best method available to any jazz guitarist. Hands down the best instruction out there. It’s like having Robert in your living room for Sunday dinner and it makes you feel this one to one approach is like learning from an old friend.

Tom Fersak
Raeford, NC

Improved significantly as a result

I am extremely happy with the chord melody books and videos. My level of playing and enjoyment has improved significantly as a result of your products.

Stephen Gooze
Santa Monica, CA

Never found anything as good as this

I’ve been playing guitar for 10 years. I never found anything as good as this to start learning jazz. Thank you for your help.

Joe Maciel
Corona CA

Opened up a whole new world

I have purchased your DVDs and they have helped me in learning how to play jazz guitar. I have taken many lessons, learned theory, scales and modes and yet I have not been able to grasp the jazz and bebop feel until I discovered your products and they have opened up a whole new world of guitar playing to me. I appreciate your approach to teaching guitar.

Joe Palomino
Hilo, Hawaii

Conti delivers like no one else

Thanks a lot for the excellent service. I am a customer as happy as can be. Everybody says Conti delivers like no one else in the biz, in both content and service mindedness. This is six star service and I will definitely recommend your products and your great service to any it might concern.

Greger Hoel

Amazing what I can do now

I have Since I fell For You, the chord melody DVD, and I recently purchused and completed the Formula dvd/book. It’s amazing what I can now do. It took me a while, but I wrote my own chord-melody of When I Fall In Love, it’s so gratifying knowing how professional it sounds, and how I know I have Conti to thank. Get the Formula now. I had a chord-melody assembly line in my head (paritially thanks to Since I Fell For You), and the Formula showed me HOW to use that information, and it’s so freakin simple after he exlpains it! I will say having the DVD helped very much. I can’t wait for the other Source Code books to be made into DVDs. I just ordered Jazz lines, and I’ll let you know how my lead work improves!


Material has sparked new enthusiasm

Any new chord melodies? I loved working on the ones I have while doing a gig on a cruiseship the last several months. Great approach Mr. Conti. I’ve been a pro for 30 years, studied way back with Dale Brunning and Ron Anthony. Your material has sparked new enthusiasm and interest on my part in the Jazz field. That is greatly appreciated!

Brian Walker
Cottonwood, AZ

Clear and direct teaching method

I saw The Conti youtube vids and was interested enough to go to the site and hear and see more. He seems to have a clear and direct teaching method and I know that with a good intro, turnaround and outro whatever you play is enhanced by 70% so I have ordered that book and DVD in the hopes that people will say after I play I don’t know what the hell you were doing on that second and forth part, but the beginning, middle and end was cookin!

Jerry Nelson
Cape Cod

Gifted with rare ability to teach

Mr. Conti, I felt the urge to share my comments after receiving my first 2 DVDs from you. Now 52, I have been playing guitar since I was a kid, and it all started with The Beatles. I never learned to read nor write music, which naturally stretched my learning process. On the other hand I was blessed with an above average ear. It all worked well for me with the easier rock and blues patterns but not so well when I turned to jazz. I soon realized that the patterns were way different and all over the place, and that my ear was not as sharp as I believed it was. Even though I could translate some jazz emotion, I’ve always left aside some of its’ true colors. Mr. Conti, you may well be changing all this for me. You are the magic teacher I have praying for. It is amazing how comprehensive your material is. You are filling all the blanks I have been leaving empty for years. Your lessons are tailor fitted for me and I am immensely grateful for the knowledge you are passing on. On the day I received my 2 lessons, I opened the package put the DVD in the player and grabbed my old Gretsch. My wife was cooking. Suddenly all she heard is…Get Out!…No way!… You gotta be kiddin!…(Leaving out all the improper language that also came out of my mouth). She thought I was going insane and to tell you the truth I think I was. Two hours later, I called her in the music room to show her some of the licks I had learned, courtesy of Robert Conti. Her first comments were Get Out!…No way!… You gotta be kiddin!…All this to say, Thank You Mr. Conti, you are making my dreams come true. Not only are you an amazing and extraordinary guitar player, you are also gifted with a rare ability to teach. I hope you will produce more of your great material and continue helping the existing and future generations of struggling jazz guitar students of this world. Hoping to see you perform live someday at the Montreal Jazz Festival. Many, many THANKS!!!Yves Therien

Yves Therien
Quebec, Canada

Best $25 I ever spent on jazz guitar

If you want to learn jazz guitar there are only two words you need to know ROBERT CONTI! Just received TICKET TO IMPROV and i am amazed this was the best $25.00 i ever spent on guitar instruction and i have tons of books. Mr. Conti makes jazz guitar fun. i don’t give a **** if you know which mode goes over the I IV IIV progression, i want to make music this dvd makes music fun while teaching. Pop the dvd in your computer, grab your guitar and start to blow over changes! If you want to explain why you used the flatted F# over the II IV IIV change go to Berkley if you want to make music and have fun go to ROBERT CONTI! Looking forward to the next lessons while i work on the first video Thank you Mr. Conti.

Michael Young
Clearwater, FL

Opened the door for me

I’ve really learned so much from Robert Conti’s products. His approach to single line soloing and chord substitution have opened the door for me and allowed me to confidently and skillfully take my improvisational playing to higher levels. Its a joy to practice when you have the appropriate knowledge and skill at your fingertips.Thank You Robert Conti.    Sincerely,Robert Dzurita

Robert Dzurita
Glendale, NY

I am forever grateful

I recently bought The Formula! and I just want to say Thank you. I’m a pretty smart guy, but I have been wondering for years howmusicians that I love (Wes, Grant Green, George Benson, Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hancock, Horace Silver, Tommy Flanagan, Dianna Krall, and on and on and on) have been able to so freely and colorfully fill out the harmonies of standard tunes. You showed me in a way I can digest, internalize and incorporate into my playing, and I am forever grateful. Just a middle-aged white guy who loves jazz and blues!

Jonathan L.
Location Private

I learned more in one weekend than…

Robert, I have played guitar since 1977, when I was 10. I also know music theory inside and out, however, I learned more in one weekend last week than I have in the last 5 years! I am not joking. I really learned how to put a lot of things together for the first time. Thanks a million!

John Sullivan
Bronxville, NY

A breath of fresh air

Hello from the UK. I have just purchased the Intros, Turnarounds & Endings DVD and I wanted to go on record with my thanks to Robert Conti for a real eye-opener of an instructional DVD. I’m in my 60’s, have got all the theory books and I have learned more in a few days than in the last 5yrs about the beautiful subtle chord sounds you can achieve! Robert, you are a breath of fresh air when you say, don’t go looking for your ‘theory godmother,’ start playing first, analyze it later. Thank you again,Alan Wain

Alan Wain
Manchester, UK

Changed my guitar playing forever

I learned more about chord melody and reharmonization from this one book and DVD set (The Formula) than all the many books and DVDs I have purchased before. I really enjoy Mr. Conti’s straight-forward no fluff approach. I found I already knew the answers to my questions I just didn’t know I already knew. Thanks again for all your help. Perhaps sometime I can meet Robert, but until then his lessons by DVD have changed my guitar playing forever.

Kevin Wilkerson
Del City, OK

Such a treat to watch you

Robert – such a treat to watch you and hear the musicality, feeling, and precision with which you play. So nice. I am a guitarist with some 40+yrs of playing… still learning new stuff and will likely contact you for lessons. Thank you for making yourself available!

Bill Fulbright
Location Private

Will certainly be ordering more

I am really impressed with Robert Conti’s ability and teaching. I wish I had discovered him some time ago. I will certainly be ordering more improv DVDs and chord melody books in the coming weeks.

Michael Nesbitt
London, UK

Such a great teacher

I contacted Carol Kaye and she referred me to Robert Conti. I watched all the videos on the web site. Bob Conti is truly a phenomenal player. His speed, articulation, melody, harmony, taste and warmth are truly amazing and gifted. He also comes across as very humble and friendly. For him to also be such a great teacher is extraordinary. What a blessing. Playing jazz is the way to learn jazz and after 45 years he is the first to actually give me jazz to learn. I buy 100% into Mr. Conti’s philosophy and teaching methods. So I am thrilled with my purchases, this the absolute best material I have ever purchased.

Michael G. Marks
Silver Spring, MD

Your website is AMAZING

Just wanted to say that your website is AMAZING! I was browsing the web just for fun, to have a look at some good websites as it helps me in work. Well, I’d be proud to have a website like yours – its very useful and well-designed. So go ahead, and continue to make the web better!

Rufat Eminoff
Location Unknown

Always loved your material

I’ve always loved your material and hope to maybe catch you play live someday. Thanks for the inspiration!

Scott MacGregor
Location Unknown

Fluid lines, insane dexterity

Needless to say I’m really overwhelmed by your playing, fluid lines and really insane dexterity. I’ve been playing 7 string jazz guitar for a few years but i was just wondering how do you apply the eight string, what is the tuning and how do you visualize it? Love to hear from you maybe see a nice arragment for eight (or seven) string. God bless.

Jon Sandell
Location Unknown

Thank you for sharing your art

Your website is great! Lots of information…very professional. I look forward to enjoying your music! Thank you for sharing your art and talent with the world!

Valentina Estrada
Las Vegas, NV

Bob is awesome. I am amazed.

Wow. Bob is awesome. I am amazed. I’m going to order his re-harm book and one of his books of chord melodies in a week or two when I get the cash. BTW, nice job on the site, webmaster!

Marty Balash
Bethlehem, CT

Immediately thrilled and inspired

Robert, Short story: I’m a guitarist and songwriter from Detroit. I’m generally considered an “accomplished” player in all styles and mostly freelance around town. I stumbled on your site a while ago while “surfing” the internet and was immediately thrilled and inspired. Hearing you play took me back to my high school and college days when playing jazz was just plain fun, and we did it for hours, and money wasn’t part of the gig. It reminded me how far away from those days I’d wandered. Playing top 40 gigs, weddings, blues, rock etc. is pretty much the bread and butter of my life these days. Anyway, I sat down with my archtop and revisited that time for a bit out on my front porch, noodling through the Real Book, trying out a few of your “lessons”, and while there, a tune popped out of me that I have subsequently recorded with my group. Now, I don’t consider myself nearly as technically advanced as you – merely proficient. But if you’re interested in hearing the recording – of the song that you inspired in me – just lemme no and I’ll forward an MP3. The song is entitled “Schving!!” and will be tucked somewhere into my next CD.

Duane (Private)
Detroit, MI

Really enjoying your arrangements

I’m really enjoying your chord melody arrangements. I’m now looking forward to the lick of the month. Thanks for the great stuff!

Craig MacNaughton
Richmond, VA

Truly have mastered blues/bebop

You truly have mastered the blues/bebop lines and I hope to learn something from your materials. I recently saw some very wonderful comments about your music on Carol Kaye’s forum…you’re awesome!

Treena Foster
Location Private

Arrangements in JJG are great

The arrangements in JJG are great,I worked Chicago, KC,Gulf Coast, Denver, LV in 1950 for 16 years, I am now 81. I am coming to LV, to see you, when are you there!

Allen Kline
Location Unknown

Something like an inspiration

Hello* I’m jennifer from germany (cologne). I saw a picture from you in william claxtons “jazz seen”…it is a great picture and so i just wanted to know what kind of jazz you make. i listened to a few songs and : wow !great sound!!!! i play the guitar , too and maybe i start to study “jazzguitar” in “maastricht” (nl) this year. thanks for your good music ! it is something like an inspiration for me! thank you ! (i hope that i’ll find a cd of you here in cologne… i heaven’t found one yet… ) sorry, but my english isn’t very well…but i try* jennifer

Jennifer (Private)
Cologne, Germany

Would love to make a CD

Hi Robert, how are you? When will you be in CA again? Would love to make CD with choir…God Bless, Karen

Karen Newton
California, USA

Very informative!


Location Unknown

My daughter Pam took lessons

You have to be the Bob Conti that resided for a time in Jacksonville Fl… My daughter Pam took lessons from you.. she hated her Gretch that you loved and some times borrowed.. she loved your electric and if we had switched her over, she would still be playing. Apparently you have become a jazz institution. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. We remember your Bluesette fondly

Eric Wilson
Jacksonville, FL

Truly an amazing talent

From the guy located inthe 90’s photo collection,photo #22 with the baseball cap on backwards..I met Mr Conti at the NAMM show, introduced by the Rico family. How does he play like that?? Truly an amazing talent…

Brad Martinez
Location Unknown

Like to listen to your music

Bob: My Dad, Dan Carlin, told me to send you a note, after I played a little Jobim on the guitar for him the other day. I like your website and would like to listen to your music. Best Regards, Dan

Dan A Fulwiler
San Clemente, CA

Most influential on my playing

Robert Conti is possibly the best guitarist anytime anywhere. The most influential on my playing for sure Steve

Steven Orosz
Location Unknown

Getting the itch to practice again

Best wishes from your old-time/neer-do-well student. Got a wild idea to try the internet to reach you and was glad to find your site. Placed a small order as I am getting the itch to practice again. Donna sends best regards.

Don La Valley
Newport Beach, CA

Congrats on your success

hey! Bob remember me from the U/Club, Mesha gave me your web site, hope all is well, and congrats on your success.

Sandra Smith
Jacksonville, FL

Pleasure of hearing Bob play several times

I was a friend of Carl Hardwick’s when he was teaching at Bob’s Jacksonville studio, and had the pleasure of hearing Bob play several times at local gigs. Besides Carl, the only person I’ve heard play better is Bob.

John Carroll
Jacksonville, FL

Gets you playing music

After going through one of Bob’s arrangements in Just Jazz Guitar, I thought here is a guy who cuts to the chase and gets you playing music. Had I wanted to study for 10 years to be a professional guitarist I should have started when I was 10. I would love you to do an arrangement of Bye Bye Blackbird which sums up three generations of my family. Very pleased with your commercial success. A happy New Year!

Alan Shaw
London, UK

You’re an inspiration

Hey Bob, Congratulations on your continued success.You’re an inspiration! If you’re at the trade show this year let me know .You never autographed my 8 string.Take care.

John Murphy
Garden Grove, CA

Played one of your arrangements

I played one of your arrangements from Just Jazz Guitar magazine and was impressed.

Alan Shaw
London, UK

Already sound way better

I am very impressed with Robert’s teaching materials, especially his videos. Most instruction materials on jazz guitar I think focus way to much on the theoretical stuff and get you bogged down in running scales and modes that don’t sound musical at all. Robert’s philosophy is to get you playing right away with real world examples through the analysis and breakdown of his solos. I only started working on it a little while ago, but by just learning a few licks from the videos I already sound way better than trying to fumble my way through the same chord progression Robert played over using the scale or scales that supposedly work over it. I will definitely be getting more of his materials soon!

Marv (Private)
Location Private

Just what I was looking for

As a former professional jazz guitarist of 50 years, I took a sabatical of 20 years. I started playing again after a 20 year sabbatical. I found myself dregging up old licks. I feelt I needed a spark to get going again. Your “Smoking Lineman” was just what I was looking for. Thanks Bob Fr. Ron Parker (Born in so. Phila.) I guess it’s in the blood.

Fr. Ron Parker
Bryn Mawr, PA

You are a great player

Hey Bob, met you at the Carvin store in Santa Ana. You are a great player. Talk to you soon

Hugh Ferguson
Irvine, CA

Lots of useful information

Great site. Lots of useful information about interesting music world. I will be back soon!

Sandra (Private)
Location Unknown

Understanding your reharmonization

Looking forward to understanding your reharmonization techniques and building up my own stylistic arrangements,need help to get beyond current thinking. Also need to understand how to back up a singer like Tony Bennett when chord melody playing is not always required. What do you do?

Brock Qualls
Tucson, AZ

Looking forward to learning

Hi: Love your music! Looking forward to learning a lot.

Jim Walsh
Location Unknown

Worked for you in Jacksonville

Bob, Hello my name is Dana N. Evelyn I worked for you in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra in the 80,s on those two new homes on the Same street. I was working on the roof. Also we would go to the Plant nursery and buy plants for the new homes. Hope all is well would like to hear from you.Dana

Dana Evelyn
Jacksonville, FL


Hello, just heard about this site thought I’d check it out. impressive!

Doug Fritch
Lansing, MI

Inspires me to practice

Well, my Big City Blues instructional video arrived in the mail today. Absolutely incredible!! I can’t believe how well Robert explains some guitar lines that he does. In this video he also speaks about his foundation in learning how to play jazz blues lines from some of the old jazz masters who played keys and organ. What a fantastic tape. He shows how to play a complicated line by breaking it down so it is easy. Inspires me to practice a whole lot! Job well done.

John (Private)
Location Private

Extremely impressed with the arrangement

Just received my first issue of Just Jazz Guitar and was extremely impressed with the arrangement of I Could Write a Book. It was well presented and easy to follow. Very little published chord melody songs have the harmonic fills this arrangement offers. I’m anxious to see similar arrangements of other tunes. I’m also interested in learning how to improvise. Nothing I’ve tried has worked so far.

Warren Jelinek
Allen, TX

Do you give lessons?

Would like a schedule of your gigs. Also do you give lessons? If so, how much per hour? Thanks, Oly

Scott Oly Olson
United States

Thanks a MILLION!!!

Just visited your site….thought I would say hello to let you know I was here. My amp should be here Tuesday…thanks a MILLION!!!! Bring your guitar to the Suncoast!!!!! Jerry

Jerry Shurtleff
Las Vegas, NV

Still playing and doing very well

Bob, How the hell are you? Good to see that someone from the old gang is still playing and doing very well I might add. Four or five years ago I found Joe Ponzio. He is a golf teaching Pro in Cherry Hill. The next time you talk to Johnnie C tell him I said hello and feel free to pass on the email address. By the way if you have a private email address let me know and I’ll send you my home phone number. I’d love to talk to you or get together somewhere, sometime. Right now I’m living in Catherdral City, Ca which is just east of Palm Springs. The next town over. You know life is funny. Not very long ago I was talking to somebody about the business in general and all these old memories started popping up and I mentioned that my first road job was in New Orleans and how good that band was for bunch of young guys. Well my friend I’ll wait to hear from you. I sure hope we can get together. Stay well and I’ll talk to you soon.Ang

Angelo Cibotti

Happy you are doing well

Hi Bob, Congratulations on your web site.You probably won’t remember me. My son played with you in the old group the Charms. He played Sax. My grandaughter found this site and let us know.We are very happy you are doing well.Angelo will probably be in touch also.He is in Calif. Good Luck and God Bless Angelo Cibotti’s mother

Mrs. Angelo Cibotti

Miss seeing you

Hi Mr. Conti, er Bob Sir, It’s me, Caitlin, Tom Limbergs daughter, I just want to tell you I remember you and your music from the lobby of the Marriot like it was yesterday. I miss seeing you. My dad comes home every night talking about something new from you. In fact my sister just started taking gutair lessons because she loves music too. I just wanted to see this site. It is totally awesome! We all really miss you! Love Always, Caitlin Limberg, age 11

Caitlin Limberg

Feel like I’m finally getting it

Bob, just got to tell you I’ve been playing for 40 years and after starting your lessons and listening to you explain it, I feel like I’m finally getting it. The lid has come off and the skies the limit. I never had anyone explain it so simply. There is not enough time in the day to play as much as I want to now.

Tim Patchin
Marina, CA

I am very impressed

Hi Robert, have heard you play in Vegas and was very much impressed with your speed and accuracy. I have recently bought a couple of your DVDs and I am very impressed. After some 40 yers in the business I am still learning.

George Hanepen
Minden, NV

Really knows how to teach

I recently purchased Bob Conti’s Chord Melody Assembly Line. And I can honestly say that I’ve learned more from that book in three weeks than I have from others in three years. Passages that previously baffled me are now easily handled. This man really knows how to teach (not to mention play!) jazz guitar. Next stop: The Formula.

Phil F.
Kutztown, PA

Very frankly, simply brilliant

Robert, I thought it was time to tell you how much your efforts in guitar education are appreciated. I previously worked my way thru your series of Source Code books. I found them refreshing and unique, but struggled with, frankly, the nuances of a line, i.e., the way in which a line was presented. It is hard to get this feeling off a printed page, unless you are a classical musician. In which case the conductor provides nuances. I recall hearing Tal Farlow during my high school years in the ’50s, and I purchased my first LP The Red Norvo Trio at Levis Music Store inRochester, NY, My buddy took trumpet lessons at Eastman School of Music and advised me to quit listening to Les Paul and Mary Ford and check out the Norvo/Mingus/Farlow trio. I did, and it changed my life. My buddy went on to be a musical educator, and I, a NASA Scientist, but I will never forget those first Tal Farlow lines I heard.. Indeed, I used my father’s talking book recorder to slow the guitar lines to half time, but an octave lower. And what a struggle to try to duplicate these lines! This is all offered in an attempt to extend to you my heartfelt thanks in finally making accessible so many of the jazz lines I love. Your DVD’s are unselfish in their presentation, and very frankly, simply brilliant!! Many, many thanks, and continued success!

Whit Bartlett
Titusville, FL

Mr. Conti is a gifted teacher

I’ve played guitar for 40 years. I recently discovered Robert Conti’s Chord Melody Assembly Line and realized instantly that Mr. Conti is a gifted teacher. He doesn’t just write lessons; he presents rubrics for understanding guitar music. The disciplines he introduces result in rewarding, and rapid advances. No guitar book I’ve ever seen does as much to serve the student. I ordered two more of his books today!

Eric Sprik
Costa Mesa, CA

I have revelations

It’s amazing – every time I open any of the material that I have gotten from you I have revelations. I may actually become a decent player before I die!!! Which is my only ambition. Thanks so much!

Harlan Sandberg
Pompano Beach, FL

Gotten more from Bob’s material than…

Bob’s DVD instruction is the best…period. I’m 60 years old and have been skuffling with this stuff for 40 years. I’ve gotten more from Bob’s material than the room full of books I’ve managed to accumulate.

David Brennan
Phoenix, AZ

Your DVD was the best investment…

I just bought your Big City Blues Vol. 1 DVD. I’ve been really frustrated trying to understand how to play, what to play. I’ve wasted money on several other tapes and DVD’s because they don’t teach people what they’re doing. So I just wanted to let you know that your teaching is excellent. I FINALLY have something I can use to help me learn. I really appreciate the way you go over every line and show how to play them note for note. Your DVD was the best investment for me in learning how to play. Thanks!

Greg Williams
Location Private

He speaks a language I can understand

Wow,I just received the smoking lineman series! Mr. Conti is not only a great player, but a great teacher as well. These DVD’s are unbelievable! The way he goes over each line including the slowed down examples, makes it easy to learn his complex hip lines. He speaks a language I can understand. Thanx for such an incredible series and taking the time and sincere effort to convey this material to others.

Joe Guzzo
Chicago, IL

Your DVDs are great teaching tools

Your books are great! I’m glad you wrote these books to share with other guitar players. The More I See You; on your DVD’s the more I’m learning. Your DVDs are great teaching tools hope to meet you soon sometime in the future and I will be ordering more DVDs.

Chris Montez
California, USA

They get right to the point

Hi Bob,I just want you to know the reason I’m buying and bought your materials is because they are fantastic!! They get right to the point and have improved my playing greatly. Now when I pick up the guitar I have direction.Thank you!!Gary C. Smith, M.D. Creston, CA

Dr. Gary Smith
Somis, CA

Been playing almost 40 years

I’ve been playing almost 40 years (working on Jazz for only a few of those, however) and have also been a foreign language scholar and teacher. Having learned several foreign languages by various methods, I can tell you that Mr. Conti’s method of teaching his musical language is very similar to the quickest and most effective language-learning method I’m familiar with (learn to speak a good bit of the language first, analyze later).

Bill Rodrick
Chelmsford, MA

Blueprint for a cultural revolution in jazz guitar

Hi Robert I’ve signed your guestbook before but I can’t help but to sign it again! Your teaching material is unbeleivable! I could pay thousands of dollars at a music school for 4 years and not get nearly as much useful information as from one book or dvd of yours. Your no nonsense approach to teaching is what all guitar players are longing for. When I first heard and watched you play I felt like I was going to have a heart attack and then tears of joy streamed down my face. I just can’t say enough about how your music and teaching material has changed my life. This isn’t just great teaching material. It’s the blueprint for a cultural revolution in jazz guitar.

Tom Mowrey
Sykesville, PA

Made more progress in watching and playing…

The Smokin Lineman DVD format is the best teaching method I’ve come across in 30 years of playing and studying Jazz Guitar. I’ve made more progress in watching and playing along with one DVD than with multiple books and lessons. I highly recommend this tool for those guitarists who aspire to play at a level that for me seemed unreachable but has been realized with this series. Thanks Robert for sharing your technique.

Mark Messinese
Jacksonville, FL

Is testament to your passion for the guitar…

I discovered your advertisment in Just Jazz Guitar magazine which I subscribe to. Have placed an order for the Source Books and DVDs, and I can’t wait to receive them. The information which I have read about your material which includes players who have already used your guides is testament to your passion for the guitar, the music and your willingness to help other players to better themselves.

John Rasile
Preston, Australia

Entertaining, informative and educational!!

Received Satin Doll and Rhythm changes last night. I will definitely be getting more of these products. One thing that Robert says in one of the DVD’s is –this line will make you feel good when you play it……now isn’t that what music is all about!! Entertaining, informative and educational!!

Terry Williams
Adelaide, Australia

Feel like I am getting private lessons from you


Gary Smith
Somis, CA

All top quality

Hello again – I just received more DVD’s the source book and To the brink.All top quality and I love the CD. This stuff just makes you want to pick up your instrument and play. I have got heaps of books mags etc but these are at the top of my list at the moment. Also thanks to Mike for the outstanding reliable service.

Terry Williams
Adelaide, Australia

Great value, great product, great attitude –


Terry WIlliams
Adelaide, Australia

There is no better way to improve…

High passion for jazz guitar, this is the feeling that Robert Conti transfer to the student. There is no other better way to improve in your way to play jazz guitar!

Marco Leonardi
Treviso, Italy

The licks are awesome

Bob, just have to drop a line to you, as a long time student. I always know where to go to get new inspiration, I’ve digesting your blues lessons and the licks are awesome, not just for blues, but for any style of improvization you might be learning. didn’t someone say you’ll never really be able to play jazz unless you can play the blues. If they didn’t, somebody should have. By the way looking forward to reading about you in the upcoming issue of vintage guitar.

Tim Patchin
Marina, CA

Make a great contribution to my playing.

I found out about you through the latest issue of Vintage Guitar magazine. I have just recently started serious playing after a very long layoff (20+ years). I am fortunate enough, here in the Seattle area, to have Don Mock as my teacher (was with Howard Roberts down at the original GIT). Don is now at Jay Roberts (Howard’s son and also a great player) school in the Seattle metro area. I think your teaching methods and videos look great and will make a great contribution to my playing. As a huge fan of Pat Martino – jeez what was in the water that all you Philly guys drank…wish I had a couple of gallons! I was very anxious to get to your web site and see your products. Can’t wait for their arrival and the lessons too! Will you be at NAMM this year? Will your mail advise your readers/students of your Vegas performances? I get there often and would love to see you and introduce myself. Again thanks for your products and I can’t wait until they arrive. 😀

Michael Wilson
Seattle, WA

Expand my knowledge of the guitar.

After many years of playing keyboard, I have recently wanted to study guitar. I presently live in a small, remote section of Nevada with no access in a reasonable distance to a teacher. Am looking forward to learning tools that will expand my knowledge of the guitar.

Roy Briggs
Wendover, NV

Vastly improved knowledge of the fingerboard

I purchased the Source Code Precision Technique book six months ago and learned the eight violin studies note for note. My speed has very dramatically increased during that time! My picking technique has also improved to the extent that I am now able to play what I previously considered to be very difficult passages. I am still improving my speed, technique, and tone on the eight studies and will doubtless improve my playing in general. I also learned three other important lessons from the eight studies: first of all, I unexpectedly gained a vastly improved knowledge of the fingerboard enabling me to quickly transpose melodies from one key to another, secondly, I can play melodies easily in different positions, and thirdly I no longer need a capo.

Mark Howard
Atlantic Beach, FL

A master of a player and a teacher.

Thank you for the Midi files. I am thoroughly enjoying the DVD. In a short time it has already opened my world of guitar playing. Robert is truly a master of a player and a teacher. It is a unique gift to have both talents. The teaching side takes a great amount of patience. I am grateful Robert is sharing his wonderful music in both formats for the world to enjoy!

Jan (Private)
Virginia, USA

Is IMO the best way to learn.

Thank you so much for teaching me the skills I’ve been searching for, for years! Hearing and watching you play and going over your solos note for note is IMO the best way to learn. It seems like this is the way we learn to talk as children so why not learn this way for music also?

Somerville, MA

Best teaching product ever.

Just received my first order from You, the Smoking Lineman DVD. Wow, that was delivered quickly. I have to say the DVD is absolutely stunning. Bob’s playing and teaching is just great. He really can make things look so easy. Best teaching product ever.

Timo Uusiniemi

Master of improvisation and chord melody techniques

Robert Conti is one of the preeminent jazz guitarists of all time, a master of improvisation and chord melody techniques with a very special gift of musical self expression. Having been heavily influenced by such prodigious talent for many years, exceptionally valuable insights and inspiration can be derived from studying his works. Thanks so much for all you’ve taught me!

Mark Langdon
San Juan Capistrano, CA

Nearly flew to the States to thank Robert!

Thanks! I’ve looked over the stuff, the chord melody assembly line makes so much sense I nearly FLEW TO THE STATES TO THANK ROBERT!

Stephen Bibby
Cambridgeshire, UK

Best educational jazz guitar material on the planet

Robert Conti has the best educational jazz guitar material on the planet. He’s also a monster player; one of the best that has ever lived.

Reed Kotler
San Francisco, CA

Interesting and very helpful

Robert: Thank you for making the DVD re: Summertime. It has been interesting and very helpful. The down-to-earth style is refreshing.

Doug Law
San Diego, CA

Fantastic DVD!

Thank you for a fantastic DVD!

Don Januar
Tokyo, Japan

You have become my musical mentor

You are not only a guitarist’s guitarist and a teacher’s teacher, but a Jazz textbook of flawlessly executed lines, riffs, motifs, etc. always offered up at precisely the right moment for the song. You continue to give all of us guitarists in training, hope, vision and inspiration to play jazz without compromise due to lack of knowledge, technique or just plain inabelity. You have become my musical mentor through example alone of how to play guitar without effort. I hope some of what you got rubs off on me (not to worry, it already has.)

John Pelizzer
Grass Valley, CA

Special sound that keeps him unique.

I bought the Truefire series and was amazed at the skills that Robert Conti has. He plays all the styles of everyone but retains his own special sound and thats keeps him unique. I look forward to the books and lessons that I have ordered and will definitely make other people aware of this great player. Thank you so much.

Tom Fersak
Raeford, NC

I was able to put your concepts to work immediately.

I own several of your books. The Formula is without a doubt the most useful music learning book that I have ever read. I was able to put your concepts to work immediately. What can I say, I’m back for more. I’m going to give your Big City Blues a go. In the past you have been kind enough to call me and entertain questions. To me that says it all.

Al Owens
Bogart, GA

Dramatically improved my playing

Your DVDs are superb. They dramaticaly improved my playing!! I am now waiting for an instructional DVD featuring the technical aspects of your playing. Best wishes

Andre Louiseize
Ottawa, Canada

Techniques book has taken me to higher levels,

I got your technique and chord melody from chord melody.com. the tech. book has taken me to higher levels, I’m going to go through it again just to polish up a little. I’m 62 now, i didn’t think I could get back to this level after putting the guitar down for over 36+ years, it feels great. now I’m getting hungry for more good stuff.

Donn Cavnar
Gardnerville, NV

Really opened my eyes

I’m 55 and have been playing guitar since I was 15…. but 99% of the playing was finger style of 1960-1980’s rock tunes….James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Neil Young, Eagles, etc..
I never needed anything other than standard 1st position chords or Barre chords and a pentatonic scale. About 2 years ago, I got bored and started taking jazz guitar lessons. Since then I’ve been up to my eyeballs in learning new scales, modes & most recently arpeggio’s in every scale. My improvisations have all started to sound like scales or arpeggios. Robert Conti’s DVD’s have really opened my eyes to other way’s to learn & actually play Jazz!!

David Stott
Middletown, CT

Will be getting more soon

Thanks for quick response in sending the DVD’s. They are of the usual high standard. I enjoyed the different approach in teaching Summertime. I learn something new everytime I get more of your products….will be getting more soon.

Terry Williams
Adelaide, Australia

Obvious delight and enthusiasm

Mr. Conti’s obvious delight and enthusiasm for passing on his knowledge comes across very well. Wish him all the best from Scotland. I’ve been managing to pick up some of the lines and integrate them into my playing. I play in a jazz quartet and we do the odd restaurant gig so its great to rip out some of these professional sounding lines in among my own meanderings.

Chris Semmens
Midlothian, Scotland

Difficult stuff understandable and ready to apply…

This has been some experience, I am a reader, I mean, I read all kind of books lit, politics, science, so I am used to buying books and they come in boxes. When the SC 5 came in I can’t believe what I had in my hands, I thought the envelope was empty, and when I opened it I couldn’t believe having paid 24 USD for that notebook. But Sir, when I started reading and practicing the chords it was amazing, Mr. Conti makes difficult stuff understandable and ready to apply in your playing, I’ve been browsing this new book and the approach is the same. The language he uses – I’m not overstating it – it`s like having the man in front of you, teaching the lesson. Great books, worth every single cent I paid for them.

Jorge Reyes
Veracruz, Mexico

Dissect those complicated runs and explain them.

I got your Georgia CD yesterday. I took it to the school where I teach. First I looked at the book and thought, there is no way I can play this. Then, I was amazed at how Mr. Conti could so easily dissect those complicated runs and explain them. I think I will get it. Thanks.

Ted Agnew
Dumfries, VA

Information, transpiration and inspiration…

Information, transpiration and inspiration… 😀 Finally I have all your instruction books and DVD’s in my library. Thanks Mr. C. for sharing so much practical wisdom and for the joy of making music at such high level!

Milan de Keijzer
Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Looking for this “get to the point” material for years.

Mr. Conti,I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for some great learning material. I’ve played guitar for well over 40 years and made some decent money for a local yokal. Over the past 3-4 years the guitar/music thing has pretty much taken over my life. I’ve been looking for this “get to the point”material for years. I’ve found it!! I admire your talent and appreciate the way you present this material.Michael Kehoe

Michael J. Kehoe
Salinas, CA

Straight forward and accessible manner –

[i]Just received my 1st video lesson from Mr. Conti and without question Mr. Conti is a great player and a fantastic teacher – I’ve never had technique presented in such a straight forward and accessible manner – Thank you Mr. Conti ![/i]

Tom Vergona
Idaho Falls, ID

Really see a difference in my playing

I just ordered the source code vol. 1. I have enjoyed Robert Conti’s video clips for some time now and I can’t wait to start incorporating some of his great lines into my own playing. I also have his technique book and chord melody assembly line. I can really see a difference in my playing from working through these books. Lucas Costner

Lucas Costner
Nashville, TN

Opened a new world of creativity to me

Mr. Conti,I have been watching the DVD’s every day. I played a gig last night and ran your lines and people freaked out! Your way of explaining reharminization in Source Code book 4 is amazing. I can memorize tunes quicker and make better chord melodies. I will let you know how much I keep learning from your material. You gave me a lifetime worth of material and have opened a new world of creativity to me and I really appreciate it.ThanksEric Charlton

Eric Charlton
Jacksonville, FL

Teaching methods are the way to go –

After 40 years I have finally found the perfect teacher and teaching method. Your DVDs are truly unique. I have learned more from your DVDs in three months than I have with various teachers for many years. There is nothing to say to guitar players other than you and your teaching methods are the way to go – no exceptions!Mario Paparozzi

Mario Paparozzi
North Carolina

Revolutionary factor to Jazz guitar instruction.

I’m a professional guitar player and teacher. I bought all the products of Mr. Conti (dvd’s,cd’s,books). This man is a revolutionary factor to Jazz guitar instruction. His latest chord melody dvd’s, are no exception. The main thing of his approach, is a straight ahead, block chords reharmonization of any given melody. But in a simple, logical, practical and most of all jazzy manner. Thank you Mr. Conti you’ve done it one more time. Best regards from Greece and Thessaloniki. I wait for your visit


Its about time there is a book like this.

I just received my order. This book is incredible! Its about time there is a book like this. Everything they sell at music stores is scales and mode crap. I’m a street player like Conti also. I just play what sounds good. I’m a 26 year old police officer from New York and I’m constantly in the city at jazz clubs listening to all the street guys. Not one of them ever went to music school and they are great. Anyway, I look forward to ordering every source code book.Chris

Chris Wargas
New York, NY

Highly recommend all material on this site!

Well, I stumbled across Robert Conti’s website while searching the web for Jazz Improvization tips for Green Dolphin Street. My jazz combo really wants me to take off on Green Dolphin Street. So, I was in search of some great ideas…I FOUND THEM! Robert’s version is perfect! I can’t play it at the same tempo..but the jazz lines will still work for me. I was using a .73mm pick..but know an ultra thin pick is what Robert recommends…I agree! Highly recommend all material on this site!

Brett Kahn
Orange County, CA

Have totally unlocked the signifcance of the cycle.

Just got the forumla. Read the first reference and have totally unlocked the signifcance of the cycle. Can’t thank you enough. Was a bit apprehensive about whether or not I was ready for this volume but couldn’t be happier. Thanks.

Missouri, USA

Unlocked the secrets of jazz harmony for me.

Hi! I just wanted to write and say how happy I am with Conti’s The Formula! I have a music degree, and i have worked with many awesome instructors, but this book has finally unlocked the secrets of jazz harmony for me. I can now CLEARLY understand exactly what is going on when i listen to joe pass and hear all the extra chords he plays to fill in the harmony. AND i’ve only had this book for a week! i can’t imagine the effects it will have on my playing over an extened period of time! THANK YOU!

Lucas Costner
Nashville, TN

In a few months I will be a different player.

I am a flamenco and classical guitarist who studied classical harmony, composition, and some jazz theory in college. One of my goals has always been to be able to improvise with rasguado, arpeggios, and azupua (all flamenco right hand techniques) using the jazz harmonic language. After only a few hours of working from both Source Code Books Four and Five I can now do this to a limited extent. I can tell that in a few months I will be a different player. Robert has simplified everything!!! Thanks

Joel Pipkin
Dallas, TX

Material makes it easily attainable

Thank you Mr. Conti – your lessons by mail have proven more valuable than I could ever have imagined – I’ve learned more in the first six lessons than I have learned in the past several years – the way you present the material makes it easily attainable even for someone at my level – thank you so much – Tom V

Tom Vergona
Idaho Falls, ID

Approach overcomes two major obstacles:

I ordered and received 5 volumes of the improvisation DVDs. I’ve completed the solo for Big City Blues v.3 and now I begin The Smoking Lineman v.2 The great service of your approach overcomes two major obstacles: guitar instructor’s fetish for theory and scales; and selfishness/guardedness of musicians (often in the past I’ll ask a jazz guitarist show me how you played that) and I’ll get evasive answers like you have to practice or I can’t remember what I did or they will show you a fast tempo thereby making it difficult to see what was happening. Besides overcoming these obstacles, I appreciate your approach of not trying to reach perfection but playing the lines loosely and creatively. I also received a complimentary copy of your latest CD with my order. I wish to thank you for that as well. I do intend to eventually order all the volumes and I look forward to future new volumes. Russell

Dr. Russell Alfonso
Honolulu, HI

Reenergized my practice and my playing.

Mr Conti,I have purchased Books 1-5 (except book 4, I’ll get that one soon) and the All Blues (M Davis) DVD. Wow, you have reenergized my practice and my playing. I’ve also gained new confidence, though I’ve been playing for over 15 years. Thanks and God bless,Victor

Victor Caamano
Potsdam, USA

Everything is demonstrated perfectly.

Received my first two Source Code books today. Very much appreciate your quick service – just brilliant! Would like to say that everything I have received from you I am absolutely delighted with and am concentrating on your studies wholely. I am getting on well with the lessons, etc. and that I wish I had found him years ago. Just what I have been looking for and everything is demonstrated perfectly. Your publications are unique and worth every penny (cent!!!).Gordon AndersonBoston UK

Gordon Anderson
Boston, UK

Learn the material with much greater ease and speed

Mr. Conti, A friend of mine plays guitar and is pretty good. One day He lent me a VHS tape of you. Its the 12 bar blues one. Anyway, I watched it and was impressed with your obvious talent and love for music. The way in which you teach makes it possible to learn the material with much greater ease and speed compared to using just books. I returned your tape to my friend. That same day I came home, went online and bought your 12 bar blues video. I can’t wait till I get it. I’m going to learn all of it. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. I can play, but I haven’t mastered it yet. Someday… Thanks again.

Michael Halstrum
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Each turnaround is short and un-intimidating.

The Intros Endings and Turnarounds book is an excellent source of what they are. But it is also an excellent source of jazz chord studies. I am incorporating the jazz harmonies and difficult chord shapes into the Afro-Cuban and Flamenco Rhythms. Each turnaround is short and un-intimidating. They can be looped (sometimes you must add a chord) and practiced until the chord shapes become natural. After working through the book you will have mastered chordal playing as it relates to the guitar!

Joel Pipkin
Dallas, TX

In very organized and clear manner.

Robert, I have been playing guitar for 35 years. I just recently bought a couple of your DVDs and I am blown away.. there is nothing out there as good. You take the time to really explain how to perform a lick and a tune from start to finish in very organized and clear manner. I will soon be buying all your instructional video’s. Thanks again for such a professional job. Will Alexander

Will Alexander
Portland, OR

Dedicated to passing on his knowledge

I’m a semi-pro who lives in NC and plays in the NC, VA, TN triad. Just ran through the two disks I ordered. The lines in the 12 bar blues disk are nicely laid out. I already know a lot of licks similar to these, but Bobs approach to finger positions, finger efficiency, and this straight forward approach to teaching the lines is great, and a big help in learning new stuff. I can always come back and study the underlying theory later, but I can still benefit from what he has to teach! Take care, and condone to Mr. Conti my appreciation for his efforts. Some of the better players I know are pretty proprietary about their chops, and don’t like to share this openly. Its great to see someone this good who is so open and seemingly dedicated to passing on his knowledge to others.Peace,Paul

Paul Dempsey
Asheville, NC

Lost years of struggling to play like that in a few hours

I am 65 years old. I have played guitar on and off for 40 years, playing Oldie, Country and respectable Wedding and Social gigs. I mostly did accompany and vocals. My real love is smooth jazz guitar especially done in Chord Melody. I’ve done Eschete, Fisher, Baker and Mel Bay, but couldn’t connect. When I got the Chord Melody Assembly and Intro-Turnaround and Endings along with a few of the Chord Melody song bundles from Robert Conti, I caught up to all the lost years of struggling to play like that, in a few hours!! When I have his guitar grids on top of the music, I can play anything because I already know most of the chords. Thanks for that needed push Mr. Conti. Salud!!!

Paul Matthews
Willingboro, NJ

The best way to learn your arrangements…

Mr. Conti,I just ordered all of your chord melody dvds. (I couldn’t decide which one to buy so I made the easiest choice.) I have To The Brink and it’s full of inspiration, especially your solo playing. (I hope a solo CD is on the way) I figure the best way to learn your arrangements is to watch you performing them. You haven’t disappointed me with anything I’ve received so far, so I think I can only win with this format. Plus, I get to see a master in action. I’m glad you decided to dedicate a series to this style of music. Thanks for the knowledge. Eric Jaeger

Eric Jaeger
Glen Ellyn, IL

Tell us the real jazz guitar secrets,

The material is great. I’m very enthusiastic. At last I’ve found a teacher that really shares his secrets with his students. Believe me I know what I’m talking about. I’m sixty years old now, and I try to play the jazz guitar since 35 years now. I always went to the best teachers, and since the internet, on regular basis I search for material from which I can learn something. But the big difference from other teachers is that Mr. Conti really shares his years of teaching and working experience in an honest and direct way with the student. He is not afraid to tell us the real jazz guitar secrets, that saves incredible amounts of study time. Some of his advises brings us up to levels that never had dreamed of. Thanks again to Mr. Conti there will be a all new generation of better jazz guitarists. Kind Regards,Hugo Ruys

Hugo Ruys
Londerzeel, Belgium

And where have you been all my life?

Dear Mr. Conti,I recently purchased a couple of your instructional DVDs and I am thrilled with them. All my life I have been intrigued by jazz lines,­ they seemed magical to me, probably because I couldn’t figure out what they were or how to play them. Now, thanks to you, I am finally beginning to understand. The DVDs are exactly at my skill level and I am sure I will be playing jazz in a few months. Could you please send the rhythm section for Summertime? I plan to purchase the rest of your programs in the near future. Thank you. And, where have you been all my life?

Roger W. Trammell
Russell Springs, KY

Your one sentence has opened…

Dear Mr. Conti, I have been picking at jazz guitar chord melody for 60 years for my own enjoyment. I have always heard and felt the music, but have never been able to replicate on the guitar, the sounds I hear in my head. As a military pilot, I also have not had time before now, to really dedicate myself to learning the guitar. Your arrangements in Just Jazz Guitar have been helpful, but a little intimidating with a chord for every note. THEN, my daughter gave me several of your Signature arrangement DVDs. In the enclosed literature, I read your sentence re Oscar Peterson and Art Tatum..wherein they changed the underlying harmony and chords on nearly every melody note. A light bulb came on in my head. Now I understand and now I am starting to play what I hear in my head. Your one sentence has opened a whole new world to me. Thank You! Cheers, Wayne R. Brendel Colonel (Ret) USAF

Wayne R. Brendel
Fayette, AL

Robert’s excellent teaching technique.

I am doing fine with the dvds and have managed to absorb and play 3 of the 5 chord melody dvds, thanks to Robert’s excellent teaching technique. In the meantime, I shall be working on the remaining 2 dvds and, when completed, be reverting to you for some other material from your website. Hoping you are all keeping well.Hugh

Hugh Scott
Kent, UK

I’m a believer…

I have been having an absolute ball with the material. I’m a 48 year old player (started in ’67) that has been pretty well schooled (Berklee College of Music Manhattan School of Music). With Robert’s ‘virtual’ guidance, I have been enjoying the simple pleasure of playing what sounds good, as opposed to thinking about a ‘dorian to mixolydian transition over a II-V chord change.’Although I won’t minimize the value of understanding harmony and theory, I agree with Robert that those things can really get in your way of having fun with the instrument. His DVDs have spawned so many new musical ideas for me, it has re-kindled a feeling in me that has been lost for many years. Very refreshing. I’m a believer and I’ll be ordering many more DVDs and lessons.

Paul Culin
Houston, TX

…and I found a gold mine.

Great Book I have been taking lessons for years with little to no results. My current instructor turned me on to your web site and I found a gold mine. I purchased your Formula Source Code Book and can not put it down. Thanks again.Ron Nickerson

Ron Nickerson
Sahuarita, AZ

…finally found the way to learn Jazz…

I found out about Mr. Conti’s learning products on YouTube.com. I am excited and very pleased with the learning materials and I have since become a BIG fan. I have finally found the way to learn Jazz without years of study in a college. I have professionally played rock, country and blues for 35 years and have no intentions of spending several years in college and/or lessons to get to the point of playing chord melody! I too am a street player. I just moved to Jacksonville, FL 3 years ago from Missouri and was really excited to find out Bob lived and taught here in Jacksonville for many years. I wish I would have been here then. In my opinion, Robert Conti is the coolest dude on the planet! Thanks so very much. A VERY Satisfied Customer, Gary Keniston – Orange Park, FL

Gary Keniston
Orange Park, FL

Very good, very fast, easy and funny to learn.

I purchased about a month ago, all your 5 Source Code Books, plus 2 DVDs and a chord melody arrangament. Superb! I am very happy with the material. I have finalized The Assembly Line! in one month and will now get started learning a few chord melody arrangements, beginning with the God Bless the Child DVD. The instructional material is very good, very fast, easy and funny to learn. I am all the day looking for my guitar to play every moment I can. Thanks.Jos

Jose Luis Amores Sarda
Malaga, Spain

Given me so many new ideas to grow from…

I am a working Jazz musician and I find the products I have purchased indispensible. I just ordered the 6 lesson jazz improv home course because I am so impressed with Mr. Conti’s methods, talent and teaching abilities. Man can he play! He has given me so many new ideas to grow from, a no nonsense player. He deserves these comments.Mont Cartwright

Mont Cartwright
Orlando, Florida

Nobody comes close…

I really am flabbergasted at how generous Mr. Conti is with his time and his learning materials. Nobody comes close to doing what he does with each and every product: an A-List performer at the top of his game showing the world how he does it! Try to find that anywhere else in any industry — you can’t, except for Robert Conti! I’ve been spending a lot of time lately on the first Chord Melody DVD, but I’ve been mostly watching the straight instructional part – where he shows the fingerings with the charts below – but this weekend I finally watched the narrative conclusion. I wish I had heard that part 25 years ago when I first thought about playing guitar. My whole approach has changed: cut out the nonsense and just make music! –Many, many thanks,Sean Duffy, White Plains, NY

Sean Duffy
White Plains, NY

“Dad, I’ve never heard you sound like that.”

Mr. Conti, I received my first DVD, Corcovado, last Monday. I am very impressed with all aspects of the production. It goes without saying that the solo is extraordinary. My son, who is 14 and into metal, rock, etc came home from a week vacation with his aunt. I asked him to listen to me play the solo with my Band in a Box accompanying me. He said Dad, I’ve never heard you sound like that. That was amazing! I can’t wait to pull this solo out at my next jam session. Thank you so much. I just ordered Cherokee and 12 Bar Blues. This is the best teaching material out there, and I’ve tried a lot! Bless you for sharing!!! Bob Blagg Richmond, VA

Robert Blagg
Richmond, VA

It’s giving me ideas or other ways…

Robert, after receiving the study material I recently ordered, I can honestly say I am learning a lot. It’s giving me ideas or other ways to use your phrases my own way. Not to mention the songs I am taught in the instruction material. Just wanted you to know. Thanks so very much. Rick CampbellBeebe, AR

Rick Campbell
Beebe, AR

Changed my playing forever

I fly 737s for a major airline, been playing guitar for many years but never really reached the level I wanted. I surfed my way into the Conti website a year ago and it changed my playing forever. This man can play, but more importantly he can teach. I purchased one of his video tapes (Smoking Lineman) and haven’t slowed down since. My playing reached a level I never thought possible. Conti Source Code Book One made a far greater impact on my ability than 70 prior method books, all combined. I was so impressed I flew to Vegas a few months ago and had the opportunity to hear Conti play live. That hour and a half was very memorable. I hope I get to hear him play again some day.

Dave Illig
Houston, TX

Thrilled with all the materials

I am thrilled with all materials I have purchased. In particular, I found The Formula to contain the most practical and fun material of any theory book I have read (in forty years I have read many). I learned to reharmonize on the fly and I can now change chord melody arrangements to suit my mood at any time. The most I have received for my money in a LONG time. Conti is a class act.

Al Owens
Athens, GA

In awe of your teaching ability

I stand in awe of your playing and teaching ability. In less than thirty minutes reading The Formula, I finally discovered the lush chord melody harmony and sound that I have been looking for for many years!

Steven Cantor
Las Vegas, NV

Stands out over everything else

No other guitar book author I have encountered has the ability to present written material such that the reader always knows exactly what to do with it, and that is the single most important thing a book can do for the self-teaching student. Conti carefully chooses what he wants to cover and presents it thoroughly such that you will master it. That is why Robert’s materials stand out over everything else. End result – anybody can REALLY learn from Robert’s books and this is really good news for all of us who have shelves of useless teaching materials.

Tony Beltran
Columbia Heights, MN

Holey Crap on a Cracker!

I’ve been struggling with jazz vis arpeggios, scales, modes, etc…. even bought one of your advanced DVD’s thinking I was more advanced than I was. But the chord melody assembly line DVD arrived on Friday. Holey Crap on a Cracker! I’m not even past lesson 3 yet & it is opening up all kinds of windows for me. Did you know that chords 12,11,10 & 9 in the C group are part of “When you wish upon a star” I’m walking around chuckling to myself about finding songs within just those 3 groups…. this is freaking awesome!

David Stott
Middletown, CT

Major turning point in my chord melody

Conti’s books and videos were the holy grail for me and the major turning point in my chord melody and single lines, especially the way he presents the lines in the videos. My progress was so fast I actually felt like I was doing something illegal or breaking a serious law by owning those books and videos.

Anthony Thomas
Chicago, IL

Knack for making the esoteric obvious!

Amazing, Robert Conti has become the best guitar teacher I have ever had, yet we have never met in person. In thirty six years of playing the guitar, I have never had a better or more informative teacher. His learning products really are value for money! Robert certainly has a knack for making the esoteric obvious!

Samuel W Apicelli Esq
Camp Hill, PA

All the materials are quite superb.

I have to say that all the materials are quite superb. Easily the best learning materials I have ever come across. and as a music teacher and guitarist I’ve come across a lot. I’m mainly a rock player but recently I’ve found the lack of harmonic interest in the rock genre restricting. so I turned to jazz, only to find that most books and players that i have talked to, don’t seem to be able to clearly express their ideas and communicate them to others. you can imagine how relieved I was when I discovered that Robert Conti was not just a brilliant player but was also able to pass those ideas on in a way that didn’t make me feel like I’d have to study for another degree to get any benefit from them. Many thanks to you, Mr. Conti, and everyone else at Pinnacle!

Colin Henson
Kent, UK

Made a major difference in my chord melody playing

All those chords and every one of them sounds right! I’ve learned so much from your approach that it’s made a major difference in my chord melody playing- not to mention Source Code Two, which I continue to play through regularly. Now that I have the string/pick thing resolved (thanks to you!), I can concentrate on other things-like playing music!

Dave Klausner
Cocoa, FL

Distinctive melodic ideas and phrasing.

About 18 months ago I started to play guitar again after almost ten years away from music(life delivered some unforeseen events!) Anyway, I started to do some internet exploration seeking new information/direction and recently came across the descriptions of Robert Conti’s chord melody arrangements, videos, books etc. on the Chord Melody web site. I was intrigued and so searched the web, locating Mr. Conti’s own web site. I listened to the recorded examples of his music and immediately responded to the fluidity of his playing. It isn’t just the remarkable technical mastery that resonates for me in the few examples I have heard so far, but also the distinctive melodic ideas and phrasing.

Richard Ward
Melbourne, Australia

Wish I had this when I was a young man

Hi Robert, I recently purchased your video Only The Blues and book The Formula and I wanted to give you some feed back on them. I am 58 years old and started playing guitar when the Ventures were big in the early sixties. I then got into Howard Roberts and started to follow jazz especially organ/ guitar trio such as Kenny Burrell and Jimmy Smith.I can see the influence they had on your blues playing. Oh, why wasn’t material like yours available when I was a young man? I first became aware of you through Just Jazz Guitar (I have every issue) and the licks I must admit were great but a little long for my style of playing.

Gordy Gundersen
Addison, IL

Material that gets right to the point.

Just received the video and book, Only the Blues and the Chord Melody Assembly Line. I spent one hour with the video and its already paid for itself!! Outstanding way to learn and reinforce my knowledge. Thank you. I live in Las Vegas too. Do you play out here? Where and when? I would love to see you live. Thanks for putting this material together in a way that gets right to the point.. I can’t tell you how many books and methods I’ve seen that either take too long to get to the point or don’t give you the whole picture in a short period of time. Your books cover things perfectly for someone who has been playing a long time and just needs some key info. Thank you.

Guy Amato
Las Vegas, NV

I was watching a world class jazz guitarist.

Hi Bob,I just wanted to thank you again for the time I spent with you in Las Vegas. For the first time in a long time I feel like I now have the knowledge and direction to get to the next level in my playing. Your approach to learning complex jazz lines and their applications makes a rather arduous task very enjoyable. Having witnessed your live performance, I realized that I was watching a world class jazz guitarist. Thank you for sharing your talent and being accessible to anyone who wishes to study the art of jazz guitar. I am already making my plans for my next jazz fix.

Gregg Kingston
Lafayette, LA

One of the finest out there

Originally submitted December 26, 2000:To My Dear Friend and Fantastic Jazz Cat, Robert Conti- I was more than honored to send you one of my CDs as I admire your playing very much. My only wish is to meet you one day. You stay on the melody and can play as fast as I can or could! You should be very proud as I have heard about you through so many Jacksonville musicians and musicians from all over the world. Your style is the kind that has meaning and you play with so much passion. Please come by when you are in Jacksonville. Lou Mecca is coming to see me, Jackie King — Willie Nelson too. I really do look forward to their visit. Thank you for everything Robert. You are one of the finest out there in my opinion.

Hank Sugarfoot Garland
Nashville, TN

Quite pleasing to the ear

Hi Robert, I received the The Formula! (and your CD – thanks much!) on Monday in the mail. The CD is, as expected, just great. You’re an incredible player and I’m really enjoying the CD. I was delighted and amused to read that you’re from Philly and grew up with Pat Martino. It does seem apparent that you two have had a great deal of influence on each other. I’m not sure if he’d remember, but I spent some time studying with Pat in 1981-82 at GIT. He’s also a wonderful player and probably the original gentle soul. I learned a lot from Pat about the guitar (and other things as well) and treasure the memories of the time I got to spend with him. I’ve also had a little time to spend with The Formula!. I don’t think there are any other books that get into practical application of the chord melody thing so quickly with so many was watching a world class jazz guitarist. I’ve pretty much read through the entire book and have played through Reference 7b, and I’m hoping to play through all of the examples in the next week or two. So far, the examples are quite pleasing to the ear and the idea of using random chord qualities provides an abundance of interesting and unexpected sounds.

Rick Barda
Manhattan Beach, CA

My friends are all wondering

You are absolutely amazing! Four months ago I was still playing simple chords – now I’m playing What a Wonderful World and Georgia – I’ve not only impressed myself, but my friends are all wondering where I learned these cool chord arrangements. Don’t worry – I’ve told them all about you and this website.

Robert Morales
Whittier, CA

His philosophy is to get you playing right away

I am very impressed with Robert’s teaching materials, especially his videos. Most instruction materials focus way too much on the theoretical stuff and get you bogged down in scales and modes that don’t sound musical at all. Robert’s philosophy is to get you playing right away with real world examples…

Marvin Chun
Aiea, HI

Really enjoyed the learning products

I’ve really enjoyed the learning products I’ve already received. Never before come across jazz instruction of this quality. Thank you.

Tom Bloomfield
Derry, NH

Better than gold

The Source Code books and the chord melody books are better than gold (platinum is the rating I give this wonderful knowledge). I am waiting for Source Code books 6 and 7 to come out. I will purchase anything Mr. Conti publishes, because this is the best thing going. Thank you for the inspiration.

Toby Tobias
Kingston, NY

His secret in theory is in simplicity

Let me tell you about the books of Mr. Conti, the general approach is revolutionary. But the most astounding book is the Formula. It’s really amazing that his secret in theory is in simplicity and most importantly that the actual playing is what counts and nothing else.

Kasiolas Xristos
Thessaloniki, Greece

He has also made me a better teacher

Robert Conti’s arrangements and lessons are the BEST! I have purchased hundreds of books, and believe me when I tell you that Mr. Conti has taught me more than anyone or anything! He has also made me a better teacher.

John Gibbs
Shelby Twp, MI

Learn more by doing than studying…

I like your lush chordal arrangements (Here’s that Rainy Day, Green Dolphin Street) very much. I notice the cadence in your approach and intend to order your chordal method book soon. I am also working on the single note solo to On Green Dolphin Street and notice how you inserted some of your stock phrases from your single line method book.I appreciate that I can learn more by doing than studying tons of theoretical material in hopes of becoming fluent and creative – we learn to talk before we learn to read. That said, reading is still important since it helps to fine-tune our knowledge. It is difficult to figure out how much emphasis to place on theoretical study – probably not too much. The best musical educators incorporate a song at the end of the day. Anyway, thanks for the great, great material!Brooklyn, NY

Bill Scudder
Brooklyn, NY

Delivers like nothing you’ve ever come across

The Formula delivers like nothing you’ve ever come across, clearly in a league of its own!

Mark Stefani
Tualatin, OR

“Work-your-way-into-it” style of delivery

Bob goes to great lengths to ensure that what he’s playing you can play too, even with the more advanced courses. His playing and teaching style is definitely masterful, yet very relaxed, in a “work-your-way-into-it” style of delivery. His “lessons by mail” have helped me tremendously. I definitely play better now than I did last year, or even six months ago.

Glenn Arnold
Ridgeland, MS

How incredibly rapidly and effectively

This note is an attempt to thank you for how incredibly rapidly and effectively your lessons and videos are improving my musicianship and guitar playing!

John Payne
Rockwall, TX

To new heights in record time.

Bob Conti has done it again with his Source Code Series books. Designed to improve and enhance the player’s technique and skill, these books most certainly will take your playing ability and understanding of the guitar to new heights in record time.

Mike Sanders
Las Vegas, NV

This is HIGH VALUE material,

You can pay thousands and walk away with less knowledge on harmonization. This is HIGH VALUE material, truly the new standard for jazz guitar instruction!

Paul Getty
Atherton, CA

Arrangements landed two great country club gigs!

Your books should be titled The Sound Of Money, your arrangements landed two great country club gigs! I learned more from your books in two months than I did in the last twenty years! Nothing like them anywhere!

Joel Lackey
Las Vegas, NV

Cuts to the chase and gets you playing music.

After going through one of Bob’s arrangements in Just Jazz Guitar, I thought, here is a guy who cuts to the chase and gets you playing music.

Alan Shaw
London, UK


We say up here in Minnesota OOF-TA. That is Scandinavian for WOW!

Neil L. Forslund
Fridley, MN

Conti gave me my first insights

Bob Conti gave me my first insights into making a living as a musician.I played music full time from 1980-1998 and my various music groups grossed well over $1,000,000 for that time period. He had a way of inspiring me by presenting his music and business concepts so clearlyand simply.

Walter Parks
Jersey City, NJ

They are very results-oriented

I have worked through a number of Robert Conti’s books. They are very effective in that they are very results-oriented and avoid information not needed to make music… very focused on getting results that show up in your playing and in audience reaction… rather than impressing other musicians.

Steven Nutt
Hudson, OH

Book on reharmonization is possibly the best

I actually think his book on reharmonization is very good – possibly the best I’ve seen on this subject. It goes by the catchy name of The Formula or something like that, but it’s a good fingers first methodology for reharmonization on guitar.

Dan Adler
New York, NY

Lessons are not only easy, they are fun

Conti’s lessons are like a light bulb going off in your head. I thought it had to be hard to learn at this level. These lessons are not only easy, they are fun. Oh yeah, Conti!!!

Kari and Jerry Shurtleff
Colorado, USA

Inspire you to learn more.

All of the Robert Conti learning products are outstanding. They also help you to play above your level and inspire you to learn more.

Ronald Lemos
Walnut, CA

Tapes & lessons get you playing quickly

Conti’s books, tapes & lessons get you playing quickly and sounding like something a musician would play, instead of an exercise.

George Holbert

Made a dramatic improvement in my playing

Mr. Conti, I just wanted to take a minute to send a note to say thanks againfor the great lessons and chord melody books. They have made a dramaticimprovement in my playing and I look forward, each month, to see what the next lesson will be. Anyway, thanksagain, these are great. I can’t believe the nice sounds that come out of my guitar these days. Thank you.

Joe Romano
Maplewood, NJ

Has been life changing with regard to my playing.

I got your Source Code! Books 4 and 5 a couple of months ago. Let me first say that I have played guitar and bass for many years. I have also studied jazz improvisation and music theory in college (not as a major, but for the love of it). Over the years I have learned to apply a lot of the theory to playing chord melody work. But I have to say that your Book 4 has been one of the few books that I have p lurchased over the years that has been life changing with regard to my playing. Believe me when I say that. I have bookshelves of guitar and jazz books. In all of the years, I can point to only three books or series that have been significant in my development. The first was a Mickey Baker book on jazz chords back in the late seventies. The next was a jazz audio tape series by put out by REH with Les Wise. And now yours. I want to personally thank you and commend you on the quality of your teaching and the way you have broken the theoretical into workable, usable tools. It is my firm stand that all complex things must be reduced into simple forms to be usable on the fly. You have done that in spades. I have heard many of these things that you teach in my head for years, but have not been able to get them out to my fingers and my instrument. I am going to recommend your books to everyone that I know. I have already done so with the Jazz Guitar Group at Yahoo.com. There are others in the group who have also used your series. I wish you would consider joining that group. It is free and there are many aspiring players in it who would really benefit from your series. It is my belief that your joining would not only be helpful to many, but a sound business decision.

Rich Meyer
Everett, WA

Enjoying the blues

Bob: Thought I’d drop you a line, because in your video you said you enjoyed getting e-mail. I own all Three Videos plus Two of your books. If anyone who buys your videos does not improve their level of play, it’s only because their level of ability will not allow them. Only the Blues is very easy to understand and duplicate (however, it did take a little time getting the timing down) I also got all the lines to The Sound of Rio. However, the timing was difficult along with sweep picking and speed. But in time I’m sure will be just fine. I prefer the videos simply because all you have to do is copy exactly what your doing, then practice the lines till you have the results your looking for. As I said in my last e-mail, as soon as you have a new video, please e-mail me. I enjoy the blues most. But they are all good.

Jimmy Hall
Location Private

The Assembly Line is pure genius

The last book I bought was the Chord Melody Assembly Line which is pure genius. Thanks, looking forward to the new stuff.

Dawn Ronan
Coconut Creek, FL

Perfect solution to take my playing to the next level.

I have to say how pleased I am with the quality and the content of yourcourse. You certainly have put a lot of serious effort into this work. Iespecially like how you play the material to set an example. This course is truly outstanding! Your courses are exactly what I’ve been looking for. For me your courses are the perfect solution to take my playing to the next level. Thanks for putting together a great product!

Candido Delgado
Cambridge, MA

Real eye-opener and offers great insight

This stuff is a real eye-opener and offers great insight into developing monster technique. If you enjoy the “run and gun” style of today’s top players, then this course is for you!

Bill Scudder
Brooklyn, NY

Charisma, stage presence and style

I was fortunate to find out about Robert Conti at the NAMM show 2003. I was walking around and heard this great fellow waming up a the Hofner booth and right away I could tell this guy had it! There are a lot of great players around but he also had this something extra that makes someone unique. Style, I guess you call it. Not only was he an excellant player with execution but he had a charisma, stage presence and style that transcended it. I really dug his playing from the get go. Hit home with me, so to speak! Anyway, I found his website via Internet and was impressed with the all the information, disclosure, background info… and his personal approach to playing and teaching, etc. *I also recently bid on an auction via E-Bay for a Robert Conti LP, Robert Conti Jazz Quintet featuring Mike Wofford, Discovery Records DS-834 label and right away was moved by his style, tone, finess and everything else. Right up my alley! I’m an avid Jazz player, conniossuer myself, teach, play all the time and am always seeking to learn more and expand my horizons, etc… so seeing this information on the internet was perfect for me! Thanks for asking and really looking forward to everything!

Geoffrey E. Stich
Hillsborough, CA

The best and MOST USEFUL materials

Mr. Conti’s materials are exceptional because they are all born from REAL LIVE MUSICAL EXPERIENCE! Everything sounds good! Like Joe Pass used to say, the ear is the final judge; if it sounds good, it is good! I have been playing and teaching for 30 years, and these are the best and MOST USEFUL materials that I have ever seen. The chord melody arrangements and the formula behind them are a must for guitarists, so that we can be liberated from having to play with piano players. Solo guitar rules! Thanks Bob!

Mike Irish
Houghton, MI

Execution is unparalleled

Robert Conti is one of the most brilliant guitarists of our time. His musical expression and technical execution is unparalleled. When you see and hear Conti play his eight string guitar, you hear a symphony.

Bernie Rico Sr
Hesperia, CA

I start throwing out some REAL chords

I still have some of your licks stuck up in the back of my head and I pull them out every now and then…some of these blues guys never figure them out…especially when I start throwing out some REAL chords…I wish I lived closer, I’d be poundin’ down your door for some more private lessons!

Jim Hendee
Plano, TX

The stuff I really want to know

Just to let you know that the books arrived today. As I live in England I consider that to be top quality service so thanks for that. I am a sucscriber to Just Jazz Guitar and that’s how I heard about Robert Conti. I’ve only had time for a quick glance at the books but already I feel they contain the stuff I really want to know so I’m looking forward to exploring them further over the next few weeks, months, years (trouble is I have a day job). Big thanks for the free CD didn’t expect that. I’ll be listening to it on my way to work today.

Phil Byrne
Tyne & Wear, UK



Tony Williams
West Sussex, UK

Confidence to go out and play again!

During the eighties I studied jazz guitar at the best Jazz Conservatory we have in The Netherlands. After 4 years of study I still wasn’t sure about what I had learned. I just seemed a long path to gain confidence playing the guitar, being the perfectionist I am. In the end I even turned away from playing the instrument and ended as an IT-specialist. For six years I didn’t touch my guitar in the corner. Finally, a year ago, the old urge to make music came back. I decided to start over, learning myself guitar from scratch. No more theory but real life experience! I surfed the Net and via VisionMusic.com heard about your site. Mark Stefani did praise your qualities highly and I ordered the complete set of SourceCode books at once. To my surprise the material is understandably written, progressive and full of information (even for advanced musicians). But most of all: your vision on making music gave me enough confidence to go out and play again! This is why I am extremely thankful to you… There are only a few great players who can teach well. You definitely are one of them (standing next to my all-time heros Pat Martino and Joe Pass)!

Milan de Keijzer
Apeldoorn, Netherlands

I plan on getting everything!

Hi Robert I just wanted to say how I really enjoy your playing and your teaching material. I plan on getting all of your stuff on your website. You and Phil Keaggy are my 2 favorite guitarists. Ok have a good one!

Tom Mowrey
Sykesville, PA

Delivers what he promises

Bob really delivers what he promises with his Blues Vol. 1 DVD. I’ve tried other players lessons but they typically are just showcases for what they know and how well they play. Bob Conti seems to have no limits as to what he can play but most important with his instructional materials, he knows how to teach. First class product.

Ron Petronzi
Maplewood, NJ

Within minutes I discovered…

I have at least 20 other books of scales and chords, etc., and I really don’t have any complaints about them, but within minutes of recieving Robert’s books, I’d discovered two very practical details that somwhow eluded me until now. It’s probably not right to reveal them here, but they concern the role of the first finger on the fretting hand, and choosing a pick. Just these two pieces of information helped me a lot, immediately.

Mark L. Skyer
Chicago, IL

Great significance to young musicians

Bob, I have written a testimonial before, but I really feel compelled to write another one. I have just purchased another set of your materials (Jazz Master from TrueFire) for my university, and, again, I am just gassed. As usual, the teaching videos and supportive materials are the best! But, what really grabbed me and our students this time was the To The Brink! session video. Wow! World-class playing, but also a world-class gentleman and a real PRO in the studio. Our students (on all instruments) are learning so much about the biz and being a pro from watching you in action. Having it available is of great significance to young musicians (and me, too!). One last thing: You really listen to your customers and their feedback. I had written to you one time with a suggestion of showing more of your right hand picking action in your videos, and within 4 months, the new DVD’s were doing just that! I am really impressed by that! A company that actually listens! Thanks, again, for you monumental contributions to guitar education and our listening pleasure!

Mike Irish
Houghton, MI

Helped me to improve my solo jazz guitar.

I saw an ad and articles in Just Jazz Guitar magazine and decided to order some books and videos. They’re easy to follow and understand. Mr Conti’s approach has helped me to improve my solo jazz guitar.

Lou Shepherd
New Bedford, MA

The ease and availability of fingering movement

I purchased the Truefire CD of Bob Conti’s Jazz Master and was so impressed with the ease and availability of fingering movement it was so cool. Therefore at one at a time I’ll purchase all of his stuff. After 30 years im playing the real music and feel I’ve been looking for.

Bruzzi Herman
Croton, NY

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Tell us about your learning experience and how the Conti approach has improved your goal of learning to play jazz guitar.

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A headline for your testimonial.
What is your email address? (Not Published)
What is your full name?
Tell us about your learning experience and how the Conti approach has improved your goal of learning to play jazz guitar.