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Someone who teaches how to play rather than memorize. What a concept!

The Formula
Dr. Dave Walker - Canada
Terrific materials on chord melody

I am a retired (EARLY retirement!) university professor and administrator who taught music criticism at the graduate level. I've also been a practising musician for over 40 years now. Although I have played in jazz bands for years, I restricted myself mostly to comping until I discovered Robert Conti's column in Just Jazz Guitar, and then his terrific materials on chord melody. I was delighted with the DVD of The Formula to finally be able to see and hear Mr. Conti. His down-to-earth style of instruction really resonated with me.

The Jazz Lines
James Macneil - Fayetteville, NC
Find endless ideas...

I just love all the material presented. I have all the Source Code and Ticket to Improv series. Even though the TTI series is an introduction, I find that coupled with The Jazz Lines you can find endless ideas from those "simpler" lines presented. I really think I've seen other people imitating the approach Conti has used for decades. The problem with theory is that many students don't understand how to apply it. Robert demonstrates that theory in real world application. Anyone who understands theory can analyze Robert's lines and see how that theory works in real playing. I think Robert understands theory as much as any music theory teacher, but he also knows that on the bandstand the mind doesn't have time to compute all that information when chords are flying by at break neck tempos. He just presents things that make sense to the mind in real time playing.

Chord Melody Assembly Line
"Monkmiles" on The Gear Page forum
Gets you playing quickly

Robert Conti has a good book/method called the Chord Melody Assembly Line. It's been many years since I looked at it but I remember it as a straight forward, easy to follow approach that gets you playing quickly.

The Formula
Hinton Owens - Georgia
He is a gifted educator

I just received Robert Conti's Source Code Book Four ("The Formula") last week. The man has a way of packing a tremendous amount of information into my brain quickly. He is a gifted educator. His concept of harmonizing melodies is fantastic and it works great for me. If you have not seen a copy I recommend it to you. You will have fun reading it and applying his concepts to any standard tune within a couple of hours. It's the best money I have spent on a learning aid ever.

A knack for making the esoteric obvious!

I discovered Robert Conti through the article in Just Jazz Guitar Magazine. I have purchased his Chord Melody Assembly Line book/DVD, and am working through it at this time. Robert certainly has a knack for making the esoteric obvious! I would be interested to know of any new offerings he may have for guitar instruction. Also, he should really come back to his roots here in Pennsylvania once in a while so that us east-coasters can meet him, see him play, take a lesson or two!

2 Hour Lesson
Tony Pereira - Las Vegas, NV
Best musical investment I've ever made

I just wanted to give a shout out to Robert Conti. I started taking lessons with Robert about 2 years ago and picked up a few tricks. I decided to get serious back in February and made a weekly appointment for a 2 hour lesson. It is the best musical investment that I have ever made. The progress has been amazing and his teaching style fits with the way I need to learn.

Robert teaches a no modes/no scales method...and he hates that I use the word “method”. Make no mistake though the guy knows his music theory. Not only does it sound good to your ear but he can explain at a Ph.D. level why it sounds good.

Do yourself a favor and take a lesson from the guy. I guarantee you will walk away with something new. Every week I have met with him save a few times when I was traveling and I walk away exhausted and energized.

He has completely changed my playing...for the good. He’s a rare combination of being a stellar player who can teach.

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Vol. 1 Since I Fell For You


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Since I Fell For You – Arranged by Robert Conti

  • Printable PDF of complete arrangement, prepared with simple notation and and chord grids/diagrams.
  • No hard to read stacks of notes.
  • DVD Running Time: 2 Hours

Play Pro Chord Melody Today DVD Series

While Conti is well known for his “peel paint off the walls burning solos,” at the other end of the jazz guitar world, his exquisite and lush chord melody work is often heard in fine hotel and restaurant establishments.  In fact, Robert performed 5 nights per week for 10 years in a luxurious Southern California hotel.

In each volume of the Play Pro Chord Melody Today DVD series, Robert Conti teaches you to play an entire pro level arrangement, measure-by-measure, chord by chord simply by watching the DVD and playing the provided chord grids.  Increase your repertoire of chord melody standards to become an in-demand amenity for high class establishments and you’ll rival any piano player.

“You can’t take a lesson for that price. These DVDs are a terrific opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business. Highly recommended.”

~Ed Benson, Publisher of Just Jazz Guitar Magazine.

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The Flattening Curve (Pt. 1)

Bob Conti spoke about 'the flattening learning curve' on one of his Chord Melody DVD's, and spoke about how significantly easier it gets when the curve starts to flatten out. He was right in spades! The initial CM ('Since I Fell for You')took me a long time to get the grip of, but it's NOT hard to know what you need to practice to 'get it' - as it's demonstrated clearly and simply on the DVD. The second CM I worked on (God Bless The Child) started to recycle a part of the first one song, as Bob stated would start to happen... I only knew a few jazz chords grips before I started, but by this time I had mastered the majority of the common chords Bob uses. Of course I am learning new tricks along the way that will also be recycled in many more songs, but the curve is really starting to flatten now, and my speed of learning songs is rapidly accelerating. Another brilliant tip Bob gave was not to bother learning the names of every chord as 'You will pick them up through using them' - surprisingly, this is absolutely correct!!! lol I am now part way through learning 'Indian Summer' - a really show stopping CM if ever there was one. Bob has got even better in his DVD teaching delivery, by laying out the chords right through the arrangement from start to finish on the chords grip sheets - so people who don't know music don't have to keep moving around the codas etc, it's straight off the layout. The big question is: "How can his teaching GET any better?" lol I would like to say that I am more than satisfied with this world class tuition from a world class player. If any guitarist masters Bob's DVD arrangements then (even if it is one...

Over the moon with Since I Fell For You (Pt. 1)

Some time ago I bought the Ticket to Improv 1 and 2. I was progressing well with the second volume but realised that I would never have the time to play in a band - and so I employed your analytical outlooks to learning some solo fingerstyle Dylan tunes and I just got better and better. However, the thought came to me about what you said about anyone can Learn to play in lucrative classy joints or some such with your solo guitar arrangements. Thanks to the good sense of your approach, I now have a fine level of confidence about my playing, so I am returning to jazz solo guitar and have targeted the next 5 years on absorbing how to get those gigs. I have just received 'Since I Fell For You' and I am over the moon with it! I (personally) should have opted for these arrangements rather than the 'improv' from the start - but Hey!, - nothing is lost if you learn something new about music right? I have learned persistence and focus from your approach and material - as well as never to give up on a song...

The Flattening Curve (Pt. 2) at a time) he must become a world class guitarist himself in the end. I only spend an hour a day on the DVD's but my progress has been remarkable even if I do say so myself. Another great thing Bob pointed out was that when you have learned 30 to 50 songs, a guitarist develops the ability to 'know' where the song is going and play it off the cuff EVEN IF they have never played it before. This must work in the same way that a lead player can play a tune straight off because his ear has developed over playing so many solos. The jazz guitarist can manage to do it because he has developed the lightning fast and accurate jump to hit a harmonising chord to an individual note.So if he's heard the melody he can instantly harmonise it and play embellishments taught in the DVD's. I could write about my discoveries over the last year or two using Bob's DVD's all day - but the bottom line, like Bob says is: "It's all in the playing!". You learn jazz by playing arrangements NOT my knowing every scale and mode known to man. It's like you can memorise all the words in the English language but it won't make you a great writer. Neither will knowing all the rules of grammar make you a great public speaker. My advice (after decades of floundering around with these stupid things) is if you want to play AND really understand jazz get Bob's DVD's and watch the scales (from your eyes) fall away one by one. The byproduct of knowing this stuff spills over into any songwriters bag of tricks as well. Better go, the guitar is calling.

Over the moon with Since I Fell For You (Pt. 2)

part way through because it can seem 'too much'. That in itself is a major key to musical success in it's own right. I have learned more through doing an hour a day with clearly explained material than I did 'messing around' for years before - and I am now determined to become a fine solo jazz player. Some months ago my Dad passed away. He had a long illness but he was very strong minded. In those months he was listening to some old jazz recordings - He was a pretty useful jazz pianist himself, and I told him what I was doing with country fingerstyle. Well he always was a biased jazz purist - s he told me on his deathbed: Yes, but you listen to rubbish! I don't agree with that and I know you don't from your comments about your respect for top country players - but it certainly made me think about REALLY getting to grips with solo jazz arrangements. So here I am back on the horse, and I will certainly be learning one song after the other for the coming years till I CAN play weddings, restaurants etc.! lol Bless you for your fine work Bob as well as your good sense. I never get tired of hearing you talk as well as play – Honest!!

Proof I am a Guitarist

These arrangements have played a huge role in plotting my musical landmarks. I got into Berklee College of Music by re-arranging his chart for "Since I Fell For You." I've used his songs on proficiency exams and general showing off ever since. Anyone can strum the chords to a "Let it be" or "Free Fallin," but pulling one of these out of your hat proves you're a full-fledged guitarist.

R.K.-.T.C. far the best!

Of all the various books, DVDs and even live lessons that I have taken, Robert's DVDs and accompanying PDFs are by far the best!

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