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  • Source Code DVD Series

    Source Code DVD Series (6)

    If you approach the Conti products like driving a car, then the Source Code Series would be the equivalent to what's "under the hood." It's the "how to, nuts & bolts" behind Robert's mind blowing technique, endless jazz guitar improv lines, effortless comping and beautiful full sounding chord melody arrangements. With the first titles in the series released in the year 2000, the Source Code Book and DVD series will, as evidenced by thousands of students, get you where you want to be with your playing. "The Source Code DVD Series is unquestionably the most cost-effective jazz guitar curriculum on the planet!" -Mike Irish, the Director of Jazz Studies at Michigan Tech. University
  • Ticket To Improv DVD Series

    Ticket To Improv DVD Series (4)

    Making the transition from rock or blues to jazz?  Had enough modes and scales garbage and ready to start playing things that get you excited and motivated? The Ticket To Improv DVD series will have you playing jazz from day one.
  • Advanced Improv

    Advanced Improv (15)

    Got plenty of chops and technique but looking for hip lines to make your own?  In each DVD, Robert plays an advanced improvised solo and then teaches you that solo measure by measure, note by note.
  • Play Pro Chord Melody Today

    Play Pro Chord Melody Today (5)

    New to chord melody? Learn a pro level Robert Conti arrangement chord by chord on video - it simply can't be made any easier.
  • Signature Chord Melody Arrangements

    Signature Chord Melody Arrangements (9)

    If you simply want a collection of the most in-demand standards, all arranged with Conti's signature chord diagram display (just play the chord grids you're performing chord melody of the highest quality), then the Signature Chord Melody Arrangements are exactly what you're looking for.  In fact, numerous guitarists utilize these arrangements in their paid performances.  Note: These are print only. No audio or video is included.
  • Recordings

    Recordings (3)

    If it's straight ahead jazz without any fluff that you're craving, the Conti recordings will have you on the edge of your seat.
  • Accessories/Strings

    Accessories/Strings (1)

    You can't do much playing without a good set of strings. After 50+ years of performance and trial of just about every guitar string in existence. . .