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Play Pro Chord Melody Today Review – Vols. 1 & 2

Having just gotten Robert Conti’s new DVDs “Since I Fell For You” and “God Bless the Child”, I thought sme here might be interested in what these are like. Both these DVDs follow the same format in print and intent as his books on chord melody. Each DVD only treats ONE tune, the title of the DVD. That way, he has a lot of time to devote to making sure the student “gets it”.

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Vintage Guitar Magazine Interview

Anybody so into jazz guitar that they think they’ve seen it all may want to take a gander at the video clips on Robert Conti’s website.  Chances are they’ll end up joining the growing ranks of those who start wondering where he – or we – have been. It could be chalked up to the “flying under the radar” maxim, but get to know  Conti’s inconceivable chops, astounding technique, and downright revered teaching materials, and it seems more likely he’s simply been flying above it.  A Philly native, Conti grew up with  fellow jazzer Pat Martino, was gigging on the road by his early teens, has released a number of …

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To The Brink! CD Review

“To The Brink!” restates everything that folks are finding out about Robert Conti: he is one of the very top modern jazz guitarists. He possesses incredible technical chops  that ALWAYS deliver great solo lines. He is an encyclopedia of harmonic invention who effortlessly performs lyrical, satisfying chord solos. But, what is not often publicly stated about Conti is that he is a superb accompanist and “comper.” His support of others is sensitive, never obtrusive, yet very inventive and refreshing. The CD is a textbook about how jazz guitar comping is done. And finally, like the great Art Blakey, Conti is a wonderful bandleader who coaxes the …

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The Jazz Quintet CD Review in Jazz Improv Mag.

Robert Conti
Pinnacle Records PR-C09902.

Rotation: The Agony Of Ectasy; Hollywood And Sunset;  In Memory Qf; The Street Life Of South Philadelphia; The World Today; String Fever. PERSONELL: Robert Conti, guitar and all original compositions; Mike WoiTord, piano; John B. Williams. bass; Hcnnan Riley, so prano, alto, tenor sax and Outc; Jim Plank. percussion; Uew Mathews. co-arranger.
By Ethan Gutzeit

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Lineman/Rio/Blues Improv DVD Review

Robert Conti

Robert Conti, a jazz guitarist who is already perhaps the most prolific educator on the scene today, has just released a second trilogy of superb DVD additions to his highly-popular “Smokin’ Lineman” lesson series. For those readers unfamilar with the series, the videos cover everything from bebop to latin to blues, and utilitize standard repertoire to showcase and explain Robert’s improvised solos. The new editions center on classics like “Rhythm Changes,” “Corcovado,” and “Georgia On My Mind.”

Conti is well-known for his down-to-earth, user friendly approach to a genre often made needlessly complex by so many teachers and authors steeped in classroom theory rhetoric. Once again, he succeeds admirably in making the student feel as though he/she is taking a private lesson with a master guitarist right in their own home. Despite Robert’s obvious technical prowess, he has a knack for instilling a sense of confidence in the aspiring student, patiently guiding them through each section of the solo in great detail. These videos are high-quality, well-produced from top to bottom, and

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Conti treats small audience to major performance

If he was a typist, he’d be reaching the 250-300 words a minute mark. If he could move knitting needles that fast, he’d be able to make a giraffe a turtle neck sweater in less than a couple of hours. If he were to play any faster, they’d have to invent a new musical notation to describe the sound. The fluidity of his technique is what is so amazing. Just as you think he couldn’t possibly make a more intricate run, his left hand dazzles the strings and caresses the ear.

Article by Dan MacDonald

Robert Conti’s Guitar Wizardy Has To Be Heard To Be Believed

By Dan MacDonald

Superman may be faster than jazz guitarist Robert Conti, but he sure doesn’t sound as good.

Conti and his band entertained a gathering of less than 100 people Friday evening at All That Jazz.  The Ponte Vedra guitarist chose the local night spot to debut his new band of young men, all in their late 20s, before taking them on tour this fall.

Conti’s guitar technique is something that has to be heard.  To describe it would leave people thinking, “No one is that good.”

He is.

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