You'll wish you found him years ago.

Robert Conti has positively impacted the playing skills of thousands of aspiring jazz guitarists since 1966 with his maverick, non-academic approach to teaching.


Why talk about jazz when you can play it?

Own a guitar, webcam and know a few licks and chords? Congratulations, you're a jazz guitar instructor!  Sounds like a silly thing to say right? Unfortunately, this is the status of jazz guitar instruction today. So, if you're serious about playing, how do you determine who can actually teach you to play jazz from day 1?  

The only reliable benchmark of any teacher is the playing success of the student

We're proud to present videos of our students demonstrating their new skills - from entry level to highly advanced. Visit the Players Gallery to see numerous students playing what they learned. Talking about playing isn't the same as playing - remember this as you navigate the internet minefield.

Entry Level Improv

Witness Dr. Kathy Durante's short term progress as she performs a full entry level solo. She is learning the language of jazz and having a ball doing it.

Advanced Improv

If you've already got chops and don't know what to play, Conti has you covered. Watch Lucas Costner execute a pro level solo without any modes or scales.

Chord Melody

Lace Walker utilizes professional chord melody arrangements by Robert Conti and performs regularly on cruise ships. That doesn't sound too bad, does it?

Years Teaching & Playing Experience

"In much the same way that you're able to drive a car without knowing its internal mechanical functions under the hood, you're able to play jazz guitar without knowing the “how and why” behind what you're playing. My learning resources are designed to put you in the driver's seat so you can start playing jazz guitar immediately."

-Robert Conti

When It Comes To Jazz Guitar:
Playing Skill Matters, Degrees Don't.

It is critical for you to select a teacher who can actually play jazz guitar at a high level of skill. If they can't play it, they can't teach you to play it.

With a Smokin' Rhythm Section
Chord Melody Elegance
With a Smokin' Rhythm Section

Chord Melody Elegance

Wish I had learned this stuff years ago

Mr Conti…I received your Improv 1 & 2 and I believe they are, for learning to improvise jazz guitar, the best I’ve ever seen. I sure wish I had learned this stuff years ago, as I would have been a far better guitarist. Well, it’s fine. I will dive into study now, and wish to thank you for putting me light years ahead. I expect to order more in the future, and to try to master jazz guitar improvisation. Thanks again!

Richard Plummer - Santa Ana, CA

All Sorts Of Doors Will Open

Wow! – This stuff is getting better all the time! I can’t believe how the barriers are falling – It’s like Bob said: “All sorts of doors will open, and all sorts of lights will start to go on” – They are! My right hand fingers are pretty much automatic now, and my performance passable on almost 3 songs. Even the open 6th string Em9 chord at the 7th fret is finally getting tamed as well. It was hard to play that clean at a reasonably fast speed when you’re passing through a sequence and combining…

Julian Wilson - United Kingdom

I can't get enough!

Finally a teaching method that works. I have tried for years to get into playing jazz. It was always the same old thing, I just didnt feel smart enough to play, and figured I would be a hundred years old before I learned my first solo. I bought Mr Conti's entry level Ticket To Improv DVD, and must say I will be buying everything on this site. I could not get over the fact that from right off the bat I was playing, not getting theory thrown at me but really playing. Thanks Mr Conti for teaching the way. . .

Scott Blazer - Logan, OH

Played a great solo jazz guitar gig last night

I played a great solo jazz guitar gig last night after which I sat in with my friend’s jazz group. They liked my playing so much that they are talking about hiring me for future gigs. I could not have done it without the instruction of Robert Conti. Thank you, Mr. Conti!!

Kerry Klungtvedt - Rushford, Minnesota

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