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Vol. 2 – Ticket To Improv


Subject Lesson Songs:

  • One Note Samba
  • There Will Never Be Another You
  • All The Things You Are
  • Bonus Solo!


The time-tested and acknowledged pathway to become a skilled improvisor is to play your instrument at every jam session or other opportunity that becomes available. That’s exactly how the early greats learned their craft, simply by playing jazz, not wasting time talking about modes, scales or unimportant activities that prevented them from actually playing their instruments. As seen in 26 prior DVDs, the core success of the Robert Conti approach is his ability to teach the jazz language (improv) at the street level, where it actually began.

If you’re an entry level jazz guitarist such as a blues or rock player trying to make the crossover to jazz, Ticket To Improv will take you on one of most exciting and productive musical events of your life. Very soon, you will be impressing your friends with your new playing skills.

As in each of his learning products, once again, Conti delivers another “Motherlode!” How? By teaching you exactly how to start playing an arsenal of lines over the chord progressions to three “must know” tunes that are played in every real life jam session. More importantly, after you learn the first three tunes, he will also teach you how to quickly begin reshaping those lines for usage in other tunes.

Volume 2 Subject Lesson Songs:

  • One Note Samba
  • There Will Never Be Another You
  • All The Things You Are
  • Bonus Solo!

Ticket To Improv, Volume 2 Includes:

  • Printable PDF of lesson solos in notation & tablature
  • MIDI files of single note solos & rhythm sections

DVD Running Time: 4 Hours

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3 reviews for Vol. 2 – Ticket To Improv

  1. Julian Wilson

    Agh! – All Bob’s instruction DVD’s are so good that whichever one I am working on (‘Chord Melody’ in my case at the moment) – I wish I was working on another one! lol I did work right through TTI 1 and now own TTI 2 — but there are not enough hours in the day! All you can do is eat the elephant one bite at a time… Tasty stuff though!

  2. John Leslie

    I have Ticket To Improv Volumes 1 and 2- what a revelation. This stuff is the real deal. Robert cracks me up when he talks about modes and scales ‘insanity.’ I can just see Muddy Waters, BB King and Buddy Guy sitting around talking about pentatonic scales and which mode they blew the audience away with that night. It really is nonsense and you wonder who came up with that crap. Anyway, don’t hesitate to buy Robert’s stuff. Even if you are still a rocker at heart (like me) you will love playing this material. The material is great and I’ll tell you why-Robert’s friendly but no bullshit approach to playing-he is obviously very honest and upfront. Also, this is almost like a lost art form that has been brought back from the dead. Its long been established that guitar players don’t know how to play anymore and haven’t since the early 70’s. I feel quite fortunate to have access to this stuff.

  3. Mario Ochoa

    Facing upcoming retirement, I decided to learn to play guitar; after finding myself on a dead end street I found Mr. Cont’s instructional videos. He has shown me the highways and avenues of music as well as the back roads. His approach to Guitar Jazz improvisation is unique and now I am playing Jazz concepts! His instructional videos are the best!

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