2019 Thank You Sale Underway

As 2018 Comes To A Close, We Extend Seasons Greetings And Best Wishes To Everyone For A Happy, Healthy And Prosperous New Year! Our Way Of Saying Thank You As a gesture of our gratitude for your patronage, we are proud to begin our Sixteenth Annual “Thank You Savings Event,” now underway through midnight January 6, 2019. Simply make your selections and place your order with confidence in our secure shopping …

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Labor Day Event & More Exciting News

Labor Day Sale & More Exciting News Happy Labor Day weekend to all the hard working people throughout the world! In celebration of this holiday, we’re offering a 25% across the board discount on all of our learning products, including the Signature Chord Melody Arrangement series, whose price has been reduced for the new downloadable format. This sale event is now in progress, through Thursday September 8, 2016. The discount …

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The Turning Point

The Turning Point by Dave Ruggiero

I prepared this narrative in an effort to apprise other aspiring jazz guitarists about my experience with the Ticket To Improv DVD series and The Jazz Lines by Robert Conti. I own all five products (the Ticket To Improv series has four current volumes for those unaware) and have spent several months working through the material and watching the DVDs. I am comfortable enough to share my experiences in a way …

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Vol 4 – Ticket To Improv Review in JJG

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If so, then Robert Conti must feel very flattered these days because he seems to have scores of imitators who have just “discovered” the value of teaching without modes or scales. Not that I have anything against teaching with the best methods available, or changing course when you find something better, but let’s give credit where it’s due. I’ve seen Robert …

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The Conti Philosophy

The great guitar players learned to play by playing the guitar. That sounds simple and it is but then ask yourself why so many teachers make playing music among their lowest priorities. They assign all sorts of esoteric scales, modes, chord formations, fingerboard patterns, numerical mumbo-jumbo everything except the very music that the learner wants to play. This may build character and it certainly builds the teacher’s bank balance but …

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Jazz Guitarists to the Rescue

An Inspirational (and true!) Tale No jazz musician needs to be told how tight money is in this recession. Budgets are being slashed everywhere, and perhaps most in education.Now imagine that you have a class of eager guitar students but no guitars and no money to buy them.  What would you do?  Welcome to the world of Bruce Edmiston. Bruce has been teaching his guitar class at Oxnard High School for thirteen years, …

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Volume 3 – Ticket To Improv Review in JJG

Robert Conti may well be the most successful jazz guitar teacher on the planet, and deservedly so. With over 31 instructional DVD’s ranging from absolute beginner to pro, Mr. Conti seems to barely finish one before his fans and students ask for more. While most other guitarists, including some of the finest players, are finding it difficult to maintain a student base, Mr. Conti has continued to attract more students …

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2010 Just Jazz Guitar Cover Story

Preface by Paul Getty During a recent conversation with Ed Benson, we were discussing how the economic downturn has affected numerous guitarists who voiced complaints about their substantial loss of income from lessons, gigs etc. Our conversation turned to the success of Robert Conti. In the midst of the punitive economic conditions during the last three years, he recently released his thirty-first full-length DVD, as an obvious result of the …

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Comping Expo Review in Gitarist Magazine

Gitarist Magazine Masthead

The Comping Expo Robert Conti? A jazz guitar virtuoso who likes to keep things simple. As complicated as his bebop licks and chord melodies may sound, Conti constantly stresses that you can learn all of it without spending years and years being bogged down by chords, scales and arpeggio’s. Conti rightfully thinks that the the was he learned to play is most natural; you hear somebody play something that you …

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