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Ventano Gig Review in Just Jazz Guitar

On a recent visit to Las Vegas I had the opportunity to catch a three hour set of Bob Conti’s solo gig at Ventano Italian Restaurant about fifteen minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. Much has been written about Bob, and after seeing him in person I can say that all of it is true. . . Playing an 8 String guitar with the 7th string tuned to a low B and the 8th string to a low F# (with a neck that seemed to me the thickness of a Louisville Slugger and a wafer thin pick) and having over …

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Roccos Gig Review

Rocco’s, Bel Air, CA Gig Review

“THE POWER OF EIGHT” By Jim LaDiana Imagine if you will, a musical equivalent of the climactic scene from a Clint Eastwood motion picture. However,when the shootout is over and the smoke begins to clear, there is a lone guitar player holding the neck of an awesome looking eight string guitar. This, while other notorious guitar slingers linger in the shadows. So it was the scenario at the performance of super jazz guitarist Robert Conti at Rocco’s, a fine jazz supper club high in the hills of Bel Air on the night of June 12th. . . Having attended the …

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Conti treats small audience to major performance

If he was a typist, he’d be reaching the 250-300 words a minute mark. If he could move knitting needles that fast, he’d be able to make a giraffe a turtle neck sweater in less than a couple of hours. If he were to play any faster, they’d have to invent a new musical notation to describe the sound. The fluidity of his technique is what is so amazing. Just as you think he couldn’t possibly make a more intricate run, his left hand dazzles the strings and caresses the ear.

Article by Dan MacDonald

Robert Conti’s Guitar Wizardy Has To Be Heard To Be Believed

By Dan MacDonald

Superman may be faster than jazz guitarist Robert Conti, but he sure doesn’t sound as good.

Conti and his band entertained a gathering of less than 100 people Friday evening at All That Jazz.  The Ponte Vedra guitarist chose the local night spot to debut his new band of young men, all in their late 20s, before taking them on tour this fall.

Conti’s guitar technique is something that has to be heard.  To describe it would leave people thinking, “No one is that good.”

He is.

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