Heirloom Model

5.00 out of 5
(12 customer reviews)


Solid Spruce Top, Solid Maple Back and Sides, Ebony Fretboard and best of all, it's got the Conti name on the top. The player's dream guitar is back with the new Heirloom model.



Specifications Overview

Solid Spruce Top
Solid Maple Back & Sides
Ebony: Fingerboard, Pickguard, Bridge, Tailpiece
Grover Imperial Tuners
TonePros Tune-o-Matic Bridge
Kent Armstrong Humbucker
Abalone & Mother of Pearl Inlay
16″ Lower Bout
Thin Body Design

Heirloom Owners

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12 reviews for Heirloom Model

  1. 5 out of 5

    John McCarty – North Kingstown, RI

    “Here I am with my new Conti Heirloom guitar! It is of very high quality, beauty and value. She arrived perfectly set up and intonated with Conti strings, which I’d already been using on two of my guitars. Other features include a 24 fret neck and the front strap button factory installed, both highly unusual with archtops. The playability is of the greatest ease! The sound is warm and lovely, even when played acoustically. Finally, customer service was friendly, helpful, and super professional. And what a pleasure to view the video of Robert Conti performing with my actual guitar and pointing out her many features!”

  2. 5 out of 5

    Philippe Letellier – Laugnac, France

    “Hello Mr. Conti and a big thank you for this video presentation, it’s very nice of you. I get the guitar after tomorrow and you will share my impression of receipt. My son who resides in the USA (SF) arrives at home on Wednesday and will be able to translate me to the best your video or I only understood “Philippe” “Hello and thank you”: o))))))

    Guitar well received and very well packaged ~ Thank you ~ The box was in good condition First impression, the potentiometers I like a lot, they are very pleasant to use. Normally, I would do the adjustment of the harmonics but apparently the bridge did not move because the strings have maintained the whole.

    The guitar is very good I am satisfied. I am even surprised by the height of the string E at the fret 12 which does not buzz. It’s very pleasant to play!

    You can rest assured that I would be doing a very favorable promotion to Conti Guitars on French sites and forums

    For a long time I lived in Paris but now I am in the countryside in deep France so I only have internet left and I’m happy to have discovered the good Conti guitars because I’m going to talk about it to my friends In addition your communication and your after-sales service is excellent ”

  3. 5 out of 5

    David Hall – Milford on Sea, UK

    “This “Heirloom” is quite simply one exquisite modern jazz guitar & I am absolutely delighted with it. Out of the box, having shipped several thousand miles, a slight tweak of the G string tuning was all that was needed as the set up by your guy is perfection. What was quite unexpected however, given the relatively thin body depth, was this instrument’s beautiful acoustic sound — it truly ” sings” with a perfect Jazz voicing. Harmonics ring clear at every harmonic fret & again surprise, given the 24 frets fingerboard, the 23rd & 24th frets rang clear & true across all strings. Fretboard action is silky smooth — I am no “Tal Farlow” & have relatively small hands & fingers but to my delight, I was able to make the “Johnny Smith” 5 fret stretches on the opening chords of “Moonlight in Vermont” seamlessly — something I have always found difficult on a number of guitars.

    Plugged in , the Kent Armstrong Humbucker is just right presenting a modern version of a true “Johnny Smith” humbucker albeit being slightly sweeter across the pitch range on all strings. I have found that the tone & playability of all the very best Jazz Guitars are “plectrum sensitive” & this instrument joins that exclusive club. My go to plectrum is a heavy 1.00mm D’Addario which produces an overall gorgeous tone on this Heirloom. The strings supplied work particularly well although in the past I have always strung my jazz guitars with flat wounds. Later on I might try a set on this instrument to see if I can detect any difference. I would be most interested to hear Robert’s comments/preferences on plectrums at some point.

    Finish & build quality can’t be faulted & this beautiful musical instrument is just superb value for money in the UK even after shipping cost & import taxes are added on.

    I ordered the hard case & this is a first class USA “Access Stage Three” case, again being excellent value — I would strongly advise anyone purchasing a Conti Guitar to get the hard case as these guitars are keepers & worth giving the maximum level of protection, particularly if shipped overseas from the USA.

    Many thanks to Steve & all at Conti Guitars for truly excellent customer service as well as most helpful & informative email advice as well as super fast international shipping –made the whole customer experience truly memorable.

    Oh , I nearly forgot — I have both feelings of joy & regret on receiving Robert Conti’s introductory video to my guitar. His beautiful playing brought tears to my eyes but a slightly pained feeling that this guitar may never sound like that again in my hands — but live in hope & keep trying is my motto! This beautiful video is worth the total costs of purchase alone in my view!”

  4. 5 out of 5

    Steve Shrout – Marble, TX

    “You gave me lessons on the Gibson, my first guitar. Now fifty years later, I’m playing my gorgeous Heirloom. She’ll be my last. Always save the best for last….right? As you performed the Classics on the video, I knew this would be my last guitar. She’s even better than I expected! Every aspect of the guitar is exactly how it is described on your web site. Believe me folks, you will not find any guitar with the craftsmanship, precision and quality as the Heirloom for this affordable price. I am so pleased that I made the purchase! Could have spent 3x the amount and would’ve gotten much less. I opted for the gold finger tail piece and the gold knobs. You know you like it…I can’t put her down! Bob, thank you and your team for taking care of an old friend/student. You’re the best guitarist on the planet! Love ya Brother.”

  5. Steve Negri – Summerville, SC

    “This year I gave myself a truly fine gift for my birthday. Witness my Ruby Red Conti Heirloom Guitar. It is the finest instrument I have ever owned, including a Gibson Gold Top Les Paul, a Gibson ES355TD, a Martin Classic O model, and a Johnny Smith model Gibson to name a few. The action is unsurpassed and the tone is mellow and superb. Such a pleasure to play and hear. Thus have I satiated my guitar lust for years to come. If I live another seventy-three years I may become its equal.”

  6. Steve Moore – Marietta, GA

    “My Conti guitar (natural blonde Heirloom) came this weekend and it gorgeous! It pretty, very “fast” to play with, and surprisingly super light weight as well. Your service and follow up was excellent and noticeable how much attention you place on detail. I’ll enjoy it and am looking forward to the upcoming NEW learning materials you have planned!”

  7. Gary Keniston – Fleming Island, FL

    “After purchasing my Ruby Red “Conti Salita” model guitar in May of 2017, it was obvious I had finally found the perfect Jazz guitar for me. I never wanted to be without it and I knew I had to have another. I wondered that if I was so impressed with the mid-priced Salita model, what would the top of the line Heirloom model be like? So I ordered one and I am SO glad I did! My new Antique Sunburst “Conti Heirloom” model guitar exceeds all expectations for a pro level Jazz guitar! The superior build quality and attention to detail is second to none. The finish is stunning, but most of all, it plays like an absolute dream and sounds fantastic!

    It arrived perfectly set up with super low action, so all I had to do was tune it and play. Since the Salita model I previously purchased and the Heirloom model share the same specs, the new Heirloom model felt comfortably familiar in my hands. I have bought and sold many guitars over the past 45 years, but my new “Conti” guitars are keepers and I’ll never part with them. Again I have to thank Mr. Conti and Mike for outstanding customer service. I especially liked the custom video Mr. Conti made for me demonstrating my new guitar. I am now a proud member of the “Conti Duo Club”!”

  8. Bob Roetker – Milford, OH

    “Photo with my new Heirloom model! Looking forward to trying this beauty on a gig. The sound acoustically is wonderful and it plays as smooth as glass. Hoping to send a video soon.”

  9. Mark Wilson – New Zealand

    “The CONTI has landed!!! I’m very impressed.  Stunning, light, the action is fast and no work will be done at my place for at least 6 months! Time to get this beast under my fingers. Thanks again Robert Conti, Mike and all staff who had an input into this great axe.”

  10. Jack Pezanelli, Berklee Professor

    Spectacular guitar, something I’ve been looking for for a long time. All solid wood, attention to detail is top notch. If I were to design a guitar for myself, it would be a lot like this. Very comfortable, highly recommended!
    -Jack Pezanelli
    Professor, Guitar, Berklee College Of Music

  11. David Leaptrott

    Owned many guitars since I started playing in 1972. My new blonde Conti Heirloom is by far the finest.

  12. Jerry Bloch

    Just received my Heirloom guitar in Ruby Red. First, I have never purchased a guitar that I haven’t played before purchase. The Conti guitar met and exceeded my expectations! The neck is superb, the fit and finish are top notch. This is the quality you get when the Kwisatz Haderach of guitarists specs an instrument. I tested about 15 other guitars and Robert’s blew the others away! I tried a Gator case and the fit was off the Epiphone 335 case did the trick.

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