The Precision Technique


As seen in numerous videos from the 1960s through today, Robert Conti executes complex lines at upper level tempos flawlessly and with great ease.  Now you will be able to develop your right and left hand the same way Robert Conti learned for unrivaled ability and control of the guitar.

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EVERYTHING Starts With Technique

After attending a Conti performance in Los Angeles , Zan Stewart, the highly respected Los Angeles Times jazz critic commented on Conti’s technique:

“Robert Conti was dazzling, enough technique for two men!”

As seen in numerous videos from the 1960s through today, Robert Conti executes complex lines at upper level tempos flawlessly and with great ease as a result of developing a precision technique.


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You can develop your right and left hand the same way Robert Conti learned for unrivaled ability and control of the guitar.  Throughout his career, major music critics and fans have continuously written volumes of rave reviews and press notices about Conti’s technical facility. In line with his teaching philosophy that you learn to play jazz guitar by playing jazz guitar, it follows that right and left hand technique is essential.  If you can’t physically play the jazz lines you’re learning, they won’t do you any good.  Technique is the currency of playing and without it, you’re broke.

But Will It Work For Me?

Yes! Robert Conti’s technical skill is the verifiable result of the time-tested blueprint he presents in this DVD and book.  Follow the same path to develop your technical chops.

To good to be true? Watch this video demonstration and commentary by John Monllos – an already pro player, who explains the benefits derived from The Precision Technique:

The Precision Technique Includes:

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Martin Breuer - Sausheim, France
A kind of revelation for me

I try to make some comments for your website although my English is not the best. But I can tell right now that your products were a kind of revelation for me. As Robert says in the video, I was one of those who has lost a lot of time with « mode and scales ». Thanks a lot for those DVDs!

Allan Wood - Herefordshire, UK
Helpful and inspiring

I'm getting on slowly with the DVDs. I'm a real beginner at Jazz guitar although I have played several other instruments during my lifetime, so I have a reasonable knowledge of music theory and practice. I am concentrating on the Precision Technique to try to get some technical facility with the guitar, but also made a start on Ticket to Improv volume one. My problem is I've never played single string stuff on the guitar, nor ever used a pick so this new project is a real challenge (I am 69 yrs old so don't perhaps learn quite as quickly as I used to!)

My biggest struggle is placing the fingers of the left had on the right strings (you can't really see the fretboard when you're looking edge-on) and then trying to hit the correct string with the pick. Sounds easy but it's not! I am improving though - just too slow for my liking, but I do realise it will come with time. The coming winter will give me more time to practice. I am enjoying it though and that's the main thing. Bob's various narratives have been very helpful and inspiring, as has the player's gallery.

I really like Bob's approach to learning - it is exactly the approach I've discovered for myself over many years on different instruments. Practice by playing the music you want on the instrument - use exercises only when technical facility needs to be specifically improved. Leave theory to later (or maybe not at all).

Patrick Dinsmore - Astoria, OR
Exactly what I need at this point

I've only been using it for the last two days, but I know it is exactly what I need at this point. I'm a beginning guitarist (I'm 64). I've been playing for 5 months (but 2 hrs per day). I took up the guitar specifically to play jazz and I've definitely felt that it is important to focus on my technique even at this early stage. I've also decided to use the .38mm pick. This is quite an adjustment for me, because I've been using a 5mm pick! While there is not as much volume with the ultra thin pick, I've certainly noticed a definite improvement in the tone and articulation of the notes. I am very excited by Robert Conti's technique and teachings. Thank you all for making these wonderful products.

Ria Baldonanza - Chiang Mai, Thailand
Really improved on jazz improvisation

Conti products are awesome and my guitarist has improved a lot. We are indeed happy customers and wow thank you for the picks :) About the video, he said he will make one and I'd send you the link when its ready. All I can say for now is he really improved on Jazz improvisation because of Robert Conti videos and books! We love jazz more than any kind of music!

Daniel Colon - Palmyra, PA
Exactly what I needed

I absolutely love The Precision Technique video and the exercises, it is exactly what I needed.

I thank God for your abilities

I studied for a few months in 1997-98 with Gary Bruno in Southern Calif, and he really got me heading in the right direction. Since then I knew I still had issues with my picking, speed, etc. I previously had ordered all your Source Code books except for the Precision Technique. I was actually going to forego ordering it. What a HUGE, HUGE mistake that would have been. I am in a gypsy jazz group, and play some other gigs, but have been so frustrated for years not being able to execute lines accurately at high speeds when it was my time to solo on a chorus. I knew I needed some resource that would take me through all sorts of fingerboard acrobatics for my picking had as well as fretting hand. The Precision Technique is EXACTLY what I needed. I completed the first 8 exercises and what a difference already. I had started The Jazz Lines book before and am so glad I stopped and ordered this book. Not only are you a monster player, but a monster teacher also. I thank God for your abilities and feel like I have been set free in a way to finally progress. As a test I started to learn your solo on Mister Twister's Fanfare just to see what I could do and got the first few measures of it down without much difficulty. It will be great when I go thru The Jazz Lines book and can begin creating better lines for myself. For the price of your books, the value is incredible. Thanks so much, and I will definitely come to meet you when I get out that way. God bless and thank you, thank you!!

Dave Lee - Pinehurst, NC
The Precision Technique

I recently purchased The Precision Technique, even though I mostly play just 'arrangements' and I play strictly fingerstyle (splitting my time between a classical guitar and a ES-175D jazzbox). I was having problems 'making the transition' to the classical guitar because of the differences in string tension, size, and spacing. But (since I mostly play the jazzbox) I was not doing the exercises on my classical guitar. After only a week of work splitting my "PT Time" between both guitars, I now find after playing my jazzbox, if pick up the classical and simply play one of the exercises I know one time (have worked through 3 of them so far), it is like I have been playing the classical all day! I thought that Mr. Conti might be interested in this different use for PT. It is useful even though I don't use a pick and it is most useful in helping me move between guitars quickly. Great Stuff!

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