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2 Hour Lesson
Jack Marchewka - Phillips, WI
Doing more lessons with him...

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to do a 2-hour online lesson with Robert Conti.
Robert’s approach to teaching jazz guitar is to get you playing and that’s exactly what we did in our lesson. Just like his books and DVDs, there is a lot of information packed into a very small space. This can be deceiving, in my opinion, because it’s going to take time and effort on my part to learn and internalize the material. There aren’t any shortcuts.

The two hours went by quickly, and I look very much forward to doing more lessons with him. I also received a video of our lesson that day. As a teacher, Robert Conti was personable, patient, knowledgeable, and encouraging. As a side note, I really enjoyed his stories and look forward to hearing more in the future.

Great strings

Well balanced, easy to play strings with very good tone.

Entrada Archtop Guitar
Erwin Kramer - Netherlands
A very happy guitar player...

For the last two decades or so I have been looking for a guitar with the following specs: thin body single cutaway jazz guitar, single pickup, good quality, good looks and above all affordable. I think I nailed it this time. I was browsing the web for the millionth time when I stumbled upon this site of Robert Conti. I immediately mailed them and they answered all my questions quickly and to the point. They even facilitated my indecisiveness on the bridge top: Gotoh T.O.M or compensated ebony. I got both. Since I live in The Netherlands, Europe I expected a long wait before I could hold the guitar I ordered in my hands. Not so. Shipped Monday and delivered Thursday! Thumbs up for both Conti Guitars and their shipping firm FedEx. I use the guitar already. Mr. Conti and his staff have made me a very happy guitar player indeed. This is stellar service. To be recommended!

Gold Finger Tailpiece
Barry Sobrin - Ocean, NJ
Beautiful tailpiece

My brother has the Conti guitar which comes with this tailpiece. It is a really nice addition to any guitar, especially an archtop. I had to buy it for my upcoming custom made arch top!

Vol. 2 - Ticket To Improv
Michel Boulet, Montreal
Ticket to improv 1-2-3-4

This is great stuff! I have been playing for a long time but I always felt a little stuck in the Jazz genre. These lessons are what I was looking for because they only imply earing and playing typical jazz sounds and making them your's so they can pop into your improvisations later on. There is no bettr way to learn and Robert Conti is a real champion teacher. YouTube video placeholder
Entrada Archtop Guitar
Elliott Seymour - Plano, TX USA
Everything you described it to be...

Robert, the Entrada is everything you described it to be in the personal video you sent — and more! It plays smoothly and the notes are clear and very sharp. My wife, Linda, likes the color of the guitar, and the look of the Gold Finger tailpiece. In your video you explained that the Gold Finger tailpiece contributes to the sound of this beautiful arch top as well as looking nice.

I have enjoyed my equity model for 10 years, and now I can continue that enjoyment with a lighter guitar around my neck.

I started my Conti journey with your Source Code and Ticket To Improv DVDs, and now I am improving my playing with the live private online lessons with Robert. Wow! Great instructional products, wonderful guitars, and the outstanding teaching of Robert Conti.

Thank you again, and God bless you.

The Formula
Tony Silber
The Formula

Amazing stuff- secrets unlocked!

Vol. 2 Rhythm Changes


Conti tackles Rhythm Changes; this one’s a burner!

In stock


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Lesson solo over chord progression to: Rhythm Changes


  • Printable book (PDF) of lesson solo over chord progression to Rhythm Changes, in notation & tablature
  • MIDI & MP3 files of single note solo & rhythm section

DVD Running Time: 45 Minutes

Conti plays a pro level (more challenging than the Ticket To Improv series) solo over the chord changes to an in-demand jazz tune. Then, in his straight-forward approach, he teaches you to duplicate the entire solo, close-up, measure-by-measure, note-by-note. As documented by scores students in written testimonials, and their performance videos, you learn to play jazz, by playing jazz, not talking about modes or scales.

You must get the idea out of your head that you’re “just learning someone else’s solo.” When a child learns to speak, he/she emulates words that they have heard before. No one says to the child, “you’re just learning someone else’s words.” The child learns a word, then another word. The pattern continues until the child can speak in complete sentences (and without knowing the “theory” behind language.) As you develop your jazz vocabulary, you’ll soon reshape the ideas for applications over other tunes. These DVDs are for you if you’ve got serious chops, but don’t know what to do with them. If you practice modes and scales all the time, that’s what your solos will sound like – boring and uninteresting to say the least. Learn hip jazz lines, and have lots of fun doing it.

Customer Reviews

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Everton Armstrong
Very grateful.

This very informative to me. I been playing for many years and have always have hinderances in some areas of my playing, but I am thinking this is gonna free me up. Your videos have already open up mine eyes to great possibilities. Thanks for your instructional videos.

Ray Herrick - Jackson, NJ was fabulous

The video was fabulous. I have a lot of videos but the idea of learning a tune and dissecting one of Mr. Conti's solos is a fabulous methodology. The primary structure method in the advanced improv lessons is another great idea. As soon as I get through this material I'll be trying out the other series but would love to see another one in the series covering standards such as Cherokee or Satin Doll.

Martin Chamizo - Malaga, Spain
Makes you feel like playing the guitar

Great material and instruction. It makes you feel like playing the guitar! You always know where you are and where you go with this method. Thank You!

Martin Sippy - Newcastle, WA
Source Code - Jazz Lines

I recently bought the Source Code Jazz Lines book. Love it and I can really attest to the excellence and effectiveness of Roberti's method. I have never progressed this fast in my 20 plus years of playing.  I was so excited with finally getting measures 20 through 28 of the Smoking Lineman Rhythm Changes under my fingers that I got up at 4 o'clock this morning to work on morphing these lines into my own style.   Lines. WOW. What a fluid and musical approach. Since I received my first DVD, I bring my guitar to work everyday so I can play during lunch. I simply can't make it from my morning practice through the entire day. It is that exciting.  Thank you, Robert for the great materials and blessings to you and your fine Pinnacle team for all the hours of enjoyment, inspiration, and enlightenment. Martin

Mark Messinese - Jacksonville, FL
Made more progress in watching and playing...

The Smokin Lineman DVD format is the best teaching method I've come across in 30 years of playing and studying Jazz Guitar. I've made more progress in watching and playing along with one DVD than with multiple books and lessons. I highly recommend this tool for those guitarists who aspire to play at a level that for me seemed unreachable but has been realized with this series. Thanks Robert for sharing your technique.

Dave Illig - Houston, TX
Changed my playing forever

I fly 737s for a major airline, been playing guitar for many years but never really reached the level I wanted. I surfed my way into the Conti website a year ago and it changed my playing forever. This man can play, but more importantly he can teach. I purchased one of his video tapes (Smoking Lineman) and haven't slowed down since. My playing reached a level I never thought possible. Conti Source Code Book One made a far greater impact on my ability than 70 prior method books, all combined. I was so impressed I flew to Vegas a few months ago and had the opportunity to hear Conti play live. That hour and a half was very memorable. I hope I get to hear him play again some day.

Michael Nesbitt - London, UK
Wish I had discovered him some time ago

I am really impressed with Robert Conti's ability and teaching. I wish I had discovered him some time ago. I will certainly be ordering more improv DVDs and chord melody books in the coming weeks.

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