Carol Kaye Endorsement

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"I highly also recommend Robert Conti, as the best in teaching improv and chordal playing for standards and Jazz"

Text From Carol Kaye’s Facebook Post (shown below):

“I highly recommend the fine Steve Bryant, excellent lifelong teacher, and top studio bass player in Nashville for all lessons online…..he’s taken over my students and is doing a great job. For guitarists, I highly also recommend Robert Conti, as the best in teaching improv and chordal playing for standards and Jazz.……you can also buy my books and courses, but wanted to stress these fine teachers when you’re ready, Thank-you, Carol Kaye Please note, this is an older pic, I don’t use that gear anymore.”

A Very Special Thank You To Carol Kaye From Robert Conti

Those outside of the music business may not recognize her name. However, if you’ve listened to popular music on radio or recordings, or you’ve watched successful TV series and major motion pictures since the 1960’s, you may be assured that you’ve heard her stellar performing skills on all of those sound tracks on the radio or on numerous motion pictures. As well documented, Carol’s creative skills, i.e. (signature bass lines, intros etc.) caused her to dominate the great super player rhythm sections of the Hollywood Recording Studios in the 1960’s, as the first call session bassist of the ’60s. As a minute sampling, Carol’s in demand skill, is heard on major productions from luminaries such as: Quincy Jones, Henry Mancini, Lalo Schifrin, Michel LeGrand, Barbra Streisand, Lou Rawls, Glen Campbell, Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, The Beach Boys, Ray Charles et al. Indeed, her credits could fill a Los Angeles telephone directory, as documented, her recording credits are well in excess of Ten Thousand globally released productions. A complete listing of her credentials may be reviewed at: CarolKaye.com

Carol Kaye clearly commands respect as a giant of a musician, along with her entrepreneurial business skills via her publishing company – in essence, this wonderful woman is a living legend and institution of knowledge. It is with my utmost respect for her major accomplishments and significant lasting contributions to the music industry, that I extend a humble and sincere thank you to Carol Kaye, for her endorsement as to the credibility of my educational work.

Robert Conti

Carol Kaye's Response to Robert's Comment:

Carol Kaye comment about Robert Conti for jazz guitar
Text Of Comment Appears Below

Robert – you’re more than amazing as a gracious fantastic musician-educator. I’m overwhelmed and thank-you sooo much for your nice post. Remember when we first played together at the trade show, and we talked? (that was FUN!) I knew you knew from all your great experiences as a great guitar player and knowledgeable super-intelligent top pro musician you’d know…..the chordal ways and am soooo thrilled to be saying this again to you…..You’re so great and such a fine educator and world-traveler in music, I’m more than thrilled to only tell the real truth: YOU DESERVE THE BEST, because…YOU’RE THE BEST! Thanks my friend, wish we lived closer, so happy you’re making such a big difference in spreading the joy of great music education….I humbly appreciate your nice words….Love you and stay well! In appreciation your Friend, Carol Kaye ♥ xxxxx Everyone is so lucky, we have you to spread the good stuff for guitarists!

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