Preferred Gauge Strings



Gauges: 11 – 14 – 20 – 28 (wound) -38 – 48

Since the early 1960s, I was under the mistaken impression that heavy gauge strings provided better tone.  In the early 1990s, I experienced bleeding on the tips of my left hand fingers. After endless gauge comparisons, I settled on the above gauges, as I discovered there was no loss of tone.  Perhaps you will also find these gauges acceptable.  Remember, to avoid causing extreme tension changes on your guitar’s neck, it is always best to change strings only one at a time, using the same gauge strings for optimum playability.

~Robert Conti

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kenneth Babb

Preferred Gauge Strings

Jack Marchewka
My choice of strings

For my Entradas. These strings came with my Entradas so I’m sticking with them. Live the wound 3rd string. Great tone and playability!

Steve Scheller
Great Choice for Jazz

These strings helped improve my dexterity and have great tone and are less prone to feedback

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Great string gauge for me

Lovely the Conti strings on my Entrada, great gauge to play complex runs/ chords and for all around use in the eclectic range of music I play. Also great to be able to adjust string tension on my Entrada if I want to keep it tight or need to make some serious bends. String life is good too=quality

Great strings

Well balanced, easy to play strings with very good tone.

James Kjelstrup
Great Product!

Hey, bought these as a Christmas present for our son! He plays a LOT & these are what he wants!

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