Getting nowhere with modes and scales?

With over 50 years of on the bandstand performance and teaching experience, Robert Conti will take you wherever you want to go. No Modes No Scales®, no BS since 1966.

There is no gatekeeper on the internet

By now you've discovered an endless line of unqualified amateurs, who attempt to take your money, or worse, your time, by falsely presenting themselves as "professional jazz guitar educators."

Caveat Emptor - in your search for a high quality learning resource, don't allow yourself, or your wallet to be ambushed by a litany of ludicrous and unverifiable claims - all intended to exploit your learning frustrations and induce you to purchase what usually proves to be yet another junk product.

If you're seeking:

  • Hundreds of free lessons,
  • Modes, Scales and endless theory,
  • An instructor who knows only a little more than you,
  • That overnight silver bullet that transforms you into a jazz guitarist,

...there's an army of amateurs masquerading as jazz guitarists

However, if you:

  • are a rock or blues guitarist who has lost interest in learning due to instructors who preach that you must learn modes and scales as the only "correct" way to become a jazz guitarist,
  • have spent a small fortune on several years of lessons - yet, you're still unable to join a jam session and play through chord progressions to standards or even some simple blues changes,
  • had the experience of being given some abstract concept, and then told: "now, you need to go figure out how to make jazz out of this concept,"
  • have reached the conclusion you won't learn to improvise by practicing scales and modes,

...then you're for the Conti approach!

What is The Conti Approach?

Old school teaching delivered with modern technology - that's how Conti turns talkers into players.


Robert Conti

Like the early Founding Fathers of the art form, the high level of Robert Conti’s playing skill is the result of NOT studying modes, scales and theory. Before spending your money, or even your time (yes, free lessons do have a cost) on the army of hack instructors on the internet, do take the time to watch the video below. Conti brings 50+ years of documented on the bandstand experience to the table.

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Where Do I Go From Here?

The Players Gallery

If your goal is to play jazz guitar, it makes sense to choose a teacher whose students can play. Watch confidence in action as our students play what they learned from Conti.


Endless commentaries featuring real names and locations of students. You won't find any of the typical fake Joe B. and Frank R. comments like you find on other sites. All of our commentaries are genuine.

The Press Speaks

Having received accolades at the local, national and international level, Robert Conti remains at the forefront of jazz guitar. Take the time to read numerous press reviews on his performances and products.

Back when I was coming up, it was just us with our guitars. We played jazz guitar to learn jazz guitar and nothing else entered the equation. Turn jazz into an academic endeavor and you’ll never become a player.

If you’ve had your fill of daily blog posts, tons of disjointed free lessons on Youtube, academies, conservatories, eBooks, workshops, forums, discussion groups and you still can’t play – come see me and my students.

Robert Conti