A genius alive behind that guitar

I studied and took private lessons in jazz guitar with Robert Conti in Jacksonville, Florida. I went from a medicore player with a slight jazz background and a few “cowboy chords” in my hand…to a player who could play whole, impressive songs. Jazz standards, the real music. Frontwards, backwards, he could teach you the songs both ways. Joe Pass said one time that Robert Conti was the “fastest guitarist alive”. I believe Joe. There is a genius alive behind that guitar, in that man. In those fingers. If you are a dedicated jazz player, you need to check out Conti’s lessons. You will go somewhere with your abilities. Conti taught me that once you have the foundation…the chords…THEN, the chops can come…so, be patient with the chops…sharpen the axe of your fingers with some of Conti’s “String Fever”, when you’re ready…if you’re gonna cook, you gotta stay in the oven for a while, so, you gotta practice, or you aren’t gonna get a thing.