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Comping Expo Review in Gitarist Magazine

Gitarist Magazine Cover

The Comping Expo

Robert Conti? A jazz guitar virtuoso who likes to keep things simple. As complicated as his bebop licks and chord melodies may sound, Conti constantly stresses that you can learn all of it without spending years and years being bogged down by chords, scales and arpeggio’s. Conti rightfully thinks that the the was he learned to play is most natural; you hear somebody play something that you like and you go and find out what he did. The next step is to try and use that new information in your playing, and finding variations on it, too.

The Comping Expo is a DVD/book package on jazz guitar accompaniment, featuring chord progressions and rhythmes and using well chosen examples. Conti’s motto is: watch, listen en reproduce what you see and hear me do. The DVD also contains practice materials in MIDI and MP3 formats plus footage of Conti in live action. The book shows the examples and possibilities that Conti shows on the DVD in chord diagrams.

Verdict? What a relief! Conti demonstrates how he has used the same few dozens of chord forms, plus a few tricks to spice them up, throughout his long and distinguished career. These he will show you on this DVD and his goal is to get you to out those into your playing right away. Wholeheartedly recommended!

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