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Vol. 3 – Ticket To Improv


Subject Lesson Songs:

  • 12 Bar Blues
  • All Blues
  • Watermelon Man
  • Bonus Jam over a Conti original, “The Rummy!”

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The time-tested and acknowledged pathway to become a skilled improvisor is to play your instrument at every jam session or other opportunity that becomes available. That’s exactly how the early greats learned their craft, simply by playing jazz, not wasting time talking about modes, scales or unimportant activities that prevented them from actually playing their instruments. As seen in 25 prior DVDs, the core success of the Robert Conti approach is his ability to teach the jazz language (improv) at the street level, where it actually began.

If you’re an entry level jazz guitarist such as a blues or rock player trying to make the crossover to jazz, Ticket To Improv will take you on one of most exciting and productive musical events of your life. Very soon, you will be impressing your friends with your new playing skills.

As in each of his learning products, once again, Conti delivers another “Motherlode!” How? By teaching you exactly how to start playing an arsenal of lines over the chord progressions to three “must know” tunes that are played in every real life jam session. More importantly, after you learn the first three tunes, he will also teach you how to quickly begin reshaping those lines for usage in other tunes.

Volume 3 Subject Lesson Songs:

  • 12 Bar Blues
  • All Blues
  • Watermelon Man
  • Bonus Jam over a Conti original, “The Rummy!”

Ticket To Improv, Volume 3 Includes:

  • Printable PDF of lesson solos in notation & tablature
  • MIDI files of single note solos & rhythm sections

DVD Running Time: 4 Hours

8 reviews for Vol. 3 – Ticket To Improv

  1. Jerry Martin

    I would also like to once again tell you that Bob Conti is my guiding light, through the murky waters of guitar instruction out here, what a wonderful person to be so open and offer to us mere mortals out here in guitar land his talents! I listen to Jazz every day and of all the players and all the courses out there Bob is the best PERIOD! I am still not advanced enough for much of the material and still in the improv #3 but as soon as #4 comes out I will be on it. I hope to someday get to Vegas so I can see Bob in person.

  2. Edgar Villanueva

    It’s sort of like the “Wax on – Wax off” method that Mr. Miyagi taught Ralph Macchio in the Karate Kid where he showed him all the motions without the theory by making him do ordinary chores like waxing a car or painting a fence with certain arm motions. And when the time came for Ralph to spring into action, the movements were natural, surprising even the kid himself.

  3. Julian Wilson

    There’s an easy way to do anything. What you need is someone else who truly understands what’s going on, and tells you first what you NEED to know, and not EVERYTHING you could know all at once. As we all know, Bob excels at this. I don’t know how paint is made, but I still manage to do a good job painting the house….The other bits make sense in the end, because you can now fit them into the framework of what you can already DO.I have an Electronics HNC and I struggled with Maths for years till I found a book in which a guy gave 20 examples on each new trick he taught. I learned more in a few weeks with that book than 3 years of lecturers throwing technical problems at me for which they were very well paid…. It’s a universal problem in learning: “Where can I find the best teacher?”. With jazz guitar it’s Bobville Nevada!!!

  4. Cliff Toca

    I agree, it is an amazing turn of the tables. I always explain it like this; learning jazz by studying theory is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together by measuring the radii of the pieces. Clearly the preferred way is to just look at the picture. Learning to PLAY jazz first is similar to just looking at the picture. Does this make any sense?

  5. Al Lombardo

    As a 57 yr old player for over 45 yrs, my guitar playing was STUCK in the middle of the 1970’s rock era…PERIOD. While I absolutely love the chord melody style of playing I increasingly assumed it was completely out of my reach. I was so tired of the 1st position rock chords, I had simply reduced my playing time to every few months. NO WAY at this stage of my life and obligations am I able to sit for hours to learn theories and modes. When ever some one I knew wanted to learn a song, I would show them a few simple chords and they could eek out a tune eventually playing the few chords. They never learned the names, notes or other important things BUT they learned the song and had fun playing it. Some moved on, others moved up. Your teaching technique is SO PERFECT to me in this respect. If I can replicate your instruction, I can play the song and IT SOUNDS BEAUTIFUL. I am here for the duration.

  6. Maurice Mousseau

    You are giving me encouragement. Well done Dr.

  7. Julian Wilson

    I just bought this as well as Vol 4. Always top class easily understandable tuition from a World Class Master Player and Teacher. Learning how to PLAY jazz is the key – not endless and pointless scale and mode dexterity exercises that consume most of your creative energies and leave you dissatisfied. Viva!

  8. Mark Rhodes

    The Doctor is in the pocket!

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