Return Policy


The learning resources produced by Robert Conti are specifically directed toward Entry Level Jazz Guitarists to the early stage of the Professional Level. We provide a substantial volume of complimentary video lessons and sample videos so that patrons of our products can 1) clearly comprehend a sample of the material 2) be aware of the skill level needed for a learning resource at any level 3) observe the quality of the instruction in any specific product. In fact, knowledgeable people within the jazz guitar education industry often comment that Robert Conti graciously gives away far more than most educators actually sell!

Which Items May Be Returned And For What Reasons?


Any DVD or CD that is defective will be replaced immediately without any additional charge. However, because DVD technology continues to evolve, on very rare occasions, current DVDs may not be compatible with older DVD players. Also, on occasion, a DVD may not play properly in a selected DVD player because of dust or wear in the player itself. To be certain a DVD is defective, if possible, please try the DVD in another DVD player.

From time to time, a customer may unknowingly purchase a duplicate of a prior product order. In this case, simply return the duplicate item and we will issue a credit or ship your alternate product.

We cannot accept a product for return if the shrinkwrap has been removed. Your replacement product will include a self-addressed pre-stamped envelope. Please enclose the item you’re returning, seal the envelope and place in the mail. The Customer does not pay any shipping fee to exchange a defective product.

When Do Items Need To Be Returned?

As soon as reasonably convenient.