What a revelation

I have TTI Volumes 1 and 2-what a revelation. This stuff is the real deal. Robert cracks me up when he talks about modes and scales ‘insanity.’ I can just see Muddy Waters, BB King and Buddy Guy sitting around talking about pentatonic scales and which mode they blew the audience away with that night. It really is nonsense and you wonder who came up with that crap. Anyway, don’t hesitate to buy Robert’s stuff. Even if you are still a rocker at heart (like me) you will love playing this material.The material is great and I’ll tell you why-Robert’s friendly but no bullshit approach to playing-he is obviously very honest and upfront. Also, this is almost like a lost art form that has been brought back from the dead. Its long been established that guitar players don’t know how to play anymore and haven’t since the early 70’s. I feel quite fortunate to have access to this stuff.