Autumn Leaves - Advanced Improv

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Richard Tarasofsky
Great lesson!

Great lesson!

Rick Beck - Denver, Co
Great playing as I play

Great playing as I play the same way the old school way wanting to advance to level as yours

Leon Greenwell - Sunderland UK
you've closed me! lol

you've closed me! lol

Nick Mosura - Pennsylvania
Mr. Conti's improvisation skills are

Mr. Conti's improvisation skills are unbelievable.

Stefan Private - Austria
Thanks for sharing you knowledge!

Thanks for sharing you knowledge!

Michael Gapper - Phillip Island Australia
As a 65 year old

As a 65 year old pensioner who has finally decided to learn guitar this sounds good.

Eric Philippsen - Martinsville In
I'm 61 (yep) and play

I'm 61 (yep) and play in a jazz combo. I do pretty well playing and reading changes which works fine because I'm the only rhythm instrument. soloing? even after all these years decades, I struggle in spite of owning just about every jazz guitar instruction book there is. I mean, really. so, I committed this last month, come hell or high water, to go thru rc's first improv DVD along with his technique DVD. every day. and you know what? I've progressed more in these last few weeks, improvisationally, than any time before. again, mind you, I've been playing and getting paid to do so for decades!

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