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Read endless letters from our students, all containing real first & last names and locations. You'll never find any fake "Joe F.," or "Frank B." testimonials here!

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Numerous photos and commentaries from owners around the world about the high quality, very affordable Conti Archtop Jazz Guitar.

"They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If so, then Robert Conti must feel very flattered these days because he seems to have scores of imitators who have just “discovered” the value of teaching without modes or scales. Not that I have anything against teaching with the best methods available, or changing course when you find something better, but let’s give credit where it’s due. I’ve seen Robert Conti abused for decades for daring to teach lines instead of scales and modes, so I think a little appreciation for his pioneering work is in order."  Dr. Dave Walker, Just Jazz Guitar Magazine

Sick of Modes & Scales? Just want to play?

Long before modes and scales destroyed the art of jazz guitar, South Philadelphia produced Robert Conti - a combination of teacher and player with an unparalled ability to deliver "play it now" music to any aspiring jazz guitarist -  from entry level to advanced.

 If you've had your fill of an internet saturated with five minute video lessons, incoherent blog posts, and enough modes and scales to last you a lifetime, read on. . .

Robert Conti produces players, not talkers.  The founding fathers of jazz guitar learned to play without modes or scales. Robert Conti has continuously refined this approach since 1966 to create maximum learning impact for the student.

I learned more in those four hours than in the last fifteen years!!!
~Xavier Altimiras - Davis, CA

Since this site launched in the year 2000, global satisfaction is well documented by numerous student videos and written commentaries validating the stellar results obtained from the Conti learning resources.  If you're disappointed with the progress you haven't made with your learning choices, then it's time to discover what you can actually accomplish with the benefit of five decades of teaching and playing skill from Robert Conti.


There Are Only A Handful Of Pro-Level Player/Educators Online

but there is an army of amateurs who present themselves as jazz guitarists on the internet.  They think nothing of bombarding you with thousands of useless 5 minute Youtube videos, blog posts and enough eBooks to fill a hard drive.  In reality, there are very few upper level players who can effectively teach their acquired skills. Robert Conti is the unique combination of experienced player and educator.  His well established ability to place jazz under your fingers ranks him in the forefront of highly successful jazz educators.  If a photo is worth a thousand words, then our Players Gallery proves that any blues or rock player with some technical ability can start playing jazz lines over the chord progression to standards very quickly and without any boring modes or scales.

Modes & Scales Are Not The Path To Jazz Guitar

Trust your learning endeavors to a verifiable pro player if you desire to advance your playing ability.  Browse the site, see decades of pictures documenting Robert's career, and read major critic reviews.  When you're ready to start playing jazz guitar, visit our Where Do I Start? page to find the correct product for your current level of skill and very soon we hope to see your video in our Players Gallery!  If the Live Chat icon is displayed on the right side of this page, you may chat with one of our customer service representatives or give us a call toll free at 1-888-JAZZ-DVD

I really am flabbergasted at how generous Mr. Conti is with his time and his learning materials. Nobody comes close to doing what he does with each and every product: an A-List performer at the top of his game showing the world how he does it! Try to find that anywhere else in any industry -- you can't, except for Robert Conti!I've been spending a lot of time lately on the first Chord Melody DVD, but I've been mostly watching the straight instructional part - where he shows the fingerings with the charts below - but this weekend I finally watched the narrative conclusion. I wish I had heard that part 25 years ago when I first thought about playing guitar. My whole approach has changed: cut out the nonsense and just make music! Many, many thanks.

~Sean Duffy - White Plains, NY

Are You Raving About Your Lessons?

Delighted with the success he achieved with the Robert Conti approach to learning Jazz Guitar, Will Kriski of New Brunswick, Canada formed a Facebook Group titled: My Robert Conti Jazz Guitar Learning Experience.  His goal is to create an ongoing discussion with other Conti students to share their learning experiences.  If you're a Facebook member, consider joining this friendly group of players!

My Robert Conti Jazz Guitar Learning Experience

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I've been trying to learn jazz on guitar and have spent a lot of money with the scales and modes garbage. Go to a lesson and my teacher tells me to use D Dorian here - that approach just doesn't work. I ordered Ticket To Improv Volume 2, but haven't started it yet as I'm still finishing memorizing the 4th track on Ticket #1 and playing around with the other tunes. I had worked on Autumn Leaves with my teacher, but my soloing just sounded like crap - sounds much better now. I told a guy I wo...
John Chakales - Houston, TX