Vol. 4 – Ticket To Improv


Subject Lesson Songs:

  • Days of Wine and Roses
  • Wave
  • Bluesette
  • Bonus Project! Georgia On My Mind


The time-tested and acknowledged pathway to become a skilled improvisor is to play your instrument at every jam session or other opportunity that becomes available. That’s exactly how the early greats learned their craft, simply by playing jazz, not wasting time talking about modes, scales or unimportant activities that prevented them from actually playing their instruments. As seen in 25 prior DVDs, the core success of the Robert Conti approach is his ability to teach the jazz language at the street level, where it actually began. Ticket To Improv will get you off the ground.

If you’re an entry level jazz guitarist such as a blues or rock player trying to make the crossover to jazz, Ticket To Improv will take you on one of most exciting and productive musical events of your life. Very soon, you will be impressing your friends with your new playing skills.

As in each of his learning products, once again, Conti delivers another “Motherlode!” How? By teaching you exactly how to start playing an arsenal of lines over the chord progressions to three “must know” tunes that are played in every real life jam session. More importantly, after you learn the first three tunes, he will also teach you how to quickly begin reshaping those lines for usage in other tunes.

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Volume 4 Subject Lesson Songs:

  • Days of Wine and Roses
  • Wave
  • Bluesette
  • Bonus Project! Georgia On My Mind

Ticket To Improv, Volume 4 Includes:

  • Printable PDF of lesson solos in notation & tablature
  • MIDI & MP3 files of single note solos & rhythm sections

DVD Running Time: 4 Hours 38 Mins

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
George Wrigley
Great Stuff

I am still working on volume one, project one Satin Doll. It takes a lot of practice and memory work. I have always been a reader and have difficulty memorizing. I have been playing the first 16 measures over and over again. I have a computer program that I set up to play Bass, drums, and chords. I play the tune to the background music and then switch to the improvisation. It takes a lot of work and concentration, but it is coming along. I have studied with some very good jazz players, but they all taught scales and arpeggios, but no real way to make music with them. I am not gifted with the natural ability to improvise that's why I take lessons.

Robert has the best chops I have ever seen, and he has a great method of getting the lines under your hands in the shortest amount of time. I grew up listening to Johnny Smith, he was my all time favorite the way he played chord melody first, then the improvisation. I was able to master the chord melody but got stopped cold at the improvisation. At that point I took up classical guitar because the notes were all there. I promised myself that before I die I will give the improvisation my best effort. That is where I am now. BTW I love the Conti Heirloom.


gerald mckinnon
volume four

Super excellent

Lawson Stone - Wilmore, KY
Ticket to Improv - the genius of it...

(Excerpted from a jazz guitar discussion forum)

The genius of it, in my view, is that your fingers will say "Hey we've played this before" but your mind will be saying "But this is a different chord progression..." and you start seeing how licks and lines can be moved around. For a strong intermediate player or advanced player, these solos would not be very challenging; but for folks trying to learn improvisation using tunes, and for folks who also would like, as a secondary benefit, to actually end up with something they can play with friends or at pick-up jam sessions, it's quite helpful.

Rick Leichman - Mt. Mourne, NC
A desperately needed "jump-start"

Robert, I just wanted to thank you for putting all the patterns together, and providing a desperately needed "jump-start" to my single line soloing. After years of books and lessons, I finally am developing a platform for pulling it all together. Much gratitude for your guidance and looking forward to accomplishing more with continued work on your DVDs. Best wishes to you.

James Macneil - Fayetteville, NC
These products are top notch

I’ve already ordered a whole array of products from Robert. This recent order will complete the Source Code series and the Ticket To Improv series. These products are top notch. I have tried products from other players and I find them to be too time consuming for people with families and jobs. Robert’s products get you straight to the point. Yes, you need to put in the work, but the work you put in is directly related to real world playing. There are products available from players that Robert knows but their material isn’t presented in a manner that gets you up and running.

Tony Pereira - Las Vegas, NV
A must for the aspiring player

I have been playing guitar for many years and had many instructors along the way. I started with Ticket to Improv and got hooked. He has you playing lines right from the start and takes great pains to show you the simplicity in what he is doing. I would also suggest taking lessons with him. He goes into great detail and shows you his thought process. It’s a bargain, 2 hours with a master that is videoed and sent to you in a timely manner. His staff is courteous and responsive...couldn’t be better.

George Wrigley - Tucson, Arizona
Learning how to add beautiful single note solos...

I have been playing for over 50 years and this is the first teacher I have ever had that made single note soloing make sense. For the first time in my life I am now learning how to add beautiful single note solos to my chord melody arrangements. Everyone else I ever studied with or purchased their dvd's etc, always sounded like a bunch of notes, they never made any sense to me. I know all the scales, but I could never make them sound like anything other than scales. Thanks Robert Conti for your amazing products.

Mark Wilson - New Zealand
Like a kid in a candy store!!

Hello I have just received my package from RC and Pinnacle Group. Thank you for the speedy deliver and also the complimentary Ticket to Improv # and Chord Melody V2. A real blessing. I have just purchased all new equipment and recording gear so the timing is fantastic. My playing has been at plateau stage for a few years. But now I'm like a kid in a candy store!! Thanks again and keep up the good work. If ever in NZ or want free accommodation overlooking an incredible bay, just let me know. Mark Wilson New Zealand

David Brennan - Phoenix, AZ
Gotten more from Bob's material than...

Bob's DVD instruction is the best...period. I'm 60 years old and have been skuffling with this stuff for 40 years. I've gotten more from Bob's material than the room full of books I've managed to accumulate.

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