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Robert Conti Quartet
Comin’ On Strong
Time Is TI 9802
Dec, 1990

Robert Conti, g; Pete Jolly, p; Andy Simpkins,
b; Carl Burnett, d; Charlie Clark, vcl on “Westbound”

Despite the growth of mass communications, most jazz critics rarely take any musicians seriously who do not play regularly In New York, particularly those writers who just happen to live in New York! Guitarist Robert Conti owes his anonymity to his having resided in Jacksonville, Florida during 1968-89. His recent move to Southern California is a step in the right direction, although this area is already overloaded with continually underrated players, neglected by lazy East Coast critics.

Conti’s debut for Time Is should help his career a bit. An extroverted and powerful Improviser whose boppish style is reminiscent of George Benson at his best, and to a lesser extent, Barney Kessel, Conti has little difficulty keeping up with the sometimes overwhelming virtuosity of pianist Pete Jolly or the strong rhythm sectlon.

Alternating standards with originals (which generally use familiar chord changes), Robert Conti pulls out all of his stops on this memorable date.

Highly recommended. -SY

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