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Over the moon with Since I Fell For You

Some time ago I bought the Ticket to Improv 1 and 2. I was progressing well with the second volume but realised that I would never have the time to play in a band – and so I employed your analytical outlooks to learning some solo fingerstyle Dylan tunes and I just got better and better.However, the thought came to me about what you said about anyone can Learn to play in lucrative classy joints or somesuch with your solo guitar arangements.Thanks to the good sense of your approach, I now have a fine level of confidence about my playing, so I am returning to jazz solo guitar and have targeted the next 5 years on absorbing how to get those gigs.I have just received ‘Since I Fell For You’ and I am over the moon with it!I (personally) should have opted for these arrangements rather than the ‘improv’ from the start – but Hey!, – nothing is lost if you learn something new about music right? I have learned persistence and focus from your approach and material – as well as never to give up on a song part way through because it can seem ‘too much’. That in itself is a major key to musical success in it’s own right.I have learned more through doing an hour a day with clearly explained material than I did ‘messing around’ for years before – and I am now determined to become a fine solo jazz player.Some months ago my Dad passed away. He had a long illness but he was very strong minded. In those months he was listening to some old jazz recordings – He was a pretty useful jazz pianist himself, and I told him what I was doing with country fingerstyle. Well he always was a biased jazz purist – s he told me on his deathbed: Yes, but you listen to rubbish!I don’t agree with that and I know you don’t from your comments about your respect for top country players – but it certainly made me think about REALLY getting to grips with solo jazz arrangements. So here I am back on the horse, and I will certainly be learning one song after the other for the coming years till I CAN play weddings, restaurants etc! lolBless you for your fine work Bob as well as your good sense. I never get tired of hearing you talk as well as play – Honest!!Respect!Jules