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Oh Ya!

Just got my first Conti lesson and I’m way happy with it. I can already see Conti’s approach and love it. He’s providing a framework for everything I’ve been working on. It’s really great stuff. He dummies down nicely. Cut! I’m a 58 and have been playing 48 years. I want to be a Jazz player before I leave this world! I played bass in high school jazz band, taught guitar 5 years, took lessons for 10 from 8 really good players including the late Don Neary a close friend of Joe Diorio and a Howard Roberts seminar when I was 12. I played 4-7 nights a week for about 5 years, Red Lions, Holidays Inns, Rock Clubs, etc. and can copy almost any rock solo to the T and any medium complexity jazz. I can really burn up the fret board but I still can’t play like Conti or call myself a jazz musician. I know all the diatonic, harmonic minor and melodic minor modes, the augmented, whole half and half whole scales and the diatonic arpeggios in every position and number exercises with chromatic scales and diatonic arpeggios but I’m just not where I want to be yet. I’ve just been working on Autumn leaves but already know this was a really great purchase and most economical.