Conti was recommended as being far superior

I have completed all of Robert’s free online lessons and I have just learned his improv for ‘Take The A Train.’ I have to say that I think I love him! I have been learning classical guitar for 6 years and will take my final grade exam in October. To pass each grade exam you have to learn many scales. I will say, in defense of learning scales, that I now have the dexterity in my right and left hands to play the improv quite easily. BUT, the scales on their own really do mean nothing. When comparing products to Jimmy Bruno and Joe Pass – Robert Conti was recommended as being far superior. Robert’s solo improv gives immediate meaning and relevance to them. I really can’t wait to go through his Ticket To Improv and Jazz Lines DVD’s. I already feel like I have more knowledge under my fingers and am looking forward to trying out my own solos over other standards.