Entrada Archtop Guitar


Making the transition from rock to jazz but don’t have a jazz axe? There’s no reason to settle for a stripped down archtop without any features. Meet the new Entrada. . .

First, choose your Orientation, Lower Bout size, and Color above. Then customize your Entrada with the options below.

Pickup Config.*

Choose either a one or two pickup instrument.


Either stunning tailpiece option at no additional cost


Choose either Tune-o-Matic or Compensated Ebony


A complimentary high quality gig bag is included, or you may upgrade to a hard case

Midnight Package*

This upgrade will change all hardware on your guitar to black; a great look with any finish.

Total: $1,569.00


For detailed specs, photos, videos and owner comments from around the world, please visit our dedicated website for the Conti Guitar.

Customer Reviews

Based on 105 reviews
Ross Bliss - Victoria, BC Canada
Layout and playability are first rate...

"I purchased my Conti Entrada used about a year ago. I was looking for a smaller body archtop, and it fit the bill. I quickly discovered what an excellent guitar they are to play. In addition to being so ergonomically copasetic, with a 16" shallow body, the layout and playability are first rate. Perhaps the best aspect is the tone. While a thinner body obviously won't deliver the same degree of low end as a deeper body, you don't miss it. It has enhanced clarity across all frequencies without sacrificing warmth. They sound even better plugged in - where the tone really comes to life. They are easy to play and exceptionally responsive instruments, as well as well built and pleasing to the eye. All this at a remarkably low price, given what you get. I will be experimenting with the ebony bridge, but can definitely commend the balanced projection you get from the tune-o-matic bridge. These are simply delightful guitars!"

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James P Burke III
Plays so smoothly…Outstanding Customer Service

My Conti Entrada plays so smoothly and is so BEAUTIFUL too. Thank you for providing outstanding customer service. Including the personalized video of Robert Conti playing my actual guitar was so SPECIAL. No other guitar company has ever provided this HIGHLY INDIVIDUALIZED customer service. This was one of the best online guitar purchases that I’ve ever made. Thanks Mike for answering all of my questions and assisting with my patience during the building and processing period. I am now a PROUD owner of a CONTI GUITAR!!
James P. Burke III
Accokeek, Maryland, USA

Protean Polymath
A much-needed dream come true...

2024 - 2 Entrada Archtop Guitars

Wonderful guitars. I call them my “fraternal twins”. Both of my Robert Conti designed guitars play magnificently, and carry the sound of a full size electrified arch top with the amazing dual Kent Armstrong pickups, Fantastic workmanship. They are both stunning beauties. One cannot go wrong with purchasing such a guitar that is in the superlative. The best design of a guitar that has ever existed, a much-needed dream come true for the working, professional guitarist, or hobbyist. A special thank-you goes out to Robert Conti, for the videos showing these guitars in action, as well as Mike, and Steve for all their help and correspondence regarding my purchases of these very fine guitars. Plus, all the course materials that I have purchased over the years are available on the site to all who want to improve their improvisational skills.

2009 - Equity Model

Case closed, this is the guitar of the future. The appointments far exceed all my expectations and make all of my studies pertaining to jazz guitar a monumental pleasure. Many bell-like tones, bone nut, perfect neck, solid woods. All my other guitars are now on probation. Once you get your hands on a "Conti/Equity" guitar, there is no turning back.

-Protean Polymath, Kingston, NY USA

Scott Tarulli
Berklee Professor Reviews Lefty Entrada

See Attached Video Review by Scott Tarulli of Boston, MA

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Video Comments

See attached video for Lee's comments

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Acoustic sound is amazing...very playable

Just received my new Robert Conti Entrada via FedEx, a day ahead of schedule, within four days from America; great service and beautifully packed, perfect condition - real credit to Robert and his boys. It's an absolute beauty! For a slimline, the acoustic sound is amazing in terms of clarity and tone. Very playable and highly recommended; wonderful value for money.

Guitar indeed plays like a dream (Switzerland)

Dear good – sorry: BEST – people at Conti Guitars, I would like to thank you all very much again – the Entrada guitar was delivered today in best order, shape & form. Sincere thanks for all your advice, support and time. Thank you also very much, Mr. Conti, for the splendid video – I don’t match your heights in expertise but am making up for it with a loving touch! The guitar indeed plays like a dream, the reviews did not lie, not a single bit! You have a new fan across the Atlantic in Switzerland and I will make sure to spread your name & artful work here. Warm regards, I‘ll stay in touch hopefully.

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