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très bonne et belle guitare

idéale pour le jazz, on a l'impression de la connaître depuis toujours, peu de réglages à faire, vraiment facile à prendre en main, action basse, beau sustain, ne pas hésiter à l'acquérir..

Comparable to the xxx priced over $7,000

Robert, thanks for the time you spent with my new guitar. I really like what you played, and the introduction to the instrument is really appreciated. The guitar arrived today and it is simply beautiful. Fit and finish outstanding. It really sounds good and plays amazing. Tone through my Fishman Loudbox 100 with all EQ at 12:00 is classic, and with a very nice slight edge. The combination of design and sonic engineering on the tail piece is genius on both counts. A beautiful instrument. My mandolin and 000 model guitar are lifetime instruments, and out of the box the Conti immediately earned the same designation. I’ll be leaving this to a child or grandchild.

I think a comparison to xxx and xxx is certain to find the Conti on top. I think it is very favorably comparable to the xxx priced over $7,000. My very nice L5 copy is going on the market soon. I doubt I’ll play it again except on the way out the door. Thanks for everything. My wife likes the tone and noticed the tailpiece.

And yes, Beverly listened to it and was highly complimentary. She also noticed and commented on the tailpiece. We have been married 35 years, and she has put up with a lot. I’m a lucky guy.

In summary, “Wow. Just Wow.”

*xxx=Loar, Eastman, Collings

-David Martin – Santa Fe, New Mexico

P.S. I am working with the Chord Melody Assembly Line course and like what I see. With the meds and back recovery, it’s a bit hard to practice more than 10 minutes at a time, but the logic of the approach is appealing.

By far the easiest and most enjoyable to play

Review Translated From French to English:

Guitar delivered to Var, France, in just one week after ordering, without any damage or unpleasant surprises.

It only took a few days for me to get used to it. I adjusted it to my liking, removed the pickguard for aesthetic reasons since I play without a pick, and put on flat wound strings that I am accustomed to using.

I own several guitars, and this one is by far the easiest and most enjoyable to play, especially for jazz. Very low action, fast neck, surprising sustain, beautiful aesthetics, and lightweight - you can play it at home without an amplifier.

The exclusivity of the marketing made me apprehensive about buying a guitar online from the USA without trying it, but I am convinced that I made a good choice and hope to keep it for a long time.

The guitar was accompanied by a very informative video from Mr. Conti. If you want a beautiful guitar, don't hesitate to do as I did (I want to emphasize that this comment is free from any commercial interest on my part.)

Entrada Archtop Guitar
Peppino Bianco - Chicago, IL
Finest guitar I’ve played in all the years…

My Conti Entrada archtop will most likely be the finest guitar I’ve played in all the years I’ve been playing. Left handed guitars are a scarce commodity; I’ve had my Gibsons, D’Angelicos, Epiphones, etc etc,… but NONE play better than my Robert Conti Entrada right out of the box, I’ve never set it up – it’s “perfect” as it is. No need to get technical, I’m just enjoying to play it.

Grazii mille mille signore Conti! Ottima chitarra questa è! (Thank you very much Mr. Conti! This is a great guitar!)

Comin' On Strong! (1990)
Rod Fernandez - Newcastle, Australia
Not only an awesome player, but a great teacher!

I had the luck of coming across a video of Robert playing at one of the NAMM events which instantly got my attention. His speed, agility and great note choices. I started searching for anything I could find about him and first found the Conti line of guitars, beautiful! That led me to his instructional materials; I looked all through them and started watching the preview videos and realised - this guy speaks my language. I bought The Jazz Lines which instantly opened a bunch of musical doors that I thought I’d never be able to walk through as I’m also an auto-didact. Everything started to become clear with his “nuts and bolts” method of communicating. This purchase was followed by Chord Melody Assembly Line, The Formula and The Just Jazz Guitar arrangements.
Thanks to what I’m learning from Robert Conti, I’m preparing to start doing solo Jazz Guitar gigs, something I never would’ve dreamed of doing previously despite my 30+ years of playing professionally.
I want to thank Robert for putting me on the path to realise my dream of becoming a Hard Bop player.
Rod Fernandez

Custom made guitar with your tailpiece

My brother and I each bought one of these gold finger tailpieces from you recently. This is a custom made guitar and I’m proud of it with your tailpiece; they are really hardware!

High level instruction, low level apprentice.

Have a big debt with Mr. Conti and his methods. After 35 years I find a method that has exactly what I want, the way I think it is adequate for me. Unfortunately, I don't find it earlier and now with my age, all things look more difficult. But I persevere and I'm sure it will give the result I want.. Thank you Mr. Conti.

Solo Guitar (1979)


Excerpt from Liner Notes:
“This collection of ballads is devoid of any gimmick and gadgets. In fact, it nuggets right down to the basics: just guitar and guitarist. The moment of truth in terms of music making, made even more truthful by the one-take nature of direct-to-disc.” Harvey Siders, Jazz Critic


Solo Guitar (1979)

An interesting story is attached to this album. During the recording of Latin Love Affair,the producers, Albert Marx and Dennis Smith, happened to hear Conti demonstrating his version of a Beatles song to another musician in the studio. Extremely impressed by Conti’s solo virtuosity, of which they were apparently unaware, they immediately decided that a solo album was necessary before Conti returned to Florida. However, as the excitement of the project at hand required their attention, they simply failed to tell Conti of their decision to produce another album while he was still in California.

After the mix down of Latin Love Affair was completed, as Conti was in his hotel room preparing to leave for LAX for a red eye flight, Dennis Smith called to discuss the solo album. Conti said jokingly, “What solo album?” The communication mixup became apparent. At that point, Smith asked Conti if he would be willing “…to do a solo album…” on his way to LAX. As the recording studio customarily used by Discovery Records was unavailable that night. Albert Marx was able to procure a studio in Burbank after several phone calls. In addition to this sudden decision to do another album, Albert Marx also decided that Conti should record the album in the Direct-To-Disc medium. As any artist aould agree, this is a pressure cooker type of recording session wherein the artist must record an entire side of music, without any breaks between each song.

The Direct-To-Disc recording process bypasses the traditional master tape, as the artist actually records the “mother” disk that is used to press the copies. This means: If a serious musical error occurred On Track 5, the artist would be required to start another master of that side, starting again from the first track. Now add the pressure of performing solo, and you have a perfect formula for shattered nerves! Under that pressure, Conti performed flawlessly, as the stunning results of his incredible virtuosity on that evening will soon be available on The Pinnacle Records reissue of the original recording. This album displays Conti’s ability to create a harmonic palette of exquisite solo renditions of ten timeless standards, including: My Funny Valentine, The Beatles Yesterday, and others.

A Well Deserved Album Recommendation In Billboard Magazine

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Manuel Sanfeliu de Miguel

Bought this lp in 79. Now i sold all my lps but i wanted to keep a stream recorded of a masterpiece

Ahead of its time!

I've been waiting to listen to this album for years, and I am so glad to finally get to hear it. It was well worth the wait. Robert's playing is so beautifully exposed in this selection of standards plus one additional tune. They are all so tastefully arranged and showcase his wonderful solo guitar style. I've learned so much from studying his books, and listening to this really demonstrates how you can develop these tools into arrangements that stand on their own. Sit back and relax as you enjoy this stunning solo performance.

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