Vol. 5 Summertime


The epitome of a jazz standard, composed by George Gershwin in 1934.  Conti lays out numerous ideas for serious players to solo over this iconic tune.

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Lesson solo over chord progression to: Summertime


  • Printable PDF of lesson solo over chord progression to Summertime, in notation & tablature
  • MIDI & MP3 files of single note solo & rhythm section
  • Octave Solo! (PDF)

DVD Running Time: 1 Hour, 57 Minutes

Conti plays a pro level (more challenging than the Ticket To Improv series) solo over the chord changes to an in-demand jazz tune. Then, in his straight-forward approach, he teaches you to duplicate the entire solo, close-up, measure-by-measure, note-by-note. As documented by scores students in written testimonials, and their performance videos, you learn to play jazz, by playing jazz, not talking about modes or scales.

You must get the idea out of your head that you’re “just learning someone else’s solo.” When a child learns to speak, he/she emulates words that they have heard before. No one says to the child, “you’re just learning someone else’s words.” The child learns a word, then another word. The pattern continues until the child can speak in complete sentences (and without knowing the “theory” behind language.) As you develop your jazz vocabulary, you’ll soon reshape the ideas for applications over other tunes. These DVDs are for you if you’ve got serious chops, but don’t know what to do with them. If you practice modes and scales all the time, that’s what your solos will sound like – boring and uninteresting to say the least. Learn hip jazz lines, and have lots of fun doing it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
I am blown away

I just finished spending a week with the Summertime DVD and once again I am blown away by the amount of ideas that you have shared. I've played this song a long time but never really got past the basic blues rock lines that everyone knows. This DVD has added so many colors to my soloing. I liked this format of providing lines as well as providing a complete solo.

This way of learning suits me very well. Thanks again for sharing. Btw, I must also state that I am so impressed with your staff. The quick delivery by priority mail is so nice, they have sent me two of your CDs at no charge. It is very rare in this day and time that you get MORE than you pay for. But I have found that to be true with each and every transaction and learning product.

best learning material ever!

I have played guitar for 20 years and learned jazz guitar, but this is the best learning material that I have ever came up to. I know that it is going to help me improve my paying ability drastically. Please tell Mr. Conti, thank you for this best learning material ever!

How to effectively solo

Thanks so much Robert for such a fine product. I first became aware of you while watching Truefire TV. I was so impressed with your version of One Note Samba, especially your playing style and touch that I made up my mind immediately that I want to play like you with my own voice of course. Your improvised solos over such classics as All Blues, Summertime, One Note Samba and all the others are a fantastic and wonderful way for me to finally learn how to effectively solo over these pieces. I have been playing for many years and your teaching method is really quite amazing. Thanks again for all the music. Your Fan, and Customer for life............. Tony Means

Will be getting more soon

Thanks for quick response in sending the DVD's. They are of the usual high standard. I enjoyed the different approach in teaching Summertime. I learn something new everytime I get more of your products....will be getting more soon.

And where have you been all my life?

Dear Mr. Conti,I recently purchased a couple of your instructional DVDs and I am thrilled with them. All my life I have been intrigued by jazz lines,­ they seemed magical to me, probably because I couldn't figure out what they were or how to play them. Now, thanks to you, I am finally beginning to understand. The DVDs are exactly at my skill level and I am sure I will be playing jazz in a few months. Could you please send the rhythm section for Summertime? I plan to purchase the rest of your programs in the near future. Thank you. And, where have you been all my life?

Interesting and very helpful

Robert: Thank you for making the DVD re: Summertime. It has been interesting and very helpful. The down-to-earth style is refreshing.

I was watching a world class jazz guitarist.

Hi Bob,I just wanted to thank you again for the time I spent with you in Las Vegas. For the first time in a long time I feel like I now have the knowledge and direction to get to the next level in my playing. Your approach to learning complex jazz lines and their applications makes a rather arduous task very enjoyable. Having witnessed your live performance, I realized that I was watching a world class jazz guitarist. Thank you for sharing your talent and being accessible to anyone who wishes to study the art of jazz guitar. I am already making my plans for my next jazz fix.

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