Entrada Archtop Guitar


Making the transition from rock to jazz but don’t have a jazz axe? There’s no reason to settle for a stripped down archtop without any features. Meet the new Entrada. . .



*We Are Proud To Introduce The Gorgeous Deep Port Wine As Our New Entrada Color!*
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Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Dennis Wechter - Tamarac, FL 33319
Plays like a dream guitar

Here is a picture of the newest guitars for my collection. I can’t say enough about these two guitars, but let me say a few things. First of all, I have always wanted an Entrada with two pickups, and when this one became available, I had to have it. It plays like a dream guitar. Great neck, incredible action!!

The Kent Armstrong pickups are very responsive and create a very warm sound responding to this body. The color of this guitar is amazing. I do not have this color on any of the guitars in my collection. This guitar is perfectly balanced and the gold hardware completes the package. My bandmates love the look and sound of this guitar and I couldn’t agree more.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to your craft. Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of the Robert Conti Guitar Universe.

Bob Warren - Mount Laurel, NJ
Nothing short of beautiful...

Received my new Entrada. Arrived safe and sound thanks to the great packaging. After opening, it was nothing short of beautiful. The action height, intonation & the neck was straight as an arrow. Bob and his crew do an unbelievable job on getting the instrument into your hands. Needless to say I was quite anxious to put it to work. I got the chance this weekend to do that with our group. I'm extremely pleased in how it worked out. While working I was not the only one impressed with the guitar. Some other guitarists happened to be there and they were wowed at its sound and beauty. Everyone wanted to know where I got it.

But a word about Bob in that he actually plays it before shipping it out. He then sends a video of your guitar being played by him. That is no different than going yourself to a store and trying it out. You see it, you hear it, and can't wait to get it. This guitar will be with me a long time. Thanks So Much!

Tom Mowrey - Brookville, PA
Playability is perfect and looks stunning!

Just got the guitar home. I'm simply blown away at how fantastic the guitar is! I'll write more about it later but the string spacing, depth, and playability are perfect and it looks stunning! Thank you so much for your kindness, patience, and going the extra mile for me. Its safe to say that I won't be needing another hollow body for the rest of my life. I can't believe at this price point how great it is! Appreciate and am so grateful for your help throughout this whole process, Mike!

Louis LaPaitra Jr
Louis LaPaitra Jr. Comments On His New Entrada

Watch as Louis LaPaitra Jr. Comments On, and performs with his new Ruby Red Conti Entrada archtop guitar.

Dave Durward - Surrey, Canada
Radiates that elusive jazz tone

Two thumbs up for Robert and his entire team! I just got this beautiful Entrada and have been floating up on Cloud 9 ever since I first touched it. The sound is simply amazing. It radiates that elusive jazz tone that one can spend years trying to find or create. Right out of the box the action was setup perfectly and required only a slight tuning of the strings. The neck of this guitar is slender and fits nicely in the hand from the bottom to the top of the fretboard. I agree with Robert when he says it “plays like butter”. I also like the balance between the headstock and the body so with or without the strap it doesn’t want to tip up or down. The entire experience from ordering to receiving this guitar has been great fun. Thanks again Robert, Steve and Mike!

Cynthia Zarsky
Like a kid before Christmas

Love the video! Robert is so kind and generous as a teacher and I really have enjoyed his lessons. What a wonderful introduction to my new guitar! My family watched the video too and we are all so excited for it to arrive on Monday! I am like a kid right before Christmas!
Thanks again, to you and Robert and all the folks who made this guitar possible for me!

Steven Essery - Umina Beach Australia
Looks and feels great

Yes, 'Bob' arrived Friday, nice! Loved the intro video, thank Robert for us. My wife Claire watched it with me, and was impressed with his passion for music, the instruments, and the people. Guitar looks and feels great. The nice grain on the top looks like a spruce cap, is that the case? Also, I have to report a dissatisfaction in playability. I don't know if the guitar could be faulty? I find in life that effort is usually rewarded, however, when I play I don't seem to be making any effort, but still the sound comes out, I don't understand ;-) Will contact next week, with photo to follow.

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