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He's not playing modes and scales.

(and if you want to captivate a crowd like this, you shouldn't either)

An old school teaching approach delivered with modern technology - that's how Conti turns talkers into players.


Robert Conti

Before wasting your money, or even your time (yes, free lessons do have a cost) on the army of hack instructors on the internet, do take the time to watch the video below.  

Robert Conti brings 50+ years of documented on the bandstand experience to the table. 

Conti Produces Players, Not Talkers.

If you do your research, you'll discover that hacks will throw every internet marketing trick in the book at you to dupe you into buying an eBook full of regurgitated garbage. What's the one thing they don't put in front of your eyes and ears?


We're proud to present videos of our students demonstrating what they learn from our products.

While the army of amateurs masquerading as jazz guitarists make promises and show nothing, Conti students are actively improving their playing skills, as seen in these and numerous more videos in the Players Gallery.

Entry Level Improv
Watch Dr. Kathy Durante's short term progress as she performs a full entry level solo. She is learning the language of jazz and having a ball doing it!
Advanced Level Improv
If you've already got chops and don't know what to play, Conti has you covered. Watch Lucas Costner execute a pro level melodic solo without modes or scales.
Chord Melody
Lace Walker, among numerous other pro players, uses the professional level chord melody arrangements prepared by Robert Conti to perform regularly on cruise ships. That doesn't sound too bad, does it?

Endless Letters. Real Names & Locations.

George Wrigley - Tucson, Arizona
"I have been playing for over 50 years and this is the first teacher I have ever had that made single note soloing make sense. For the first time in my life I am now learning how to add beautiful single note solos to my chord melody arrangements. Everyone else I ever studied with or purchased their dvd's etc, always sounded like a bunch of notes, they never made any sense to me. I know all the scales, but I could never make them sound like anything other than scales. Thanks Robert Conti for your amazing products."
Kerry Klungtvedt - Rushford, MN
"I played a great solo jazz guitar gig last night after which I sat in with my friend's jazz group. They liked my playing so much that they are talking about hiring me for future gigs. I could not have done it without the instruction of Robert Conti. Thank you, Mr. Conti!!"
Scott Blazer - Logan, OH
"Finally a teaching method that works. I have tried for years to get into playing jazz. It was always the same old thing, I just didn't feel smart enough to play, and figured I would be a hundred years old before I learned my first solo. I bought Mr Conti entry level Ticket To Improv DVD, and must say I will be buying everything on this site. I could not get over the fact that from right off the bat I was playing, not getting theory thrown at me but really playing. Thanks Mr Conti for teaching the way you do, I will be a student for life."
Larry Herrera - Albuquerque, NM
"Mr. C: I want to thank you in a BIG way how grateful I am to you and your teaching ideas. I just completed chapter 7 of the Jazz Lines source book and it has been a great journey. I finally got it. The shapes is the way to go. After 8 years of studying scales and modes I couldn't improvise, but now I can. In fact, I am coming up with my own ideas; but ideas that make sense, are pretty to hear and don't sound so mechanical. I look forward to finishing the book by late spring; that's my goal. I wanted you to know that if I had to pay $1,000 for this book I gladly would. When you're told that you need to learn this scale and that scale you'll be able to improvise. What a bunch of crap. 8 months ago I started the Jazz Lines book and I know more in 8 months than I did in 8 years. Thanks again for your wonderful teaching materials."
James Mohan - Singapore
"Dear Bob, I've been studying jazz for years, working on modes and scales diligently, but finding the process tedious and frustrating. Within a week or two of working through The Jazz Lines, my playing was transformed, and I took to the stage with my first jazz gig, negotiating all the changes with total confidence.. and more importantly, I enjoyed every second of it! Your lines provide an incredible framework for learning this language, and your methodology makes playing this wonderful style of music an absolute joy, rather than an intimidating intellectual exercise. Now I can switch my brain off, and switch my ears ON!! Cheers Bob, your approach has 'unlocked' my playing! I'm indebted to you!"
Brian Bowman - Apex, NC
"Hi Bob, I love your Jazz Guitar materials and they are helping me make a mid-life come-back to Jazz playing! You're Precision Technique is amazing. After about 2 years of work with your stuff, I joined a Big Band doing mostly old-school swing. It's mostly four-to-the-bar comping but some opportunities for soloing and more modern chordal comping. Thanks again for what you do!"
Tony Williams - United Kingdom
"Conti's Chord Melody DVD changed my life. I'd been playing taking chord melody lessons for 15 yrs. However 1 hour with this sorted it. It's 3 yrs on everyday I use the concepts he talks about better than any other DVD or book by anyone else so easy to follow! Thanks Robert."
Richard Plummer - Santa Ana, CA
"Mr Conti...I received your Improv 1 and 2 and I believe they are, for learning to improvise jazz guitar, the best I've ever seen. I sure wish I had learned this stuff years ago, as I would have been a far better guitarist. Well, it's fine. I will dive into study now, and wish to thank you for putting me light years ahead. I expect to order more in the future, and to try to master jazz guitar improvisation. Thanks again!"
Janice Chlebus - Fayetteville, NC
"I wish you could have been here when my husband opened the package. He is now in his practice room and I doubt I will see him for a few hours. Thanks, I have been replaced by a Conti DVD! Again, you have been a blessing to my husband and your military protector."
Charles Edwards - Ozone Park, NY
"I’m doing very well with all the DVDs. I have to tell you I have never bought any DVD on any kind of instruction that works like these do, its unbelievable. I’ve learned more in 3 weeks than in 30 years and have finally played something that sounds the way it should. I’m going to post a message on the web site but I want to take my time so I don't forget to leave anything I want to say out lol. Please thank everyone there and especially Mr. Conti if you can. Thanks have a great day"

Looking for an archtop that checks all the boxes?

Jerry Bloch, Owner
Heirloom in Ruby Red
". . .The Conti guitar met and exceeded my expectations! The neck is superb, the fit and finish are top notch..."
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Randy Daniels, Owner
Entrada in Ruby Red
". . .the price is entry level – the rest is pure professional. Its sound and playability rivals that of another guitar I own which cost $6,000!.. "
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Where Do I Go From Here?

The Players Gallery

If your end goal is to play jazz guitar, doesn't it make sense to go with a teacher whose students are actually playing jazz guitar? Watch confidence in action as numerous students play what they learned from Robert Conti.


Endless commentaries featuring real names and locations of students. You won't find any of the typical fake Joe B. and Frank R. comments like you find on other sites. All of our commentaries are genuine.

The Press Speaks

Having received accolades at the local, national and international level, Robert Conti remains at the forefront of jazz guitar. Take the time to read numerous press reviews on his performances and products.

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