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Jazz Guitarists to the Rescue

An Inspirational (and true!) Tale No jazz musician needs to be told how tight money is in this recession. Budgets are being slashed everywhere, and perhaps most in education.Now imagine that you have a class of eager guitar students but no guitars and no money to buy them.  What would you do?  Welcome to the world of Bruce Edmiston. Bruce has been teaching his guitar class at Oxnard High School for thirteen years, focused mainly on jazz guitar. He tells us: “I inform everyone from day one that I teach music and that we will be using the guitar as the instrument to bring that music …

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2010 Just Jazz Guitar Cover Story

Preface by Paul Getty During a recent conversation with Ed Benson, we were discussing how the economic downturn has affected numerous guitarists who voiced complaints about their substantial loss of income from lessons, gigs etc. Our conversation turned to the success of Robert Conti. In the midst of the punitive economic conditions during the last three years, he recently released his thirty-first full-length DVD, as an obvious result of the ongoing demand for his unique ability to teach effectively. To my knowledge, that level of consistently creative teaching production is unprecedented. On the heels of ongoing DVD production plus a heavy …

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The Jazz Lines Featured Image

The Jazz Lines Review in Just Jazz Guitar Magazine

Improvisation is the holy grail of jazz players. It seems that everyone wants to learn howto do it, or to do it better. George Bernard Shaw said that “Those who can, do; those whocan’t, teach.” Fortunately, a few of those who can also do teach, and Robert Conti is oneof those few.  Readers of JJG have known Robert Conti for years. However, if you are only playing his wonderful chord melodies you are missing out on half the fun! Mr. Conti is a smokin’-hot single-line player whose machine-gun delivery seems to defy the laws of physics. Marking the tenth anniversary of …

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Intros, Endings and Turnarounds Review

Robert Conti is no stranger to readers of JJG. He has dozens of DVD learning products available, and I want to be sure that you do not miss Intros, Endings and Turnarounds. This valuable learning resource fills in a major gap for most players.  I will admit right off the bat that I am a Robert Conti fan, although probably not for the reasons you may think. Yes, I am impressed by the almost super-human number of notes that he can squeeze into a few minutes while remaining tasteful and true to the tune, but there is more to Mr. Conti than virtuosity. You see, …

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