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The Formula: 2003 Product Review in JJG

Review appeared in the May 2003 Issue of Just Jazz Guitar Magazine.  This was a review of the original book, 7 years prior to the addition of the two DVDs. Nowadays the guitar educational field is simply glutted with a plethora of method books and learning aids, ranging from excellent to mediocre, but every once in a while there comes along a contribution that is truly unique and ground-breaking in scope. Jazz guitarist Robert Conti’s “The Formula” falls directly into that category, and I recently had the pleasure of reviewing his recent publication for Just Jazz Guitar Magazine. “The Formula” …

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2002 Just Jazz Guitar Cover Interview

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email Share on linkedin The name of Robert Conti first came to my attention in the summer of 2000, while I was thumbing through an impressive Just Jazz Guitar review of a Conti performance in Beverly Hills, California. Later that year I had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Paul Getty through his visits to my educational website. During a telephone conversation, the Conti name surfaced once again when Paul convinced me to visit and spend an hour at Robert’s website. Little did I realize what I was about to see and hear. …

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Orange County Register Newspaper Article

OC Register – King Of The Eight-String

When Robert Conti talks about performing a tune on his eight-string, he isn’t talking about a mandolin. The Rancho Santa Margarita resident is acknowledged as a master of the eight-string electric guitar. In fact, in 1992 and 1993, Conti helped design the first eight-string model featuring a low B and F-sharp to double the sonic range of the standard six-string instrument. He can play melodies on the first six strings while using the two additional low-range strings to complete the bass line accompaniment; much like that achieved on a full keyboard. Conti first began experimenting with new types of instruments …

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Conti Takes MP3.com By Storm!

http://www.mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=16127 Robert Conti Takes Mp3.Com By Storm ! Email: [email protected] Website: http://robertconti.toptempo.com Music: http://artists.mp3s.com/artist_song/1057/1057208.html Jazz Guitarist Robert Conti has reached the #1 Position Overall on the MP3.com website in only 1 Month after VisionMusic.com (the top Jazz Instruction Guitar Website on the Internet) and David Blumberg (the #1 Ranked Artist Roster Promoter on MP3.com for 8 Months) started him on the site. “It was a combination of being featured on MP3.com, David’s www.toptempo.com affiliate site front page, visionmusic.com, and a lot of really hard work that did it” Conti said. His song “Death by Chops, Dis’ll Do It!”, The Guitarist’s …

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Roccos Gig Review

Rocco’s, Bel Air, CA Gig Review

“THE POWER OF EIGHT” By Jim LaDiana Imagine if you will, a musical equivalent of the climactic scene from a Clint Eastwood motion picture. However,when the shootout is over and the smoke begins to clear, there is a lone guitar player holding the neck of an awesome looking eight string guitar. This, while other notorious guitar slingers linger in the shadows. So it was the scenario at the performance of super jazz guitarist Robert Conti at Rocco’s, a fine jazz supper club high in the hills of Bel Air on the night of June 12th. . . Having attended the …

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MMR Magazine

Conti B.C. Rich 8-String Electric Jazz guitarist Robert Conti introduced the B.C Rich Conti 8-String Electric Guitar during performances at B.C.Rich’s exhibit at recent NAMM show. The instrument, designed by Conti and B.C. Rich president Bernie Rico Sr. has a contoured maple top over a mahogany body, White binding on the body periphery, headstock and fingerboard, a multi-lami-nate maple neck with ebony fingerboard, and abalone block inlay, rosewood headstock overlay, a custom-wound Bartolini Humbucker pickup and gold hard-ware. Suggested list price is $3,000.  A 7-string model is also available.

A Star in the Skylight Lounge

You wouldn’t expect to find a world-class guitarist playing in a hotel lobby. But any week night that’s where you’ll find Robert Conti, a musician who certainly fits that description. So begins a feature in the September 24th Calendar section of the los Angeles Times reviewing our own lobby lounge musician, Robert Conti. Conti, a Philadelphia native, came to Irvine in 1988 after residing in Ponte Vedra Beach Florida for twenty-two years, enticed by an offer of executive position from the Dino Delaurentis organization of Beverly Hills. This culminated from a casual acquaintance while guest performing at the Pacific Coast …

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