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2 Hour Lesson
Jack Marchewka - Phillips, WI
Doing more lessons with him...

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to do a 2-hour online lesson with Robert Conti.
Robert’s approach to teaching jazz guitar is to get you playing and that’s exactly what we did in our lesson. Just like his books and DVDs, there is a lot of information packed into a very small space. This can be deceiving, in my opinion, because it’s going to take time and effort on my part to learn and internalize the material. There aren’t any shortcuts.

The two hours went by quickly, and I look very much forward to doing more lessons with him. I also received a video of our lesson that day. As a teacher, Robert Conti was personable, patient, knowledgeable, and encouraging. As a side note, I really enjoyed his stories and look forward to hearing more in the future.

Great strings

Well balanced, easy to play strings with very good tone.

Entrada Archtop Guitar
Erwin Kramer - Netherlands
A very happy guitar player...

For the last two decades or so I have been looking for a guitar with the following specs: thin body single cutaway jazz guitar, single pickup, good quality, good looks and above all affordable. I think I nailed it this time. I was browsing the web for the millionth time when I stumbled upon this site of Robert Conti. I immediately mailed them and they answered all my questions quickly and to the point. They even facilitated my indecisiveness on the bridge top: Gotoh T.O.M or compensated ebony. I got both. Since I live in The Netherlands, Europe I expected a long wait before I could hold the guitar I ordered in my hands. Not so. Shipped Monday and delivered Thursday! Thumbs up for both Conti Guitars and their shipping firm FedEx. I use the guitar already. Mr. Conti and his staff have made me a very happy guitar player indeed. This is stellar service. To be recommended!

Gold Finger Tailpiece
Barry Sobrin - Ocean, NJ
Beautiful tailpiece

My brother has the Conti guitar which comes with this tailpiece. It is a really nice addition to any guitar, especially an archtop. I had to buy it for my upcoming custom made arch top!

Vol. 2 - Ticket To Improv
Michel Boulet, Montreal
Ticket to improv 1-2-3-4

This is great stuff! I have been playing for a long time but I always felt a little stuck in the Jazz genre. These lessons are what I was looking for because they only imply earing and playing typical jazz sounds and making them your's so they can pop into your improvisations later on. There is no bettr way to learn and Robert Conti is a real champion teacher. YouTube video placeholder
Entrada Archtop Guitar
Elliott Seymour - Plano, TX USA
Everything you described it to be...

Robert, the Entrada is everything you described it to be in the personal video you sent — and more! It plays smoothly and the notes are clear and very sharp. My wife, Linda, likes the color of the guitar, and the look of the Gold Finger tailpiece. In your video you explained that the Gold Finger tailpiece contributes to the sound of this beautiful arch top as well as looking nice.

I have enjoyed my equity model for 10 years, and now I can continue that enjoyment with a lighter guitar around my neck.

I started my Conti journey with your Source Code and Ticket To Improv DVDs, and now I am improving my playing with the live private online lessons with Robert. Wow! Great instructional products, wonderful guitars, and the outstanding teaching of Robert Conti.

Thank you again, and God bless you.

The Formula
Tony Silber
The Formula

Amazing stuff- secrets unlocked!


Robert Conti performs at the 2022 Idaho Heart Ball
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International Jazz Guitarist Performs at Shoshone-Bannock Hotel

IDAHO FALLS, ID, Feb. 5 – World-renowned international jazz guitarist Robert Conti performed for guests of the Idaho Heart Foundation’s first annual Heart Ball at the Shoshone-Bannock Hotel on Saturday, February 5. His outstanding performance added to the overwhelming success of the Idaho Heart Foundation (IHF) Heart Ball.

“We are honored and proud to have Robert as part of the event,” said Dr. Wachter. “I am so honored to have such internationally recognized artist to not only recognize the importance of our cause, but to be part of our mission to spread the awareness throughout our community. We’re very honored that he finds the importance of what we’re doing here, and we appreciate his continued support. Conti is an dear friend personally and to the foundation.”

Conti donated his talent and expertise to the IHF to support awareness of cardiovascular disease, and to raise funds for CPR and AED training clinics in the community. The IHF has been providing these trainings at public events since its founding in 2017 and has been providing AEDs for public first responders. The Heart Ball was a collective effort to raise donations to the foundation to support their mission of awareness and education of CPR, AED use, youth awareness, and patient support groups. Foundation members put on a CPR demonstration during the event and showed attendees how to properly use an AED.

About The Idaho Heart Foundation

The Idaho Heart Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education and awareness of cardiovascular health in Southeast Idaho. The Idaho Heart Foundation is dedicated to continuing CPR/AED training and supporting heart-healthy lifestyles and habits. The Idaho Heart Foundation was founded in 2017 by Blake Wachter, MD, PHD, and supports the Heart2Heart patient support group, which focuses on creating a network of doctors and former patients to help current cardiovascular patients learn to cope with necessary life style changes. The Heart2Heart group is led by foundation vice president Jake Gilbert, who received a heart transplant in 2017.


Idaho Heart Foundation
Morgan Stonehocker
(208) 821-7457
[email protected]

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