1979 - Robert Conti Direct-To-Disc Solo Guitar LP

Solo Guitar (1979)


Excerpt from Liner Notes: “This collection of ballads is devoid of any gimmick and gadgets. In fact, it nuggets right down to the basics: just guitar and guitarist. The moment of truth in terms of music making, made even more truthful by the one-take nature of direct-to-disc.” Harvey Siders, Jazz Critic
1981 - The Jazz Quintet Album Cover

The Jazz Quintet (1981)


This outing has Conti performing with an all star rhythm section including: Mike Wofford, Piano; Herman Riley, Saxophones; Jim Plank, Drums; John B. Williams, Bass
Comin' On Strong! CD Cover, Newport Beach CA 1990

Comin’ On Strong! (1990)


As evidenced by the rave reviews, this phenomenal album presents another showcase of Conti’s virtuosity in the hard bop idiom of jazz guitar, where he sizzles with the support of an all star rhythm section.
2004 - To The Brink CD Cover

To The Brink! (2004)


Conti’s most recent album featuring Rocco Barbato on sax. If you love straight ahead, it doesn’t get any better than this.