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Having FUN playing lines

Customer service is AWESOME!!! I’ve ordered from you twice and both were upgraded to priority mail. Thanks so much! Can’t wait to see the new Conti guitars. I found Robert and his products through You Tube and then visited his web site. I “Test Drove” a couple of the complimentary lessons and really liked what I saw and heard. The real clincher was the student testimonials and especially the videos. Particularly “The Turning Point” by Dave Ruggiero. That article mimics a great deal of my own frustrations in learning to improvise. I’m recently retired and have been playing guitar on and off since I was a teen. Even studied classical guitar for a while and can read music. Not necessarily sight read though :-). Always wanted to be able to improvise Jazz. I have countless books, backing CD’s and videos and I still could not “get it”. The complimentary lessons convinced me that I could actually learn jazz lines by playing jazz lines. I’ve had enough theory training and know the neck well enough to understand where the lines are coming from. I’m greatly looking forward to working with Robert’s products and having FUN playing lines instead of working at scales, modes etc.