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Numerous photos and commentaries from owners around the world about the high quality, very affordable Conti Archtop Jazz Guitar.

A Verifiable Professional Educator And Player

 If you've had your fill of an internet saturated with five minute video lessons, incoherent blog posts, and enough modes and scales to last you a lifetime, read on. . .

In a sentence, Robert Conti produces players, not talkers.  The founding fathers of the art form learned to play jazz guitar without modes or scales.  Robert Conti has continuously refined this approach since 1966 to create maximum learning impact for the student.  Since this site launched in 2000, global satisfaction is well documented by numerous student videos and written commentaries that validate the stellar results obtained from the Conti learning resources. If you're disappointed with your current learning choices, then it's time to discover what you can actually accomplish with the benefit of five decades of teaching and playing skill from Robert Conti.

Only a Handful of Qualified Jazz Guitar Educators

While there are many excellent jazz players, there are very few who can effectively teach their acquired skills. Robert Conti is the unique combination of player and educator.  His well established ability to place jazz under your fingers ranks him in the forefront of highly successful jazz educators.  If a photo is worth a thousand words, then our Players Gallery surely evidences, beyond any doubt, that any blues or rock player with some technical ability can start playing jazz lines over the chord progression to standards very quickly.

What's The Next Step?

Feel free to browse the site, look at decades of pictures documenting Robert's career, read major critic reviews.  When you're ready to start playing jazz guitar, be sure to visit our Where Do I Start? page to find the correct product for your current level of skill and very soon we hope to see your video in our Players Gallery!


My Robert Conti Jazz Guitar Learning Experience

As a result of the extraordinary success he obtained with the Robert Conti approach to teaching Jazz Guitar,  Will Kriski of New Brunswick, Canada, formed  a Facebook Group titled: My Robert Conti Jazz Guitar Learning Experience.  His goal is to create an ongoing discussion with other Conti students to share their learning experience.  If you're a Facebook member, perhaps consider joining this friendly group of players!

My Robert Conti Jazz Guitar Learning Experience

Latest Student Letter

I've been doing your Jazz Lines DVD course off and on for a few months now, and although I really enjoy your teaching style, I was getting frustrated. I felt like I was learning a whole bunch of licks, but I wasn't seeing how they all connect, so I wasn't finding them all that useful to me. Therefore, I found myself watching the DVD for a few days, getting frustrated, then picking it up again weeks or months later. However, you said over and over in the DVD that Don't worry - the lights WI...
Sean Goguen