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Learn the Conti approach to advanced re-harmonization of your chord melody arrangements to achieve a pro-level sound.  Considered by many pro guitarists and pianists as the “go to” resource on the subject, this is another best seller now enhanced with 6 hours of DVD video!

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Learn The Formula, the Conti approach to advanced reharmonization of your chord melodies to achieve pro-level sound.  Considered by many pro guitarists and pianists as the “go to” resource on the subject, this is another best seller now enhanced with 6 hours of DVD video! First, Conti reduces what is generally viewed as highly complex subject matter to a handful of quickly comprehensible guidelines. Next, through a series of examples, Robert clearly demonstrates his Formula to create the reharmonized pro-level arrangements as seen in Just Jazz Guitar Magazine, the Play Pro Chord Melody Today DVD Series and his Signature Chord Melody Arrangement books.  Learn his methodology and you’ll be amazed when you hear the results you’ll begin to accomplish very quickly.

The Formula – Disc One – 4 Hours

Conti teaches The Formula! Then he presents 4 SOLID HOURS of the “How To Nuts & Bolts” with numerous ideas and examples. Within the first few chapters of this Book and DVD, any upper level intermediate student will learn exactly how to begin creating stunning Pass, Peterson and Tatum type substitutions and reharmonizations for any standard, simply by learning Conti’s Formula to manipulate the most basic elements of harmony with ease.

The Formula – Disc Two – 2 Hours

Robert spends ANOTHER 2 HOURS to present the viewer with 3 full length songs that further demonstrate real world applications of the methodology he taught on Disc One. You’ll soon understand why thousands of savvy jazz guitarists and pianists rank The Formula! as the ultimate methodology book on the subject of reharmonization.

We are frequently asked the difference between The Formula and The Chord Melody Assembly Line. Simply, The Formula teaches more advanced concepts in reharmonization.  If you’re just starting out with wanting to create chord melodies from a lead sheet or fake book, start with The Chord Melody Assembly Line instead.

The Formula Includes:

  • Full size 8.5″ x 11″ Booklet
  • Two DVD set totaling 6 Hours of high quality instruction from Robert Conti
  • Easy to read chord grids for every note

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
John Gibbs - Shelby Twp, MI
I feel liberated!

I have been playing guitar for 36 years, mostly rock, but have been trying to play jazz off and on for several years. I have always been stuck memorizing arrangements or transcriptions note for note until now. I have been studying "The Formula" and many of Mr. Conti's arrangements lately and a light bulb went on. I feel liberated! I was playing the same old turnarounds over and over when I noticed the secret to making up my own. Using information from "The Formula" and by studying Mr. Conti's arrangements I am able to hear turnarounds in my head and make them up on the fly! Also, I understand and am able to change some of the chords in the arrangements every time I play them if I want. I guess what I am saying is that even though Mr. Conti's arrangements are great, I am able to hear and play different variations of them every time. Thank You so much!

David Alzofon - Undisclosed
Just what I needed

Just wanted to say that I got The Formula! through Steve Herron's website recently and I like it a lot. It's everything Steve said it was and more. I have been studying jazz guitar for longer than I want to say, but "The Formula!" succeeds in communicating the creative side of harmony on jazz guitar in a unique and above all practical way that I can really use. It is just what I needed to get across the gap between theory and practice.

There is much more depth in what you teach than you give away on the surface, and I appreciate the way you've put things together in a deceptively simple way. As much as I like single-line solos, there's nothing more beautiful than chord melody on jazz guitar, and I feel like I'm finally beginning to understand how a pro thinks about it, thanks to The Formula!

Blair Hunter - Oakville, Canada
Exactly what I was looking for

Hi Robert, just want to say I received my recent order last week. It was a very quick delivery from USA into Canada. The Formula lessons are exactly what I was looking for. I have been following you for several years in JJG magazine and tried to apply my interpretation of your reharmonization ideas to a variety of tunes. But actually getting The Formula and understanding your explanation corrected all the little problems I was having and brought the process into clear focus. Excellent material.

Jerry Duguet - Reims, France
Fun to reharmonize

I started with "The Jazz Lines" last September !! Whaoo ! I felt I could play some jazz tunes at least !! I just got "Intro, Endings & Turnaround" and "Formula" It's just fun to reharmonize everything. I love the Source Code Collection.

Librecht Venter - Haymarket, VA
Exceptionally good books...

I received The Formula and Chord Melody Assembly Line. It is a pity that I did not start off with these two books as they are basically the most important. They are exceptionally good books and I want to thank Robert for these works.

Liebrecht Venter - Haymarket, VA
He should get the Nobel Prize

Please tell Robert he should get the Nobel Prize for these two works (The Formula & The Chord Melody Assembly Line). I used to teach at a Jazz Workshop and I thought I knew all about substitutions, but the way Robert thinks completely surpassed what I do. I will also do this on piano soon.  Just Unbelievable. I really hope you would get the message to Robert.

Bob Horton - Palm Harbor, FL
Teaching vision is inspiring

Thanks. I love your business model and your playing and teaching vision is inspiring. Thanks for all you do. God bless you.

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