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A Thank You To Our Worldwide Patrons

Welcome to 2015! We extend our sincere thanks for your continued patronage of our learning resources during the past year. As a measure of our gratitude, our Annual Thank You event is now underway through January 8, 2015!

Our Students Video Players Gallery – Results Matter.

If you’re not getting the playing results you desire with your current course of learning, visit our Players Gallery. See and hear the results our students obtained with the Conti approach to teaching and playing jazz guitar. Those students are the work product of Robert Conti – Remember that the only reliable benchmark of any educator’s ability is the observed improved skill level of his/her students. See what happens to students at RobertConti.com.

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Need A Laugh? Read The Crackpot Chronicles

If you haven’t already, be sure to visit the Crackpot Chronicles comics page at RobertConti.com. While quite hysterical, there’s a level of truth in each of these cartoons.

As Conti always says, learning to play jazz guitar should be fun, so take a few minutes and enjoy the lighter side of jazz guitar.
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What’s Better Than 1 Conti Guitar? 2 Of Course!

Meet Bard Foshaug, a well respected music teacher/professor at the Trondheim Cathedral School in Norway who just received his second Conti Guitar.

“Norway Calling, again! I bought my second Conti
Guitar! New Blonde, fantastic instrument. I got my first in 2009. Since then, the Conti Guitar became my main guitar. The new one is just as lovely as the first. They each have their character in sound. I highly recommend this instrument…What is so good with the guitar? Well, it is incredibly easy to play. It has a lovely…”
Continue reading Bard’s commentary at ContiGuitars.com
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 2 Conti Guitars With Minor Surface Blemishes

Available At Great Savings

If you’ve had your eye on a Conti Guitar, make 2015 the year to own yours. We have two instruments available at discount pricing due to a minor blemish that is purely cosmetic and does not effect playability in any way. Please contact us if you are interested in either of these instruments.

Looking Forward To 2015
Be sure your email address is kept up to date in our database as there will be an unprecedented learning event you won’t want to miss in late spring. As in prior years, you can be sure that Robert Conti will continue raising the bar in jazz guitar education to a higher level!

On behalf of Robert and the staff, Happy New Year,
Mike, Production Manager


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