Gold Finger Tailpiece


Say goodbye to poor quality pot metal tailpieces which can have the tendency to break as soon as you tighten the strings. Our super high quality Gold Finger tailpiece is a popular option for the Conti Guitar and is now available for your existing guitar.

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Add a touch of elegance and class to your guitar with the Gold Finger tailpiece. Unlike many tailpieces out there, this one contains no cheap pot metal. It is rock solid – a very high quality piece of hardware for your guitar.

Individually pivoting string fingers. Each finger has its own fine tuner at the end.

Finger lengths range from 4 inches to 6.5 inches with a 6.5 inch overall length. 1.5 inch bracket depth.

Fingers can be removed and re-arranged for left handed guitars.

Looking for a new archtop? This tail piece is included in the regular price for all Conti archtop guitars (Ebony tailpiece also available)

“The new Conti model is truly an amazing guitar! I should know as I am now the lucky owner of the exact guitar Mr. Conti is playing in the new video demo. Thanks to Mr. Conti and Mike in the sales office for making this possible. I received the guitar on the date scheduled in excellent condition. I was in total awe when I pulled it from the deluxe gig bag. The new Conti Gold Finger tailpiece upgrade was worth every penny as this guitar is drop dead gorgeous! It was set-up perfectly. All I had to do was tweak the tuning and play. The thin lightweight body resonates surprisingly well and the ebony fingerboard and slim neck makes playing this guitar almost effortless. Suddenly those difficult jazz chord grips were now easy. In my 38 years of playing guitar professionally, and having owned over 200 guitars, some costing 3-4 times what this sells for, I honestly have to say this is the finest guitar I have ever owned period! Give this baby a try. You will not regret it.” -Gary Keniston, Fleming Island, FL, USA

“You gave me lessons on the Gibson, my first guitar. Now fifty years later, I’m playing my gorgeous Heirloom. She’ll be my last. Always save the best for last….right? As you performed the Classics on the video, I knew this would be my last guitar. She’s even better than I expected! Every aspect of the guitar is exactly how it is described on your web site. Believe me folks, you will not find any guitar with the craftsmanship, precision and quality as the Heirloom for this affordable price. I am so pleased that I made the purchase! Could have spent 3x the amount and would’ve gotten much less. I opted for the gold finger tail piece and the gold knobs. You know you like it…I can’t put her down! Bob, thank you and your team for taking care of an old friend/student. You’re the best guitarist on the planet! Love ya Brother.” Steve Shrout – Marble, Texas

Note: Listing includes only the tailpiece, not the guitar :-) For more info on our guitars, please visit ContiGuitars.com

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ken S. - Durham, NC
These Finger Tailpieces are absolutely fantastic!

I reached out to the Conti team about purchasing a black Finger Tailpiece from them for my Gibson ES-330 that I was custom overhauling, and got a swift response (yes it's true, they're customer service IS 5 stars awesome!). The tailpiece arrived very quick, and installing it was a breeze. I used slightly larger screws for the bottom two holes, for a more solid mounting, and I use Dunlop locking strap lock buttons - so I drilled out the 3 holes slightly to accommodate the larger screws. It's a beautiful piece, the finish being nicely plated-coated, and the finger adjustments work VERY well! It's looks fabulous on the ES-330! 100% highly recommended for those looking for one of these for a thinline hollow body! Cheers!

Custom made guitar with your tailpiece

My brother and I each bought one of these gold finger tailpieces from you recently. This is a custom made guitar and I’m proud of it with your tailpiece; they are really hardware!

Terrance Johnson - Jupiter, FL
Really dresses it up

I love the gold finger tailpiece. I installed it on my Conti Equity and it really dresses it up. It's a great guitar and even classier now.

Barry Sobrin - Ocean, NJ
Beautiful tailpiece

My brother has the Conti guitar which comes with this tailpiece. It is a really nice addition to any guitar, especially an archtop. I had to buy it for my upcoming custom made arch top!

Tracy Buxton - Corinth, TX
Top quality . . .

Top quality specialized hardware. Fast, secure shipping. Five full stars!

John Bellacera - Bingen, WA
Great tail piece, improves the intonation a lot!

Originally, I had a straight tail piece on it. This is a very unique Archtop Guitar, it is a full carbon build except for the fretboard. I am a retired shaper/board builder, so now I have the time. The Conti Gold Finger Tailpiece balanced out the strings very nicely. It really sounds amazing; I play it through my Quilter MicroPro amp.

David O. - Las Vegas, NV
The tailpiece is simply stunning

The tailpiece is simply stunning

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