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While guitarists spend much time improving their improvising skills, for the majority of time, they must also fill the role of supporting other instrumentalists or vocalists on the bandstand.  In response to numerous requests, the Comping Expo focuses entirely on Robert’s approach to comping with real life excerpts from his CDs and live performance.

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While guitarists spend much time improving their improvising skills, for the majority of time, they must also fill the role of supporting other instrumentalists or vocalists on the bandstand. In response to numerous requests, The Comping Expo focuses entirely on Robert’s approach to comping.

Before the existence of computers and DVDs, aspiring jazz musicians continuously honed their skills by Watching a performance, Listening to recordings, then employing their best efforts to recall and Duplicate what they saw or heard. Certainly not an easy process. However, as well documented, that learning process served very well for the early greats such as, Christian, Montgomery et al.

This DVD is presented in a manner that allows you to Watch and Listen to a variety of real world excerpts of concert video and CD performances. More importantly, the printed transcriptions of all chord forms permit you to bypass the tedious task of trying to determine what chord was played–thereby allowing you to easily Watch, Listen and Duplicate all the data necessary to dramatically increase your comping skill.Continuing the approach that has made him the foremost jazz guitar educator on the international scene today, Robert teaches every facet of playing jazz guitar at the application and performance level, i.e. he utilizes actual song structures to deliver immediately useful “take it to the gig tonight” ideas. From intermediate to professional level, this DVD will breathe excitement into your comping skills with a truckload of creative and exciting ideas. The result producing efficiency of the Conti Approach is clearly evidenced by the demand for thirty DVDs in the last six years from students in every corner of the globe.

The Comping Expo Includes

  • Full size 8.5″ x 11″ Booklet
  • 4 Hour DVD showcasing Robert’s approach to comping over Bossa Nova, Blues, Bebop, Swing and Ballad styles.
  • Robert teaches at the “song level” with real life excerpts from his CDs and live performance. He teaches what he plays and plays what he teaches.
  • MIDI & MP3 files of all musical data presented in the DVD
  • Before The Gig” chapter provides a variety of ideas, concepts and a readily usable vocabulary utilizing The Girl From Ipanema and Autumn Leaves as project tunes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Best and most efficient way to learn jazz guitar

So much easier for me to practice and learn all of the valuable information Robert has shared on these videos! This is without question the best and most efficient way to learn jazz guitar and I plan on ordering more around Thanksgiving! I totally stand behind Mr. Conti's teaching methods 100 percent as they really work! He truly understands what he is talking about and knows how to teach it to others in the most comprehensive and applicable ways possible! It also helps that he is one of the best Jazz guitarists I have ever heard!

Robert Amster MD

Excellent, comprehensive explanations and insightful exercises to do.

Dave Watson - Brisbane, Australia
Great service to the tradition

I found out about them by searching on Google for jazz guitar instructional material, more specifically I was looking for comping material and got a hit for the Comping Expo DVD and then saw the rest of Mr. Conti's videos. I am an aspiring Jazz guitarist and because I am from Brisbane Australia, video materials and written materials are often the best way to learn from people who have mastered this great art form. It's a great service to the tradition that people like Mr. Conti put their knowledge out there for people to study. Thanks again I truly appreciate the extra effort put in on my order.

Andrew Garrett - Pikeville, TN
...1,000 lightbulbs began to go on (Pt. 2)

...as I was learning each comping rhythm, that there were all of these lines that I had just learned from you coming right out from under each chord (just like you said they would) and I kept finding solo idea after solo idea interconnecting up and down the entire neck at the same time. Wow, I understand now how this all goes together and it makes sense more than ever (I’ll never be the same, again because I’ll probably play until my fingers fall off!!!!). More importantly, I really have to embrace your philosophy even more now of how the original Jazz Guitar giants learned to play their stuff and I really believe that this was the way they did it out of shapes that worked and sounded good each time, and they used them all over the neck. It had nothing to do with any theoretical Mode, Scale, or Music School. Thanks to you, this is going to totally redefine my entire playing approach for every style I play and I hope that this is something that will make sense to people who haven’t yet experienced your method of teaching. This is the only way to go if you really want to learn and fully understand Jazz Guitar. Thanks so much again, Robert. I’ll post some videos of me playing, soon!!!!

Andrew Garrett - Pikeville, TN
...1,000 lightbulbs began to go on (Pt. 1)

I had to write a second time because I had no idea what was going to happen when I got into learning your Comping Expo DVD and how it related to the other 3 DVDs that I had previously gone through (Chord Melody Assembly Line, The Formula, and especially, The Jazz Lines). The 1st two DVDs I went through were the Chord Melody Assembly Line and The Formula, and they both gave me a very good understanding of how chords are used and re-harmonized to make Jazz standards come to life off of the page when playing Solo Jazz Guitar. It also taught me a lot about the chord shapes that you use up and down the neck. Well, when I got into the Jazz Lines DVD, I learned how you build your lines and laid them across the different chord shapes to bring melodic solos that work without having to know any mode or scale (which is really great for me because I dislike theory dictating solos). What I didn’t realize, was what was going to happen next. I wanted to expand my knowledge of comping beyond the basics that I already knew so, I purchased and began learning your Comping Expo DVD. As I started going through the first couple of tunes and as I was learning the interconnecting chord shapes, bam! About 1,000 light bulbs began to go on all at the same time. I kept finding myself stopping and realizing that...

Tim Quinn - San Diego, CA
Changed my playing drastically...

Dear Mr. Conti, I recently purchased your SOURCE CODE package set, and I must say, it is one of the best investments I have made in my playing career. I am a lifelong career professional (an exponent of Jack Petersen and a graduate of the University of North Texas jazz program, as well as an alum of Berklee College of Music. Your program is a blessing to me, and I thank you sincerely, as well as encourage others to invest in it...IF they are willing to put in the hours and dedication of study and practice required. Your program is intense, and it requires dedication. But it has changed my playing drastically. Discipline, with great teaching such as yours=RESULTS!

Michael Kafcos - Queens, NY
Hooked on the Conti approach

I've been playing guitar since the age of 8, I'm now 50. I studied at Berklee in the early 80's. Never have I learned so much from one person. I have three of the Source Code DVD's and they're great! Maybe next you'll come out with a DVD on business and finance for guitarists. Thank's for the knowledge and inspiration.

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