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Vol. 4 All Blues (Miles Davis)
User: ldrayrainey on TrueFire
A real master!

JazzMaster Product Review:
I have quite a few Conti courses and I think he is a great nuts-and-bolts teacher, especially be-bop soloing. I haven't found anyone who offers so many chord substitutions. He shows how to play a tune that has maybe 6 - 8 chords and use maybe 40 - 50 choices. Mind boggling at first but when you figure him out, he's WOW!

Vol. 4 Wave
User: gear1152 on TrueFire
A little gem

JazzMaster Product Review:
This course is a little gem among the many Truefire course. At first, you might be thrown by the old-timey production, but actually there's a ton of great information. Conti, a real master of jazz, take you measure by measure of solos for three different types of jazz tunes. However, it's not a just a play-this-note, play-that-note course. Conti tells you the substitutions he's thinking of when playing the line and there are some great comping ideas too. By the end of the course, you'll have a lot of great moves to add to your vocabulary. Definitely worth the time and money for this course.

Vol. 4 Signature Chord Melody Arrangements
User: thierrypaul on TrueFire
Nice surprise

JazzMaster Product Review:
Good course, I particularly appreciate the second part which is devoted to accompaniment of standards, rich and complete it will take me time to learn everything!

Vol. 3 One Note Samba
User: Samori on TrueFire
Fascinating and Different

Review on Jazz Master product:
This is my first experience with Conti's methodology and it's fascinating - unusual compared with most other approaches, but it seems to work! Looking forward to trying some of the others.

Vol. 3 Blues For Alice (Birds)
Jean Marc - Carnoules, France
A Jazz Master

Robert Conti is one of the living Jazz guitar Masters, But he is also a good teacher!

Vol. 3 Bluesette
User: Robsta on TrueFire
Wow I'm getting there...

Review on "Jazz Master" Product:
Wow, Robert Conti blazes across the fretboard, and I'm thinking I'm never going to do any of this. But slowly putting small chunks together, and practice exactly how Mr. Conti tells you and Wow I'm getting there.

Vol. 3 One Note Samba
User: "Wessel07 from TrueFire
Like his explanation of....

Review on "Jazz Master" Product:
I like his explanation of fingering the left hand and that he explains that he has transcribed a jazz standard do that it fits within a box. I think it is a fantastic idea and will be working on it as I go through the course.

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