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Labor Day Sale & More Exciting News

Happy Labor Day weekend to all the hard working people throughout the world! In celebration of this holiday, we’re offering a 25% across the board discount on all of our learning products, including the Signature Chord Melody Arrangement series, whose price has been reduced for the new downloadable format. This sale event is now in progress, through Thursday September 8, 2016. The discount coupon will be automatically applied to your shopping cart.

Signature Chord Melody Series – DOWNLOADABLE


Since day 1 in the year 2000, the Robert Conti Signature Chord Melody Arrangement series has been the go-to resource for numerous working players and those jazz guitarists who appreciate the elegance and artistry of beautiful music.

By popular demand, we’re pleased to announce that this series is now available as downloadable PDF files.  By changing to this format, we were able to significantly lower the cost for our patrons. Please visit the new Signature Chord Melody Arrangements page to see and hear new samples.

Visit: Signature Chord Melody Arrangements

One Happy German Fellow!


We wanted to take a moment to share this heartfelt and motivational commentary from one of our patrons in Germany:

The Assembly Line & The Formula

“I found Mr. Conti when I saw a video of him showing how to play chord melody.  He said something like: “Learn the chords and understand the system.” I already knew most of the chords he was playing but didn’t understand the system. In the background I could read www.RobertConti.com, so I googled this, and there I found another video were Mr. Conti  plays this cowboy song and explains what is shown in the Chord Melody Assembly Line and The Formula as I remember. So I ordered the Chord Melody Assembly because $40.00 is not so much, even if it is useless. IT WAS NOT. Mr. Conti doesn’t lie when he promises you: “You can learn it” YOU CAN.

My wife asked me: “Was it worth the money?”  I said: “Yes, if I knew before, what big connections the Chord Melody Assembly Line would give me, I would have payed 10 times more, because I can play chord melody from one moment to the other and I understood the system at once, even though I still didn’t know were Robert Conti got all these chords in the Signature Chord Melody Arrangements. So I will order the other books too.” That was a pretty good idea.  After reading The Formula, I knew not only were Mr. Conti got the chords from, I can create chord melody by myself. If you told me this before, that I am able to this, after understanding the system, I would not have believed it.

Intros, Endings & Turnarounds

It works with The Formula and it is very good to have 120 ideas from an experienced musician that you can combine to create new intros.

The Precision Technique

This book sped up my picking and it feels like I can play twice as fast as I could before. My speed increase was also helped with his thin pick. I experimented with different picks before, but never used such a thin one, because when I tried thin picks they deformed and were looking pretty soon like a boomerang not usable.

I think that Mr. Conti’s books are interesting for any guitarist at any level. I am sure that 99.99% of the guitarists don’t know every thing explained in these books. See what you pay, maybe for a guitar, then need a better one. Maybe the new  guitar sounds better but you are still playing the same.  When you work with the “Source Code” line, your playing will increase immediately and Robert Conti lifts you up to a higher plateau. So he did with me. I can play things I couldn’t play before and other things, which I could hardly play, I play with ease now.

I’ve played guitar for 44 years and been playing jazz for 10 years. I never made this much progress in such a small period of 2 months. Thank you for all these books Mr. Conti. You are the best teacher I’ve ever seen.”

Kind regards
Markus Wolf, Germany

Return of the Conti Guitar – Soon!

Been waiting patiently for the next generation of Conti Guitars? we are pleased to inform you that the first completed instruments should arrive in the latter part of September – and they are gorgeous!

Although a notification will be sent to our database, please keep an eye on the site. In addition, feel free to add your email address to the interest list for advanced notice of introductory discount pricing.

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  1. I have learn a lot from your way of teaching would u please include the arpeggios that mostly used in jazz you have been my best teacher so far & ever thanks

  2. Long time happy purchaser of many of Roberts products….always great teaching content …beautifully presented…..and for me the killer is that they are very entertaining and fun to use…..


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