Savings Opportunity

$1,149.00 $899.00

Had your eye on a Conti Guitar? Priced a little over your budget? Take advantage of substantial discount pricing on guitars that Robert or one of his assistant guitarists played in the making of a video, or perhaps an instrument with a visual blemish that doesn’t affect playability.



No matter how careful one is, it’s next to impossible to avoid an occasional bump or bruise in the warehouse. This Entrada incurred a bump to the head (stock) a few months ago and sustained a slight bit of damage as a result of that incident. Fortunately, our skilled technician was able to repair the minor damage. Only miniscule remnants of his repair work remain (see second photo) Regularly priced at $1,149.00, take this opportunity to own her for $899.00 – a savings of $250! 

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“…its sound and playability rivals that of another guitar I own which cost $6,000! I have already put 4 videos of me with it on Youtube.”
-Randy Daniels – Gainesville, Georgia

Feature Highlights Of This Instrument

  • Laminate Maple Top, Back and Sides
  • Full 24 Fret Ebony Fingerboard with Mother of Pearl and Abalone Inlay
  • Kent Armstrong® Vintage ’57 Humbucker Pickup
  • Shallow Florentine Cutaway
  • Gold Imperial Style Tuners
  • Ebony Pickguard
  • Ebony Tailpiece
  • Gotoh® Tune-o-Matic Bridge on Floating Ebony Base
  • CTS® 500k Pots
  • Conti Preferred Gauge Strings

“…The thin-line body and overall balance made it feel like an old friend right away. When I plugged it in the great jazz tone I had been trying unsuccessfully to coax out of my GS came quite naturally from the Entrada.” -John Martin – Modesto, California

Owner Introduction Video

Ordering a guitar via the Internet without having played it first can be overwhelming and cause a great deal of anxiety. In addition to the full setup and inspection, every new owner receives a private video wherein Robert Conti extensively plays, and takes the time to introduce you to your new guitar. You can watch an excerpt from a past Owner Introduction Video below.

“The guitar introduction video from Robert was fantastic. He discussed the guitar, playing technique, and my playing which he had previously heard. What a thrill! It’s obvious he really cares about his customers and students and runs a crew with the same values.” -Chris Shearer – Salem, Oregon

Watch a Sample Video Excerpt

Setup and Inspection

There’s nothing worse than ordering a guitar online and when it arrives, it’s clear that instrument was picked from a warehouse and shipped to you without any setup work or concern. When ordering this Savings Opportunity guitar, you can be assured that like all Conti Guitars, this instrument will be set up and fully inspected by our master technician. The setup process includes, but is not limited to the following items:

  • Truss Rod adjustment
  • Level & Dress Frets
  • Tighten any loose hardware
  • Smooth fret edges
  • Polish finish
  • Set intonation
  • Set pickup height & angle
  • Install Conti Preferred Gauge Strings


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