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The Jazz Quintet CD Review in Jazz Improv Mag.

Robert Conti
Pinnacle Records PR-C09902.

Rotation: The Agony Of Ectasy; Hollywood And Sunset;  In Memory Qf; The Street Life Of South Philadelphia; The World Today; String Fever. PERSONELL: Robert Conti, guitar and all original compositions; Mike WoiTord, piano; John B. Williams. bass; Hcnnan Riley, so prano, alto, tenor sax and Outc; Jim Plank. percussion; Uew Mathews. co-arranger.
By Ethan Gutzeit

Robert Conti is awesome! His debut jazz recording “”The Robert Conti Quintet Featuring Mike WoiTord” is as viable today as it was when it was released in 1980.  The first tune “Rotation” is an up tempo swing tune that Conti eats alive with his blistering single note lines.  “‘The Agony Of Ecstasy” is a ballad with Herman Riley on Soprano saxophone playing the haunting melody punctuated by string arrangements and subtle comping by Wofford and Conti.  Conti adds some nice chord soloing and some single note material.  “Hollywood And Sunset” is a medium swing tune with another great Conti solo representing a Philadelphia guitar sound started by Pat Martino.  “In Memory Of” is a song Conti wrote aficr the passing of his father in 1979.  Conti lets Wofford take over and play this wonderlul ballad tune solo with a gentle touch.  “The Street Life Of South Philadelphia” is a 618 grooving tune with a vamping section followed by a turnaround for the form.  Conti shines on this original from the period.  “The World Today” is another soulful ballad penned by Conti.  He takes a great extended solo with much attention to taste.  Conti also shows his chops soloing with  octaves.  “String Fever” is an up tempo rllythm change-~ tune showcasing Conti talent on the timeless jazz from.

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