The Crackpot Chronicles

When it comes to creating facial expressions on cartoon characters, we believe our cartoonist is at the top of his class.  And while his cartoons are quite comical, there is also a valuable lesson to be learned.  We believe you’ll relate with one or more of the situations displayed below as most of these cartoons are generated from the war stories we hear from our students’ experiences prior to discovering Robert Conti. So take a break and have a laugh at the Crackpot Chronicles!

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  1. My favorites are 11 and 14. !4 he signed (Jim Barcarro) and I am thinking 11 is his carton style, too. I knew Jim from Fernandina Beach, and his parents, Toney and Dux. (that lady can sing). I have a picture he drew in the back of one of my notebooks, something he did just off the cuff. He is an amazing artist. — Gotta say I love the No modes, no scales cartoons. Gave me a huge set of belly laughs today. — Conti private lessons 1984-1986 – The man forever changed how I play guitar.


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