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Claus J.-.D.
Skype lessons review

I think it's time for a proper feedback. Over the last 3 months I've been taking 1-on-1 Skype lessons with Robert on a weekly basis. And wow! What an impact! In order to put this into context, I will provide a little background info.

I've been playing guitar for over 20 years and used to play semi-professionally before I graduated and got a corporate job in early 2012. My previous musical experience has been strictly within original and cover rock, blues, and folk music and I had no real experience with jazz prior to taking these lessons besides a dozen lessons or so I took with a local jazz player 11 years ago. Also, I bought most of Robert's books and DVD's in 2015 but that's about it in terms of my previous "jazz" experience.

During the last 10 years, where I have been working full time in the corporate world, had kids, etc., my guitar practice has only been sporadic. Besides learning a new song here and there, I didn't really play or practice in structured fashion. Working +full time as a lawyer, having small kids, and other competing interests made it difficult for me to play consistently.

At some points though, I did feel the "urge" to play and tried to get back on the horse. For instance, I worked through the Chord/Melody Assembly Line and some of the Ticket to Improv solos a few years ago (great products btw, which I highly recommend).

Since I started listening to jazz in 2008, I have been wanting to learn this style. My first step was to learn from the usual free stuff on the Internet, which got me into new scales, arpeggios, and chords, etc. When I took jazz lessons in 2010 I got turned on to transcribing jazz solos, which paid huge dividends in terms of language and opening my ears. But I still never felt like I "got" it.
Like most others starting on this path, I got the impression that you are supposed to know all music theory, scale fingerings, chord inversions, etc. before you can learn to play jazz. As a disciplined guy, I trusted this process and spent years (literally) running scales, arpeggios, chord exercises, transcribing licks, etc. but for some reason, I was never able to merge this attained knowledge and these playing tools into "one" and actually play jazz and improvise over jazz standards.

When I got Roberts books and DVD's, I knew I was onto something. After working through the Chord/Melody Assembly Line, I was able to make simple chord/melody arrangements. Actually play my own arrangements of jazz standards. But life got in the way I didn't manage to stick with it consistently.

Fast forward until 2020. The Covid19 pandemic had shut down most of society and I've been working from home for almost a year. While being a rough period in general, for my family it was also a time to take stock of our lives. I worked too much and felt bad not spending more time with my family. Also, I knew and felt that I had to make music a part of my life again. I decided to leave the law firm I worked at and got a new job with much better working hours allowing for more family time and time to play music. I started practicing consistently again and I made a plan to study Roberts books and continue with learning solos.

However, after a few months of this, I discovered the possibility to take Skype lessons with Robert. I was intrigued about the idea of getting personal feedback and having the structure of a weekly session and booked one lesson. During my first lesson he threw some lines and some very high impact concepts at me, which opened completely new doors to me, and he had me improvise to On Green Dolphin Street. Playing jazz and improvising with a few devices immediately. I had just seen the tip of the iceberg and immediately made a promise to myself to stick with the lessons every week.

So what have I learned during the last 3 months? I've basically learned to practice improvisation first and foremost (by playing it). As someone with sufficient technical chops on the guitar, we spend most of my lessons on getting my "brain up to speed with my fingers" as Robert would say. I assume this depends on the strengths and weaknesses of the student. My weakness is not being able to use the technique and knowledge I have because I've skipped this most important step of applying these tools to actual music.

I learn a new new standard every week on my own, which forms the basis of the lesson. Robert then teaches me lines and explains how to use them and the necessary theory. I practice it, vary it, and try to make it my own. Also, I get honest feedback. It's a very organic process and I get the whole package in terms of jazz language and understanding it.

Robert Conti is a monster player and educator and really knows his stuff. I highly recommend taking Skype lessons with Robert!

(I've uploaded a short video of an improvisation over Bluesette, filmed by my father at a family reunion from a month ago, using some of the devices I've learned in my lessons.)

Paul Bogiatto - Berkeley, CA
Robert is very approachable

Robert Conti is a genius of Jazz guitar just like Wes Montgomery – both developed their own unique voice and approach. Robert plays up to 300 beats per minute on his many records and has a tremendous fluid technique. Robert Conti approach is fresh, simple and effective to get anyone to play blues and jazz lines straight away.

I was extremely happy with been able to have the opportunity of a one to one session with Robert Conti. It was just like being in a bar chatting about aspects of playing. Robert is very approachable and is open to discuss all aspects pf playing. I studied the material and had questions. The ideas demonstrated and discussed just connected effortlessly.

The discussion was very fruitful with new ideas was also given by Robert which was very appreciated. It was such a great session that Robert and I agreed to connect again with specific questions about the DVD called Big City Blues Vol 1.

Gabriel Anfosso - Nice, France
He never watches the time

When I think of Mr. Conti, the first word that comes in mind is: GENEROSITY! He never watches the time, and never makes you feel time is running, and you never can feel he’s boring himself and just gives you private lesson to earn money. To the contrary, he takes with you all the time you need (for me he takes one hour more because he understood I’m very interested with music and motivated to work hard on his material).

He speaks to you as if you were his own son, you are immediately so confident with him, although you can be somehow nervous at the beginning haha! He really wants you to become the best player you can be!

He gives all the material you need, can answer to any question that comes in your mind, and highly motivates you to work hard. He will give immediately new ideas that you can incorporate to your playing instantly.

Believe me, I’m a professional player, and my playing is getting on a new level with Bob’s approach! I just can tell this material is fantastic and I will work all his DVDs (AND I LIKE THAT HE MAKES NEW ADVANCED DVD SERIES !!!)

So, work on his material, prepare a few questions and HAVE A PRIVATE LESSON WITH BOB YOU WON’T REGRET IT! May these few words be helpful for passionate jazz guitarist, and let’s share with everyone what we learn with Bob, because transmission of this wonderful art is highly important! THANKS AGAIN MR. ROBERT CONTI !!!

Matthew Leos - Whittier, CA
Exceeding my expectations

I must say that Bob is exceeding my expectations. He is an outstanding musician and educator. I feel like he has really taken the time to understand my current skill level and put together a plan that optimizes practice time.

Bob knows how to set learning goals and motivate his students to achieve them. I’ve never been so optimistic about my jazz-guitar-playing future!

Looking forward to the next lesson!

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