Lineman/Rio/Blues Improv DVD Review

Robert Conti

Robert Conti, a jazz guitarist who is already perhaps the most prolific educator on the scene today, has just released a second trilogy of superb DVD additions to his highly-popular “Smokin’ Lineman” lesson series. For those readers unfamilar with the series, the videos cover everything from bebop to latin to blues, and utilitize standard repertoire to showcase and explain Robert’s improvised solos. The new editions center on classics like “Rhythm Changes,” “Corcovado,” and “Georgia On My Mind.”

Conti is well-known for his down-to-earth, user friendly approach to a genre often made needlessly complex by so many teachers and authors steeped in classroom theory rhetoric. Once again, he succeeds admirably in making the student feel as though he/she is taking a private lesson with a master guitarist right in their own home. Despite Robert’s obvious technical prowess, he has a knack for instilling a sense of confidence in the aspiring student, patiently guiding them through each section of the solo in great detail. These videos are high-quality, well-produced from top to bottom, and

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The Formula: 2003 Product Review in JJG

Review appeared in the May 2003 Issue of Just Jazz Guitar Magazine.  This was a review of the original book, 7 years prior to the addition of the two DVDs. Nowadays the guitar educational field is simply glutted with a plethora of method books and learning aids, ranging from excellent to mediocre, but every once in a while there comes along a contribution that is truly unique and ground-breaking in scope. Jazz guitarist Robert Conti’s “The Formula” falls directly into that category, and I recently had the pleasure of reviewing his recent publication for Just Jazz Guitar Magazine. “The Formula” …

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2002 Just Jazz Guitar Cover Interview

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email Share on linkedin The name of Robert Conti first came to my attention in the summer of 2000, while I was thumbing through an impressive Just Jazz Guitar review of a Conti performance in Beverly Hills, California. Later that year I had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Paul Getty through his visits to my educational website. During a telephone conversation, the Conti name surfaced once again when Paul convinced me to visit and spend an hour at Robert’s website. Little did I realize what I was about to see and hear. …

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