No BS. Time To Play Jazz Guitar.

The internet is full of phony posers who have no business claiming to be a jazz guitarist. Tired of method hopping and searching endlessly for that silver bullet? It takes a player to make a player. Learn to play jazz by actually playing jazz, NOT modes or scales.

Conti Produces Players, Not Talkers.

Ever notice how many jazz guitar teachers can't actually play jazz guitar? Then it should be no surprise why none of their students post videos of what they learned (they haven't learned anything worthwhile)

The only reliable benchmark of any teacher is the playing success of the student. 

We're to present videos of our students demonstrating their new skills - from entry level to highly advanced. Visit thePlayers Gallery to see numerous students playing what they learned. Talking about playing isn't the same as playing - remember this as you navigate the internet minefield.


Entry Level Improv

Witness Dr. Kathy Durante's short term progress as she performs a full entry level solo. She is learning the language of jazz and having a ball doing it.


Advanced Improv

If you've already got chops and don't know what to play, Conti has you covered. Watch Lucas Costner execute a pro level solo without any modes or scales.

Lace Walker, Chord Melody Jazz Guitar Performance

Chord Melody

Lace Walker utilizes professional chord melody arrangements by Robert Conti and performs regularly on cruise ships. That doesn't sound too bad, does it?

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The Second Generation Conti Guitars Have Arrived

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"In much the same way that you're able to drive a car without knowing its internal mechanical functions under the hood, you're able to play jazz guitar without knowing the “how and why” behind what you're playing. My learning resources are designed to put you in the driver's seat so you can start playing jazz guitar immediately. The how and why will be much easier to understand once you can play."

-Robert Conti

Years Teaching & Playing Experience

The internet has been great for many things. However, we can tell you with certainty that the academization of jazz guitar has been a detriment to the art form. As stated above, it takes a player to make a player. Robert Conti has over 50 years of documented teaching and performing experience. You wouldn't seek heart surgery from a butcher just because he owns sharp knives. So why waste years of your life on amateurs without any evidence they can play or teach?

My Robert Conti Jazz Guitar Learning Experience


Star Student, Will Kriski

Will Kriski in stands proud with his new first generation Conti Guitar outside his home in beautiful Canada.

After nearly giving up due to years of college and frustration, Will Kriski discovered the Conti approach to teaching and playing jazz guitar. Having advanced more than he ever thought possible in a short 5-6 month period, he created a group on Facebook where others could share their learning experiences too.

If you're on Facebook, simply click the button below to join Will's continuously growing group.  Sharing your experiences in Will's group is the next best thing to spending time playing your guitar.

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