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Vol. 1 Since I Fell For You


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Since I Fell For You – Arranged by Robert Conti

  • Printable PDF of complete arrangement, prepared with simple notation and and chord grids/diagrams.
  • No hard to read stacks of notes.
  • DVD Running Time: 2 Hours

Play Pro Chord Melody Today DVD Series

While Conti is well known for his “peel paint off the walls burning solos,” at the other end of the jazz guitar world, his exquisite and lush chord melody work is often heard in fine hotel and restaurant establishments.  In fact, Robert performed 5 nights per week for 10 years in a luxurious Southern California hotel.

In each volume of the Play Pro Chord Melody Today DVD series, Robert Conti teaches you to play an entire pro level arrangement, measure-by-measure, chord by chord simply by watching the DVD and playing the provided chord grids.  Increase your repertoire of chord melody standards to become an in-demand amenity for high class establishments and you’ll rival any piano player.

“You can’t take a lesson for that price. These DVDs are a terrific opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business. Highly recommended.”

~Ed Benson, Publisher of Just Jazz Guitar Magazine.

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1 review for Vol. 1 Since I Fell For You

  1. Jeff York

    After years of wishing I could play something — anything — in this style, I finally quit listening to all of the “theory godmothers” out there and put my money down on this arrangement. Let me tell you: Conti does not disappoint. Within minutes, he had me playing lush chords that embellished the melody without ever overpowering it. Not only that, but he showed me variations — in the form of his priceless “off the sheet tips” — that were not included in the written material, and which can be used on other tunes, as well. Part of the wisdom behind his approach is that, in teaching you to play a chord over *every* melody note, you become able to play a chord over *any* melody note. I soon realized that, armed with this information — as well as the types of lines I’ve learned via the “Ticket To Improv” series — I am equipped to come up with countless variations on this tune, as long as I am willing to do the work. Right now, I’m using this arrangement as a companion piece to my study in Conti’s Source Code book “The Chord Melody Assembly Line,” and am finding it to be a very enjoyable and rewarding course of study. Highly recommended!

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