No Hype. Just Results.

In contrast to relentless false promises and junk products hyped up by endless marketing tactics (countless disjointed videos on Youtube, your inbox flooded with emails about the latest tip, etc.), we urge you to see and hear the results achieved by our students.

Watch a selection of our aspiring jazz guitarists display rapid improvement in the videos below. There are numerous students in the videos below who actually display a higher level of playing skill than many who claim to be jazz guitarists on the internet. Experience what you can achieve under the guidance of an instructor with nearly six decades of on the bandstand experience.

No hype, no promises, just results – the benchmark by which you must judge the ability of any teacher.

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Entry Level Improv

Chord Melody

Advanced Level Improv



Student Comment

“My name is Jim Brown. I am retired and have been playing guitar since I was a child. I have had a very difficult time learning jazz improvisation. I started the Conti Ticket to Improv course about six months ago and have to say that I wish I found this course much earlier in my guitar career. I have tried many guitar books and courses in the past, with little success. Most courses emphasize theory, scales and licks. The Conti method uses whole songs and melodic lines. None of the other methods I have tried in the past have given me the access to the melodic lines needed to learn jazz guitar. In particular, this method covers melodic lines that run four measures, or more, you learn by playing actual jazz solos. The Conti approach is ideal for people trying to learn jazz who feel like their progress has stalled. Mr. Conti is one of the true New York Italian jazz guitar pros of the sixties. For those of you on a limited budget like myself, the cost of the DVDs in the Ticket To Improv series is ridiculously low, especially when using the new streaming option. Now is the time to get instruction from a jazz great before the opportunity is gone.”