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The Robert Conti teaching platform is 100% focused on playing jazz - not modes. When you discover what's possible under the guidance of a Pro, you'll wish you had discovered us sooner and want to share your results on video with the world - like the students in these photos who appear in our Players Gallery.

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Proud Conti Students Demonstrate Their Success!

Have You Encountered Mr. Doopus?

Had your fill of useless modes scales forums youtube newsletters secrets warm ups theory challenges ?

The internet is littered with self proclaimed jazz guitarists like Mr. Doopus above, who can’t play let alone teach. Robert Conti is a heavily credentialed pro level player whose top tier skill is evident in videos (such as the one below) spanning over 50 years. As a teacher is only as good as his students’ results, you’ll see numerous videos of students who are proud to display their results from the Conti learning resources.

Bottom Line: If you’re serious about playing jazz guitar, you’re in the right place.

"To The Brink!" Recording Session

Conti Produces Players, Not talkers.

The Conti “Forward Motion” platform places high impact lines under your fingers from the start. You play first, then analyze! If you’ve been unable to achieve short term playing results similar to the sample of our students below, you’re wasting time with a teacher who can’t play, so they bombard you with modes, scales, theory and other non-playing junk (remember the gauntlet?). If your goal is playing jazz guitar, then you’re in the right place. You’ll see numerous videos like the ones below in our Players Gallery.

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Entry Level Improv

Chord Melody

Advanced Improv

Back when I was coming up, it was just us with our guitars. We played jazz guitar to learn jazz guitar and nothing else entered the equation. Turn jazz into an academic endeavor and you’ll never become a player.

If you’ve had your fill of daily blog posts, tons of disjointed free lessons on Youtube, academies, conservatories, eBooks, workshops, forums, discussion groups and you still can’t play – come see me and my students.

Robert Conti

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Join thousands of players  if you’re ready to put all the modes and scales nonsense in the rear view mirror and start making real, tangible progress. You’ve gotten it free, now get it right.